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Ernie's Place on the Hill

By dickandy50

submitted December 18, 2009

Categories: Bondage, Military, Outdoor Sex

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The following is original and for adults only and the subject of imagination of others and involves military, bondage and water sports play.

Ernie’s Place on the Hill

After having a couple cruises to the Far East and spending some time in the Philippines around Olongopo, I had the chance to become a “station ditto”, what the locals called a guy permanently stationed there. This was back in the early 80’s when most guys played bareback and didn’t have to worry about aids. It was when you got your ass filled with cum and piss and just enjoyed the ride – because it was definitely worth it. Especially if there was more than one guy giving it to you.

I’d always heard about the PI from guys who’d been stationed in Viet Nam during the war and they would always go to PI for their liberty and to get their heads screwed back on straight after the jungle. Of course, they got more than their heads screwed for sure. Olongopo was an open, no holds barred, town where whatever you were looking for, especially if it had anything to do with sex, was available for the right price. Now if you were interested in just guys, you could usually luck out without having to shell out anything other than maybe a round of drinks. And things hadn’t changed much in the ensuing years since Nam.

After arrival, it didn’t take me long to find the good connection spots for guys looking for some fun. One of those was an old submarine base on the other side of the bay that a former Navy guy had converted into a resort. You could only get to it by boat so it was pretty private. It had an open air bar, some private cabins for groups, and a couple rows of single rooms that were basically open air with just screening for windows. Each had a bathroom with a shower and gravity fed cold water that was piped down from a spring fed brook up on the hillside. There wasn’t any electricity since the generator had died a long time before so it was a case where you really wanted to go there if you wanted to get away and spend the night. Some came and spent time there while others just did day trips and sat around drinking, hoping to maybe connect with someone who might have a room already, or maybe just head up the hill on the back side of the resort and find a place to have sex.

Up on the hill where the water came from was a small spring fed brook that originated in a small glade cut into the side of a hill. It was a naturally cool area that was great for getting away from the ever present heat. You got to it by following one of the many trails that had been cut over time around the hillside for exploring and just getting away from folks for those looking for some privacy. Mostly these trails weren’t used by many except for those who already knew of them or may not have a room and just wanted to get off for some private sex – whether it was between a guy and his hooker or just a couple guys wanting to get it on.

This “resort” was manned by locals that the owner had hired to take care of the place and the guests. Over my many visits, I had discovered that some of these locals liked to play with guys so I enjoyed being able to connect even though there might not be any other round eyes visiting. There was one of the locals, Alfredo, who enjoyed playing many of my same games, mostly bondage and water sports play. He played both as top and bottom and one of his favorite games was to tie up a guy and then either fuck him or have him deep throat his cock. Of course, piss play was involved as well. He was built pretty strong and wiry and carried a solid 6.5 inches which was long for most of the locals.

During my time in the PI, I made many visits to the resort where I would usually spend weekends or even take leave and spend a week there just to get away. It was during one of these visits over a weekend that I was approached by Alfredo just after lunch on Saturday. There were some other guys visiting the resort for the weekend so he knew that I’d probably connect. But he asked if I was interested in playing and of course I was. He then told me that he had already been playing with one of the sailors and that if I liked, I could join him in using the guy.

Alfredo told me that we would have to go up on the hillside to the glen to play – that that is where he’d left the guy from their earlier session. That kind of surprised me since I figured that the guy would have come down with Alfredo after their session. But maybe the guy just wanted to enjoy the coolness of the glade or enjoy getting some nude sunbathing in. Alfredo then explained that the guy was into our same games and that once he’d tied up the guy and had used him, he’d had left him bound up there for later use by anyone that wanted some. In fact, he planned to leave him there overnight so he’d be available for use for the whole weekend by anyone who was invited or who happened to stumble on him while exploring. Hell, he had my attention on that. With that, we headed out for one of the trails that led up to the glade. I had to check this out.

