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Sissy Gets A Black Master

By celliophonic

submitted December 10, 2009

Categories: Interracial, Tranny/Shemale, S/M

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By D.O. celliophonic@yahoo.com http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bestbbcstories/

I got up wearily from my long and exhausting night being fucked and punished by my new Black Master. As I awoke, I could scarcely believe that all those depraved things had happened to me. One minute I had been merely exchanging emails with a man, who could have been anywhere and the next minute, that very man was at my door, in my home, and then inside my body. Black Master, a man whose name I didn’t even know, a man who looked to be about ten years my junior, had taken me to a place I hadn’t realized existed, hadn’t even realized I wanted to go, and now that I was there, I was scared beyond belief. He had slapped me around, forced me to go out in public clad only in lingerie. He had forced his cock down my straining throat and then cum all over my face. He had forced me to eat his asshole and dance sensually for him. He had taken me anally, very roughly and then bred me with his seed. He had thrown out all my male clothing. He had taken one of my dildos and attached it via suction cup to one of my kitchen chairs and renamed it my ‘Sissy Chair’. I was to be sitting on it every time Master comes over, no exceptions. He had even taken the spare key for my apartment. There was no way I could do this, no way I could go through with letting this…this thug control every aspect of my life. I wouldn’t do it. I’d just have to contact Black Master and let him know I’d changed my mind. Yea, I’d just explain that this wasn’t what I was looking for. He’ll understand…

I moved from my bedroom, still dressed in my sissy outfit and sat down at my desk and turned on the computer. Checking my email I saw that I had several new messages, one was from Black Master. My heart was thumping madly as I clicked to open it. Surely he’d just be thanking me for a great night and be done with me. “Sissy – I enjoyed fucking your mouth and asspussy last night. You take a nut real good but I’m sure you could do better. We’ll work on it together. Other areas we will work to improve: your dancing, your ass-eating and most importantly, your attitude and IMMMEDIATE obedience at all times! You need to understand that you are now a 24/7/365 sissy as well as my slave, whenever I choose to partake of your body. You will go everywhere in your sissy clothes. You will explain to the people you work with and your family and friends that you are no longer Dan, but Danielle or Dani, and this is how you will look, act and dress for the remainder of our relationship, at least. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad, cunt! You fucked around with me for too long and now I’m taking my payment. Which is you. First thing today, you are to head to the Victoria’s Secret store at the mall and buy yourself a minimum of eight new sissy outfits. Get the girls to help you find proper sizing and matching pieces. I like almost anything, but among my faves are the babydoll nighties like you already have (preferably sheer), but buy some different colors, bitch. I also like crotchless panties and catsuits, corsets, teddies, long peignoirs, and I go fucking crazy over garter belts and stockings. Always be certain your stockings are silk; I hate nylon shit! Buy some new high heels too. And also pick up a chambermaid uniform, a schoolgirl outfit and try to find a haremgirl costume. Last of all, don’t fucking call me or IM me or email me to say that you want to back out of this. Too fucking late, girlie! You fuck with a topdog, you gonna get topped! See ya, BLACK MASTER”

I was trembling as I read the harsh words and I realized I was crying a bit too. Oh no. What have I gotten into here? He can’t possibly think that I can follow through with this total lifestyle change, can he? I mean I love wearing lingerie, but I can’t just become a female… I’ve got to end this now, before it goes to a place I can’t escape from. These types of relationships have to be consensual, don’t they? I mean he can’t just force me to do these things…

I decided to take a chance. I dialed the number from my caller ID. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. Then four, five, six, seven. Shit. Suddenly he answers. “What, sissy?” I swallowed hard and took a deep breath as his utterly masculine voice cascaded over me. “H…hello, Master?” I spoke in a tiny voice, ashamed. I couldn't believe I was a 36 year-old man, stuttering like a kid on his first date. There's a long pause. “Yea, it’s your Master. Now what the fuck do you want?” I couldn’t breathe and my ears were ringing for some reason. “M…master. S…sir. I can’t…can’t do this, sir.” There was silence on the other end. “Do what, sissy?” I didn’t know how to say it. “Master, I can’t…can’t be…be with you. M…master.” Again, silence engulfed us. I could hear his breathing, could almost imagine him next to me. “You’re already ‘with’ me, sissy. I marked you as mine last night, remember? Gurl takes a black top’s cum all over her face and down her throat and in her asspussy, makes it kinda hard for her Master to believe she don’t want it.” I was sobbing now, trying to stem the flow of tears and form a coherent thought. I did not want this, did I? I couldn’t face the constant humiliation and subjugation and degradation. “P…p…please, M…master.” I sobbed like a woman. “P…please don’t c…come over. J…just leave m…me a…lone…”

