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A Night In The Receiving Center

By docis69

submitted May 18, 2009

Categories: Men In Prison

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There are few things in the life of a man that will cause the feeling of pure terror. One of these was going to prison. I had spent the previous 90 days in the county jail waiting for sentencing and had adapted to the people and the place. I was the oldest person in the cell and this brought me some respect and preferred treatment (I had the choice of a top or bottom bunk). It was more than just an adventure when I was put into an orange jump suit, shackled to two others for the ride to the receiving center.

When I arrived I was put into a cell with a small black man and Don did a good job of calming me down. I was sad when it came time for Don to move on. I worried a bit over who would be put in the cell with me. When I came back from the evening meal there he was. Sitting on the top bunk in a huddle with arms around his knees and terror stamped all over him like a flashing sign. He was a young looking Hispanic/Indian with long black hair and very smooth skin. His brown eyes were wide with fright. I could tell that this was his first time down. I remembered what Don had done for me and my heart went out to my new 'Celly'.

His name was Billy. He was 19 years old, looked much younger. This was the first time he had been to prison. As soon as he realized I was willing to talk he became full of questions. We talked. Boy, did we talk. He held back nothing about himself and why he was in prison. When the lights went out he took off his jump suit and was laying there in his underwear. I undressed and was about to crawl into my bunk when he had another question, and another question, some of which were repeats. It was obvious he was afraid of being alone. It was a two man cell and no one could see into it. I stood there, in my underwear, with my arms on the side of his bunk and tried to calm him down. I took Billy's hand; it was in a tight fist. As I talked he relaxed and I could hear his breathing slow down. We were quiet for a moment and as I was about to let go he leaned over and kissed me!

It was a gentle kiss, almost on the cheek. I reached out to pat his chest and say good night when he rolled over and pressed his hard dick in my hand. "Thank you for being understanding." He said. "You can touch me if you want. It's OK. I like it." My hand went to his stomach and under his T-shirt. There was no hair on his body. He was so smooth and warm, very exciting. I stroked his belly and chest for a while and worked my way down to his shorts. I stuck my pinkie finger under the waist band and could feel the heat of his hard cock. Billy lifted his butt and slid off the shorts. There was the only body hair he had, tight curls around his cock and balls. I gently held his hard dick and felt his balls.

He said he liked what I was doing and should he come down there with me? I said only if you want and he quickly jumped off his bunk on the floor next to me. I held out my arms and he came into them like he belonged there. I held him and cuddled and kissed him. He clung like this was the only place for him to be. We sat down on my bunk and kissed some more. He rubbed his hands on my chest and went quickly to my crotch. I had a roaring hard on and Billy released it from my shorts and with out hesitation went down on me. His hot, wet mouth took my aching cock right to the hilt. I knew then that Billy was no stranger to male sex. I groaned quietly while his lips and tongue licked around my hot shaft. I kept my hand on his throbbing dick and stroked it slowly while he sucked on mine. He came up for a rest and I went down on him. The sensuousness of his hairless, smooth, body was beyond belief. I came up for air and kissed my way across his belly and chest to suck on his nipples.

He held tightly to my cock and rubbed my chest with his other hand. He went back down on me and in a very short time I could feel my juices starting to boil. I knew I was going to shoot. I tried to pull him off but he kept sucking. He wanted my load and when I exploded he swallowed it all. No gagging, no troubles. Billy' was an old hand at cock sucking. He climbed back up to his bunk while I got my wits about me and some strength back. This was my first sex for more than 4 months. There had never been a time or place before to even jack off. I was wasted! After a few minutes I stood up to find Billy laying on his side looking at me with his wide, brown eyes, he still had his hard on and when I tugged on it he slid over and right into my waiting mouth. I sucked on him for a bit, then, with out his knowing, I took out my dentures. This is one of my talents!

When I went back down on his hot cock he almost gasped out loud. He had never experienced a "Gumming" before. I stood there for a while and let him slid his dick in and out like he was fucking my face. I fondled his balls, rubbed his chest and tweaked his nipples. He groaned and his eyes rolled back in his head and he came! His whole body shook and jerked like it was being shocked. When he finished I pulled off his cock and put my teeth back in. He leaned over the side of his bunk said thank you and kissed me again. This time it was more than a peck on the cheek.

We were allowed out of the cell for an hour and a half once a day and for meals. When we were out of the cell we did not talk or relate to each other. This was done for safety and to prevent anyone from jumping to conclusions. I would read and he would sleep during the time we were in the cell until lights out.

There was night check and count about ten minutes after lights out then we were not checked again until midnight. After the guard left I would stand next to Billy's bunk and stroke his warm belly and chest. He like for me to tweak his nipples until they would get hard. Billy would roll his body around on the bunk and make it obvious he wanted me to stroke his dick. I would tease him a little before fondling his hard on and balls. I would let him guide that hot rod of meat into my mouth and slide it back and forth. We would do this for a while. Then he would jump down sit on my bunk and release my throbbing dick from my shorts.

He put his hot lips on the head and slid down the shaft very slowly until the whole thing was in his throat. He would gently cup my balls and start sucking up and down on my raging hard on. This went on for a few minuets then he stood up and told me, "I like anal sex. Can you do anything?" I thought frantically then remembered the shampoo we had in the cell. I poured a little in my hand and lubed the head of my dick. The rest I worked into his small tight ass. Billy bent over and knelt on the bunk, this put him in the right place and I placed the head of my cock on his butt hole and slowly started to push. I was thrilled as I slid into his hot, tight bung hole. I paused for him to get use to having my cock in his ass. I reached around his hips and found that he still had a throbbing hard on. I started to stroke his dick and slide my cock in and out of his ass at the same time. The feeling was superb. In a very short time I was stifling my groans and shooting my load into his hot ass.

I wanted for Billy to come but he held my hand and stopped me as I squirted my load. I pulled out and wiped his ass and my cock with some tissue. Billy climbed back up into his bunk and I knew what he wanted. I slipped my teeth out and let him slip his hard cock into my mouth. He slid slowly in and out and I fondled his tight ball sack. Soon he was picking up the speed and quietly groaning. He thrust as far into my throat as he could and I felt his hot sweet load washing my tonsils. He pulled out and we kissed. He licked my mouth tasting his own cum and then we dropped off to sleep.

Three days later I transferred to the main prison and I never saw Billy again.