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how i lost my cherry to a gypsy boi

By popotnik

submitted May 16, 2010

Categories: Bathroom Tales

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I was really horny that day and I decided it was time to get some action. So I went to this public loo where I knew men met for casual sex. One of my friends, a jack buddy of mine, used to talk a lot about that place. He seemed to know so much about it that it made me think he would go there and just watch. It was later I learned he used to frequent the place to get off.

I was surprised to find this place was in a train station, which I should have known, had I payed attention to more than my boner when jon was telling me about all these men who go there to suck cock or to fuck. I walked in, but it was empty and it looked like a smelly public bath, so I decided to leave as soon as I wanked myself off. As I was about to change my mind and just leave I heard footsteps so I walked into a stall. I closed the door and kept real quiet, as I was now scared shitless. In the crack in the door I saw an old wanker trying to peer through the door, wanking his thing in plain sight. 'disgusting' i thought.

But it also turned me on somehow. My own rod started to twitch so I had to touch it through my pants. The old man left by then, thinking I was there only to take a dump or piss, so I took mine out of my pants and started stroking it. It was then that I saw him: pitch black hair, black eyes, hasnt shaved in days, strong arms, a sleeveless tshirt and blue jeans. 'bout the same height as me, maybe smaller by an inch. He was licking his lips while adjusting his package. As I was standing there, boner in hand he had seen it all, so after a moment's pause I opened the door. With the attitude of a worker hard pressed for a deadline he came in and never wasted a second.

One of his hands found it's way onto my prick, starting to give it a nice rub; the other pulled me close up to him. I instantly felt his tight abs on my hard prick, a sec later our lips met and his tounge started exploring my mouth. It was wet, good, nice, the way he touched my prick while we were making out.

Soon my hands started finding his belt, undoing it and pulling down his bluejeans. Finally the goal was in sight: his tight boxers revealed a nice meat, that needed some tending to. As I started rubbing it through the fabric, while making out, my dark lover knelt in front of me and took my prick in his mouth. It was then that I realised, whilst he was blowing me, that he left the stall door open and that all the old wankers were watching us go at it. I tried to close the door, but hej ust stopped my hand and continued giving my prick the best head ever.

As I was getting close, it was also the watching that made it all feel more intense, I had to stop my man from giving me head. But he ha dan even better iadea: he turned me sideways, put my hands on the stall wall and then started licking my pucker, wich I washed before leaving from home, luckily. It felt great. At first I jacked myself off, but then I needed to slow down the pace a little, so as not to cum yet. It was then that he stood up and started rubing his knob against my pucker. The filling was making me feel dizy, and horny like hell, so I started pushing my pucker closer to his prick. He felt me so he moved in even closer, I felt his luvrug on me, his strong gypsy hands on my prick-and then came something new…

My jack buddy and me kind of stumbled upon jacking eachother off, and giving head to each other one day after school. We were neighbours and we hung thogether all the time. One day we got drunk and we showed eachother our boners. Later we jacked thogether and you know how it goes, pretty soon we gave eachother head. But this was gonna be a whole new ball game.

He started making out with me and as he did so, his prick started playing an entering game with my pucker. The pace intensified as I pushed my ass closer, but then it came. He entered.

From the start on he penetrated me fully. I felt the pain I never felt b4. But his hug and the making out made it all fade away. After a few seconds of holding still, he knew what he was doing, he started moving his prick inside me. Every time his prick moved it hit a cool place and soon I started pushing back more and more.

In my exctasy I forgot all about my own prick and its aching attention seeking. But the all od a sudden a moist tounge was felt on the tip of my cut prick so I looked down and saw my jack buddy giving me head. Betwen his head giving and the gypsy bois prick touching me where I saw all the starsit didnt exactly take long for me to look down and whisper »im cumin'« to my bud. And as I started cuming I saw how his own prick erupted with spurts of beatuful cum.

Still my gypsy was pounding me hard and I liked avery moment of it as it intensified my own orgasm. My buddy tried to swallow it all, but there was a lot of it and some came out of his mouth. As we both stoped cumming he stood up, hugged me from infront and we shared our first deep throat kiss with my cum. Seeing that drove my gypsy over the edge and he started filling me with his warm seed, wich I felt in my gut.

After we all cumed, we kind of stood there frozen, making out, waiting for our pricks to go soft. The wankers, after cuming, started beeing annoying, trying to touch us, so we got dressed and left.

It's a true story of popping a cherry, that can be continued.