There was a long pause on the line. “You’re fucking with me bitch, and I don’t like it. Told you not to fuck with me. Doesn’t matter what you want or think you want. You’re mine. I guess I need to head over there and give you another lesson, eh? Fucking up my day, now ya are, gurlie. I ain’t gonna be happy when I get there so better try to pretty yourself up for me a little extra.” He said it as a statement, as if it were the most normal thing in the world for him to discuss. His voice suggested that there was no room for debate. “B…but Master, s…sir. I have plans toda…” He cut me off before I could finish my last word. “Shut it, cunt. Your plans are whatever I give you. I will be in your home in one hour. Douche yourself, shower and get your sissy outfit back on. And be sitting on your sissy chair.” With that he hung up, leaving me standing there with my mouth wide open, unsure what just happened or what to do next. This Black Master had basically just made it clear in no uncertain terms that I was his sissy slave at all times and he was on his way over again. What could I do? I didn’t want to risk a worse beating that I had gotten before. Should I call the police? And tell them what? They’d probably just laugh it off as a lover’s quarrel and I’d become the butt of a slew of jokes passed around to all the cops in the area. Just what I need, plus I imagine Black Master would be furious with me then. I looked up at the clock. Fifty seven minutes left. I better hurry to get ready for his arrival. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’ll have to talk to Master in person, make him understand that I can’t, won’t go through with this, not after today, anyway.

Fifty two minutes later, I’m fresh from the shower, my asspussy douched and totally clean. I put on my sissy outfit again and move to squat over my sissy chair. I dab some lube on both the dildo and my hole and then slide down slowly. God, it’s big! I grimace as I slide onto it, feeling it stretch my pussyhole. I hear the loud exhaust of Master’s car and then the thumping bass from his sound system as he pulls into my driveway. Oh Jesus. He’s here. I feel myself trembling. The car door slams. Within seconds I hear his key in the lock. The door opens. My 25 year-old Black Master is framed in the doorway, all 6’3” and 230 pounds of him. He looks…perturbed at least, perhaps angry. He stares at me icily. He pushes the door shut behind him, not ungently. Fuck. He’s pissed.

“At least you can follow a simple rule like this, sitting on your sissy chair. Nice to know you understand some of what I’m saying.” He says it with an air of complete calmness about him, as if he had just forced down his rage moments before. “You should see yourself, faggot; the perfect picture of femininity. But I guess you will be seeing yourself soon enough. Heh.” What did that mean? He walked around behind me and motioned for me to stand up. “Up, but don’t turn around. Put your hands behind you. Open your mouth wide.” I did as told and suddenly felt something click around each of my wrists in turn. Handcuffs of some sort. Shit. Then I saw a red blur as something passed over my head, past my eyes and into my mouth. I realized Black Master was fitting me with a ball gag. I slumped resignedly as I realized the severity of my predicament. Now I was not only a sissy, but a cuffed and gagged one at that.

He circled back around so he was in front of me again, following a hard, short slap on my exposed tush. He had his shirt untucked and unbuttoned, showing off his linebacker physique. Black Master is very cut, with a very toned torso and quite a few tattoos. God he’s such a man! “Now, Dani, let’s see if I understand you correctly.” I cringe a little as he emphasizes my gurlie name. He looks deep into my eyes, his face inches from mine. “You exchange emails with me for several weeks, teasing me with all the ways you’re going to pleasure my cock and be my girl and all. Telling me what a good little sissy you are and how you’d give anything to please me. Then, when I show up and grace you with my presence as well as the opportunity to follow through on all your deepest desires, an opportunity which I might add I don’t give out to just any cocksucking sissyboi, I find that perhaps you aren’t all that serious about this after all. Well guess what, faggot? It’s serious now! Got it?” He grips my chin in his forceful grasp, compelling me to look directly at him, unable to hide my utter shame. “So now, you cause me to make changes to my day, just to come over here and train you in the ways you are to treat me at all times. That means, respect, submission…and no fucking questions or opinions! Got it, cunt?” I nod wearily, having difficulty seeing through my tears, which are now causing my mascara to run.

