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My Falling Into the Lake Part 1

By skinflutelover

submitted November 16, 2009

Categories: Family Fun, Discreet Encounters

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This is a work of fiction. It is my own creation. If you are not comfortable reading about men and intimate sex between them, then please leave this message and delete it. If you read my creation, and would like to share with me your comments, good or "bad," email me at chadonovan@yahoo.com. I will respond when I get your message. + + + + + + + + +

Uncle Roger and I had gone fishing at a lake near where my folks lived. He was about 25 and was working at one of the local auto repair shops. This particular summer I had celebrated my 18th birthday, On his days off he frequently would come by and we would go do something together. This time he decided I needed to practice up on the skills he had been teaching me about how to bait a hook, put a weight on the line, take a fish off the hook, and how to watch out for snakes. I was particularly cautious about snakes because I had a friend that had been bitten by one, but it was not poisonous. But I knew that you don't just pick up any snake and carry it around. I knew that the water in the lake was very cool. We had been swimming in it for years, and I did not like water that cold. So I was very cautious about getting too near the bank where I might fall in. After about an hour of fishing from different spots on the bank, I decided to go out on the boat dock and fish from there, It would be closer to the deeper water where I might catch a fish. Walking out on the dock, I noticed some of the boards were not securely fastened, so a carefully stepped over those and onto the boards that looked like they were not as loose as the others. Standing at the end of the dock, I baited my hook and carefully cast it out into the deeper water. I was not aware of it but, Uncle Roger had been watching me, When my bait and line hit the water I heard Uncle Roger say, "Great cast!" I turned to see him along the bank of the lake reeling in a nice size fish. "Hey, you caught one!" I yelled to him. He responded by saying, "Your turn is next." I just grinned back at him. I keep moving my pole around and getting the bait to 'crawl' along on the bottom of the lake, I had not been told to do this, but I figured the more it moves around the more likely I will catch a fish. I pulled the tip of the rod upward to try to get the bait closer to the dock, but the line would not move. I dropped the tip of the rod and moved it a bit to my left and pulled back and up with it again. Same thing. It would not move. I figured it must have caught on something on the bottom of the lake. I kept trying one way and another to get it to release, but it just would not come loose. I decided if I moved along on the dock and changed my location that it might release since I would be pulling from a different direction. Not watching where I was going, I backed up several steps and stepped off the dock and fell into the cold water. I went under and immediately felt the cold water all around me. I knew enough to hold my breath until I came to the surface, and then I could get air and call for help. As I bobbed up to the top of the water, I floated there for a second and shook my head to get the water out of my eyes. It was then that I heard Uncle Roger yell, "Swim for the bank. Swim for the bank." I had turned loose of my pole and line and had nothing to hold onto. I turned to look in the direction of Uncle Roger's voice, and could see he was already running toward the dock as fast as he could run. I began to try to swim the 30 or 40 feet to the bank, but with all the clothes I had on, I was being held down from their wet weight. I was close enough to the dock that I could see Uncle Roger running out to where I was trying to swim back to the bank. He reached a point where he was nearest to me and taking off his coat, he held onto one sleeve and dropped the other down where it was close enough for me to reach it. I grabbed it with both hands and held on with all my might. Uncle Roger told me to hold on tight, the he would pull me up onto the dock. In a few seconds after I grasped the sleeve of his coat he had me up and out of the water, grasped me by my waist, and pulled me over into the center of the dock. I was beginning to shake and shiver and could not talk. Uncle Roger grabbed me around the legs and chest and lifted me up, wet clothes and all and started running for his truck. When we got to the truck, he pulled the passenger door open and put me in on the seat, closed the door and ran around to the other side and got in under the steering wheel. He pulled the keys from his pocket and got the truck motor started, and then turned to me and said, "Get your clothes off! Take them all off. You have to get warm or you will be sick!" So I started working my arms out of the jacket I was wearing, and with his help got it off. Throwing it back into the jump seat behind him, he started unbuttoning my heavy flannel shirt. "Start unbuttoning your pants," he said, "and get them off. When he had my shirt unbuttoned, he had me lift my arms up in the air and he pulled the dripping wet shirt off and threw it in the back seat. Next he pulled my t-shirt up off my chest and it ended in the back seat. "Now stand up," he said and I stood up and started to try to get my wet pants off. "Turn around. Towards me," he said. So I did. I was feeling like I was going to freeze right then and there. Uncle Roger put his hands into the waistband of my undershorts and pants and slowly and carefully pulled them down to my knees. Bending forward and down, he started to pull my undershorts and pants down to the floorboard of the truck. When he did so, his face brushed the cold, blue stump of my cock, but I barely felt it. In a second I was standing buck naked in the cab of Uncle Rogers truck. "Just hold still," he said, and he lifted his butt off the seat and grabbed a large blanket that was on the back seat. Opening it up he reached around behind me and grasped one corner and pulled it over my shoulders and made sure it was down below my knees, and wrapped it around in front of me. It did not completely cover my front side, so he pulled the edges around to where he could overlap them and it would keep my body heat inside the blanket. As he did so, he brushed my cold shrunken cock again. But I didn't care. I was freezing. Bending over and with a lot of struggling, Uncle Roger got my wet shoes and socks off and slipped my shorts and pants off my feet. He moved over in the