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Seducing Two Straight Friends - True Story

By etobicoker

submitted January 31, 2010

Categories: Chance Encounters, Friends, Straight Men, Gay Sex, True Stories, Voyeurism

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This is a true story of my seducing two straight guys into having sex and I’ve always wanted to tell someone. Here’s how it happened. I’ve changed only the names.

I’m not sure if most people would classify me as straight or bi-sexual or what. I’m currently married and this happened when my wife Karen was out of town for work. We’ve both got terrific jobs but they require a lot of travel. We are each gone at least 2 weeks per month. It sounds bad, but we’ve found that it’s really kept us from getting bored of the sex. Every time we reunite the sparks fly!

On this one occasion, though, she had been gone for an extended period and I had been home for over 10 days alone. I had racked up a hell of an internet porn bill but thankfully another perk of us both having high-paying jobs was that we never needed to worry about money. I remember I had just been feeling so incredibly horny and my mind was absolutely in the gutter.

I was on my way home from eating dinner out alone and I decided to stop in at the local convenience store. It was late and the place was pretty deserted except for the clerk. I took my time browsing around not really in a hurry to head back out into the rainy night, even though my car was parked 10 feet from the front door. I didn’t really have any reason to rush home anyway.

I heard the door chime as someone else entered the store. I looked up and saw two very wet younger guys sloshing out of the rain into the place laughing. One of the guys, the shorter of the two, immediately reminded me of someone. At first I couldn’t put my finger on who but as he walked by me to the magazine rack and I got a closer look, I realized he reminded me of Cary, this guy who had once given me a hand job at a party. It had been one of my only sexual experiences with a guy so I really remembered it.

Cary had been about five-eight with really red hair and a really fair complexion. He had a lean but stocky build that made him look muscular even though he really didn’t work out much. Now obviously this guy wasn’t Cary because the real Cary would have been my age at that point, 33, and this convenience-store guy was the age Cary was when we met – maybe 18 or 19. The resemblance between the two was really remarkable, at least to the version of Cary in my memory. Even his mannerisms and his deep-voice laugh were similar to Cary’s.

As I found myself staring at this guy over the food isles and transposing my memories of Cary onto him, I immediately found myself wondering if he ‘swung both ways’ as Cary had. I felt my cock stir a little bit in my jeans just thinking about how Cary had seduced me into one of my first guy-guy sexual experiences. I imagined this boy naked and it aroused something in me I hadn’t thought of in years. I was absolutely riveted and I was found myself dying to eavesdrop on ‘Cary’ and his friend’s conversation as they bummed around the store.

Listening in I could hear that they were doing the same thing I was: avoiding the rain. In their case, they didn’t have a car parked just outside the door but were planning to walk home. They were killing time hoping that the downpour would lighten up a bit so they could have a run for it. They flipped though a classic car magazine while I hung on every word and after a few minutes I was able to pick out that the red-head who looked like Cary was actually named “Jensen” and his friend, the taller guy, was named “Doug”.

Doug was quite a contrast in looks to Jensen. He stood more than a head higher, at least six-three, and had a slimmer build that I could see even through the layers of clothes he was wearing. He had dark hair and brown eyes and wore a five-o’clock shadow, not the deliberate kind but more of the too-lazy-to-shave kind. He was good looking but in a more subtle way. His skin was a little rougher and his cheeks were red from the cold. He was a bit more observant than his friend too. While my eyes were locked on Jensen I looked over and saw that Doug had caught me staring. His face showed no reaction so I quickly looked away and pretended to go about my business.

After a while they decided the rain wasn’t going to go away so they were just going to have to go for it. Before they left, Jensen stopped at the register to buy a pack of cigarettes. When he gave his credit card over, I felt bad when it was declined. He asked Doug for the money but Doug said he was broke too. I could tell Jensen was embarrassed and I felt bad for the guy. Really, I don’t know what came over me at that point but I but a ten dollar bill down and told the clerk I would pay for the smokes. As soon as I offered I regretted it, thinking it was going to be really awkward but Jensen turned to me and smiled his ‘Cary’ smile and said, “Really? Thanks so much, man.” He made a joke about payday still being a couple of days away.

He joined his friend Doug by the front doors and waited as the wind and rain howled way outside. There really wasn’t going to be a good time for them to leave. I was really fascinated by Jensen and I felt a little bolder since my gesture with the cigarettes was well received. I asked the two of them where they were headed and as it turned out I knew the area. I lied and told them that it was on my way and offered them a ride home. The two of them were both silent as they considered the offer. I think they were weighing the option of braving the rain against getting in a strange dude’s car. Each was waiting for the other to say something and after a couple of seconds Doug said, “Okay”.