He pushes me back down onto my sissy chair and I gasp out as the thick dong invades my rectum again. “You should be at Victoria’s Secret buying lingerie right now but instead you force my hand. Well this is how it’s going to be, pussy. I come over when I want. Obviously. You keep your job, cause you’re gonna need money for lingerie, bondage gear and keeping this place stocked up on booze for me. I like Dom, Grey Goose and for beer? None of that nasty piss-water cheap shit. Make it imports, craft brews, shit like that. Got it? Good. And have plenty of food stocked up too. Steaks, burgers, shit for burritos, I love Italian. You’ll be making it all so you better be a good cook or learn how. When you’re in my presence you will not eat or drink, food at least. The following are substances which you are allowed to drink in my presence: my spit, my cum and my piss. Is that clear, slave gurlie?” I nod in tearful acquiescence. He smiles wickedly, clearly enjoying the power he holds over me at this moment. He continues on. “Things you will be allowed to dine on? My cock, my balls and…my asshole. Heh, heh. Whenever I ask you if you are hungry, you must look me in the eyes, indicate that you are indeed hungry and then I will present you with whichever part of my body I expect serviced at that moment. At ALL TIMES…you are to treat any part of my body you are orally servicing as if it is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, the best thing you’ve ever smelled. Your own personal comfort doesn’t matter one fucking bit to me. I don’t care if the taste of my crotch makes you want to gag, you will smile and dutifully service me as if that is the last meal you will ever receive. Understand?”

I nodded my understanding, feeling a sense of helplessness as my formerly normal life continued to spiral out of control. “Yeth, Black Mathter.” I managed to croak out around the ball gag. My tiny clitty was throbbing from the verbal abuse as well as from the sensation of being physically at someone’s complete mercy. Black Master smiled at me, an evil sort of grin, without warmth or compassion. “Good gurl. That’s my sweetiepie.” He looked down and an even bigger smirk fell across his features as he saw my raging boner. He smacked at it a couple of times with the back of his hand. “You’re so fucking hard because of this aren’t you, bitch? Huh, my words getting you all hot and bothered? Or is it the bondage? Little of both, I’d guess. Ground rules for your clitty are as follows. Under no circumstances are you to EVER touch yourself sexually unless you have my permission. The only permissible touching of that area by you is in the shower or on the toilet; both situations would be purely for hygiene purposes only. Otherwise your clit is what it is; a useless appendage that I control. And, sissy, I can’t stress this enough… if you ever and I mean EVER, cum without my permission, you will know a whole new world of pain. I control your orgasms, or lack thereof, and I think it goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway, no more pussy for you. If I find out that you ever got your little dickie wet in a female, I might just cut it off. The only way you’re ever going to fuck anybody ever again is if I have one of my boy’s bring over their sissy for you to play with.” I must have conveyed some kind of look at the mention of sex with another sissy because he chuckled and went on explaining.

“That’s right, gurl. Most of my thugs have got sissies of their own. Me and Jamal been talking ‘bout throwing a couple of you gurlies in bed together, just to get us worked up. Just knowing that it ain’t what you bottom bitches would want is enough to make me want to try it sometime. But that’s for later, cunt. Right now, I’d be embarrassed for Jamal or any of my boys to come over here. You not trained up proper yet and all, not a drop of fucking booze in the house. How’d that look to my friends? Got to remedy that shit, bitch!” He started to walk towards the hall. “Get up and follow me.” I jumped up immediately and started to move towards him. “This place got a basement?” I nodded that it did and that it was through the kitchen. “Good. I’ll check it out later, but that’s where you will begin putting together a little sex dungeon for us to play in. As you can see, I like bondage, sissy, and I like to have a lot of variety. I’ll leave the URL for a great BDSM site and you’ll need to start purchasing some of the gear.” He must have seen the fear in my eyes and though I could tell he enjoyed it immensely, he reached out and wrapped a beefy, calloused paw around my slim waist, pulling me into his hard, lean physique. He whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry, sweetie. I know how to treat my gurls, I won’t hurt you……much. Heh, heh.”

