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Jogging along the River

By dickandy50

submitted December 12, 2009

Categories: Military, Outdoor Sex

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The following is original and for adults only and the subject of imagination of others and involves bondage and water sports play.

As a former military active duty living in Washington DC, I have some very fond memories. I was a married bi Navy guy who lived in base housing on Bolling AFB and enjoyed jogging along the Anacostia after dark. Most military enjoyed doing PT after hours to stay in shape – especially those of us who lived in base housing and could only get out and jog in the evening, or at night due to shift work. During the day and early evening, most folks were just out strolling or just doing fast walking and thinking they were really into PT. As the evening would wear on, the numbers of dependents out jogging gradually thinned out and only the active military that were into PT would be out jogging or maybe the odd high school jock who was really dedicated.

I usually waited until after the national news and a couple other shows on TV. Then, usually about 8 or 9 in the evening, I’d head out and jog. Most guys would be out then, or even later, doing their thing to stay in shape. I soon found out that many guys went out jogging much later around 10, and many, because of their work hours in the district, got up around 3 or 4 in the morning and did their jogging before going to work. It didn’t take me long, because of my erratic sleep schedule to find out about the very early morning joggers. It was nothing to be out at even 1 or 2 in the morning and come across a few guys jogging.

Keep in mind that the trail we all used went along the river almost the entire length of the base. For the most part, it was open, landscaped with benches along its length. It was only at the north end of the trail where it went away from housing and any built up area, gradually sloped down closer to the river, and went thru an overgrown area adjacent to the trail. That was the area that I soon learned was the connection place for guys wanting to get it on with each other.

Since it was so far off the beaten track and away from the roadways, security didn’t really patrol it much since it would require them to actually do some walking. That worked to the advantage of those of us wanting to connect.

In those days, the usual jogging attire consisted of the thin silky nylon tricot shorts that were popular at the time, and maybe a T-shirt depending on the weather. Some of the guys wore the regular v-notch leg shorts, while others wore splits. That is what I preferred since it gave better access and freedom of movement. Now if the plan was to jog late at night or very early in the morning, usually those nylon shorts had the liner cut out to give total freedom and access. Hell, at night, with minimal lighting, who could tell?

I soon learned that it was better to connect with guys if you jogged between midnight and 3 in the morning. I also learned the trick about cutting out the liner, as well as the advantages of wearing split shorts. It sure gave greater access to the guy snuggled up behind you poking his cock up your ass where you didn’t have to remove the shorts at all, just in case someone came upon us. Or it gave great access when you were kneeling in front of the guy sucking him off.

It took me a few months to learn the “system” that was worked out about who was looking for what and what signals were sent while jogging. Usually there were only a few guys out at any one time jogging during the late night and early morning hours. For the most part, they all had the same objective in mind – get healthy and get off. Some were just into blow jobs and others were into fucking. If you were looking for fun, you just had to get eye contact with the guy approaching you. If he was interested, he’d also keep eye contact. That could lead to conversation about jogging together or jogging down by the woods. We all knew where that was and what it meant.

Many of us would jog wearing cock rings to keep the package pushed out in front, while there were some who even jogged with a plug inserted. They were mostly bottoms who liked to keep their ass ready to receive without much work, or they may be guys into just receiving a blow job and liked the full sensation. There were times when I also jogged wearing a plug as well as my ring. It made for interesting sensations while jogging and definitely kept the sphincter loose when a guy was ready. Plus it made for a good way to keep in whatever he deposited inside – whether cum or piss – on the jog home.

I was lucky in a way. I was bi and married and my wife knew of my other side. She knew about my jogging adventures and would sometimes help me insert the plug before leaving to jog knowing that I’d probably come home filled with more than the plug. It made for an interesting welcome home with her waiting for me to jump her and fuck her knowing my ass was filled with another guy’s cum or piss. It usually didn’t take long for us to fuck ourselves into oblivion.

I soon discovered that one of the guys who lived near me was also a late night jogger. I’d seen him jogging during the day around housing and he’d caught my attention. He believed in keeping himself in shape and didn’t have much body fat at all. He’d say hi when he jogged past if I was out in the yard working on the car or truck. Usually in the warmer months, I’d just wear my jogging shorts or other short shorts even at home. I guess I advertised myself enough to get his attention. He finally stopped one Saturday and introduced himself as Jeff. He was in his late 20’s, Air Force and stationed at the Pentagon.

During our conversation, I mentioned that he took good care of himself and that he looked good. He said thanks and that he worked at it – usually jogging a couple times a day. I asked him what other time he jogged and he mentioned that it was usually really late or really early in the morning before work. I told him that is when I usually jogged as well since it was less humid and somewhat cooler. In the summer months in DC, even in the middle of the night you could jog with just shorts on and it was comfortable.