As it turned out Jensen sat in the back and Doug in the front with me. We were pretty much quiet on the way home except for Doug feeding me directions every once and a while. The only comment Jensen made was that he liked my car – a Mercedes. He was sitting way back in the seat and I could see his heavy, damp sweat pants gathering around the mound of his balls and shaft. I couldn’t believe how much he was turning me on. I hadn’t even thought of a guy that way in a long time and I found myself conflicted, knowing I should really just let it go but my hormones were in overdrive. We turned down a street close to the address Doug had given me and I knew that I would be dropping them off in just a minute. I panicked a little not wanting this experience to end but I didn’t know what to do or say. Even if I hit on Jensen and he said, “Yes,” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cheat on my wife.

We arrived at the address – a big house where Doug was living in a basement apartment. As they were climbing out of the car, Jensen said to me, “Thanks again for the smokes. That was a really nice thing to do. And the ride too.”

I didn’t want him to go but I didn’t know what to say so I just blurted out to Jensen, “You know if you are really broke have you ever considered doing any modeling?” Doug laughed out loud from the front seat. I kept talking.

“I’m actually kind of a talent scout and I’m always looking for models,” I lied, “You might really be good for something I’m helping to cast right now.”

Doug turned to me in the front seat and then looked back at Jensen with the same look he’d given when I offered the ride, trying to see what Jensen was thinking about this whole line of conversation.

“Really,” I said, “You could earn as much as three-hundred an hour.” I guessed that was close to what either of them took home in almost a week.

Jensen just sat in the back wide-eyed like he wasn’t sure what to say. I took it as a good sign since he didn’t immediately say no. Even though I hadn’t really been talking to him directly, it was Doug that started asking questions.

“What kind of modeling are we talking here?” Doug jumped in and asked me as if he already knew the answer which was funny because up to that point I hadn’t known what I was going to say but the implication in his tone – what KIND of modeling – immediately gave me the idea.

“Nude, “ I replied.

“Hmm. And I would guess you don’t get that kind of money taking your shorts off for an art class.” Doug added.

Seeing that we were actually having a conversation about this was now kind of inspiring me. I got into character. “You’re right about that,” I told both of them making sure to include Jensen even though Doug was doing all the talking. “Do you guys even watch porn?” I asked.

At this Jensen giggled and blurted out, “Doug has about 100 dirty magazines in his collection downstairs.”

Doug seemed a little embarrassed but he smiled a bit while he listened to me go on. “Well these days most people get their porn online through the web. I have contacts at some of the sites and they pay me to find new talent.”

Without missing a beat, I rattled off a few of the websites I’d been looking at over the past few days, familiar enough with them that I could convincingly act like I worked with them.

“No shit? And you make enough money to drive a car like this?” Jensen asked. I could see he was starting to get hooked into this idea.

“I told you, $300 per hour just to start. It’s easy money and it’s pretty damn fun too.” I was speaking as if I knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Do you have a card or something?” Doug asked me now opening his car door. DAMN I thought.

“No,” I replied, “I don’t have any on me. Here,” I said as I scrawled my cell number down on a notepad I kept in my car, “take my number and call me if you decide you want to do an audition. We can do it any time and you’ll get paid for it on the spot.”

The two climbed out and I made sure to give the number to Jensen hoping he might call back at some point. As they ran out into the rain towards the side basement door of the house we were stopped in front of, I immediately felt let down. I didn’t know what I’d been expecting but wherever this was going it seemed fun. I watched the two run away from the car and then just as I was about to pull into gear I saw Doug throw his keys to Jensen and circle back, running towards my car. I wondered if he’d forgotten something.

He opened the passenger door again and as the rain poured down onto his head he said, “If we wanted to, could we go tonight? Like -- audition right now? And get paid tonight in cash?” I could see Doug was a little smarted than Jensen but was still playing along.

“Sure. I have nowhere to be. I’d have to run to an ATM and grab some cash. The only thing is, your friend Jensen is more the look I needed for this. You’re both good looking men and if you both go I’ll be happy to send your audition in as well and see if I can get you some work but –“

Doug got it. He understood. He replied, “Ok, go and come back. I’m going to talk to Jens and see if he’ll go for it. We both need the money. When you get back I’ll meet you out here.” Without a goodbye he swung the door shut and ran back towards the house. I could see Jensen standing inside the door looking back and wondering what we’d been talking about. The two went inside.