Now in the Philippines, it is always hot, even in the winter. It is tropical and the humidity is usually always high. Because of that, our clothing at the resort usually amounted to nothing more than just light weight thin nylon jogging shorts and flip flops. It made life a lot simpler that way and made accessibility even better since most of us had already cut out the liners to the shorts. I preferred the split shorts so there wasn’t much left to the imagination, especially once I sat down. It made for good advertising for sure.

It took us a while to get up to the glade and we didn’t see anyone else while walking except for one guy that we met as he was headed down the hill. It was Bill, another sailor that I’d played with before. I figured he’d probably just been up on the hill sun bathing since he was walking down the hill naked carrying his shorts. He recognized me and Alfredo and told Alfredo thanks for leaving the present – that he really enjoyed the rest stop. Alfredo told him he was welcome and anytime. I was a little curious what he meant but finally figured he meant the guy Alfredo had left bound. Bill said he’d meet up with us later and headed down the hill toward the bar.

Alfredo and I continued up the hill and soon arrived at the glen. What I discovered when we arrived was the guy Alfredo had told me about. His back was toward us so I didn’t recognize him at first. He was lying on the ground bent double with his forearms tied to his shins and ankles. That way he couldn’t get up to walk but it fully exposed his ass, cock and balls for use as well as his mouth. If you rolled him over on his back, his legs would be up and could be opened for use.

It was obvious that he’d been used already since his ass was a little rosy and had what looked like cum and piss running out of it. I knew that Alfredo had already used him, and now knew what Bill had been talking about. It was when we got closer that I discovered that the guy was actually David, a sailor from the local base that I knew. He was 19 and a definite hard body who liked jogging and working out at the base gym. I’d met him at Ernie’s before as well as at the gym. He was definitely proud of his body and rightly so. When at the gym, he had most of the guys salivating because he liked showing off his body and usually wore some pretty brief and snug shorts for working out.

David had heard us coming and turned his head to see who it was. When he saw Alfredo, I’m sure he thought that he was soon to be untied. But then he noticed me and he recognized me right away. He knew that he was in for another session whether he wanted it or not.

Alfredo asked him if he enjoyed Bill using him. He told us that Bill had not only fucked him but had unloaded his piss into him as well. That was on top of the loads that Alfredo had injected when he was first tied up. At that point, Alfredo told him to get ready, because he was about to get filled again by both of us. We both had already shucked out of our shorts and tossed them aside and it was obvious that we were both ready to take on David since we were both sporting major woodies.

Alfredo offered me the first shot at David’s ass or mouth. It didn’t take much encouragement for me to get down and roll David onto his back exposing that beautiful ass and his nice size cock and balls. Judging by David’s cock, he was ready, willing, and able to take on anyone at that point. I just had to taste that cock and holding his legs apart, leaned in and started to deep throat him. He was ready in no time and I enjoyed his first cum of the day. Alfredo and Bill had only used his body for their purposes.

His washboard abs showed just how much dedication he had to his gym time and made him all the more enticing and in need of a good screwing – and with all the loads in him, it didn’t take much for me to then just slide right in.

I got a rhythm going and David was responding to every push. Even though he had just cum, he was hard again and he was definitely enjoying being ridden. With what I was involved in I’d forgotten about Alfredo until I suddenly felt a hand on my ass that started to rub around my hole. It startled me at first, but then Alfredo just asked if I minded him using me at the same time – he didn’t want to wait for me to finish and besides, he’d already had David. I told him to go ahead if he wanted since he’d already used my ass other times.

With that, Alfredo knelt down between my legs, put a large load of spit on my ass and his pole, and started to feed his meat into me. Once he was firmly filling me and having hit my prostate, it only made me harder and bigger which David realized right away. Our rhythm picked up and the three of us were soon enjoying each other to the max.

It was obvious that David had been used since the cum and piss loads gave a great sensation for me. The idea that I was fucking at least two other guys’ loads only made me harder and with Alfredo filling my ass, it didn’t take long and I was shooting inside David. My getting off only triggered Alfredo and he began to shoot at the same time filling me as I filled David.