Jeff said that he thought he might have seen me during some of his night jogs but wasn’t sure. He asked if I jogged the whole length of the trail, even down by the woods along the river. I said yes I did most times – depending on the mood. I suspected that he knew what I was referring to since he got this little grin on his face. He said that he also jogged that way most nights as well. With that he asked if I wanted to jog with him sometime since we both enjoyed jogging in the middle of the night. I agreed to meet him that night at one a.m. at the trail head and we could jog from there. He agreed and said he’d see me later, but before he took off he asked me what I wore for jogging. I told him that I wore split shorts, usually without liners for night jogging. He said he wore the same and said that he’d see me that night and he returned to his jog.

As the afternoon wore on, the more I thought about our meeting to jog and the possibilities, the hornier I got. I’d told my wife about the possible adventure awaiting me and she was excited. She knew that she might have the opportunity to enjoy his cum load by proxy and knew that when I returned, I’d be ready to get off again. I could hardly wait to get thru dinner, the news and the evening shows. The only thing I could think about was what awaited me later that night.. I jogged over to the gym and did my usual evening workout hoping that that would get my mind on track. All I could think about were the hard bodies around me working out. I wanted to just kneel in front of each of them and help them enjoy their workout all the more.

Eventually the night wore on and it was midnight – time for me to start getting ready for my nighttime jog. I pulled out the bag and filled myself a couple times for cleanout eventually running clear. Following that my wife inserted a medium plug to keep me open and put on a fairly wide stainless cock ring which really restricted my package. Then I put on one of my nylon tricot split jog shorts with the liner cut out. It was a pair of Adidas shorts that I’d bought back many years before. They were high cut and fairly brief and made for jogging. There didn’t leave much to the imagination about how I was set up for the jog. Thank goodness it was very late at night and no-one was going to be around except for us dedicated joggers or players. We just had to hope that no-one had a flashlight or spotlight to ruin the effect. I finished off the outfit with just a pair of well worn jogging sneakers that were low slung although still had support. I just didn’t have to wear any socks with them since they were so comfortable.

I enjoyed the feel of the outfit and the look. It did send a message that I was ready for whatever was waiting. I’d worn the same outfit before and had good luck connecting with some of the other late night joggers. In those cases, I came back filled with their seed at both ends which made for a fine night’s sleep and an interesting session with my wife.

Eventually, it was approaching one and I left the house and jogged to the trailhead. Sure enough, there was Jeff waiting for me. He pretty much was wearing the same thing – a pair of nylon split jog shorts that appeared well worn and what appeared to be a cock ring since his package was pushed out in front pretty well. He complimented me on my outfit and said that he noticed as I jogged up that I had a ring on and assumed that I was plugged as well. I said yes and was he? He offered up his back and allowed me to feel under his shorts. Sure enough, he was plugged. The night was really stacking up well.

We started to jog and just made small talk. Jeff asked me if my wife knew of my other side and I told him that she did. I asked him the same since I noticed he sported a wedding band. He said she did and really got off on his playing with guys. This was sounding better and better.

We were the only ones out this late as far as we could tell. The trail was over two miles long so there was no telling if we’d come across others out jogging. This late and we both figured that if anyone was out, we’d probably meet them down by the woods. As we got closer to that end of the trail, the full sensation of the plugs were having their effect on both of us and we both were sporting fairly large hardons. There wasn’t anyone around when we began to descend down toward the woods and we figured we had it made. Nothing like a body covered with sweat, wearing a ring and a plug, and being randy on a warm summer night to make for an interesting time outdoors.

There was a trail off the main trail that led back into the woods to fairly private areas, especially at night. We continued past that side trail to the end to check out if anyone else was out jogging further on and then started jogging back. At the side trail, we stopped and walked back into the woods quite a way to ensure we were off the trail sufficiently so no-one would see or hear us. We were probably back in at least a hundred feet before we stopped in an area that we both knew of and had enjoyed before.

Being that far off the main trail, we weren’t really worried about being discovered so there wasn’t any reason to keep the shorts on. We figured that anyone coming back this far was probably looking for the same thing. Jeff immediately sunk to his knees and started to suck me off. Here we were on a warm summer night, naked outdoors with a guy sucking me off. What a head trip! And when he started to play with my plug while sucking me off, it really felt great. To feel that sensation deep inside, the feelings built really quick and in no time I was shooting in Jeff’s mouth over and over again. He was definitely a swallower because he didn’t even hesitate and started to drain me of whatever I offered.

Once I was done shooting, I asked him if he was also into golden just in case. He admitted he was and he assumed I was as well since I was asking. I quickly told him that yes I was whether swallowing or taking it up the ass. He smiled at that because he said that he had both a cum load and a piss load to get rid of before we were done. The evening was stacking up better and better.

With that I turned around and offered up my ass for his use since he hadn’t gotten off yet. He played with the plug a bit kind of pushing it in and out slightly to heighten the sensations and I could definitely tell because I was getting another boner real quick. Jeff told me to bend forward and he stood up behind me rubbing his hard cock against my ass crack and the plug while reaching around and playing with my cock and balls. It was the greatest sensation. While bent forward, I could reach between my legs and play with his cock and balls which were really fine hangers. He said he was ready and for me to pull out the plug. I grabbed its base and pulled it out just in time for him to push himself in my open ass. God it felt great.