When I came back from my short run to the ATM I had brought enough cash to cover anything. Fortunately, I’d had a digital camera in the car so I grabbed it and stuffed it in my pocket. Doug was already running out to meet my car. I parallel parked on the street and got out into the rain. Doug walked me in and down to a small basement living room that had been converted to an apartment. Jensen was playing a video game and looked up and flashed me a grin that made me wonder exactly how his conversation with Doug had gone.

Jensen immediately put down the controller. “So how exactly does this work?”

Again, I snapped into character delivering the speech I’d worked out on the way back from the bank. “Well, it’s really up to you two. I can do a solo audition with each of you and it will take about one-hour a piece for three-hundred. You’ll need to appear on camera nude and hard and you’ll have to have an ejaculation at the end. The other option is the two of you can audition together which carries a slightly higher rate if you’re interested.”

“How much?” I heard Doug say as he joined the conversation. It was pretty clear what motivated him.

“Five hundred each per hour,” I replied, “typically the shoot would last an hour but if things are playing out well we might need two hours.”

The two guys locked eyes and I could tell they were both wondering what the other was thinking. Before Jensen could say anything, Doug said, “I don’t really need to see your naked ass but I will for five-hundred bucks!” The two laughed and I could tell that Doug was manipulating his friend a bit. I was pretty sure that Doug was savvy enough to understand where this was going but he also knew that he needed Jensen to go along with it to get paid.

“Are you in?” Doug asked his friend.

I could tell Jensen was a little less sure about it but grinned and blushed and said “Yeahhhh, okay.”

I got the two of them to sit together on the small thrift-store couch Doug had in his living area. Jensen sat there stiffly while Doug looked nervous. I suggested to Doug that he might want to grab some porn magazines from the stash they’d mentioned but he got up and instead popped a plastic VHS into a VCR hooked up to the TV. I hadn’t seen one of those in years and I joked that Doug might want to consider taking some of the money he was earning and investing in a DVD player.

The porn came on right in the middle of a scene, and the two boys sat and glared at it, awkwardly commenting on the women just to fill the silence up. I let them relax a bit and then suggested they take off their clothes. The two looked at each other and laughed again. Doug stood up and pulled his T-Shirt over his head exposing his torso. He had a little hair on his chest and stomach and I could see some tufts under his arm. His body was lean. Long but defined. As he pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion the two made more nervous laughter and I just let them get it all out.

Doug had a long cock and a dark brown bush. His cock was hanging, but already thick from the porno he was watching. He fell back onto the couch next to his friend and looked over at him with his eyebrows raised -- a look that said, “your turn.”

This was what I was waiting for. Jensen got up a little more slowly and started peeling off his shirt methodically. He folded it up and placed it on a chair and then did his socks, watch, undershirt, and sweatpants stopping after each and nervously considering the next. Now he was standing there in front of me in just his briefs and he looked really uncomfortable.

His upper body was thick but not too muscular but his legs were huge. His large thighs and calves were corded with muscle that I hadn’t seen through his sweats. I’d have guessed he did a lot of bike riding or running. His upper body was bald but his legs were covered in red/blond hair. He stopped undressing at this point and sat down with his shorts still on. I saw a worried look play out over Doug’s face and I could tell he was concerned that Jensen might be chickening out.

Doug jumped up, wearing just his socks which he’d not bothered to remove, and ran over to the cupboard. He pulled out a huge half empty bottle of gin and brought it back over to the couch with two shot glasses. “I need a couple of sips of courage,” he announced as if he were the one having second thoughts. He poured a big shot for Jensen and handed it to him. Jensen took it and looked at it for a moment as if deciding if he really wanted to drink it but then gulped it back. Doug immediately poured them a second round and repeated, although I noticed this time how much smaller a portion Doug poured for himself.

Doug leaned back then and ignored Jensen and watched the porno movie playing on his old tube TV. I was now seated on a chair across from them, pretending to watch too, giving them a little more time to get into it. Doug’s moved his hand down to his cock and gave it a few tugs and it started to point upward and lengthen even more. It was really long pushing past his belly button. I stood up and snapped a couple of shots of Doug sitting there touching himself next to Jensen who still had his briefs on. I was tempted to just wait and see if Doug would say something to Jensen but I decided I needed to play my part.

“Jensen, you can pull off your shorts now,” I said to him adopting what I supposed a professional pornographer’s tone sounded like.

