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Understanding Men's Bodies

By wordbear

submitted August 1, 2009

Categories: Sexual Identity Discovery

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I knew I was gay. When I was still in my teens, a friend had shown me about sex behind the gymnasium and I was intrigued from that time on with men’s bodies. My friend had a large cock and wanted me to Jack it off for him. I did so and he returned the favor. Guess I was kind of shy because I never got involved with anyone else. I was content to jack off once or twice a day, sometimes alone or sometimes with this friend, and be satisfied with that. When I joined the gym was found myself engulfed in naked me--every morning. I had to fight myself from staring at their bodies. I was especially attracted to men in their twenties and thirties. Their arms and legs were strong and firm. Most of them had hairy bodies. I would find a bench where a hairy guy was undressing and I would watch his bare ass. I would star at his fuzzy cheeks and hairy crack and fantasize about running my finger in his ass or reaching under him and cupping his balls. On fellow especially attracted me. I often would sit near this 25 year old man and we began talking. We felt a friendship developing. He told me about his family and asked me questions about my workouts. Every day looked forward to our conversations. His wife was a nurse at the hospital. Finally one day he asked me if I was gay. I said I did not know, but I thought was. He then asked if I had had sex with another man and I replied in the negative. More and more our discussions concerned sex with men.

One day I fell against a bench and bumped my thigh. It hurt and I limped into the dressing room. My friend, Bill asked me what the problem was and when told him, he suggested I lay back on the bench and he would look at my thigh. He put both hands on my leg and worked the muscle. In just a minute the pain was gone. When I asked how he could do that he said he was a physical therapist I was really impressed and said that I wish I knew something about that. Then I could help people. He said that if I came over to his office he could show me how to do simple things that would help people feel better and that I would also learn about men’s bodies. The next morning we met at his apartment. Bill showed me his massage table and his exercise equipment. Then he started to undress and suggested I do the same. When we were both naked, we stood staring at each other. Bill smiled. Now what do you want to know about a man’s body?” “I don’t know. I just want to touch you. I’ve never touched a grown man before.” Bill stepped closer. “I’m here,” he said. He reached out and took my hands and placed them on his chest. “Now touch me and get acquainted with my body.” Bill was hairy and I ran my fingers through his chest hair. I had never felt anything like that before. “Let me show you what to do.” He ran his hands up and down my body over my legs thighs and butt. Now you do that to me. I put both hands around one of his legs and ran my hands up and down through the hair there; then I did the other leg. He turned around and then I ran my hands over s hairy butt and the back of his legs. After I had finished, he got down on his knees and buried his face in my bush. After he stood, I put my face in his bush and sucked on the hair just as he had done with me. His smell was overwhelming; he smelled manly and sweaty and tasted of salt. I rubbed my face into the juncture between his bush and his thigh. The smell there was even stronger. I could smell his cock. It had a strong sweet smell and without thinking I sucked it into my mouth. The taste was strong and there was a cheese like substance under his foreskin. Bill climbed up on the table. He opened his legs and pushed my face down on his balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked on each one. I spent the next hour or more sucking, licking and rubbing Bills body. He lay back and sighed He was like a cat purring. I turned him over and pried apart his buns. His crack was filled with thick hair and had a pungent odor I sucked on his ass hair until was all wet. Then my lips found his hole and I worked my tongue down between his ass lips. I felt him open as my tongue entered his body. His ass shed hair and I had to keep plucking hair out of my lips. I continued to run my hands through the thick hair on the back of his legs and up over his hairy cheeks. He had told me how to do this and I followed his directions as best I could. I seemed to feel almost unconscious. I was obsessed with rubbing his body. The masculine firmness of his musculature was intriguing. I had waited so long for this moment. I felt my balls resting on his hairy thighs. There was something comforting about the feel of his hair on my body. Finally, he sat up. His bush and cock were directly in front of my face. I could smell his odor getting stronger. The seemed the longer I worked his body the stronger his smell. The musky, sweet smell of his cock drew me and I again took his cock in my mouth. I sucked it all the way into my throat. He was firm and I sucked as hard as I could. I felt his cock getting stronger and sucked harder. Suddenly I felt him thicken and creamy white cum forced it way through my lips. Bill lay back and moaned while I sucked him dry. It was great have so much power over this man’s body. He lay gasping and twisting under my grasping hands and sucking lips. After we had rested he rolled me over on my stomach and buried his face in my ass cleft. I felt his lips pulling on the few hairs I had there. I felt the musculature of his legs resting on my thighs as he worked his fingers into my hole. The first finger hurt a little but then when he added two more the pain was going. My ass felt full and warm. I felt his thighs moving up the back of my legs and suddenly I felt his hot cock touching the lips of my ass. I felt the lips gradually open and his large cock moved slowly into my ass. Bill had and unusual amount of hair running up the side of his cock and I could feel it tickle my ass lips as he slowly moved and mixed his hairs with my hairy hole. When felt his bush against my cheeks I knew he had completely entered me. He began to slowly move back and forth. His cock touched something inside that triggered my ability to cum. I felt the cum rising and when I said something to him. He stopped moving in and out and moved sideways instead. This slowed things down for me. While he moved pushed in and out he ran his hands over my ass checks. He told me that he saw hair beginning to grow on my ass cheeks. Then he looked at his cock in my ass and commented that I was going to have a hairy ass crack I felt sweat dripping from his shoulders and down on to my back. His legs were also sweaty and his sweat mixed with the sweat on my hairy thighs. He began to push his cock into my ass with harder strokes. I felt his cock reach the deepest part of my insides and my ass lips automatically clamped down on him. After 15 minutes I felt his cock thicken. I felt it began to jerk as he was coming. I had the feeling that I was filling up. After a few minutes he stopped pumping and grew soft. His cock plopped out of my ass lips and lay on my ass cheeks. He relaxed his body and rested on me. His weight felt comforting on my back and legs. Then he rolled over and lay on his back and I followed his example. I could feel the cum dripping out of my ass and running down my legs After we had rested a while, Bill rolled over on his stomach and asked me to fuck him. I was not sure what to do and when I hesitated Bill raised his ass and got on his knees. “Put your fingers in my hole and work then in and out and get me more open. You might use your tongue as you did before. It will also lube me up. ”

