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Abducted By Gays

By maritimesub

submitted May 16, 2010

Categories: Bondage, Discipline, Fetish, S/M

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"Shut up!" he said. "And skin out of them clothes."

I was so shocked I couldn't even move. "What?" I said, dazed. "Are you--What did you say?"

"You heard me, pretty boy. Take it all off. Right now."

"Fuck you!" I gasped. "Are you out of your mind? You can't be serious! You can't just--Look,"

Ryan stepped toward me. "Is that right?" he said. Then they both grabbed me, one by each wrist, to which they tied separate ropes. They pulled me up off the floor after tossing the ropes tied to my wrists over a beam above. Then my ankles were secured to the ends of a wooden bar, leaving me suspended, dangling and spread-eagled before them in the middle of the room, my feet about 2 inches off the floor. They began grabbing at me thru my clothes everywhere... legs, ass, and crotch. I started cursing.

"Leave me alone you fucking faggots" I screamed.

Ryan and Brad both produced short sharp knives..."let's see what you got for us pretty boy" sneered Brad. Brad started cutting away my shirt while Ryan pulled off my sneakers and socks. Then they cut off my jeans. They were laughing as they stepped back. I was left clad only in a pair of skimpy red underwear. Ryan stepped behind me and with one hard pull, ripped away my only remaining piece. I was now suspended naked, helpless, spread wide and completely at their mercy.

Ryan got up and came close to me. He said. "We're gonna have all kinds of fun with you, you snot-nosed bitch-boy. But first of all you're going to have to pay for insulting us like you did. Oh yeah, you're pretty handy with that mouth, all right, well, soon I'm planning to feel that mouth around my dick. You're going to suck our cocks, and show you've learned your lesson."

"No way fag, let me go!" I screamed.

Ryan's face got very hard, his eyes got very small, and when he spoke, his voice came out so low that he was almost whispering. "Shit," He said. "You fancy smart-ass college boy piece of crap! I think you need to learn your place. I guess it's gonna take a little taste of real punishment to break you down and make you learn respect for your superiors. By fuck, before we're through with you, you'll be sucking our cocks and anything else we tell you to. I'm gonna see you crawl. You understand me, boy? I'm gonna hear you tell us how you love our cocks, and what a filthy fucking low-down fag you are, not good enough to eat our shit. You hear?"

I couldn't speak. I was so scared, I think I might have broken down right then, and said I'd do it, I was sorry... But again, behind the fear, behind the shame and pain, there surged such boiling anger, such contempt, such hatred for the animals they were, that even then I might have held my ground, such as it was. But no words came, and now Ryan was saying, " A good whipping will make you cooperate, you can take my word."

Now I was really frightened. "Wait--" I said. The rope was tight around my wrists; the pull was terrible. I couldn't raise myself enough to ease the tension on my arms. The rope bit deep into my flesh.

"Looks good," I heard Ryan say. "By god, that's one sweet-looking trussed-up bitch-boy.

Then they started fondling me.... my ass, my cock my balls, running their hands over my body, chuckling, panting, making lewd remarks. Brad stepped behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks in both hands.

"Fuck man just look at this little ass, like two grapefruits" he commented. He then ran a finger down between, stopping at my opening and slowly began to insert. "Nice and tight too.... I can't wait to fuck you pretty boy" he whispered in my ear.

I just moaned in humiliation with the realization that they intended to homosexually rape me. They shaved me, completely from neck to toes leaving only the hair on my head, saving my blonde pubes for last. Next they used their hands to rub some kind of oil over my entire naked, and now hairless body, concentrating on my ass and on my cock and balls. In spite of my fear and humiliation the continued use of their oil soaked hands on my most private parts soon had me fully erect. Then they stood back to admire their handiwork, taunting me because of my hardened cock. I was hanging naked and spread-eagled, my entire body glistening from the oil and my cock was sticking straight out, much to their amusement.

