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The Devil and The Bear

By biker.bear

submitted July 2, 2009

Categories: Bears, Daddies & Cubs, Fantasy, Hairy

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Or The Dragon and the Bear

It all started at one of those all gay Bed and Breakfasts/Nudist Resorts. This was more because of my doctor than because I had wanted to come here he had basically told me that if I didn’t get away from the stress I was building up I was going to suffer a heart attack or have a mental breakdown so while going through online sites for resorts and cruises I came across this site for a little bed and breakfast that said it offered a place that you could completely relax from the rest of the world. The site went on to say due to their location cell phones and internet connections would not work. I decided then and there that was. Were I was going to go I didn’t quite know why but it seemed that this would be the perfect place for me.

I called and was able to book a couple of weeks there starting the next day. My boss was more than happy to let me go seeing as I was his most profitable acquisition agent. I had been there about a day and found the place to be great I didn’t even miss my cell or email after the first day. There was some great eye candy walking around and since the camp was so far from anything no one wore anything or what they did wear was used to highlight rather than conceal. That afternoon I was having lunch when the owner came over with this hunk of bear meat that I couldn’t take my eyes off of him he was wearing a low slung tank top that showed off his chest and all the thick dark hair on it along with all the muscles that he had his arms were as muscled as his chest and also covered in hair he had a tattoo on the left arm that looked like it was a dragon it look as if it was on its back with its wings wrapped around his shoulder and bicep then the head came up and over the top of his shoulder and then down onto the left pec the tail came down and wrapped itself around his wrist it was some ones master work I was certain.

The owner of the resort said, “Henry this is Luc, he just checked in and I wanted to introduce him to you since you’re sharing the lodge.”

Luc looked at me and said, “Mind if I join you?”

Startled I said “sure”; I was startled because I didn’t consider myself anything to join I was 5’8” and overweight my job had pretty much destroyed what ever build I may have once had and if it weren’t for the fact that there were those who liked their men big and hairy, I would get no action at all. I had the intelligence to know that Luc was probably just sitting with me to get a feel for the resort and what he was in for, but for the chance to talk to him for however long I got to, it was well worth it.

Luc asked, “So what brings you here?”

I said, “My doctor told me I needed to take some time off, or I was heading for an early grave. So when I found this site on the net showing off this place, I decided to take a chance, so far so good.”

Luc said, “I come here every year and spend a few weeks and spend some time just living life.”

I asked him what he did for a living and he replied “long term acquisitions for a very old firm.” I told him I did acquisitions for one of the fortune 500 companies that came on the scene after the crash of ‘09. I asked what someone would consider a long term acquisition. He said it was usually anything the home organization held onto indefinitely. He left it at that, changing the subject by asking me what I thought of the place. I replied it was a nice, if some what over the top in some areas.

After lunch Luc suggested that we change and walk around the camp some. So we went upstairs to get towels and anything else we needed. I came out of my room to the sound of Luc chuckling, saying “You came to a nudist camp and you are going out in public dressed in swimming trunks covered in little yellow ducky’s?” Luc was dressed in nothing but his smile; I had already seen his upper body, which without the shirt pretty much lived up to every promise it had made to me. I could now see that he had a large gold ring in both nipples. His upper body was supported by two tree trunk legs that were covered in thick, soft hair. His thighs were also covered in thick hair to the tip of his beer bottle thick cock, which was pierced by a zero gauge P.A.

I stood there staring at him taken by the pure manliness of him. Standing there with his towel over his shoulder he said, “Tell me you really aren’t going to wear those out in public?”

I replied, “No, I just thought they would be good for a laugh.” I slipped my thumbs into the waist band of the shorts and slid them down my waist and down to my feet. I stepped out of them and then bent over to pick them up. I turned and opened my room door and tossed the shorts into the room. As I turned back around, Luc got his first look at me fully unclothed. Looking at me he saw a mid-aged guy who had seen the gym, but wasn’t cut. I had a chest covered in thick brown hair and a decent sized cock that could do everything to please every man I had ever had.

Looking at Luc, I saw this glint in his eye and heard “very nice” and that was all they wrote, I was lost in a haze of burning passion for him; and as we walked through the camp we passed various groups of men in activities from swimming and hot tubing to volleyball and out along the river that ran the length of the property.

Coming back up along one of the trails of the camp, we came across some jock type guys coming down along the trail which were obviously drunk and feeling no pain. Luc leaned over to me and said, “You know what would be ho?” I said no, what? He said, ”If you got those guys to let you suck them and get fucked by them.”