Once we had both shot, we just lay there enjoying the afterglow. We had both enjoyed some beers at the bar before coming up the hill and now I understood why Alfredo had told me to hold my water until later. With my cock slowly softening I had a tremendous urge to take a leak. I told David to get ready because I was going to fill him again with my piss. At the same time, Alfredo told me I needed to get ready too because he really had to take a leak and if I didn’t mind, he’d just fill me as well. Hell, I wasn’t opposed to that at all and Alfredo knew it since we’d played these games before.

It was a fantastic sensation once my piss started to flow and I could feel Alfredo’s piss begin to fill me. It was a real turn on knowing that I was getting a piss enema.

Once we were both done unloading, we just lay there enjoying the sensations. David was enjoying his third load of the day and I was enjoying my first. When I started to shoot into David, the sensation was enough to trigger his own cumming once again without even handling his cock. So we were laying there with his cum load lubing the area between our two stomachs. I was a little disappointed since I’d hoped to suck him off again after I was done. You don’t get that many opportunities to drain a guy when he’s tied up and not able to resist – especially one who had a body like David’s.

We must have laid there coupled together for at least five minutes. Then Alfredo slowly retreated and slid out of my ass. I was able to hold in most of his loads but I could feel them starting to work on my gut. I was already softening by then and slid out of David. As I slid out of his ass, he unloaded some of the cum and piss that he’d been holding in. There was just so much room in his gut for all of the loads he’d taken so far.

At that point I think that David assumed that Alfredo was going to untie him and let him up. What he hadn’t bargained for was that Alfredo hadn’t planned on releasing him at all and planned to leave him there available to anyone wanting to use him. Since he was already naked and outdoors, what difference did it make anyway. He could just piss or shit out whatever he took in. Besides, this was the weekend and he wasn’t due back to work until Monday morning. As long as we kept enough water in him to keep him hydrated, he’d be ok. That’s why Alfredo had chosen the glen because it was cool with water available.

What surprised me was David’s reaction. I thought he would start yelling to be released, but he just smiled and his cock began to grow again. This guy was definitely into the scene and obviously enjoyed his bondage and enemas. He also had one hell of a lot of staying power. Guess that is why he worked out so much.

I just couldn’t let his cock go to waste and quickly lay down behind him with my head down by his ass. David was already lying on his side and I was able to reach between his legs and grab his cock and balls and pull them down. It was obvious that David was in some pain from having his hard cock pulled downward, but once I started to suck on his head, suddenly his pain kind of went away.

It didn’t take much and David was soon unloading yet another load into my mouth. When David began to cum, he couldn’t hold in all the loads and started to release the cum and piss loads from his ass squirting them out onto my neck and chest. It was such a great sensation and I was able to push my thumb into David’s ass to stop the flow until I got my mouth down to catch what he was offering. Luckily Alfredo had given him a deep cleaning before they’d come up on the hill so I wasn’t too worried about catching any brown flow.

David didn’t fully unload but was able to retain some. Alfredo told him not to worry, that there would be others along to make another donation once he got back down to the bar and told them. Now he was just another guy bound for use by anyone who came along and wanted to enjoy his body.

With that, Alfredo and I started back down the hill carrying our shorts and me with Alfredo’s cum and piss loads still inside. What a great sensation and great way to enjoy the hot tropical sun. We put our shorts back on once we were close to the compound and soon were in conversation with some of the other guys who were visiting.

It didn’t take much for Alfredo to start finding out who was into butt fucking and piss enemas. What surprised us was the large number of them who did enjoy it. Alfredo would ask them if they knew where the glen was on the hill and if they did, he’d tell them about David up there willing and waiting and that if they wanted, they could enjoy him.

Alfredo had about a half dozen guys cycling thru the glen using David throughout the afternoon. As each of them came back, they had a smile on their face and thanked him for the offer. Since Alfredo had planned on leaving David up there overnight, we found out later that a couple of the guys had stayed overnight at the resort and had used David more than once. I did as well the next morning when Alfredo and I went up the hill to release him. It was obvious that he’d been really used because the ground under his ass was well saturated with cum and piss.

That was the first time that Alfredo had used David and left him for use overnight, but it wasn’t the last. Alfredo had a good imagination and David never knew what to expect – but he enjoyed every time. In fact, most of us did.

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