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Dad Rapes his Straight virgin boy

By hornylilbro

submitted January 5, 2010

Categories: Family Fun, Older/younger, Bears, Daddies & Cubs, Hairy

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At the age of 19, I was visiting my Dad from college break. My freshman year at college was proving to be exhausting. I was looking forward to spending the spring break relaxing at my Dad’s house and doing nothing. My parents divorced when I was younger and I always believed it was my Dad’s fault. Because of that, we had never been close. Once I was older I realized the problem wasn’t in fact my Dad, it was my Mom. Since then we had been spending more time together and getting to know each other. We definitely looked like father and son. I was about 5’10”, naturally lean, v- shaped torso, dark straight brown hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. My father was 6’2”, similar build but much thicker and hairier. He worked out religiously and it showed. His forearms were covered with dark fur, and his chest was so hairy that the fur came out of his collar. My Dad never remarried, but seemed to have a lot of girls over quite a bit. I guess we had that in common too because I had been hooking up with quite a few girls in college. I never had time for a girlfriend though because of studies and sports. I had always been 100% straight in every way….. I pulled into my Dad’s driveway noticing a few other cars. I dragged myself up the front steps and into the house. I heard my Dad laughing in the other room. I walked in….. “Dad?” “Hey! I’m on here!” I walked in to find my Dad sitting around a poker table with about 5 other guys, smoking cigars and drinking. “Oh hey Dad. What’s up?” I dropped my bag of clothes onto the floor in the corner. “Just playing poker with the guys. You want in on the next hand?” “No thanks. I’m pretty wiped out so I’m just going to crash. I’ll see you in the morning. Have fun guys.” I took off my clothes and stripped down to my boxers, crawling into bed and drifting off to sleep. I was deep asleep and dreaming when I woke up when I felt something heavy on my chest. I opened my eyes to see my Dad naked straddling my chest. My wrists were pinned above my head and my ankles held down as well. I looked around to see my Dad’s poker buddies also naked and holding me down. “Dad? What’s going on? What the hell are you doing?” He smiled at me, “Its time we got closer, don’t you think so boy?” My eyes started to swell up with tears, “Dad, what the hell are you talking about? You’re scaring me!! Please let me go!!” “Listen up boy, this can go one of two ways, either you do this willingly and find out that you might enjoy it, or I can force you and I promise it will hurt a lot more. It’s up to you.” I start to cry harder, shaking my head in disbelief. My Dad reaches down between his legs with his hand and that’s when I see it…sprouting from a thick massive bush of dark hair is my Dad’s huge uncut cock. He had to be at least 9”, the foreskin still covering the thick wet head even hard. His shaft had veins just bulging out and throbbing. He pointed his meat at my mouth and demanded that I open my mouth. I closed my mouth tightly and shook my head. With an evil grin he grabbed my nose roughly forcing me to open my mouth and breathe. The second I opened my mouth, he shoved the dripping head in. The taste of my Dad’s precum soaked cock head made me gag. The smell of his sweaty musky bush wafted up and hit me like a brick wall. He started to slowly slide more and more in. “That’s it boy. Suck your Daddy’s cock. Oh fuck yeah boy!” Suddenly he hit me hard on the side of the head, “Watch those teeth bitch!” I was shaking in fear. Feeling my Dad’s skin covered head bob in and out, then more and more of his shaft, slowly at first, then onto a faster rhythm. Next I knew he was slamming the whole cock down my throat and holding it there, my nose pressing into that musky big sweaty bush. I opened my tear filled eyes and looked up at my Dad. He was getting off on my mouth..His own son….I could hear his buddies moaning as they held me down with one hand, and jerked themselves with another. I felt so humiliated and degraded. My father leaned down, his face by mine, “I love you boy. You’re making your Daddy feel real good. Don’t stop. It will get better son.” I felt my own cock start to stir. I couldn’t understand it. I felt sick that I had not only a cock in my mouth, but my own Dad’s, so why was I getting hard? One of my