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Straight Freshman's First BJ From a Guy – True Story

By etobicoker

submitted June 10, 2010

Categories: First Time, Straight Men, Gay Sex, True Stories, College Days

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Straight College Freshman's First BJ From a Guy – True Story

This is the true story of my first ever blow-job from a guy back when I was in college. A while back I posted a story of something that had happened to me about a year ago about these two straight friends that I had met and basically one thing led to another and I got one of them to suck the other’s cock while I watched. The story is called “Seducing Two Straight Friends” if you want to check it out for context. In that story I mentioned in passing that one of the guys looked like Cary, a dude I’d fooled around with in University. For whatever reason I’ve had a bunch of e-mails from people asking to hear more about “Cary” and how he got me into having sex with men. I’ve changed the names but I’m pretty sure if Cary ever reads this, he’ll know who I am.

Before university I had always thought of myself as totally straight - I used to joke I was a “flaming heterosexual”– but the truth is I’d just never given any thought to fooling around with a guy even if I had the opportunity. I’m about 6’1” tall with brown hair and green eyes. I’ve always had a naturally muscular build. I don’t work out but I play a lot of sports, hockey, soccer, etc. I’m moderately hairy with a little on my chest and stomach. I was kind of a nerdy jock in school. People used to call me “Clark Kent” because in spite of my athletic build I always wore glasses. I never had any trouble with girls who I think saw me as handsome but approachable. By the time I got to College I’d had several girlfriends and already knew myself as a “relationship” guy so it wasn’t that surprising that I already had a steady girlfriend 3 months into my freshman year.

Her name was Angie and she was cute but not gorgeous. She had a nice soft, feminine appearance – all lips and curves -- but I think more important to me at the time was that she was really spunky! As a sophomore, she was older than me. She knew her way around Boston College campus and she had a lot of experience in the bedroom. I initially thought that the latter would be my main reason for hanging out with her but it turned out that the former was even better. She knew where all the great parties were happening and by dating her I learned how to make my way through school balancing my education with a hefty dose of good times. And yes, the sex was pretty damn hot too.

I remember it was just before the Christmas break that she took me to a party across town at M.I.T. University. Angie had made some friends over there and she couldn’t wait to drag me out to party with them. Angie’s friends invited us to a Frat house party that was themed like a giant “sleepover” slumber party, and everyone was supposed to come in their bed clothes. Naturally some of the girls used it as an excuse to run around in sexy lingerie – garters, heels and all which was fun. Angie for her part just wore some silk PeeJay’s under her winter clothes. I decided to not participate in the whole “slumber party” theme mostly because it seemed a little silly with the weather being so cold. I’ve always been a little conservative too.

There were basically six of us going together including: Angie and myself, Angie’s friend Cheryl and her boyfriend Len, Cheryl’s younger (and hotter) sister Natasha and her date Cary. As it turned out Len and Cary were roommates and Len had hooked Natasha and Cary up. The two had been dating for about 2 weeks so it was three couples -- sort of a triple date. When Angie and I got there, all the others were already waiting and anxious to go up into the party. Everyone met up in the large foyer of the Frat house, where people were taking off their boots and checking their coats and warm clothes in favor of their Pajamas and Nightgowns. The party was on the 4 floors above the main lobby, but we could already hear the dance music thumping from above as people were coming and going through the main stairwell entry.

When I had told Angie I was going to the party in my regular street clothes instead of pajamas or “bed” clothes, she warned me that I would look like a stiff and now that I saw I was the only one in our group of six not playing along with the theme – not to mention the dozens of people going in and out in their PeeJays—I did feel a bit stupid. Cary, Natasha, Len and Cheryl as well as Angie all had something on that they might have worn to bed and I was wearing grey jeans and a button down shirt and collar. As we all shook hands and were introduced no one said anything about the way I was dressed until we got to the door to go up to the party. There was a security guy, a big dude six-four dude wearing a housecoat and oversized bunny-slippers, who was letting people in after he’d inspected their ID. He looked at down my outfit.

