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Cockfight Domination '09

By neoklawow

submitted December 2, 2009

Categories: Wrestling

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I recently had a cockfight against Ray whom I met online. We met at a friends apartment, put down a plastic tarp and went over the rules. It would be an erotic oil first-to-cum-loses wrestling match, we would use any means to force the other man to shoot first. I chose a white thong to wear which barely contained my swelling 8" cut cock. I shaved smooth for the match knowing that I could use my slippery cock as a weapon if I could pin Ray and grind him to emission. Ray sported a red poser suit that I noticed was bulging like mine, his cock was growing in anticipation of our bout. He pulled down the front of his suit and swung his semi-hard dick around a few times teasing me. My eyes bugged when I saw that monster schlong of his. It must have been 10" long and thick! Ray had also completely shaved his crotch. We are both pretty well built, about 6'0" tall, 190 lb. or so, tanned, his abs were more defined than mine and his nips stood at attention as we looked each other over. We stood across the mat from each other eyeing the others growing bulge waiting for my buddy to signal the start of the match. We had chatted online a lot before, so I thought I had a good idea of Ray's weak spots, as he did mine. We got the bell and met center mat on our knees. Ray was strong, I struggled to gain an advantage, finally lunging forward and knocking to his back. We had been oiled up before the match by my bud so we were nice and slick. The touch of his smooth slippery skin against mine was sending waves of pleasure through me as we grappled. I was getting more turned on by the wrestling as we struggled on the oily mat. Ray rolled to his stomach as I squirmed atop his back trying to secure his arms in a full nelson. But the rubbing and sliding of my now almost fully erect 8" cock against Ray's perfect tanned bubble butt was really turning me on, even thru the fabric of our suits. I reach down with my right hand and grab hold of his skimpy red poser and pulled it up his back trying to tear it off, it wedges deep up his perfect ass. He struggles to free himself harder, pushing up with his tanned ass against my now rock-hard cock. I inhale at the sudden sensation his hard buns are causing my dick. Ray must feel my hard-on against his ass, as he starts to really pump it up hard into my cock. I have to roll away from him, and as I do, rip the tiny poser suit off his body, to the gasp of my buddy who is watching from his couch. Ray rolls back up to his knees to face me now stripped naked. His 10" cock semi-erect from all the mat humping he was doing, we both looked down at my cock as I got to my knees across the mat from him and saw my fully erect 8" cock, thick and swollen and pointing straight up, poking out the top waistband of my see thru white thong. The purple head touching the bottom of my belly button! I gulped when I saw a shiny drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip! Ray smiled big and teased me " Little excited there, ain't ya, big boy!" My friend laughed and said he had never seen me get so hard this early in a match. They were right! I had to get control of myself or I was going to lose this match quick! Ray hadn’t even really got to me and worked me over yet and my suit was still on! Offering some protection against the rubbing and sliding of the slippery oil but I was still hard and throbbing and leaking pre!

I fought to regain my composer while my cock throbbed in my thong. Ray quickly went on the attack, sliding into me and locking me in a bear hug before I knew what was going on. Our bodies crushed together as he wrapped his powerful arms around my waist, forcing our erect nips, straining thighs, and hard cocks together in combat. " OOOOOOHHHHH THAT FEELS GOOOOD, DON'T IT, STUD?" Ray breathed into my ear as he then sucked my earlobe and tongued the nap of my neck. "FUUUCKKKKK" I moaned, as sensations of wanting to give in filled my body. Ray reached down my back and grabbed the sides of my tiny thong and pulled up, wedging the thin cotton suit deep up my ass. "OHHHHHHH GAWD!" I groaned. That felt good too! The material rubbed and massaged my sensitive ass-hole as Ray pulled and tugged it. I struggled to escape, pushing away from my attacker, but then the white thong RIIIIIIIPPPPPPED! and was torn from my body. Leaving me naked as Ray sprang forward and tackled me to my back. My hard 8"er slapping up against my abs with a SMACK! as Ray pounced atop me. My head swimming I felt Ray begin to gain control of me, pinning me on my back as I squirmed and struggled in the oil with him on me. His left arm encircled my neck and I felt his right arm reaching down between my legs to attack my throbbing, leaking, blue viened hard-on!

I kicked and bucked as I tried to keep the muscle-stud from grabbing my hard cock! But then I gasped as I felt his strong hand encircle my raging boner and begin to massage it. The fight went outta me for a second as he began to slowly work it up and down it's full length. " OOOOOOOHHH, WHATTA WE HAVE HERE?" Ray teased in my ear as he worked my cock. I snapped out of my stupor and began to struggle wildly to escape. Ray released his death grip on my dick but quickly spun on the oiled tarp and reversed his position. Wrapping his tanned thighs around my head locking me in a reverse scissors, him facing my feet. I knew immediately I was in big trouble and kicked and bucked trying to free myself. "DON'T FIGHT IT, SLUT!" Ray said as he locked me in good. I felt his upper body against my lower back as his arms began to struggle to control my legs. I squeezed my thighs together trying to deny him access to my throbbing, pre drooling cock but then I felt his hands slide down my well oiled ass, massaging and squeezing as he worked his way down rubbing my slippery crack, then it happened. I felt a finger slipping down until it was at my sensitive hole. I fought groaned but as soon as he began to circle my pulsating hole, my legs flew open and he grabbed my hard 8" with his other free hand! " OH, YOU LIKE THAT, HUH?' he mocked as I planted my feet and began to hump to the rhythm of his hand work. A moan escaped my lips and he knew he had me. He expertly rubbed and poked my gasping ass-hole while he slowly jacked my throbbing cock and massaged my smooth shaved slippery balls. The feeling he was forcing me to have were unlike anything I have ever felt! I began to uncontrollably hump his hands as he worked me good. My bud had his cock out and was jacking off furiously as he watched me lose this match. "GIVE IT UP STUD! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA SHOOT A HUGE LOSER LOAD FOR US!" Ray taunted. He was right I had never been so totally dominated in a cockfight before! Then for the clincher I felt his big middle finger begin to rapidly fuck my pulsating hole! He then increased the speed of his jacking my hard-on as he finger fucked me hard! I screamed out as I felt the cum being forced out from my dick. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GAWD! NOOOOOOO! STOPPPPPPPP! DON'TTTT DOOOOOO ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOO!" I screamed as I shot a huge stream of white cum high in the air! It seemed I came forever! Ray didn't stop until he had milked me dry of every last drop as I collapsed under him. He then got up and rolled me over, I knew what was coming next. I felt his rock-hard 10" cock sliding up and down my crack then begin to penetrate my ass-hole. I took him and even regained my erection as he fucked me. I humped the mat and came again as he came. THE END

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