Dad’s buddies noticed and told my Dad. “Oh? So you like that Daddy cock huh? Good boy.” Next thing I knew, my Dad was taking his cock out of my mouth and slowly sliding down. I could feel his fur covered chest rubbing on my smooth body, his hard cock poking into me. He motioned to his buddies, who let go of my wrists. He grabbed them and put my arms around him, looking into my eyes.. “I love you boy.” As he said this, his friends that were holding my ankles pulled my legs further apart. I could feel my Dad’s wet uncut cock head at my virgin asshole. “Daddy no. Not that. PLEASE!!! I’m begging you Daddy!!!” “Its ok boy. Just relax. I’m going to take your cherry and you’re going to love it.” With that he forced his tongue into my mouth. My eyes rolled back in pleasure and suddenly he pushed the head in. I screamed in agony, but his mouth was over mine so he swallowed my cries for help. Just then I heard one of the guys say, “Oh fuck man. I’m going to shoot!” My dad quickly stopped kissing me and ordered me to suck his friend’s cock. He grabbed my jaw squeezing it so my mouth opened and turned my face to the side. This stranger rammed his thick 8” meat all the way down my throat and suddenly I could feel wet sticky substance squirting into my throat. The guy was screaming out in pleasure. Moaning more and more as he fucked my throat and fed me his hot cum. He pulled out and my Dad kissed me again. Tasting his buddies’ salty juice on my lips. Suddenly he slammed his entire cock in my ass. “That’s it boy. Take your Daddy’s raw cock.” He whispered. My Dad started to fuck me more and more, pumping his huge uncut dick with nothing but his precum and my spit. “Now finish off my buddies boy.” Suddenly his friends were standing on the sides of me. One grabbed my head and forced it on his cock. He wasn’t as long as my Dad, but he was insanely thick, like a beer can. My lips hurt they were so stretched out, but he didn’t care. He raped my mouth harder and harder. Then he shot his load down my throat. One by one they all raped my mouth and fed me their loads. My Dad had slowed down but his cock never left my ass. “Now get out guys. The rest is a family thing” With that they all left the room and now it was just my Dad and I. He looked down at my, cum dripping from my mouth, and he leaned down and kissed me hard. “So tell me boy, do you like your Daddy’s cock in your ass?” I nodded to him as I blushed. “Don’t be embarrassed son. I love your ass boy. It’s mine now, and just so you don’t forget it I’m going to leave something for you. Do you know what that is boy? ” “No Dad, what?” “I’m going to pump you full of family seed boy. The seed that made you will be in your ass boy. Get ready to take my fuckin juice boy; I haven’t cum in weeks so I’m going to fill you up with a lot of hot Daddy sperm boy!” “Do it Daddy!!! Rape your son’s virgin ass!!” “Get ready boy!!!” My Dad’s grunting got louder as he thrusted his huge cock deeper and harder into my ass. My Dad screamed out in ecstasy as he began shooting stream after stream of cum. I could feel that hot liquid spray all over my insides and run out my stretched out hole. My Dad pulled his cock out and used it to wipe up the cum that was dripping out, and stuck it back in me. “I love you boy, do you love your Daddy?” I nodded as he pulled out of my ass and collapsed next to me. He grabbed me in his thick muscular hairy arms and held me to his hairy chest, now matted down with his sweat. “Do you want to cum too boy?” I nodded, my cock just throbbing from all the family play. I breathed in deeply, inhaling my Dad’s sweaty scent. I began licking his sweaty body, his hairy sweaty pits, and down his stomach to his cock. He was still hard and I began to suck on his meat, tasting his cum and my ass. He put his hands behind his head and watched as I enjoyed his hairy, sweaty body. “That’s it boy, get off on your Daddy’s hard body. Ohhh fuck son, that feels really good. I love it when you worship me like that boy. Know your place and serve me son.” I looked into his eyes, saw that evil smile through his thick go-t and mustache and I just couldn’t take it. I shoot my load all over his cock and hairy balls. He reached down and wiped the cum off his balls and rubbed it on his cock. He picked me up and put me down on his cock bouncing me up and down. “That’s it boy. I want your cum in you too.” That night we slept together. I had never slept as well as I did that night in my Dad’s arms. To be continued…..

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