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Force Fucked

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This is a true story of how I lost my cherry (got ass fucked). When this event occured, I've had some sexual experiences with men before, but was still very new and naive.

Went to the gym, and after my workout went to the lockerroom, got undressed, wrapped a towel around me and went into steamroom. There were about 3 or 4 other guys in there, One was really hot about early to mid thirties, well built, grat pecs, about 5'6, latino, in his underwear, and wow what a bulge.

I sat down on the wooden benches and discretely kept eyeing him. He kept rubbing himself as if wiping off the seat, but did it very provocatively, I think he noticed I was looking at him. Soon the other guys started leaving and it was just 3 of us left in the steamroom. I walked out and headed to the showers.

I dropped my tower and walked into the shower stall, I had a bit of a boner. Later I saw him walk into another stall in the other side. I didn't have a clear view of him but could occasionally see some of his movements. I finished showering and headed out. I started drying off and he walks out and stands to dry off as well next to me. I started getting excited, and getting hard but was afraid he would be offended or anything so I tried to hide it by turnng around. Then I felt him get a little closer and murmured - "That's a nice ass". I turned around to thank him for the compliment and he was fully exposed with an uncut semi-hard dick, about 6.5" or 7" long. Not to thick but nice. I smiled. He asked me if I liked what I saw. I told him yes. He asked me if I wanted to play. I told him yes, but I couldn't host. Told me he couldn't either because he was married and wife was home. And yes he had a wedding band. I was so glad I ran into another straight guy.

Asked him if I played with guys, told me I have sucked and jo and make out. Asked me if I have ever been, or would like to get fucked. Told him I haven't but was curious to try. Dindn't have a place so Isuggested we rent a room. He said he dint have any money. Told him I knew of a place that was reasonable - $25 for an hour, we could go half. Still said he didn't have money. Told him I would pay for it. So we went to parking lot, he put his stuff in his car, and then got into mine so we ride together.

So I pay for the room and go inside. We begin kissing making out. Really hot. We start undressing. I drop to my knees and beging suckiing him like a whore, licking his balls and all. I do this for about 5 minutes. Then he tells me to get on the bed, because he wants to fuck me. I told him again I never done it before, didn't know if I could take it, but we could try.

We keep kissing and he gets on top of me. Puts on a condom and starts putting his cockhead in me. Really slow at first and gets a bit of the way in. Then I tell him to wait a bit, and push him off. I tell him it hurts. He tells me I have to relax so it goes in easier. Tell him I need a minute cuz it hurt. So then we try again, he opens my legs and puts them over his shoulders, kisses me, and grabs his cock, points it at my hole, and inserts the tip. Once the tip is in he kisses me again, holds me by my wrists and lays me fully on my back. Starts pushing in. Begins to hurt again, I ask him to hold on, and try to hold him off. He doesn't stop and tells me to relax so it won't hurt as much. I try pushing him off again, but he's got me pinned down. I push harder but he wont stop. He again tells me to just relax in a mor forceful tone. I try to push him away and tell him I'll suck him off. Pins me down again and tells me he didn't come to waste his time, he came to fuck and was going to get some good ass fucking. So to just relax and cooperate so it won't hurt as much, cuz he wasnt gonna stop.

I try to stuggle a bit and manage to free one hand, but he grabs it again and turns me over on my stomach. He tells me that its up to me how much its going to hurt, i can relax and make it easier or fight it and make it more painful. So he has me on my stomach, both hands pinned down. Gets on top of me and starts to penetrate again. I tell him to get off me, and let me suck him off. Tells me, "Shut up bitch", grabs his underwear with one hand and stuffs it in my mouth. Starts pushing in further in, and I'm squirming and screaming but his underwear blocks the sound. He goes in further and I feel his balls touching my ass, so I know he's all the way in.

He kisses me and tells me softly, "Just relax baby, I'm already in, gonna start thrustiing and fucking your hot, tight cherry, ass, just relax." So he starts thrusting and pumping his meat in my ass. Still hurts but notice that at this point, i'm fucked regardeless, I might as well just relax and make things easy on me. The more he fucks the less it hurts. So he keeps fucking me, moaning and whispering thngs in my ear. I try to move and squirm every now and then, but he doesnt let go of my hands. He then tells me he gonna start fucking hard and rams it in all at once. I let out a yelp which is muffleed by his underwers.

So he starts fucking hard and steady, balls slapping my ass. He keeps it up about another 20or 25 min more, till he is fully satisfied. Lets out a groan and falls on top of me.

Again kisses and licks my face. Tellinig me I was a good boy and a good fuck, with a mocking laugh. Pulls out turns me over and pours and smears his hot cum load over me. Tells me to get dressed and drop him back off to the parking lot at gym, cuz he has to get home to his wife. So we get dressed and get in my car. On the way back we boh silent with an occasional mocking comment from him telling me what a sweet ass I had, and how he was glad he was the first to pop that cherry. When we got to parking he thanked me for the room and the fuck. Tells me he'll see me around.

Saw him a few times more at the gym. He gav me this mocking evil grin and said hi. Didn't see hima agian after that.

3 years after that occured I ran into him in the sauna room. He grinned and me and we nodded head. He said hi and aked me if I remembered him. I said yes, you're the one who took my cherry, thats not something you forget. He said he was happy that he was memeorable. Asked me if I'd be willing to do it again with him, but he didn't have a place or any money. I told him sure, and that I woudl pay for the room. So I gain we rode in my car to the hotel. Chittating on what we had been up to. We went back to the same special place for a moment of romp and pleasure. This time I was ready and already had quite some experience. So he was able to satify himself as he pleased. Complimented me on how much I've learned. Dropped him back at the parking lot after we were done. After that never saw him again.

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