“This party has a dress code,” The security guy said referring to my street clothes. I wasn’t sure exactly how to respond and I wasn’t sure how serious he was. The other 5 in my group were looking too, wondering if this was going to ruin the evening as planned. Angie already had her ‘I-told-you-so’ smirk on. “Sorry, I didn’t realize the –er, dress code was mandatory,” I replied hoping he’d let it slide. It was pretty silly, after all. Len was wearing sweatpants and a white T-shirt and Cary was wearing basketball shorts and a wife beater undershirt. If it wasn’t for the fact that they didn’t have shoes on, either of these guys could have just as easily been going to the gym as a “slumber party” but they were both allowed to pass.

I thought about how to delicately point this out to Mr. Bunny-slippers without looking like a jerk but before I was able to say anything, he turned around and stuck his head into the stairwell and yelled something over the blaring music. Four guys who were all in different states of inebriation poured out the narrow door laughing and without saying much they started to grab a hold of my arms. I struggled a bit but Len and Cary started laughing and hooting and joined in so I figured they must know these guys and I wasn’t in too much danger. Before I knew it they grabbed my legs up from underneath me and lifted me off the ground. More people poured out from the party, into the lobby hooting and chanting, “DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!”. A girl came out carrying a bottle of tequila took it and filled up a low ball glass to the brim.

“If you want in, you’re going to have to drink this first,” the security frat guy said. Leave it to a frat house to make your ‘punishment’ into a drinking game. I could see Angie laughing her head off and she clearly thought this was hilarious. It seemed like everyone around me was chanting “DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!” at me now. I took the drink in my hand and looked at it while this group of strangers held me off the ground. I was only 18 at the time so I didn’t have too much drinking experience but I did know that glass contained a lot of tequila. I already was looking like a complete lame-ass in front of my new friends and they were all egging me on to drink up. I knew I couldn’t say no or else the evening was over. I closed my eyes and started drinking as tequila-girl poured the burning liquid down my throat. I tried to sip at first but the sipping turned to chugging as the cheering got louder. I ignored the burning and kept downing it. I drained the cup and held it up. Everyone cheered and went nuts.

I thought that the little hazing ritual was over but the crowd starting bouncing me up and down and the room started to spin a bit. It had only taken about 30 seconds for the alcohol to hit me hard. There were hands everywhere and I was trying to figure out what was going on when I realized that someone had unbuttoned my shirt exposing my chest and stomach and I could feel someone else tugging on my sleeve. I tried to roll over a bit to stop them but the crowd just rolled me back and held me up. Someone else starting pulling on my belt buckle and I turned towards them and then felt my other sleeve tugged off. There were too many hands to fight off. My shirt was completely off now and I had grabbed onto it to try and keep some guy from taking it away to the coat check. Then I felt my pant leg yanked down hard. I looked and some other guys were pulling them right off. I couldn’t fight them all and in a matter of 60 seconds I was being held aloft in just my boxers and argyle socks wearing nothing else but my watch and glasses.

There were a lot of people helping me up and as the group righted me, I noticed one hand was really high up on my leg and was almost touching my balls as the group turned me right side up. I was dizzy from the whole experience and probably even more so from the tequila but I followed the hand to the arm and then to a guy from our group, Cary, who seemed oblivious that the side of his hand was brushing my sack. I was just glad to be back on my feet but a little in shock from the whole experience. Drunk and stripped in under 3 minutes flat! Even for university it was a new record for me. The crowd started dispersing and pouring back into the party now and Len and Cary propped me back up onto my feet. I thought Cary hadn’t even noticed what he’d done and then as he put me down he gave me a funny look that made we wonder.

“You guys can go in now,” the security guy was laughing, clearly having enjoyed my little hazing. “Nice socks,” he added as we walked by.