Again, I was brought back to the realization that this whole situation was spiraling out of my control. I couldn’t think straight, pressed up against the granite-like hardness of this overwhelmingly masculine black stud. That plus the feminine nature of my outfit as well as the total loss of freedom due to the wrist restraints and the gag were conspiring to mess with my head as I breathed in the intoxicating aroma of Black Master’s skin. God I was so horny I was quite sure I would have done almost anything at that moment to feel his hands on me again. I rubbed up against him, mewling in a high voice around my gag, trying to show him how turned on I was. “Oh now you’re horny, eh sweetie? Well soon enough we’ll try to quench that burning inside you but first things first.” With that he pulled out a small digital camera and held it up in front of me. He grinned at me as a look of realization came over my face, suddenly knowing what he planned to do. I grunted out my weak protest as loudly as I could but Black Master just laughed. “I’m starting, or rather you’re starting a new website. You’re a techie, right? In the computer industry, I know you are so no use denying it. Anyway, this new website is going to chronicle your transformation from straight guy into a cocksucking, taking-it-in-the-ass sissyfag, complete with photos of you, from various stages of your life. Of course we have to get a bunch of pics that show just how very much you like sucking black cock, eating black ass and drinking black man’s cum. Your face will be completely visible at all times in these photos, while my face will be either out of the shot completely or cropped out prior to posting on the site. I get anonymity, you get humiliation. That’s just the way it going to be. I will need you to put together a complete and 100% truthful biography of yourself, including a section on why you enjoy being femmed and your favorite things about black men in general and your Black Master in particular. I might also like a short diatribe on the taste of my cum and why you can’t get enough of it, that you even go so far as to spit some of my jizz into Tupperware containers and store them in the fridge, for drinking when I’m not around. This site will be up for all the world to see, you family, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, your dentist, whoever. We’ll call the site, oh I don’t know, something like…… SissyDanielleAndHerLifeWithBlackMaster.com or some such shit.” He was smiling that evil smile again, clearly content with himself for causing me so much distress. “You’ll be updating at least once a week, lots of pics, we’ll make some videos, and you’ll be posting some of those gay fuck stories you’ve sent me. Keep writing that shit, gurl. Fuck that shit gets me hard as steel. And that’s what you want right? A steel top, unrelenting and untamed? That’s what you told me in that first email, at least. There’re your words, not mine. But that’s me, baby. Your steel top.”

I had no idea what to say. It was almost too much to process. I couldn’t stand the idea of all that private info about me being up on a website, showcasing my deepest, darkest desires. Photos of me sucking black cock, videos of me femmed out and moaning while Black Master invades my most private of places. And anyone could see it: my mom and dad, my brother, my ex-girlfriend, my bar buddies, my business associates, clients, old classmates. Jesus I was going to be on public display, with all my sexual fetishes hanging out there.

I started as I heard the soft buzzing of the camera as Black Master began to take some shots of me in my slutty lingerie, mascara streaming down my face from all the crying I had been doing. “There we go, sissy. Just need a good one for the main page photo. Gotta get in there real good.” He paused. “Damn, you look like shit. Maybe we’ll take the main page photo sometime when you’re a little prettier looking. Anyway, I got something else I gotta do right not. Get over there and lean over the arm of the couch, stick your ass out real nice and high.” I did as he instructed. There was a pillow draped over the sofa arm, which gave me some cushion. I felt Black Master behind me and I was puzzling over what was coming next. “All right, sissy. We set up some ground rules, and we’ll go over some others as well, but right now I got to lay down the law. You directly disobeyed me this morning. Not only did you NOT got to the mall to shop for lingerie, as I had instructed but I distinctly ordered you not to call me with your whiny bullshit about how you don’t want to do this. And then you forced me to fuck up my valuable time to come over here to straighten things out. I don’t like it when my bitches fuck up my free time.”