"Okay, teach him a lesson, Brad. And make it good!"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brad getting something from a drawer. Fearfully, painfully, I turned my head to see him holding it. A thin leather switch. It was wicked looking. My erection disappeared immediately as Brad moved now to stand behind me, and the room got very still. I heard him take a breath, then give a grunt. I heard a whistling sound, and then there was a loud, sharp cracking noise as that switch smashed across my ass. I started screaming, and I knew that I was twisting uncontrollably, writhing and flailing from my suspended position. Above my screams, I heard Ryan's voice saying, "See? I told you he would dance for us. Just look at our fine stuck-up college boy now. Are you learning, boy? You got some smart remarks you want to make? You want to tell us how we can't do this to you? No, I guess not. Give him some more, Brad, so he won't forget."

"No!" My whole being shouted, "Jesus, no!" I shrieked it out.

They only laughed at me. Ryan watched as Brad whipped me again, slamming the switch across my ass again, and turning me before their eyes into a helpless, twisting, yelling mass of pain. I thought I would pass out; I hoped I would, anything just to make it stop, but no. I suffered every moment, especially when, at Ryan's orders, Brad did it again, and then again, and then again over my entire body, front back and sides, with particular attention to my ass and between my wide spread legs.

Now Ryan stood close by me as I hung from my sore wrists. His hand caressed my tender back and ass, gently yet with a threat behind the moving fingers; and he spoke in the same way. "Do you think you've learned your lesson now, pretty boy?" he asked

"Yes, please, no more" I begged. My answer came in choking; heaving gasps between my moans and sobs.

And then he asked, "are you ready to suck our cocks now, boy?"

"Yes" I moaned "anything"

Say it piggy, he commanded.

"I'm going to suck your cocks" I sobbed. He made me say that twice.

And then he asked, would I do everything they told me to, no matter what it was, from that time on--no arguments, no crap, just pure, unquestioning obedience, the way a good slave boy should. Or else, he said, he'd have to let Brad start all over again.

"I'll do anything. Please don't hurt me any more." I begged. "I'll be your slave, anything you want.

And then he told me the rules......

"You speak only when spoken to from now on and when you do speak you will address us both as 'Master". You are going to obey us without question or hesitation. You will be serving as our slave for the entire weekend and you will serve us naked" he taunted. "Ever sucked cock before, Pretty boy" he asked?

"No Master" I sobbed

"Well, you'll be an expert cocksucker by the time we finish with you, slaveboy", Brad whispered in my ear.

I was totally humiliated.

"Do you understand your position here now"

"Yes, Master" I replied, head hanging in shame.

"That's very good," Ryan said. He stepped in front of me and held out my new uniform... a studded leather dog collar. He placed it tightly around my neck. "Hell, I think we've tamed the little guy. How 'bout it, Brad?"

And Brad said, "Shit, I'd like to lay this thing once more across his balls, make him scream one more time."

"What the hell," Ryan said. "Might as well make sure he don't forget too quick." He grasped my by the hips and held me so I could not move. I begged. I cried. I babbled in my fright, pleading with all of them. They only grinned.

I was so scared I lost control, and peed, the liquid spattering the wooden floor. They thought that was hilarious. But then the laughter died as Brad swung back his arm, took careful aim, and then with all his strength whipped the switch savagely across my balls.

Someone untied me, and when I fell I went down to my knees, and there I stayed. I would have fallen further, but Ryan held me up by my hair, and said, "Now that's just perfect, boy. You stay right there, you hear?"

And then he let me go, and all my will went into keeping myself kneeling there, just as he wanted. Then Ryan attached a chain leash to my collar and pulled me to my feet, ordering me to cross my wrists behind my back. Brad tied my wrists together with a leather strip. I was ordered to kneel.

"Now lick my boots, college-boy," Ryan commanded. "Show me what a good little boot-licker you are. Show me real good."

And then I bowed down and began licking his dust covered work boots, while he used the leash to keep me from falling over. And I did my best to make it good. They'd tamed me, as he said. Through pain and fear, reduced me to a slave. I couldn't take another whipping, that's all I knew. My degradation was complete. No violation, no defilement would be too great, because obedience was all that would allow me to avoid that leather switch, that horrid agony that still possessed my body and my mind.