Doug kept jacking his own cock, pretending to ignore his friend. Jensen stood slowly and looked over at Doug. The two locked eyes for a minute then cracked up again. Jens tugged his waistband and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. His cock bobbed free and it was nice. Not huge, but very thick considering it was soft. His balls hung low and even though I could tell he didn’t shave there, he had only a small natural mound of reddish public hair. He sat back down next to his friend leaving his underwear wrapped around his ankles. I decided he was keeping them close by in case he changed his mind.

Doug did his part and poured another shot for the two of them. Jensen for the most part was sitting there with his arms crossed but after a few more minutes I could see the Gin getting to him a bit. His face was flush with color and he was staring at the TV screen mesmerized. His penis was finally starting to get hard, even though he hadn’t reached down and touched it yet. I moved around the two of them, snapping pictures and trying to look professional, the whole while my own pants were tight with my boner pressing against them. I couldn’t believe how far this had gone.

After several more minutes I saw Jensen reach down and start touching his cock with one hand. He was getting into it a bit finally. Doug was pounding away by now, jerking his hand up and down his stiff uncut dick. I caught Doug occasionally sneak a glance at Jens just to see where he was at in the process. The whole time I watched the clock, planning how to move my developing plan along.

“Guys, it’s getting close to an hour and I have almost all the shots I need,” I said as kept snapping away. “I’m going to need an ejaculation shot from both of you, though, so if you guys are ready…”

Doug cut me off and said, “What if we keep going, will you pay us for two hours? What would you want us to do?”

This caught me off guard a little bit and I wasn’t sure how to answer this one. Part of me was worried I would freak them out if I pushed too hard, and I really wanted to see Jensen shoot off his load. There was something there, though, between Doug and myself. An unspoken communication. I wasn’t sure if he was only interested in the money or if he was actually hoping he and Jens would do “more”. I decided to go for it, and see what Doug did with it.

“Well, I’m not sure if you’d be interested. We could do another hour of actual sex if you –“

“Dude, we’re straight.” Jensen cut me off. His words were really slurred at this point and I knew the double shots had hit him pretty hard.

“Gross,” Doug added looking at Jensen. “Still, man, we could use the money and I mean who cares, right? Who’s gonna find these pics anywhere? Maybe we should do it.”

I couldn’t tell if Jensen was thinking it over or just too drunk to respond. He went back to the porn and kept jerking his cock and just didn’t say anything. Doug stared at him for a couple of minutes not sure how to read Jensen’s lack of response. Doug looked over at me for what to do. I motioned with my hand for him to do something and gave him a little grin for encouragement.

I could tell he was thinking it over. I saw Doug gulp a bit and then he reached over and started lightly touching Jensen’s dickhead while Jensen was still jacking. Doug was being really subtle looking to see if Jensen would react but Jensen looked straight ahead at the TV and just sort of pretended he didn’t notice. Doug pulled away for a moment to see if anything would be said.

When Jensen just kept ignoring him he seemed to get a bit more bold. He started to grab the head to Jensen's cock now as Jensen clung to it trying to stroke while Doug’s hand was in the way. Once Doug had a good hold on it, he took over stroking it and Jensen’s hand just sort of fell away. Jensen rolled his head back against the couch and I could tell he was feeling pretty good, seduced by the feeling of having his cocked touched by someone other than himself.

After a couple of minutes, Doug was full on giving his best friend a hand job and even though I knew that Doug wanted this, I could see some confusion playing across his face like he wasn’t sure what the hell he was doing. He wanted that money, I knew that for sure but I suspected he might also want more. Meanwhile, Jensen just sat there, bolt upright with his arms crossed across his chest, and his eyes closed with his head rolled back against the couch while Doug worked on his cock.

I thought to myself if that really was a porn it would have been the most boring ever, one guy giving the other a hand job wile he pretends to ignore he's getting it, but personally I found it incredibly hot watching this play out between these two friends. I’d sort of given up taking any photographs and was sitting there across from them in and easy chair. I noticed I’d started rubbing myself through my pants.

After several minutes of this, Doug broke the silence and said, “So is this good? Do we just do this for another 45 minutes and we get the two hours pay. Or is there something else we have to do?”

I knew it then for sure. Doug wanted more than just the money. He wanted me to say yes. To give him an excuse to fool around with his friend. Without opening his eyes Jensen slurred, “No one’s putting anything up my butt.”

“Okay,” I said, “That’s fine. But we are going to need something other than jerking though. Maybe one of you could give the other a blowjob?”

