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Superman vs Kryptonite Man, Part 1

By xenos

submitted June 9, 2009

Categories: Super Heroes

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It was a warm day in the great city of Metropolis. Superman flew across the skies until he noticed Lois on top of the daily planet roof waving her arms to him and he decided to talk to her. "Hello Lois, what seems to be the problem?" superman asked. “Well I just got a top there was a crash landing just outside of Metropolis and whatever it was made a huge crater press haven’t been given access to go in yet, but I’m sure the man of steel can get through and investigate." Lois stated

With that said superman departed for the crater searching around for any possible debris. Superman then noticed a small space ship near the edge of the crater. It started to open revealing a young man slowly getting out. Superman slowly gets near the man. "Who are you?" Superman asked.

The young man fully came out in a tight blue shirt and briefs." My name is Xin; I am looking for someone named Superman. I heard he lived on earth" He replied.

"That would be me," Superman said. Xin started to undress himself.

"Then you are the man I must defeat. You see Superman, I heard much about you; I’m a Karyan, a neighbor of what was Krypton. Our planets were at war before our planet was destroyed. I myself was close to it and was imbued with this energy." Xin said. Xin’s penis then started glowing green as Superman backed away from him.

"Kryptonoite?" Superman asked weakly.

"Yes Superma, my body has been imbued with kryptonite. I can change my body at will like this, Superman. I challenge you to a sexual strength contest; if you defeat me I will leave your planet and never return, but if you lose you will be mine. If you refuse, I will destroy you once and for all."

"I accept then; what are the rules of this contest?" Superman asked.

“It is simple, my body contains your weakness, but you too have my weakness. The sperm of a Kryptonian; something I found out during my travel in the phantom zone. We will masturbate ourselves, ejaculating as much as we can on one another until one of us collapses." Xin explained. He then started to grab his 13-inch cock, stroking it slowly to get himself erect. "Undress yourself and we will start." Xin demanded.

Superman took off his outfit and exposed his massive 14-inch cock to Xin.

"Superman, I wish to add another stipulation to our challenge where the loser must suck on the winner’s cock and bear the seed of his adversary on his face.”