I did what he asked and slipped a finger into his ass. Then I added another finger. As I had done before I put my mouth over his hairy crack and sucked. The smell and taste was stronger now. I was lost in his scent. “Find my hole,” he said.

I pried apart his hair and found his little brown hole. It seemed so small as I pushed my finger n my finger slipped right in so I added an other then another. to the tight chamber. His body radiated heat as I climbed up on the back of his hairy thighs. I worked my cock into his ass searching for his hole among the hairs there. When I had found the spot I stopped searching and began to push. My cock was drooling precum; I did not go far in and he moaned under me. I felt my bush against his ass cheeks His ass clutched my cock and I felt my cum beginning to rise. I suddenly lost control and began to fuck him as hard as I could. I collapsed on top of him and lay against his firm body. Neither of us moved for a few minutes. I softened and slipped out of his ass. After a few minutes he sat up and took me in his arms. He said my name for the first time. “Bobby.” I have shown you all I can about men’s bodies and how they work. From no on it is up to you to find your own partner and to use the things I taught you. “We can have sex again, can’t we?” I asked. “No. I’m married and I could easily become attached t you. You are a sweet and handsome young man; it is better for us to just be friends. However, I will be here to help you any time you have questions or need help. I started to cry. I put my arms around him, but he pulled away. “I need you,” I said. “No. You need to believe in yourself. I know you can do it. Now, I want you to go home and start looking for a new playmate. Will you do that for me?” I nodded, stifling back my tears. Bill rose and led me to the door.

“Remember the things I taught you and take care of yourself.”

He ushered me out the door and closed it behind me. I walked home, my mind racing

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