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Hotel Sex with two cowboys

By Justmeintx

submitted January 12, 2010

Categories: True Stories, Sex On The Road

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There's a hotel in OKC, Ok that's sort of dumpy, but it's a gay hotel known for guys cruising. I was up there one weekend and I was hanging out on the balcony by my room. These two cowboys came up and started talking to me. One was a little taller than me, older, sort of rough looking and the other was younger looking than him, good frame and dark hair. Both of them had horse shoe mustaches which just did me in. The younger one didn't talk much, so the older one took the initiative and started talking with me. This might seem odd to some people, but both of these guys smoked and that's just a turn off to me big time, no matter how cute you are, so I needed to be persuaded before I did anything with them. They seemed to realize they weren't getting any where, so they left, but before they did, the older one gave me his room number and said I should stop by.

Let me preface this story by also saying that since this sort of thing went on there, if you played with someone and didn't enjoy it, it wouldn't be shocking to just up and leave and move on to the next person.

After a few minutes I decided to go to their room and check it out, know I could leave either way. They were there and happy to see me. I came in and we BS'd for a second. They were both from Oklahoma and lived on a ranch near the border with Texas. After this small talk the older one wanted me to get undressed, so I did.

I started groping around on the younger one and figured out that he had an average dick, but was uncut. Okay, a few extra points there. Then I start playing with the older one and he's got a real big uncut dick. WOW, a 2 for 1 Special.

The younger one started sucking me and I'd play with him, but he kept stopping me a lot. I blew the older one and he wanted to fuck me. He realized that with his dick and no lube this wasn't going to happen, so he reached in his bag and got some out and lubed his dick up. This guy fucked the hell out of me. He kept me standing up, but he'd put his hands on my shoulder and pound away at my ass while his buddy was blowing me. He stopped after a few minutes and asked if I wanted to fuck his buddy. Topping guys isn't my thing, so I declined.

He starts digging in his bag and his buddy is blowing me again by now. All of the sudden he shoves this vibrating dildo up my butt. By now I'm freaking out knowing I'll cum any second. I got the younger one off and the other one came shortly after that by jacking off. I declined to get off myself, knowing I could play later, but man, was I horned up.

I left the guy my phone number and didn't think much of it. One day at work he called. He said "I have this phone number in my phone, but I can't remember who it belongs to." I asked his name and a few other guys and then I said "oh, I remember you. We met in OKC one weekend." It came back to him real quick who I was. My co-worker could sort of hear me and was just cracking up the whole time. We never played again, but they left me with some memories.

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