I immediately went over to the guys and went down on my knees and started to suck on the soft cock of the first guy. As drunk as they were, they didn’t stop me and as soon as they realized that I was serious about the sex, they moved into a circle around me and then one of the others came up behind me and started working his finger in my ass to loosen me up. After he had worked three fingers into my ass, he pulled out and started pushing his hard cock up my man pussy, causing me to go down to the root on the guy that I was sucking off. This in turn caused him to unload his man juice down my throat. As he pulled out of my mouth, another took his place; this continued at both ends until the guys had all had a go at both ends of me. Then they continued on their way.

Luc came over to me and said, “That was very good work; you did every thing that I wanted you to do and more! Those men you would have thought you’d been fucked a I had never been fucked before I didn’t know, but I was glad that he was the one who decided who would get it. With every passing minute that I was with Luc I was falling more and more in love with him and it was becoming more and more important to me that his wishes were put before mine.

He then said, “Come on let’s go get cleaned up and get something to eat.” We went back to the lodge and I went into my room and as I left Luc’s side some of the haze I was in left me and I started thinking clearer I was still in love with Luc and wanted to please him, but I also looked back at my activities and was ashamed of the way I had acted. I had acted like I had no morals at all and the only redeeming fact of the day was that Luc was pleased with me.

I went into the shower and cleaned all the dirt and sweat and cum off of me and paid especial attention to my cock and nipples. When I came out of the shower I found a box that had a note from Luc saying that he wanted me to wear them. In the box was a silk tank top that like Luc’s earlier; one was low cut in front and back and a pair of silk running shorts that were high cut showing off my legs and basically cut to show off my cock and balls. The tank was a deep blood-red and the shorts were a shimmering black.

I went out into the hall and found Luc waiting for me wearing a big old grin on his face when he saw that I had worn the clothes that he had picked out for me. “I heard of this place in town that is a little mom and pop place it sounds like a nice place to try you game?” I agreed, and he led me down to his car--a deep metallic green Corvette. We drove into town and had a nice dinner at the restaurant. During the dinner Luc offered me a position with his company it turned out that Luc acted as the procurement officer and was the owner and CEO of his company.

I accepted the position and Luc said that he had the contracts in his laptop back at the bed and breakfast. After dinner Luc took me to a tattoo and piercing parlor that looked like it was closed, but as we pulled up the door opened and a huge man stood there with tattoo covered arms and multiple piercings in his ears. As I met Luc in front of the vet he said to me, “Do everything this guy tells you to do if you want me to be happy you will won’t you?

I said, “Yes sir, I’ll do everything he tells me to do so that you will be happy.”

We went into the parlor and the artist said to Luc, “Is this the guy you want me to work on?”

“Yes, you did get the design for the tattoo, right?”

The artist replied, “Yes sir, it came in by courier just this morning.”

“Good,” Luc said being immediately.

The artist looked at me and said to strip and then sit in that chair. I removed my clothes and then sat in the chair he pointed to. He then came over and laid a wax sheet against my left shoulder the design he transferred to my arm covered it from the shoulder to my elbow and covered part of the left side of my back and the pec of my left chest. The design was intricate and looked partially tribal and partially like it was comprised of runes or something similar.

The artist went to work and in a matter of a couple of hours had done all but the last three strokes of one of the runes positioned over my heart. At this point he handed the tattoo gun to Luc and he came over and finished the last three strokes and as the last stroke was finished the whole design flashed a crimson red. Then the artist came back carrying needles and gold rings like Luc’s as Luc stepped back he came forward and took my nipple in a pair of forceps, and then pushed a hollow needle through my nipple releasing the nipple with the needle still in he then slid the large gold ring he repeated the procedure on the other nipple then Luc stepped forward again and bending down he took first one then the other nipple in his mouth sucking on them and gently working the ring with his tongue I could feel his hot breath on them and felt nothing else--no pain or embarrassment that my cock was rising tall and proud at the attention Luc was giving to me also.