“Nice slippers,” I called out over my shoulder as we entered the party. When I got in, I noticed a few other guys and girls wearing just their socks and underwear like me and I was pretty sure the ‘ritual’ that had been performed on me for not showing up dressed in bed clothes had been done to a bunch of other people. About 15 minutes later, my suspicions were confirmed when I saw a bunch of people suddenly pour out of the party into the front hall area chanting “DRINK!” as they left. I didn’t join them but I was pretty sure that the next unsuspecting person who showed up in a collared shirt was getting the tequila strip-down treatment. As long as I wasn’t the only one, I decided it was fine to hang out in my boxers for a while.

In a way I was glad to be shirtless because it was really hot in there. The place was just wall to wall people and we were all sweating like crazy. Len kept complaining that he was hot and eventually Cheryl just ordered him to take off his shirt or stop complaining. Cary on the other was a bit more cocky. After Len had removed his, Cary just whipped his right off and was acting silly, flexing his muscles for a couple of girls who were walking by. Cary was a shorter guy, about 5’7” tall just a little taller than Natasha. He had a slim, toned build with almost no body hair at all, instead his chest was covered with light freckles. His short cut red hair stayed hidden under a backwards baseball cap that went right back on as soon as his shirt came off. He did have a great smile and washboard abs. What Cary lacked in height and looks he more than made up with in personality and confidence.

As the night went on, we got drunker and drunker, but that tumbler of tequila had definitely put me a few steps ahead of the group. At about 1am Natasha decided she’d had enough and she wanted to go somewhere else to sober up a bit. We had been hanging out on the third floor and needed to make our way down the crowded stairs to get back to the lobby. Imagine hundreds of people standing shoulder to shoulder. I remember getting anywhere took forever. We were moving very slowly and kept stepping on each others feet.

During one sudden stop, I felt something bump into my cock through the thin material in the front of my underwear. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you’re in boxers in a huge crowd the last thing you want is a boner. I turned my body a bit to avoid bumping the same person again but when I tried I brushed by it again. My penis is super sensitive and I felt the constant bumping starting to give me a bit of a chubby. It was crazy and I was glad the crowd on the stairs was so dense that nobody was likely to even be able to see how much thicker my cock had started to swing. As we kept moving forward I kept bumping into, or getting bumped by something, right in the crotch.

The traffic was stop and go and everyone was trying to talk over the loud, thumping house music. We stopped suddenly and I felt something hit the front of my shorts again. We were paused for a moment and I tried to look down to see what was pressing into my groin but I literally couldn’t see because of how pressed together we all were. We came to a sudden stop, and now that I was paying attention I could feel that it wasn’t something bumping me, it was a hand feeling me on purpose. Someone was pressing the back of their hand against my cock and starting to give me a boner.

I felt the hand press harder in response to my growing cock. When the hand turned and gave my erection a squeeze I felt my dick start to press against the fabric. I grabbed the hand with mine to stop whoever it was, and turned assuming it was probably Angie from behind me. I looked at her and saw she was chatting with someone else. I could feel from the angle of the hand that it wasn’t her. I quickly turned back to face front and saw Cary back looking at me now. He twisted forward and the wrist that I couldn’t see below slipped free of my grip. It was him. I was completely in shock and was not sure what to make of it. The strangest part is that no one around us could even see what he did. He just kept chatting with Natasha ahead of me as if nothing had happened. I’m not sure why I didn’t say anything to anyone at the time. Maybe because I was drunk, or maybe I was more intrigued than I was willing to admit at the time.

The sudden cold of the lobby after being so hot inside for hours, plus the booze was making my head spin and I remember thinking I might pass out. I stumbled forward a little bit and I can remember Angie and the others helping me and then some chatter about Len and Cary’s dorm room being close by. I don’t actually remember us all walking over there but the next thing I knew, we were all kind of sitting around in a large dorm room with just a couple of bed lamps on. Everyone was sitting on the floor drinking beer, talking and giggling but my level of comprehension wasn’t really there anymore. Whenever I tried to add anything to the conversation, it just didn’t come out right. Some kind of decision was made that we were all too drunk to go anywhere so we decided we’d all just stay there in Len and Cary’s dorm room. I was pretty much done so I climbed up to the top bunk where it was darker. I passed out while the rest of the group partied and talked down below into the early hours of the morning.