Jeff began slow stroking deep into me while he continued to hang on and play with my cock. He gradually started to pick up the pace and was definitely approaching getting his nut in me when we suddenly heard a guy softly ask “mind if we join you?” We both stopped in mid stroke and thought crap – we’d been busted. We looked over and here were two young guys standing there in just sneakers and holding their jog shorts and sporting two fine pieces of meat. Jeff quickly got his wits about him and responded hell yes, join the party.

With that, they both tossed down their shorts and one came over in front of me and offered up his cock for me to suck. The other one moved around behind Jeff and started snuggling up against his back and rubbing his cock up against Jeff’s ass. He said that he saw that Jeff liked wearing a plug and that he had one in as well. He then asked Jeff if he minded getting butt fucked bare. Jeff told him to go ahead if he wanted. With that the guy reached down and grabbed Jeff’s plug head and pulled it out of him tossing it on the ground. He pushed into Jeff pretty quick and must have been built fairly large because I heard Jeff grunt pretty good when he’d entered him. It didn’t take much and they were both pounding away and heading for a massive climax.

The guy I was sucking was getting close as well since I could sense him starting to swell and deep stroke into my mouth. It wasn’t long and we all started speeding up the pumping. Jeff was the first to shoot into me, and the guy fucking Jeff soon followed shooting a major load into Jeff. That’s all it took, and the guy I was sucking began to pump and shoot down my throat which triggered me.

We all just stood there enjoying the after effects of the session still connected together. Gradually, the guy I was sucking started to soften and backed away to just stand there and enjoy the scene. His buddy was still in Jeff but was getting ready to back out when Jeff told him to plug him again to hold in the load. The guy I’d sucked picked up Jeff’s plug and was ready to insert it when his buddy slid out of Jeff. That left Jeff and me still attached with him slowly softening. I had my plug laying on the ground in front of me and was ready to push it in when Jeff slid out - but Jeff had other plans.

He asked if I was serious about playing with watersports, that he had to take a leak. I told him yes if he was interested. That got the attention of the other two guys who said they had heard about it but never played with it. The one who had fucked Jeff asked what he had in mind. Without saying a word, Jeff began to slowly let his piss go while still in me. That on top of his cum load and I was quickly filling up. Since we had nearly two miles to jog back, I told him to hold up on emptying totally. He said OK and reached down to squeeze off his flow and told me to be ready to insert the plug. He backed out and I quickly pushed in the plug to hold all his juices in.

Jeff was standing there holding his cock and ready to turn around and finish pissing, when the one who’d been fucking Jeff asked him to wait and let him try it. He hadn’t been fucked yet but was wearing a plug. Once Jeff said hell, yes, the guy bent over, reached between his legs and pulled out the plug. With that, Jeff moved up behind him and luckily, since he was about to enter a new ass, Jeff started to firm up. Since the guy’s ass was open from the plug, Jeff was able to slide it right in and he began to finish pissing. The guy just stood there taking it. His buddy asked how it felt and he said that it was like taking a major cum load and it was definitely filling. Luckily Jeff had already emptied part of the load into me so that guy only got a partial bladder full. Except that with his cock now inside the guy’s ass surrounded by his own piss got Jeff growing again and it wasn’t long and he was deep stroking the guy’s ass and unloading a cum load inside him. Once Jeff began to soften and slide out, the guy reinserted his plug to hold it all it. When he stood up, he was smiling. He had discovered the sensations of being pissed in.

There we all stood, three of us with loads inside and plugged. The two guys introduced themselves as Tony, the guy who had fucked Jeff, and Jack, the guy I’d sucked off. They were both 19 and had just reported aboard a couple months before and quickly found out about the trail. They had connected with each other in the barracks, shared a room, and enjoyed late night jogging just like we did. Tony was more adventuresome obviously, considering the plug, and willing to experiment whereas Jack was more hesitant. It was enough that Jack was getting into the night time jogging and playing. Eventually, Jack would come to enjoy wearing a plug as well.

While talking, we discovered that we all had enjoyed this same spot in the woods many times with other guys out jogging. We’d each discovered that it was a favorite with many others. Both Jeff and Tony, as well as myself, had met up with other guys and played here before. We talked some and agreed to meet up again for a session in a couple of nights. Eventually, our meetings became a regular weekly occurrence with other guys coming and going during our sessions.

After agreeing to meet again, we put on our shorts and worked our way back out to the trail. Tony and Jack took off down the trail and planned to work their way back toward the barracks. Jeff and I started back in the other direction toward our houses. It was a bit slower for us this time since we were trying to keep in the loads as well as our plugs. We got part way back and finally had to walk the rest of the way. There wasn’t anyone around except for one security vehicle that was making rounds, and hopefully he didn’t see how we were walking. We got to my street and Jeff peeled off toward his place. We agreed to meet again the following night to see what we could get into.

Since I had a couple hours before I had to be up, I just rinsed off in the shower and crawled in bed. Laying there feeling full from Jeff’s loads and still plugged, I thought back on those two 19 year olds that we’d been lucky enough to meet. But I knew it would be an even better night when my wife rolled over and said “hi honey, have fun?”

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