And so I licked Ryan's boots until they were clean, slavishly obedient to all of his commands about where to slide my tongue. When he decided his boots were clean enough he made me turn around, still holding the leash. Brad was now standing in front of me and took hold of the leash from Ryan. I was forced to clean his boots as well.

By the time I'd finished with Brad's boots, Ryan was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. His feet were now bare. Ryan then commanded me to crawl to him until I was about a foot in front of him. "Now piglet" he smirked at me, "my feet need cleaning, get to it"

I was now put thru an even more humiliating ordeal of foot worship for my taunting master. Forced to tongue bathe his sweat and dirt covered feet, starting with the toes and in between. I slavishly licked and massaged his filthy feet with my tongue until they were squeaky clean. They both taunted me throughout my ordeal. It took me fifteen minutes to satisfactorily clean Ryan's feet but Brad immediately took his place in the chair and subjected me to same humiliating ordeal.

They were both obviously aroused. The bulges at the front of their jeans left no doubt. Then they played with me, as though I were a toy. They stroked and felt and pinched and slapped and probed, and made me turn and twist and arch myself for their convenience and delight. They squeezed my balls until they made me scream, which they enjoyed enormously. And then they made me tell them what a bitch I was, a filthy fag, a piece of shit, a cocksucker, and any other names that came to mind. Of course I said it all.

Now they were ready to really humiliate me some more. Ryan would be first standing in front of me, naked, his cock pointing straight at my face as I knelt before him. Brad was holding the leash. He too, was naked and hard, sweating, taunting. I obediently followed Ryan's command and began licking his sweat soaked balls, tears running down my cheeks as I licked up and down the length of his rigid cock. He ordered me to open my mouth. He made me suck it until he came. He made me swallow it all. I submitted to both of them, licking, sucking, swallowing. I was now the naked, kneeling, bound and leashed sex-slave to two gay males. After servicing them, they made me lick their balls once again and thank them for allowing me the privilege of worshipping their cocks. Then the each put their jeans back on, leaving me the only one still naked. I hoped they were thru with me, that they had their fun now and would not humiliate me any more, and let me go.

It didn't work that way. They made me remain kneeling, still naked, and amused themselves with taunts and lewd remarks and promises of what was still to come. I pleaded with them to let me go. I had done everything they asked, I said. They'd broken me, they'd had their fun, now please, please let me go, I said. They only laughed and said I hadn't seen anything yet. A dread came over me; I wondered if they ever meant to set me free at all, or if they meant to keep me there until they'd used me up, and then dispose of me.

They untied my wrists and made me crawl on hands and knees, like a dog. This entertainment perked them up again. They made me do some tricks for them, like go fetch, lie down and roll over--it still gave them a kick to find new ways to show their power, and to force me to degrade myself. That's when they made me crawl some more for them. After that they had me get on my knees, and spread my legs, and masturbate for them until I came. I didn't think that I could come after what I'd been through, and Jesus knows I didn't want to, not in front of them. I stroked my cock. I felt nothing but shame and anger at their idiotic grins and taunts. But still I did it. At last I shot my load onto the dirty floor amid howls of laughter. They made me lick up my own cum.

I was then ordered back on to my hands and knees and made to crawl over to the small heavy table. They made me stand, facing the edge of the table. They tied my ankles to the table legs, which were wide apart forcing my legs spread to the limit. Brad tied my wrists together behind my back. Ryan attached the leash to my collar. He then secured the other end of the leash to a ring at the end of the table and pulled down hard forcing my chest and face onto the tabletop. They then stepped in front of me to make sure I could see them as they removed their jeans. I was now realizing that when they were naked I was going to be used for their sexual pleasure. My fear was confirmed when Brad began stroking his already hard cock just inches from my face and taunted me " Since Ryan was the first to use that hot mouth of yours I'm going to be the one to fuck your tight little ass first, college boy, but I think we need to warm your butt to get it ready". Ryan then picked up a wide leather strap in his right hand, placed it to my face and commanded me to kiss the instrument of my punishment.