I opened my eyes sometime later and for about five seconds I’d forgotten where I was. It was quiet and a little daylight was filtering into the room around the edges of those cheap vinyl shades that all dorm rooms have covering the windows. I lifted my head to look around and felt my bare skin peel off of the plastic mattress I was laying on. I was still shirtless and in my boxers and socks and I realized I must have left my other clothes at the coat check over at the party the night before. Rather than being hung over, I still felt buzzed. I quietly flipped over and looked down and saw Angie asleep in the bunk below me, laying on top of the covers with one leg hanging off the bed. Len and Cheryl were snuggled together over in the bottom of the other bunk and Cary was sound asleep in the bunk above them across from me. Natasha was on the floor with just a pillow. My eyes wandered by a clock that said 6:12am and I decided I needed to go back to sleep.

I flipped back over onto my back and tried closing my eyes. I could feel a major “morning-wood” boner straining against the front of my boxers. This happens to me sometimes in the morning where I wake up early and can’t go back to sleep until I beat off. My hand sort of involuntarily wandered down and gave my shaft a squeeze through my boxers. I felt a shiver go through my body and I knew physically what my body wanted. Mentally, however, I was aware enough to know the circumstances were less than ideal and I decided to just try to go back to sleep without masturbating. The more I tried not to think about it, the more my hard cock pulsed against the fabric, the more I felt myself waking up. I rested there motionless with my eyes closed for several minutes, nothing moving except my dick pushing up against the cotton of my underwear.

In frustration, I took another look around. I was wide awake now but still cloudy from the alcohol. In hindsight, my decision making filter was probably still not on. From where I was lying up on the top bunk, no one could really see me from down below. The only person who might see me was Cary who was sleeping on the other top bunk across the room. His eyes were shut tight and he hadn’t moved a muscle since I’d woken up. I decided that the bed was extremely sturdy and wouldn’t shake if I was careful, and even if it did, Angie was the only one who would feel it. I slipped my hand under the waist band of my shorts lightly stroking the head of my cock. God, I wanted – I NEEDED – to cum.

I had a momentary flash of panic as I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I pulled my hand out of my boxers quickly and looked over but it turned out to just be my own reflection in the full length mirror of the door to the dorm room. In the reflection I was looking at myself from the feet up and I smiled a bit as I saw the ridiculous tent I was pitching. I looked around again and no one else had stirred at all. It was so quiet that if anyone even rolled over, I’d hear them for sure and be able to stop. Or at least, I convinced myself of that in my half drunk, half hung-over state at the time.

I slipped my hand back under my waist bank and started to stroke again. I tried to hold the rest of my body as still and rigid as I could so I wouldn’t make a noise and wake anyone. Amazingly the old bunk bed didn’t creak or even move. I watched my underwear fronts going up and down in the mirror reflection and I set about getting myself off without making a sound. I was getting more and more turned on and I found myself getting a little braver. With my other free hand, I pulled down the front of my boxers and held the waist band just below my balls so I could jack off in the open air. In the mirror I could see my fist pumping away with a slow steady rhythm. I pushed my fist up to the head and down the shaft to my balls over and over again. The sensations were getting to me pretty fast and I rolled my neck back a little. As I felt I was starting to get close, I got ready to hold back a groan and increased the pace.

I was taking one last look around before I let it rip when I noticed Cary’s eyes were open. I mean wide open awake. He hadn’t moved but he was laying there on his stomach looking at me across the room as I was masturbating my dick off. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. I barely knew this guy and there I was laying in his dorm room having sex with myself right in front of him. I was too embarrassed to even move. I looked over at him for several seconds trying to figure out what I should do and he just sort of layed there staring back at me. I could tell he had just woken up but I had no idea what was going through his head. He grinned at me a little and I wasn’t sure what it meant. Mostly I figured he was just laughing at me. He put his finger up to his lips in a “shhhh” posture and then quietly pointed down, indicating to everyone else was still sleeping.

