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Tennis Sex

By seth!

submitted January 25, 2010

Categories: Athletics, Celebrity Fantasy

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[This story is a fantasy and does not imply anything about the real celebrities.]

Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic walked into the locker room together. They both quickly stripped nude and started showering next to each other, watching each other hungrily without fear of the other seeing. Andy with his handsome, faintly hairy face, and Novak with his gorgeous good looks with a bit of 5 o' clock shadow around the mouth.

(For those of you who don't know what these guys look like) Andy is a Caucasian with short brown hair, a thin but muscular build, and has a little bit of hair on his upper chest, a treasure trail, and ample armpit hair. Novak is Serbian with short black hair, again a thin but muscular build, and has more predominant hair on his upper chest, around his nipples, and down the centre of his abs, but has less armpit hair.

When Novak started washing his cock Andy just turned to him and said, "Oh man, I've got to fuck you." Within seconds they were both making out heavily and feeling each others bodies. Andy had a 8' cock, big furry balls, an average amount of pubic hair,and a very hairy ass, while Novak had a 7' cock, medium-sized hairy balls, a huge cockbush, and a lot of hair coming out of his ass crack.

Roddick started by licking all over Djokovic's chest, and tenderly kissing and sucking his dark erect nipples. "mmmmmm" Novak moaned with a wide smile on his face. Wanting to return the favour he got down behind him and began to lick Andy's ass. Djokovic savoured the chance to rim Roddick's hole, taking the time to lick every hair on his ass.

While Novak was on his knees anyways, he turned his attention to Andy's cock and swallowed it up to his nuts. "Fuck yeeah! Suck my dick!" Andy shouted when he felt Djokovic's tongue glide over his cockhead, licking-up his precum. "I'm gonna fuck that pretty face of yours," Andy said as he grabbed the sides of Novak's head and thrust his cock further down the gorgeous Serb's throat.

Andy continued to face-fuck Novak until he felt an orgasm coming on. "Okay that's enough for now. It's your turn." Novak gets back on his feet while Andy bends over in front of him. "Oh I've been waiting for this for a long time,' He says as he slides his rock-hard cock into Roddick's eager asshole. "Fuuuuuck! It feels soooooo good!" Djokovic cries as he pounds Andy's extra-tight, extra-hairy hole.

Like Andy, Novak continues to fuck his partner until he feels an orgasm coming on. "Okay, now let's get-off together," Djokovc whispers in Roddick's ear. Then they face each other and embrace, while frotting, kissing, and feeling each others asses. Soon they cum all over their stomachs and take turns licking it off. "Let's do this again sometime," Novak says with a dreamy and lustful look in his eyes. "My thoughts exactly," Andy replies before giving his partner a soft kiss on the lips. The end... for now.

If you want to make a comment feel free to write to me at www.seth.dw.3@gmail.com

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