With that I felt and heard a hard ‘THWACK’ as his belt hit my unprotected tush. I screamed out around the ball gag, but it came out as nothing more than a hoarse, muffled cry. ‘THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!’ I was screaming, blubbering out incoherent apologies but to no avail. Black Master was furious with me and he had contained that fury all morning long. “Fucking bitch! You little cunt! If you EVER fuck with me again, on ANYTHING AT ALL, this beatdown will seem mild by comparison!”

He struck me several more times, ripping sharp yelps from my vocal cords as the pain tore through me. Then I was roughly pulled around and Black Master pushed me to my knees. His boxers were already down around his thighs and his throbbing erection was jutting out at full mast, the harsh, rigid ten inches of dark, black cockmeat. “Suck me you fucking whore. It’s all you’re good for you little faggot!” His hands tore off the ball gag and I had about one second to draw in a breath before his cockhead was forcing it’s way into my orifice and I felt my jaws being forced wide apart again. “Look at me, slut. Anytime you’re orally servicing me, you are to be looking directly into my eyes the entire time unless I tell you otherwise. Is that clear, cunt?” I could do little other than gasp out an abbreviated answer as he pulled out of me a short way. “Mmmm-hmmmm.” I mumbled unintelligibly. I then locked my eyes onto those of my tormentor, as I was told to do. And in that moment, I could feel a tiny shift in our relationship. Like a piece of my soul had melded with his and I had started to accept the connection we now had. Black Master looked down at me, a mix of loathing and superiority and………something else apparent on his dark, hardened features. What was it? Covetousness? Lust? Perhaps……love……?

“Alright, sissy! Get ready for a hard throat fuck. Last time we tried this you were gagging and shit. I don’t give a fuck! You’re gonna learn to do it with or without the gagging but you’re taking my cock and that’s all there is to it. And as always, keep your eyes on mine, bitch. A sissy can tell a lot about when her Master is about to cum and what throat and tongue techniques pleasure him the best from his facial expressions so it’s important for her to watch him closely, wouldn’t you say?” He pulled his cock all the way out from my oral cavity and I briefly stared at it’s almost unbelievable length and girth and the wicked curve of it as it protruded outward. Quite frankly, it scared me a lot… And some part of me loved that feeling, needed it. “Answer me sissy. I know you love looking at my dick but when your Master asks you a question, you fucking answer.” It was clearly not a suggestion, but an order. I quickly looked back up at him, his cruel eyes boring through my very soul, owning me. God, was this what my heart truly wanted even as my mind screamed no?

“Yes, Master.” I replied meekly to his question, feelings of defeat rolling over me in waves. “Yes, Master……what?” He asked it with a commanding tone that sent an erotic quiver coursing through my little penis as well as my……bowels? “Yes, Black Master it’s important for a sissy to learn how to best please her man.” He grinned an evil, iniquitous smirk. He loved the control he had over me, plainly. His own erection throbbed again as a charge of domination surged through him.

I was awash in confusing thoughts, unsure of what these feelings or my responses to Black Master meant about my sexuality. Was it even possible for……those types of feelings to radiate in that area of a man’s body? Of course, I could scarcely consider myself a man at this point. I had been taken, topped, seeded and subdued by a clearly superior Black Master and my body was betraying my brain by responding positively to the rough and brutal nature of Master’s sexual needs. And my own needs, as well, but ones that went far beyond just sex and mixed and melded with my irresistible desire to serve, to be submissive, to be owned by another. I couldn’t explain it, couldn’t tell someone why these emotions were running through me even if I tried. But the fact was, they were running through me, my hard little clitty and my aching asshole, I mean pussy, fighting a battle with my mind. My common sense was losing that skirmish.

“Here we go, Sissy Missy. Throat me, gurlie.” With those words I barely had time to open my lips again and his steely black tool was sliding back between my lips and then down my gullet. I gulped greedily at the proffered organ, adjusting my oral ministrations to make certain Black Master was receiving gratification. I fought back the urge to gag as he slithered his way down my throat, unceremoniously and with an undeniable show of bestial strength. In a couple of seconds I found myself with my lips sealed around the base of his manhood, his bushy pubic hair scratching and tickling my nose. The scent of him was overwhelming, musk and sex and black man’s flesh all rolled into this most submissive of acts. I stayed like that for a few seconds, expecting to be allowed to pull back up and off him so as to repeat the action. Instead I felt Black Master’s hand on my head, holding me steady and with his other hand he reached down and pinched my nose shut, so I could not breathe. Panic overtook me almost immediately, the terrifying feeling of not being able to draw breath suddenly all I could concentrate on. I tried to pull back but his grip was too strong, my resolve too weak.