Then he did something I really wasn’t expecting. He rolled onto his side and when the covers fell off his torso I could see a huge boner poking through the tops of the white briefs he was wearing. He flipped over onto his back, but didn’t pull the blanket back on himself. Without even a hint of shyness, he pulled his thick dick through the loose fly he had in the front of his briefs and starting feeling his bare cock while he stared over at me. I didn’t really know how to react. I’d jacked off with other guys in the room when I was in high-school but we were always watching porn. Cary was just watching me and got turned on by what he saw. Through the hazy memory of the night’s events, I started to remember catching him fondling me when I was drunk and I realized that he had definitely been making a pass at me. How did he know I wouldn’t react badly to it?

At that point I was way too far gone to care. I just really needed to cum. Also, I don’t think I wanted to admit it to myself at the time, but I was getting turned on by having Cary watch me even though he was a guy. Before I’d decided even what I should do, my body had made the decision for me and my hand was stroking my cock again. Neither of us made a sound. We just sort of stared at each other across the room, each both turned on by watching the other masturbate. I think also the danger that there were other people in the room that could wake up and discover us was also exciting us. It was a pretty intense situation and looking back it almost seems hard to believe that it happened.

I remember I found myself absolutely fascinated by Cary’s cock. My dick is big, but his looked enormous on his short body. It sort of curved slightly up towards his stomach and the shaft was so thick, it almost made the head look small. While I was making an effort to control myself So I didn’t shake the bed too much, he was so into the feeling that he seemed unable to stop his legs from moving around a bit and his hips from lightly thrusting while he quietly pounded away. I couldn’t see his balls as only his cock shaft was poking through the fly of his “tighty-whitey’s” but I could see wisps of pubic hair that were a little more strawberry than the darker red mane of uncombed hair on top of his head.

I was getting close again but I decided to slowed down a bit. I guess I wanted to wait for him to cum too. I watched his face and I every time the physical sensation got really intense for him, his eyes would sort of half close and go out of focus. When he looked back over at me and noticed I had paused he stopped as well and quickly looked around, maybe afraid that I had stopped because someone had woken up. When he saw that everyone was still motionless down below he flashed me that mischievous grin of his and I wondered what he was thinking.

He quietly flipped over only his knees and lowered his legs onto the ladder to get down off his top bunk. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing or why he wasn’t finishing. All I knew was I really needed to get off. He climbed down and quietly crept across the floor, stepping over his girlfriend Natasha where she was sleeping. I laughed a bit to myself that he didn’t even bother to push his cock back into his fly, he just sort of covered it with both hands as he tip-toed across the room towards me. He took a quick look around to make sure that nobody had woken up, and then grabbed the ladder on my bed and started to climb up.

When I realized it was his intention to join me I remember I kind of freaked out a bit. If anyone woke up and we were in bed together it would be pretty hard to explain. I shook my head in a quiet “no” at him but I couldn’t make a sound or someone would wake up. He just ignored me and climbed up on the bed anyway, smirking the whole time. I couldn’t believe the nerve and the confidence this guy had. How did he know I wasn’t going to just kick his ass? Also, the room was full of people, including both of our girlfriends. Looking back I might have stopped things right there if I had had the option of protesting but he knew I wouldn’t speak out loud and he took advantage of it. He just ignored my head shaking and sat down next to me up on the bunk, his cock still poking out of the front of his tighty-whiteys.

He put his hand on my chest and pushed me down onto my back and then wrapped his fingers around the shaft of my cock. My dick had gone limp a bit but as sensitive as it is, it got instantly rock hard again as soon as he started touching me. My head was spinning and I remember the feeling of worry that someone would wake up and discover us was losing a battle with a feeling of basic lust. I was so confused and had no idea what to do so I didn’t really do anything. I didn’t participate but I also didn’t really fight it too much. I just sort of laid there. Cary started stroking my dick. My toes started to curl and I think he sensed that I was already so far along that he didn’t have much time before I came. He stopped because he had something else in mind.

