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Double docking

By David Johns

submitted September 7, 2009

Categories: Masturbation, Chance Encounters, Foreskin Fun--Uncut

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My regular roommate for my biannual business week away wasn't available this year, so I just allowed the arrangements committee to assign me a roommate. Boy, was I glad they did! His name was Eric, and he was about my age and had deep, sexy eyes. After our first meeting day and dinner, we retired to our room. I made a passing comment about having brought my "business pajamas." When he asked what I meant by that, I said, "Pajamas I wear just on trips where I share a room with a roommate." "What do you wear at home?" he asked me. "During the summer I don't wear anything at all." "Me either!" Eric said. "Don't feel like you have to wear pj's on my account." Yippee! So I changed out of my clothes as he did the same. There we were, standing in our boxers, ready to complete the strip. Looking at each other we slowly lowered our underwear until we were fully nude. Wow! What a beautiful man! Not only was the rest of his body something out of my dreams, so was his package. A beautiful cock with a loose foreskin that puckerd into a nice "nipple" at the end, hanging in front of loose-hanging balls. Man oh man! He must have noticed my definitely approving of his equipment, for he was looking at my crotch at the same time and noticing that my cock had a loose foreskin and my balls were also hanging loose (one advantage of wearing boxers). We both raised our eyes, looking each other eye-to-eye, and we slightly smiled. We knew we both liked what we saw! "Cut guys like to dock with me. You ever done that?" he asked. "Yeah, it's pretty hot," I replied. "Hey, I saw a video once of two intact guys double-docking, one foreskin over the other. Any interest in trying that?" "Sure," he quickly answered, "but let's start with just relaxing in bed and helping each other get hard." "That sounds wonderful!" I responded. We lay next to each other in one of our hotel room's beds (there was going to be no need to each have our own bed, if you get my drift). We ran our hands down each other's chest, enjoying the hair that was just right in amount and placement, going over the stomach, and then settling in the pubic region. By that time, of course, our cocks were both quite hard, both pointing toward the ceiling. "That didn't take long!" he quipped with a giggle. "Nope!" I said back. Then we took ahold of each other's hard cocks, the heads still completely covered the way I think is so sexy if a man's foreskin cooperates. We rolled the head round and round inside the foreskin the way intact men know how to do, which can drive the other guy crazy. We were both moaning. "Ready for the unveling?" I asked. "You betcha," he responded, mimicking a former vice-presidential candidate. "You do mine first," I suggested. We both watched my cock as he slowly, ever so slowly, lowered my foreskin -- first exposing the piss slit, then half of the glans shiny with pre-cum, and then letting it "pop" as it bumped past the coronal ridge, exposing all of it in its deep purple-red glory. "Oh man!" I said with a low moan, the feelings of ecstacy almost overwhelming me. "Now it's your cock's turn." As he held my cock, the foreskin back and the room's air conditioner blowing cold air on the exposed glistening glans and giving me thrill after sexy thrill, I began on his cock. I decided I was going to do it a little differently and give him a real surprise that might make him jump out of his skin (just an expression, not anything real, of course!). First I slowly, slowly lowered his foreskin enough to expose the piss slit. And then with a great "whoosh" I pulled it all the way back in one fell swoosh. "OHHH!" he let out, his entire body shaking in an almost orgasmic-like tremor that surged through his entire body. I knew the feeling when a guy did that to me. It was an electric charge from the toes all the way up to the scalp, a full-body explosion on the way to an orgasm. "Oh man, you know what you're doing!" he finally was able to say breathlessly. "I try," I replied coyly. "Ready for some ?" "Oh yeah," he shot back. "Let's both get up and on our knees on the bed," I suggested. We did, letting go of each other's cocks, which meant that our loose foreskins recovered our super-sensitive cockheads. I reached down and took ahold of his cock. I gently pulled the foreskins back, and then pulled my foreskin back as well. Then I touched them tip to tip, our pre-cum mixing as it oozed a bit from our piss slits. I pulled my foreskin down over both cock heads, pulling them tightly together inside my man-hood. The I pulled his foreskin -- with a little effort -- down over my foreskin, which locked both our cockheads together in a tight double-foreskin covering. Man that felt and looked sexy! "Oh baby!" he exclaimed. "Oh yeah, man!" I let out. Then I let go, and our cocks were locked together by our man-hoods. What a sight! Wish we had had a camera to share this scene with others on the Net. Then I held our double-covered cockheads in one hand and started gently thrusting. He did, too. Not only did this cause each of our slick cockheads to rub the other one, it also stimulated all the exquisitely-sensitie nerves in our inner foreskins (not to mention our frenulums). I thought I might pass out, the feelings were so intense. "Want me to keep going till we cum?" I asked. "Don't stop now!" he begged. So I kept going. I could feel our cockheads swelling, as the shafts got harder and harder as well. We were both breathing heavily as we looked down. Eric had his hands on my shoulders to help balance us, and I could feel how strong yet gentle his hands were. That only added to the eroticism going on. Then I felt my orgasm beginning. "You close?" I asked him. "Oh yeah, any time," he responded. "Let's do it!" I said as I held our double-coated cockheads a bit tighter and we started thrusting a little faster. And then it happened. We both came at almost the same time, our bodies shaking in orgasmic convulsions, our cocks exploding and swelling almost beyond their limits, and what seemed like gallons of cum mixing inside our foreskin-on-foreskin package and filling our man-hoods till they overflowed. It was almost more than we could bear. We fell over onto the bed, our cocks still locked together. I closed my mouth over Eric's and we both let out muffled screams of orgasm and passion beyond anything I had experienced up to that time. (It was good we were covering each other's mouths or our neighbors in the hotel would have called security.) Then we just lay there, facing each other, our legs intertwined. I had let go of our cocks, and with all the mixture of pre-cum and the semen itself, they had retreated out of their man-hood double covering and made a puddle of our mixed juices on the bed between us. We both fell asleep, fully of pleasure and exhausted as only an extreme orgasm can make a man feel. Wow! This was going to be a good week! During the course of that week we did many other things sexually, but of course we had to double dock just one more time before we left to go home. Eric left the firm for another job, and since I never got his last name I don't know how to Google and find him to see if he's ever in town the same time I am. So Eric, if you're reading this, call me at the company you used to work for (I'm still there, doing quite well, thank you). I'll never forget our time together. Every man can't do what you did with me (either because he's cut, or his foreskin isn't loose enough to dock, or not loose enough to double dock, or because he's just not into docking -- which remains a mystery for me). I hope you have had sweet dreams thinking of me and that week like have had of you. Kiss.

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