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By caliboy69

submitted May 13, 2009

Categories: Family Fun

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This story is about my brother and my cousin. I heard this story before, but I don’t believe it until I finally saw them. Okay, so this is how it goes:

We have a family friend who knows a lot of things about my cousin. One time he told me that he knew something about my brother and my cousin but I didn’t believe him; he told me that my cousin (let’s hide it on the name of "P") sucking my brother's (and let just hide it on the name of "R") dick. I did not believe him because you know who's gonna do that to your own cousin. But in my mind there's a piece on my brain thinking and saying that what if that's true? What if "P" really did suck my brother's dick?

Until this year around 8pm June 18, 2009, my mom went to Vegas and it was just me and my brother at house. "P" came over and he brought some Hennessy Cognac and some food. And yeah we drank until I gave up and went to my room to have a nap. It was 12 midnight when I was accidentally awakened by some noise outside of my room. I walked slowly and quietly until I got into my brother's room. The door was kinda cracked open, so I looked inside so I could see what's happening. I saw "P" and my brother naked. They don't have good bodies, but both of them are hot! So I heard "P" saying "goddamn "R" your fucking dick is so good man." And my brother is lying on his bed and saying, "C'mon "P" suck it dude".

I was shocked, but my fantasy of them was happening right now, so instead of bothering them I just stayed outside the room and watched them experimenting with their own human bodies. After about 10minutes of sucking my brother's dick, "P" gets on to the bed and spread my brother's legs.

Seriously, I do have a hardon every time I remember that part. He spit on his fingers and put it on my brother's ass and I heard my brother tell him, "No dude! Don't fuck me!" My cousin didn’t listen to him and put his hard dick to my brother's virgin st8 ass.

I looked at my brother's face and he looked like he's in pain. While I’m looking at my brother's face I heard "P" talking to my brother and telling him, "Fuck you dude! Like your fucking ass is mine! You’re my bitch tonight dude!" And my brother is asking him to stop, but my cousin did stop and then he jacked off until a hot load of cum comes out to his hand and he forces my brother to eat it.

Then after that he jacked my brother's cock and when my brother exploded he ate his cum too, and by that time I had already cum twice. After that I ran to my room because I saw "P" walking out and going to the bathroom. My brother also went to the bathroom to wash his wet ass... I heard "P" thanking my brother for letting him fuck his ass.

The next day I woke up and saw them having breakfast and not talking to each other; probably they knew that what happened last night was not good...

Hope you guys like it!

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