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son comes over drunk

By david525

submitted April 3, 2010

Categories: Family Fun, Older/younger

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This is a true story about my son after he had moved out into his own house with is so called girlfriend, My son is now 24 years old, and his girlfriend jenn is about the same age, they have been living together for about 2 years, she is a cold hearted one and is always telling Eric that he is no good, and is worthless, I have herd this on numerous occasions but I stay out of it, its there problem, I can only give Eric a shoulder to cry on when in need.

I live alone, for I am divorced for a good 15 years now, So about 2 A.M. I hear some noises coming from the front room, things being bumped into and things falling, figuring it was a burglar I got up quietly and went to see what was going on, I got to the front hall and found my son staggering all over the place knocking things over and tripping on his own feet, he was shall i say 4 sheets to the wind, I really didn't even know how he got home or to my house, he has a key to come in when he wants so I really didn't mind him being there, but i did know he had to go to bed before he hurt himself. He said that him and jenn had split up and that that cold hearted bitch is moving out and he could not stand to be near her for another moment, he ask if he could use his old room to stay the night.

I told him it was his room and he could use it when ever he needed to. And boy did he need it tonight.

I wanted to console him but figured i better help him to his room before he passed out right there, I got him to his room and put him on the bed and before i could say good night he was getting sick all over the bed and himself, I could not let him sleep like that so I helped him get undressed, leaving his boxers on i put him in the chair by his bed, going to throw the bedspread, and sheets in the washer with his cloths, i figured this was going to be a long night, I got those thing started washing and went back to make his bed with fresh sheets and bedspread, I was making the bed when he had to go and get sick again, all over the front of him, Now i know there is no way i was going to let that stand all night the smell alone was enough to make me want to get sick.

I stripped off his boxers and went and threw them in the washer too, went back to get him and put him in the shower, I got him to the bathroom in his room and turned the water on warm so not to shock him or me, i figured while rinsing him off i might get a shower too, I'm still in my boxers and trying to get my drunk naked son in the shower, he kept complaining about not wanting to take a shower but he was too to drunk to fight it.

I got him cleaned up and got out of the shower but had to dry him, he kept falling into the wall so what the heck i dried him. This reminded me of when he was a kid and i did that, but this was way different he was a full grown man, of 6'2” and about 200 lbs, He has brown hair on his head and chest, as well as pubes, which is manicured nicely, his build is nice with a almost 6 pack for stomach but to me i think his best feature is his ice blue eyes, which were now mostly red. He kept mumbling about jenn and how bad she was to him, I told him we would discuss it the next day. When he was awake and sober.

I got him back to his freshly made bed and sat him on it, went to my room to get him some boxers to sleep in, came back and he was stretched out on the bed, on his back, I really didn't have the heart to wake him up to put the boxers on him, so i just stood there taking in the sight of my beautiful son laying there naked in front of me, I slowly took in the sight from his head to his toes with a long pause at the waist.

As I'm looking over my son I notice his cock and balls, his balls, are large like mine and they hang low too, and his cock soft had to be about 4 ½ inches long, but it was thick, he was cut when born so he just had that large helment on the tip of it, so i guess you could see he got something from his daddy.

Something came over me, I was getting wood in my shorts, I felt the need to see if he was totally like his daddy, I bent down and took his cock in my hand it was nice and warm and it felt like it should have been there all along, I was squeezing it and slowly started stroking it, up and down I felt the heat and i felt it starting to grow and get thicker, yes this was my son and he was passed out and his dad had his cock in his hands, but my word it felt so hot, and was making me so horny. My cock was so hard, it just wanted out, so i dropped my boxers and was standing there naked next to my passed out son, while feeling his cock, then i reached over and felt his heavy balls too they felt so good that i started stroking my cock, I got his cock hard it was all of 7.5 inches long maybe a little more or less, but it was so thick that i could hardly get my hand all the way around it, I'm thick but not that thick.

So I'm standing there stroking my sons cock and playing with his balls and wanting so much more, and him not moving one iota, I just had the urge to taste the pre cum that was on the tip of it so i bent down and licked it off, next thing i know I and on my knees next to his bed sucking his cock in my mouth and taking it all the way down to the pubes, and playing with his balls too man this was so hot, I was really getting into sucking his cock and not wanting it to stop, all of a sudden there was a person at my front door, I kept sucking him hoping they would go away but they didn't, I got off my knees and went and got my robe on, went to the door and there stood jenn, she wanted to know if Eric was there, I told her he was and was sleeping now, he had come to my house drunk and passed out, she told me she wanted to get him up and take him home, i told her He didn't want to see her or talk to her, and that he said she was leaving and he was glad of it, so No she could not go in and wake him up, She would have to call and talk to him tomarrow if he wanted to talk to her.