Without making a sound he bent forward and went down on my cock. I gasped a bit and clamped my hand over my mouth. In the full length mirror on the door I could see my dick sliding into his mouth. He pushed down on it and I saw the whole shaft disappear into his throat so that only my balls were hanging out. It felt amazing. No girl that I’d even been with had ever done anything like that before. This, I realized, was what they called “deep throat” and it was my first experience with it. I literally had to keep my hand over my mouth to stop myself from moaning. My legs were tensing up and even though I was consciously trying to will them to relax, they wouldn’t. The physical sensation was overwhelming. I had never gotten head like this before and I had no idea anything could feel this good.

Without coming all the way up off my dick, he pushed his mouth down over and over. I was seeing the whole thing in the mirror reflection and I almost felt like a voyeur, watching two other people having sex. My shaft would appear for a second and then, keeping most of my cock in his mouth and throat, he’d slide his lips back down, as far as they could go, right to my balls. It was like he was fucking my dick with his tight, soft throat. He was going up and down faster and faster. With his finger tips, he rubbed my balls between his thumb and fingers, lightly adding some extra sensation to the intensity of the head job he was giving me.

I was completely lost in the moment now and there were no thoughts going through my brain at all, until all of a sudden I realized I was going to cum soon. Just as my body started tensing up, I noticed Cary’s breathing start to get more intense and his body was shuttering. In the mirror I saw his dick, still poking up out of his fly, start pulsing even though he wasn’t touching himself. It moved on it’s own a few times and then shot a huge blast of cum up all over Cary’s torso. He never put his hand down there or anything, he just got so turned on that he lost it. Jet after jet of cream blew out his cock soaking his stomach. He didn’t even slow down his blow job as he came. In fact he attacked my penis with even more energy. He wanted to get me off as bad as I wanted it. Watching the cum shoot out of him pushed me over the edge and I knew I couldn’t hold it anymore.

Now don’t get me wrong, my body at that moment wanted an orgasm more than anything but I suddenly realized my dick was in this guys mouth and I couldn’t talk to warn him I was going to cum. He bobbed up and down faster and more aggressively now, popping my prick in and out of the back of his throat. I tapped him to get his attention and when that didn’t work I grabbed him and tried to stop him from moving, hoping to pull him off so I could at least signal that I was going to blow but he was determined. I felt an orgasm building in my toes and working it’s way up and I couldn’t stop it.

I felt my cock balls clench up and my pelvis started squeezing out jets of cum. I could feel it spitting out but I didn’t see it as he kept pushing his mouth all the way down not slowing down a bit. Much as I tried not to, a long, low moan came out of me as my whole body clenched and unclenched over and over. I kept it down as much as I could but even with my hand clamped over my mouth you could hear it. My body bucked around and Cary kept sucking on me, bobbing up and down until he had swallowed everything in me. When I was spent and I finally started to relax I watched in that mirror as Cary slowly slid his mouth back up my shaft, just a dribble of cum still on it. I shuttered as my still semi-hard dick flopped against my stomach, completely drained.

Cary looked up at me with a quick grin, then made a smart decision to get down fast before anyone actually noticed what was going on. After we’d cum, I guess common sense finally prevailed and he jumped down in a hurry but I looked around the room and everyone was quiet and still. I flopped onto my back and pulled my boxers back up and laid there as I watched Cary quietly grab a towel from his closet to clean the jizz he shot on his torso. He crept back over to his bunk, climbed back up and crawled under the blanket. He gave me one more quick look with a smile and then turned, laid down and went back to sleep. I smiled to myself as I realized I had just had what was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life up to that point without saying a word. I quickly drifted off back to sleep spent and satisfied.

A couple of weeks after that morning, Angie and I broke up. Cheryl, Len, Natasha and Cary, the “M.I.T.” crew, were all really her friends not mine. I never even saw Cary again after that morning and at the time I was glad because I wasn’t sure how I felt about my letting a guy blow me. Since then, I’ve remained straight and all of my real relationships have been with women and today I’m a happily married man. Still, thanks to that experience back in college, every once and a while I get turned on for sex with another guy. Pussy is still the best, but blowjobs? If you’re out there somewhere reading this Cary, thanks for showing me what they are all about.

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