“You see here, sissy, what we’ve got here is another example of me showing you how things are going to be. You wear what I tell you to wear, eat when and what I tell you to, speak when spoken to……and now you breathe when I say so. Is all this getting through to you, cunt? Do you realize that your little emails you probably thought were harmless actually awakened a sleeping beast? You opened up a world you didn’t dare dream even existed. You told me how you wanted badly to be dominated, to be owned. You told me the things you fantasized about doing to my black anaconda… Well consider yourself dominated, faggot! Consider yourself my property!”

Tears were running down my cheeks again, caused by both the utter fear I was experiencing as a result of not being able to breathe and also from the finality of his words and the thought of the things that were lying in wait for me in my future. My new future in which I was a sissified fagboi with an asspussy and a suckhole that I would use exclusively to satisfy my younger but totally dominant Black Master.

Suddenly without warning he pulled his cock from my mouth and I gasped in a huge breath, wheezing and gagging and coughing from the rough, brutal treatment I had just received from Black Master. My slimy throat mucus was dripping from his ebony shaft, the entire length coated in my spit and a thick strand of it stretched from his bloated cock tip to my ruby red lips as sort of an obscene reminder of just what I was good for……

“Fuck, bitch! That throat is tight and as much as want to cum in your mouth, this load I’m brewing up is destined for your pussy. I know your sore from your beating and from last night, but guess what? I don’t give a fuck! I’m raping your pussyass to show you yet again, just who’s in charge here. Back over the couch arm……now, CUNT!” I was blubbering now, crying uncontrollably as I realized my old life was gone and the uncertainty of my future was staring me in the face. “P…p…please l…let m…m…me suck you off, M…M…Master. I n…need to d…d…drink your c…cum, p…please.” SMACK! SMACK! I flinched as Black Master slapped my face, very hard. “BITCH! Did I tell you to speak? No I fucking did not! You do what I tell you to WHEN I fucking tell you to and you do it RIGHT THEN! DO I MAKE MYSELF FUCKING CLEAR TO YOU, WHORE!?” He accentuated the last words with another harsh slap to my cheeks. I couldn’t even see through my teary eyes as I meekly stood up to bend over the arm of the sofa again, exposing my naked tushyhole to Master’s uncompromising hardness. A second later, he was forcing the ball gag back into my mouth and strapping it tightly around behind my head. My hands were still cuffed behind me and I was the picture of acquiescence.

Without further adieu he plowed into me, the only lube being my mucus and spit. I screamed out as Black Master took me violently, staking his ownership to my body……and my soul as well, if I was completely honest with myself. His steel-hard cudgel forced apart my tender sphincter muscle and speared into my rectum with a force that took my breath away. I instantly began moaning into the gag and to my abject horror, also began arching back into every thrust of his into my body. One of his hands was on the back of my neck holding me firmly in place while the other held my slim wrists at the small of my back; I could not believe how submissive this all was, how he controlled every aspect of my being at this very moment. He was the most important person in the world to me right now. Would be the most important person in my life forever more.