I told her I was getting into bed and I would talk to her later, she left and i turned off the porch light I never even let her in the house, I went back to my sons room and there was the most beautiful thing i've seen in a long time a totally naked man on the bed, his cock pointing up and half hard, just waiting on me, So i went back to work and put it right back in my mouth it tasted so nice and I wanted more, i was wondering what his cum tasted like it it tasted like mine does, I was going to find out tonight so I'm sucking and licking and sucking and licking then i go down to his balls and suck one in my mouth, thats when i hear a mmmmmmmmm i figured i had done woke him up, his eyes were still closed so i figured he was dreaming, i kept sucking and licking, tasting the precum and enjoying the taste his precum tasted a lot like mine does but it had that fresher taste to it, a little bit salty and sweet at same time. I went back to his thick cock and devoured it, taking it all the way down my throat, he filled my throat too his cock almost blocked all the air from entering it. But it was worth it, I wanted his cum now, and i was going to get it.

He was laying there his daddy had his cock in his mouth and sucking for all he was worth, and then some, I wanted his cum before i went to bed. And like I said i was going to get it, I must have sucked his cock for a good 35 – 40 minutes and I knew he had to be close he was moaning and still no evidence of him being awake,

I kept playing with his balls and sucking his cock as hard and as fast as i could, and i knew he was going to cum soon, I was glad for my mouth is hurting from sucking so hard, then all of a sudden i hear him moan again and I feel his cock expand in my throat, hes going to cum now. Mmmm and i just let it go and suck harder and faster, He cums in my throat so much that i start gaging and trying to swallow as much as i could, even him being drunk and passed out he shoots about 7 strong shots very salty and very tasty, then drips I kept sucking though i needed it to survive on. I finally feel him softening in my mouth and let him loose his cock falls on his pubes and continues to shrink, i just look, but then i continue to feel my raging hard cock, I start stroking my hard cock while looking at him, but i am not going to last so long I'm now standing by his bed looking at him, I feel my cum boiling in my sack and keep stroking when i shoot i shoot all over his cock and balls and chest, and I must have shot more than i have in a wile for i thought i was going to pass out myself, I finally calm down and my cock starts to shrink too, but i have to clean my son up, but first i take my fingers and rub them in my cum on my sons cock and then i take them up to his mouth and put one finger of cum on his lips, and to my surprise he licks it off so I put more cum on his lips and he licks that off, I figure ive done so much not that this would not hurt, I take some of my cum off his chest and rub it on my now hardening cock, I cover it but good and get a good glob on the head of my cock, I press it to his lips and rub, and again his tongue comes out, but this time I put my cock on his tongue. He now has my cock on his tongue and is opening his mouth more for me to slide it in.I put my not harding cock in his mouth and feel his tongue on it and its too hot for me to deal with I'm going to cum again soon but i still rock back and forth with my cock on his tongue in his mouth, I shoot off again not too much only 3 shots but I'm in his mouth. I pull my cock from his mouth and he licks his lips still sleeping, I turn his light off and go back to my room to go to bed, i get in bed and have the sweetest dreams that night, to wake up in the morning with the hardest cock ive had in a long time. I wish it could stay like that,but I have too put some shorts on and wake my son up, so he can go and deal with his situation, I go to his room and he is still on top of the covers with a piss hard on I go to his bed and grab his cock and start to pull his cock. While calling him, He opens his eyes and says morning dad, but i let go hopefully fast enough for him not to know i grabbed his hard cock.. He dont seem to notice my hand on his thigh but he does say he needs to talk to me about jenn. I tell him to get up get a shower and i will make breakfast for him and we can talk, he gets up and goes and takes a shower, and comes to the kitchen naked again and asks where his cloths were i said in the dryer you got sick on them last night, he says OK, then proceeds to sit at the table naked (which i dont mind at all). He starts talking and i listen, he said he was leaving jenn and that she was moving out of his house, then he looks at me and says Dad you know I had the strangest dream last night.

To be continued at another time.



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