Jensen didn’t respond at all and I could tell he was really nervous. His body had tightened up again. I think all three of us sort of sensed where this would go. Doug stared at Jensen's cock as if considering what was going to happen next and if he really wanted it to. I could tell he was worried about what Jensen might say. He kept looking down at Jens’ crotch and up at his face to see if Jensen was giving any reaction. Jensen had his eyes closed and was just sitting there.

Doug opened his mouth and went down. He wrapped his lips around the thick cock he’d been jerking and started to suck it hard. As soon as he did, I saw Jensen open his eyes and a with a bit of surprise and then close them again, his head dropping back. Doug moved his mouth up and down using his hand to jerk it while his lips worked up and down the shaft. I suspected at that point that this wasn’t the first blowjob Doug had ever given a man. He was way too good.

Once he saw that Jensen was okay and didn’t react badly, I could see Doug loosen up a bit. He dropped down onto the floor between Jensen’s legs and knelt in front of him, his head bobbing up and down on the redhead cock. I had my own cock unzipped out of my jeans by now and was jacking off myself, but I had to move around the side since Doug was now blocking my view. I tried not to be too awkward so that Jensen wouldn’t get freaked out but he just kept his eyes shut while Doug energetically bounced his hand and mouth up and down the thick shaft and head of Jens’ cock.

I could see Jensen tensing up a bit now in a different way, and he was breathing heavy enough that I could hear it over the porno. I sat on the arm of the couch watching them, furiously jacking my dick. Doug was hunched over his friend’s crotch and beating his own meat while he worked hard slurping and slurping on the dick in front of him. I wondered how long Doug had wanted to do this to Jensen and I wondered if Jensen had any clue that his friend was a bi-guy or if Jens really believed that Doug was only in it for the money.

Jensen started bucking his hips just a tiny bit and I could see his arms were really tensed up now. He had them crossed again, in front of his chest and I noticed he was being so careful not to touch Doug’s head anywhere. The veins in his forearms were pushing out and I could tell he was starting to get close. Doug could too and I saw him work even harder, one hand feeling Jensen’s balls while his other hand and his mouth worked on the head and shaft. He pounded up and down like a machine. I saw Jensen’s eyes open now and he just looked around. He looked over at me and he noticed I was jacking off for the first time.

He was starting at me and I saw his eyes go really wide. His hips started thrusting harder and I heard him take in a bunch of little involuntary grunts of air. His body started bucking and I could tell he was shooting his load right into Doug's mouth. Doug managed to stay clamped on pulsing to his rhythm taking it all in. Jensen just stared at me while he came like he almost couldn't believe this was happening.

I heard Doug moan with Jensen’s dick in his mouth and I saw wild spurts of cum landing on the floor, shooting out of Doug’s dick like a cannon. I started to cum myself but I controlled myself to stay quiet even as my body was spasming. I let my cum drop into a tissue I’d grabbed earlier.

When Jensen’s convulsions had died down I saw Doug slow down and pull his mouth away. There wasn’t even a drop of Jensen’s cum to be seen. Doug has swallowed like a pro. Doug stood up and then said to me in mock anger, “We better get our money. That was really nasty.” I knew he was only talking for Jensen’s benefit but Jensen was already half passed out on the coach. I couldn’t tell if he was faking or not but it didn't matter. I understood where Doug was coming from. He was worried about how this might effect his friendship and he wanted to finish playing our 'roles'. I played along.

“Yea, guys, that was perfect," I said to both of them even though I wasn't sure Jensen could hear me, "I think it should go over really well. We’re only at about an hour and a half but I’d say you both earned your grand.” I pulled the wad of cash I’d brought out of my coat and counted out two piles of a thousand dollars onto the coffee table. I briefly thought about making a big show of collecting their information so the “studio” could “get back” to them but everyone was so quiet and uncomfortable that I decided I should just leave.

“Jensen has my number from earlier,” I said as I pulled my coat on, “Call me if you want to follow up on how the director liked your audition photos.” Neither said another word and I just quickly left. While I drove home that night I convinced myself that I hadn’t really cheated on my wife. After all, I’d jacked myself off and just watched two other people fool around. She was okay with me jacking to porn and that had been sort of “live” porn. I knew deep down that she would probably not have approved but it was one of the hottest nights of my life and for me it re-opened the door to my bi-sexual side. I didn’t really know what would happen next in that regard but I knew that it wasn’t the end. I knew I would want to try more.

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