His thrusts started out strong, steady, measured but soon digressed to a short herky-jerky fuck rhythm. Just a couple minutes in and it seemed like he was close to nutting. I reveled in the feel of every inch of his steel cock violating the soft fleshy tissues of all my inner nooks and crannies. It was truly amazing what a talented cocksman he was and I knew I should consider myself fortunate to have been blessed with such a skilled Master. But even as I thought those things I still felt perplexed by the turn my life had taken in just the past few hours. Before I could think about anymore, Black Master’s voice came booming to wake me from my reverie. I could feel his spittle on my back and neck as he leaned into me, truly giving this fuck his all. “FUCK SISSY! Gonna cum! Gonna cum so hard up your asscunt, you little fucking bitch! Gonna seed this pussy! Gonna make sure you learn your fucking place, faggot! OOOHHHH YEEAAA! OHHH YEAA HERE IT COMES SISSY MISSY! You ready for my fucking jizz, Dani!?” With one final beast-like grunt, I felt his cock explode inside me and the warm, gooey fuck slime coated my bowels, seeding me with my Master’s essence. The feeling of being bred was overpowering and I felt my own tiny sac tighten up and then I followed my Black Master into euphoria, screaming into the ball gag until I was hoarse and choking from the effort. I felt Master collapse against my back, the sweat from our scorching fuck causing us to stick together. We were both groaning in the aftershocks of our almost simultaneous orgasms. But I soon felt him begin to slide out of me and suddenly my open and gaping hole felt very empty and I couldn’t stand to think of him not being inside me… He motioned for me to turn around with a light slap on my buttocks. I already had a good idea what this was going to be about, and sure enough as I turned to face him once again, he presented me with his slowly shrinking prick to suck clean of spooge and assjuice. It was humiliating, but in an exhilarating way as I was still searching my way through the maze of confused sexuality that this whole episode had brought about. Being as feminine and subservient as possible I slowly ran my tongue up and down his veiny hose, making certain to keep my eyes on his as I lapped up every last droplet of cum from his cock, balls and pubes. I felt like a kitten lapping up some warm milk.

“Jesus Christ! THAT was fucking fantastic, sissy! Fuck! As mad as I am about you wrecking my day, I gotta admit, it might have been worth it. Fuck! What a great cum! And look at you, you worthless bitch. Once again, you’ve cum with your Master up inside your sissy slit. How’s it feel to be nothing but a cum dump for a superior black man? Huh faggot? Can’t answer with the gag in your mouth, I suppose eh? Oh well, I don’t need you to tell me what you’re thinking. The evidence was in the fuck. The way you pushed those sweet, white, round buns back into me, moaning for it harder and deeper… yea it’s pretty clear just what kind of a faggot you are. A fag who loves black cock, I’d say. Damn, you are a true sissy, Dani. Can’t believe no other nigger ever scooped you up. But you’re MINE now, cunt! I own this pussy.” He emphasized this statement with a semi-soft swat across my ravaged buttocks. I could feel the sperm leaking out of my abused fuck slot.

Black Master drew himself up to his full imposing height in front of me as he buttoned up his jeans, his sobbing, cum-soaked pussyboi kneeling before him. He grabbed my hair, pulling my face upwards to look at him. I felt myself blushing under his stern gaze, both of us again knowing the exact nature of our relationship. “So I’m gonna go ahead and repeat myself, but this will be the last time I do so for you. From now on, you will answer my demands immediately and unswervingly. They are not suggestions and I don’t take opinions from faggot whores. Got it? Get yourself cleaned up, put on the skirt and blouse I brought over for you and get your sissy ass to Victoria’s Secret and pick up some more lingerie, all the shit I listed earlier. Then hightail it to the grocery store and get stocked up on everything you need to make my life as easy and pleasurable as possible. All the booze and food I mentioned before. Then when you get back here, jump on that bondage supply website I gave you. I want the Deluxe Sling and the Masters’ Fuck Rack delivered here within three business days. I’ll expect you back home and ready for me by ten o’clock tonight and as always……be dressed for me and sitting on your sissy chair.”

I nodded my agreement and mumbled something around the ball gag and he seemed to think this was sufficient on my part. He motioned for me to rise and I did so and then he came around behind me and unlocked the wrist restraints. “My boys and I are hitting the strip clubs tonight, so plan on me being extra horny. Probably be over after midnight and then we can go at it. Make sure you’re ready, cause when I’m in THAT kinda mood, I can fuck all night long, baby! Heh, heh.” He chuckled as he saw my eyes widen at his comments and then totally surprised me when he leaned down for an extremely tender kiss. I melted into his strong arms not wanting him to leave me. As he pulled away I noticed him leering wickedly at me again, and I realized that he needed this just as much as I did, only in a different way. It almost seemed as though we were soul mates, destined to meet and who knows? Perhaps we are… One dominant, one submissive, fitting together, one inside the other, to suck and lick and fuck and cum and lust and maybe even love……

The end……for now.

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