seat closer to me and told me to turn around and sit down on his lap. He had kept his hand on the coat that helped get me out of the water, and reaching back, he wrapped it around my shoulders and over my head. I was shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. I told him I was cold, and he said he understood, but that my shaking and shivering wold help me warm up. I could feel the hot air coming from the heater vents on the dash of the truck. I leaned into the warm air to try to get some of the heat on my face and get it warm. As I did, Uncle Roger put his arms around my waist and started holding me close to him. It was several minutes before the inside of the truck cab was really warm, and I still felt like I was frozen. I moved a little bit on Uncle Roger's lap to be more comfortable. As I did so, I felt something hard under my butt. I did not know what it was and didn't care - maybe it was Uncle Roger's knife - I wanted to get warm. We sat there, neither of us saying anything. Gradually I began to feel like I was getting warm, but I still wanted to be completely wrapped up in the blanket. And Uncle Roger sat in one position all the time I was getting warm. It must have been at least an hour before I felt like I was not freezing and I had just shivered less often. Uncle Roger moved his arms around to let me have some room to move. As I did, I felt that hard something under my butt. Uncle Roger, do you have a knife in your pocket?" I asked. 'Ummm, no. But you just keep wrapped up and get warm. I want you to be very warm before I take you back to your folks place. So I sat still on Uncle Roger's lap and gradually got warmer and warmer. I had not shivered for quite some time, and the heat from the heater was making the inside of the truck get really warm. I began to try to get the coat off my shoulders, and Uncle Roger started to help me. In my moving around on his lap, I felt that hard thing again, but said nothing. Uncle Roger had told me that he did not have a knife in his pocket. We sat for several more minutes and then I told him I was beginning to get hot, so he started to unwrap the blanket from around me. First he slipped it off my shoulders and kept it covering my chest. A little later, he allowed the blanket to slip down so my chest was uncovered, I said I was getting cold and Uncle Roger wrapped me up in the blanket again. I kept wondering what it was that I was sitting on. But said nothing. After a short while, Uncle Roger told me to stand up, that he needed to wrap the blanket around me so I could be warm while he drove me back to home. I stood up and the blanket fell down back around me onto the seat. I turned to try to get a hold of it but Uncle Roger already had it and was telling me to turn around so he could wrap me in the blanket. As I did, again I brushed up against Uncle Roger's arm with my cold blue cock. He hesitated in covering me, and looked at me and said, "We need to get you warm. Just sit back down on my lap and I will cover both of us." So I sat down on the hard thing in Uncle Rogers lap. I thought I felt it get a little harder then soften a little bit. I sat still, buck naked under the blanket, and trying to get warm while Uncle Roger held his arms around mine and tried to warm my body. Before I knew it, I had dropped off to sleep. I was awakened by Uncle Roger moving around in the seat. "Stand up for a minute," he said. So as best I could wrapped like an Eskimo, I stood up in the cab of the truck and turned to see what Uncle Roger was going to do. I glanced down at his crotch and saw a long fat tube-like thing sticking from his crotch up onto his thigh. I knew then what I had been sitting on. Uncle Roger had a hard on. My heart skipped a few beats and I looked into his face. He was blushing and looked away. He told me to sit back down on the seat next to him, so I did.. The air in the cab of the truck was getting almost too warm with me wrapped in the blanket. I tried not to look back down at the big bulge in Uncle Roger's crotch, but I couldn't help it. He turned and saw me looking at his crotch, and placed his hand over the bulge. But I could still see some of it. His hand was not big enough to hide all of it. I sat there in the truck seat next to him and began to feel all warm and toasty. It was then that I felt it. My cock was beginning to get hard. I was getting a hardon, just like Uncle Roger. It grew and swelled in size, even tho' I tried to keep it from getting hard. But then it became uncomfortable with all the blanket around me so I started to stand up so I could pull some of the blanket off me. As I did, it slipped off my left shoulder down onto the seat. I was left completely exposed to God and everybody, and Uncle Roger was sitting next to me, just looking at my hard cock, sticking straight out and up from my small cold balls. I tried to cover myself, and Uncle Roger said, "That is OK. We are both men. We have the same thing going on. We both have hard ons." I felt a little less embarrassed and looked over at him.. He was still sizing up my hard cock. He looked up into my eyes and said, "You have a nice cock, nephew." I smiled and still tried to keep it covered. Then Uncle Roger said, "Don't be ashamed. All guys get hard ons now and then. Nothing to be ashamed of," and he reached over and moved my hand. Immediately I felt my cock harden like it does when I shoot my cum, but then it relaxed a little bit. Uncle Roger kept looking at my cock, and then shifted his position in the seat and pulled up on his hard on which made it much larger and fatter than it was tucked down into his pants leg. Again my cock throbbed, and I began to feel hot all over. My mind was racing. Uncle Roger had a hard on. A big one. I wished I could see it. Those thoughts kept racing through my mind. I sat down on the seat and started trembling. Uncle Roger saw me and said, "Are you getting cold?" I could not answer I was so stirred up with my body hormones telling me to ask to see his cock. He placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him. I leaned into him for comfort and warmth, and his left hand rested on my left leg. Again my cock jerked. And I felt like I was going to cum all over the truck. "Are you alright, nephew?" he asked. I turned to him and said that I wasn't alright. I was all tingly about seeing his cock in his pants, and it made me get hard and I didn't know what to do. "Just take it easy, nephew. Us guys get that way sometimes. Is there anything I can do for you?" I wanted to say, "Yes. Let me see your cock," but the words froze in my throat.

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