I was feeling a pleasing pulse from the tattoo I now had on my shoulder. When Luc came up from my nipples I saw that my nipples were now large and the piercings were completely healed; the piercer came back over and knelt down and pushed a large hollow curved needle through the underside of my cock then he slid the large gold ring into the hole and screwed the balls on the ends. Looking up at Luc he said master he is finished Luc came over and knelt down and took my hard cock in his mouth and as before he worked the ring and sucked on my cock with his hot breath on my cock it wasn’t long before I started to moan and started coming. Luc kept sucking on my cock taking all my seed and I just kept coming long after I had always stopped coming Luc just drained me and I just kept moaning in ecstasy. As he came up off my cock, he leaned in and whispered in my ear “You’re mine now for ever,” then he kissed me hard. “Come on Hennery get dressed we need to get back to the lodge.”

Luc drove us back to the lodge and we went up to the room. Luc took me into his room and I signed the contracts that we had talked about earlier I didn’t even read them, which is something I never do. After that Luc stepped back from me and then a subtle change started to take over him. Two horns started to sprout from his forehead. His forearms became more hairy and so did his chest and legs; his feet started to shrink and became cloven hooves. He looked at me and I knew that now I was seeing Luc as he really was and that he was waiting for me to run from him so that he could become mad and react the way he always did.

Instead I reached out and cupped his cheek in my hand and pulled him too me and kissed him. He stood there with this “deer in the headlights” look too scared to move; afraid that it would break what ever dream was in causing him to go back to the dark hole he had been living his life in. I went from his lips down his neck and licked and nibbled at the hollow where the should and the neck meet eliciting a moan from him as I let him feel that the change in his appearance didn’t change the way I feel about him. He took and leaned his down and kissed me on the side of my neck just like I was kissing him slowly at first, then with more and more passion like he had found something he had lost very long ago. He put his arms around me, pulling me up against his chest holding me tight. He whispered into my ear, “I am never letting you go; you’re mine forever now.”

He lifted me in his powerful arms and carried me over to the bed laying me on the bed, he then proceeded to caress my body lightly running his hands lightly playing with the rings in my nipples and leaning in to suck gently on them. I brought my hands up to lightly caress his head starting with the ears then moved my hands running them through his hair, coming to the horns that curled up from his forehead. I lightly ran my hands up along them as he felt my hands move along his horns he gasped, and then moaned. He came up from the hands and mouth exploration of my body and said, It has been more than 1000 years since anyone has found my true form pleasing and has been able to accept me this way. I never thought it would happen again. I lost him when the plague broke out and because I protected him from it, he was labeled witch and they burned him at the stake. I won’t let that happen to you.”

“The contract you signed along with the tattoo that’s on your arm lets me do things to you. One of the things I’ve decided on is that you are now impervious to physical harm and I have given you immortality so we can be together forever my lover.” He then leaned over and kissed me picking me up and rolling me so that I was laying on top of him laying in all that warm fur he was covered in our member lay pressed together the rings that pierced them touching and moving back and forth as we breathed causing me to slowly build again to climax.

He lifted me again and this time when he lowered me, it was onto his hard member. My hole stretched and I howled in pain as his dickhead with the ring in it slowly entered my body. He told me, “Once we do this there is no going back; you will forever be gone from the light of the world and cast into the darkness that hides the things that cannot be seen except by the ones who know the darkness in men’s souls and how to prey on them.”

I looked down upon him and said, “I found that which the light hid from me for so very long and I no longer want to be with out you.” With that I lowered myself down onto his cock and rose taking my time to ride him with care for this stallion had not been broken nor would he break slowly at first, then with more and more speed until he screamed out and shot load after load into my body. Slowing my pace so I could milk his cock for all it had to offer, I continued to draw whimpers from him for the next few minutes, then I took and laid myself back down along his body with his still hard member sheathed inside me. I placed my lips against his and lightly kissed his mouth and said to him, “I love you even if you are a bit highhanded at deciding things for m--even if they are for my benefit. Let’s try it for the first eternity and go from there; how about that?”

We fell asleep just like that, me laying on top of him with him in his natural form and his cock still up my ass. The morning came and when we woke I had changed; I was now ripped and built like a body builder. I was still covered in hair, but now even more. I found Luc looking at me with a smile on his face.

“Asshole,” I said, “you knew this was going to happen didn’t you?”

“Yep, sure did! When I told you there was no going back this is what I meant, you’ll never be the same. Your body is now the sin of lust the one thing men will sell their souls for. You see that’s what--we’re in the business of acquiring gay men that will sell their souls to be with you. And the breeders will sell theirs to be you. This is what we will acquire; you and I all through the ages--souls that lust.”

“I could think of nothing better,” I said as I laid there with my arms around him.

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