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Young Hitchhiker Loses Cherry to Hot Dad

By tony cook

submitted June 16, 2009

Categories: Older/younger, First Time, S/M

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Hi, I always thought my first time was hot so I thought I would share it. I was just learning about sex and was at a party feeling pretty buzzed I was fooling around with this girl and getting all hot wanting to fuck. I was soon going a bit too far for her and she wanted to go back in the party, by that time my ride left thinking I to had also left.

So I was soon walking home and feeling pretty drunk and having problems walking. I decided to try and hitch a ride and soon I was on the side of the road with my thumb out. The road I was on was a strip known for its peep shows and video shops and I had on some tight jeans and a muscle shirt so it was not long before someone stopped to give me a ride. It was a big older man grey hair dress pants and white shirt and tie I got in his car he looked like a nice man, like an uncle or dad type.

He asked me where I was headed and I told him, he said okay he could take me there. He introduced himself, and I to him, I told him about being left at the party, and he said he could tell I was drinking. About five minutes into the trip I felt a bit dizzy and closed my Eyes; that’s when I felt his hand rubbing my leg, and then he started rubbing my cock. I did not know what to think of it, but it felt good and I slid down lower in the car seat and opened my legs. He started rubbing my balls and cock through my pants, and then lower-- running his finger between my legs pushing up at my ass, I lifted slightly up and began to raise and lower my hips.

My cock was hard and my heart felt like it was going to pump out of my chest. He asked me if I ever been with a man before. I said no, he asked if I liked what he was doing to me I said yeah I guess so, kind of with a not sure ring. He smiled than pulled off the road and parked behind an old factory that was barely lit. I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out this huge hard cock. I started to think oh my, what did I get myself into? He stroked his cock as I watched nervously; he then grabbed my hand and said, “Here touch it.” I said I’d better not and tried to pull my hand back. That’s when he grabbed my wrist harder and said. “Come on boy, do as I tell you.”

I said, “Okay but just touch it, okay?”

He said, “Yeah, now move your hand up and down like this.” His cock felt fat and hard; he leaned his head back and moaned. He pushed me back against the seat and started undoing my pants, then he slid his hand inside my jeans, rubbing and stroking my hard cock. He leaded over and stuck his tongue in my ear while he whispering, “I am going to make you mine, do you want that?”

“I don't know, how?” I said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you.” he responded. He then took my head and started pushing my face closer to his cock while he pointed his cock towards my mouth with his other hand.

I said, “Wait, no!” as I felt his cock rubbing against my lips I said no again trying to lift my head, but he was a big strong Daddy type and he held my head tightly against his cock, rubbing it on my face. “Come on boy suck it for me; I want you to do it now, suck it, open your mouth boy and suck it!”

I said, “No, no, noo nooo…” but it was too late, his hard cock parted my lips and he was pumping my mouth hitting the back of my throat with his big cock head.

He said, “That’s it! Now you’re doing good!” He started to moan, and for some reason I started to enjoy feeling his cock in my mouth; it was big and hard I was getting so hot;

I started to moan as I gulped his hard meat down. Soon he had his hand on my ass rubbing and pushing my hole through my pants as I eagerly sucked his cock.

“Mmmmmm…” he said, “you have a nice ass boy.” He then started working my pants down around my cheeks, exposing my ass. He worked his finger up and down the middle of my ass, and then pushing my hole in a circular motion. Wow! Did that make me hot, but also scared. He opened the glove box in his car and I saw him opening a jar of Vaseline. Next he was rubbing my ass and pushing his finger in, just opening my hole enough for his finger to slide in my ass. I was still working his cock with my mouth.

He remarked, “Mmmmm that’s tight; you like that boy?” I just moaned as I started sucking him faster and deeper as he worked my ass with one finger, then two.

I said, “Wait—stop--it hurts!”

He pulled my head up and told me to get in the back seat I jumped over to the back as he opened his door and came around to the back with me. He sat next to me and started pulling my pants down around my ankles started kissing me in my mouth and face. Then he started sucking my nipples as he rubbed my ass again, He said to lay back and raise my legs as he stroked his cock with the Vaseline.

I said, “No, I can’t do it; maybe next time.”

He said, “What!?! Do it now!” I looked down and said nothing. He said, “Okay then, we’ll do it the hard way,” and flipped me over as he pushed my head down on the seat, making me raise my ass up. I wiggled out and he pushed me down again and got atop my back, soon he had his arm around my neck telling me that now I was his boy bitch and he was taking me right now.

I said no, but he was already lining his cock up with my ass, rubbing it on my hole, and trying to find my entrance. I moved around trying to get free, but he had me down pretty good and locked his arm around my neck tighter as he found my ass and started pushing hard on my hole with his cock. I screamed as his cock opened me I felt a sharp pain and told him no, no, no, it hurts.

He said to just relax, relax and started pumping in and out going deeper and deeper in my ass. I could feel his warm cock in me and he was telling me how tight it was. He said I was his and that he was going to breed me and make me his boy,

He pushed in hard and that’s when he hit my “G” spot. I moaned as I raised my ass up for him to fuck as he wished; oh did it feel good. I heard him start to moan, and then I shot my load all over as he pumped my ass. He stopped and flipped me on my back and started to suck my cock, and soon I was hard again.

Now he raised my legs over his shoulders, while lining his daddy cock up with my wet hole again. I wrapped my legs around his body as he entered me easily and started to kiss me deeply while fucking me deeper and deeper. I looked up in his eyes and said, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard!”

He smiled and started to moan louder and louder; then he looked into my eyes and pushed hard as he came deep inside me. It was so hot and slippery. I felt him pumping and pumping his warm cum in my hole until I too was cumming all over once again.

We dressed and he dropped me off ad my destination; my pants were wet with his cum that was dripping from my man pussy. We met many times after that and he invited his older daddy friends to take turns using me, and often making me role play as a sub-boy bottom.

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