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Dad took me to the woods

By tony cook

submitted February 25, 2010

Categories: Older/younger, Outdoor Sex, Orgies, Bears, Daddies & Cubs

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It was a hot summer, weather wise and sex wise. Now my GF was letting me fuck her and my daddy BF was fucking me, I was always hot and living for sex. One hot afternoon my 56 y/o BF was fucking my 18 y/o ass, I was going crazy with delight I love the way he used my ass and how his big hard daddy cock felt inside me. He started shooting his load deep in my ass, when he finished with me I still did not cum yet, I told him I wanted more allot more. He told me to get dressed he was going to take me somewhere fun. I got dressed and we hopped in his car he drove to the forest where I saw many men sitting in there cars talking and some in their cars together. We than pulled up to a group of 5 men, they all had grey hair and looking tan and in shape. My BF got out of the car and went to talk the shirtless daddies, I think they knew each other they all looked hot. Next my Bf tells me lets take a walk in the forest. I got out of the car and pulled my shirt off it was hot, I followed my BF into the woods. I herd some talking behind me then a whistle mmmmmm nice ass I turned and looked and three of the older men were following behind, I was getting excited at the attention I was getting. Ok lets stop here My daddy BF told me. The 3 older guys had just caught up with us and one started to pull his pants down stroking his cock and looking at me while licking his lips. Hey cliff is this the boy you been telling me about, yeah said cliff he loves to get fucked and sucks the best cock. One guys says wow hes only 18 and he likes us dads, cliff said yeah he sure does. Cliff looks at me and said ok Tony boy you wanted more? Yeah I said, My BF tells the men OK guys hes all yours. I smile and I am getting so excited, just as the three daddies circle around me and start dropping their pants. Here touch this Tony one of them says I take his cock in my hands and started stroking it, yeah thats it he says, I start to stoke the other dads already hard cocks and one dad grabs my ass and starts rubbing it so you like to get fucked he asks, yeah I love it, he says lets see what you got as he unzips my pants and slides them down. They spin me around as if inspecting me, oh yeah nice cock and ass one dad says, yeah I herd the other dad say come on get down on your knees he tells me. wow here I am staring at three daddy cocks all hard and face level, I grab two in my hands and take the biggest one in my warm mouth. everyone is moaning with delight as I look up at cliff and see him smile. I work one cock than the other and other with my mouth sucking deep and hard. My ass is still dripping from the load Cliff shot in me earlier and one dad reaches down and fingers my ass Mmmmmm he says already lubed and ready to go. Get up and bend over this tree he tells me, I get up and bend over the tree so I am hanging off the other side and take the next cock in my mouth, Mmmmm hands all over my ass grabbing spanking and rubbing it. I going to give you what you came for one dad says as he gets behind me and lines his cock up to my hole. He is rubbing his cock up and down my ass than he finds my hole Oh man thats tight he says as he pushes his daddy cock in my wet hole. Ohhhh I start to moan with delight with a cock in my mouth a cock banging my ass and one more in my hand. I see the trees and everything feels like its spinning with a rush of delight. The guy thats fucking me is now pushing hard and fast moaning and calling me a slut boy and he is going to feed my ass with his cum, I moan Mmmmmmmmmmmmm as I take turns with the two other daddy cocks pumping my mouth. Just than the Daddy fucking me says hes going to cum, I tell him, give it to me in my ass Daddy fill me up with juice, please please he pulls me hard and grunts with delight as he pumps my ass full of cum, OH YES I moan, as I feel his hot steaming cum fill my hole. More please more more I beg. Than before I can think the other dad is shoving his cock in me and pumping hard and fast as I start to suck the biggest cock once more than clean the cock of the dad who just fucked me, milking every drop of his juice until he goes limp. I hear the man with the biggest cock moan and tell me he cant wait until its his turn to fuck me but for now he says take my cock all the way down. I open my throat and gag his cock down as he face fucks me. the other dad is now moaning and thrusting deep in me. I hear him moan loud I AM CUMMING as he to shoots his load in me pumping and pumping he says yeah boy take my load as he buries his cock balls deep in my ass. Than the dad with the biggest cock tells me ok Boy are you ready, oh yes Daddy yes please, please I beg him FUCK ME. He makes me turn and sit on the tree and face him as he raises my legs and sticks his big 8 inch cock in my ass and pumps me hard and so deep. I feel cum dripping down my ass from the others and hear him moan fucking me deeper and deeper. He says nice piece of ass you have here Cliff, you have to share him more often. Than he hits my spot and I buck into his cock like crazy he pulls my legs up around him and kisses me deep with his tounge he moans with delight as fucks me hard and tells me he is going to breed me. I look up at his face as he starts to shoot his load deep in my ass I feel him pumping and pumping warm man juice so much that its dripping down around my ass cheeks. He gets off me and I feel his cum dripping from my hole as I stick a finger in my ass and jerk it in and out. I fall to my knees on the ground and try to catch my breath and I look up to see the three men walking back to the road and than up at Cliff again. I notice Cliff, who has his cock out of is pants and he is playing with his hard cock. All that watching you get fucked has got me hard again he says, I guess your just going to have to do one more today as he gets behind me pinching my nipples kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. I reach behind and guide his cock in my wet hole he pushes me against the tree and fucks me standing up. He orders me on all fours and starts to fuck me hard doggy style, Cliff asks me, Tony whos your daddy? I reply you cliff, your my daddy, yes thats right as he pumps his big cock in my cum soaked ass for 5 minutes or so. He pulls out than makes me lay on the grass and pulls my legs up with his arms and looks at me with delight as he enters my ass once more giving me chills of delight, than he starts kissing me with his tongue and I take it in my mouth sucking his tongue like a cock. Now Cliff my BF knows how to fuck me so I cum, thats why hes my BF daddy. He does not even have to touch my cock just his cock in my ass and the way he fucks me makes me cum. He says are you almost there Boy before giving me my final load of the day. MMmmmmm Yes daddy do it to me and he starts to push hard and kiss me, oh yes daddy daddy yes yes Make me cum as I blow a huge load all over the two of us and kiss my daddy deep as he pulls my ass in hard and moans loud as he pumps me full of cum one more time. I drain his cock with my mouth as cum drips down my leg. We dress and as he drives me home, asking me if I had enough cock for the day? I barely can answer him I am so tired, yes daddy, Thank you as I kiss him deeply than rest my head on his lap and rub his cock in his pants until I got home. That night I jacked off playing with the cum dripping from my ass and using it as lube thinking about all that hot daddy cock I had that day, I came twice before finally falling asleep.

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