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Dads drunk again.

By spirokram21

submitted June 16, 2010

Categories: Family Fun

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I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover. Thank god it was Saturday, no work till Monday. As I lay there feeling well sorry for myself and thinking about last night? "That little shit Mark had me really going. I really thought Id made it this time, and now I was gonna get to fuck him. But the prick teasing little get was stringing me along all the time"

I reached under the bed sheet to cop a feel of my rock hard cock and giving it a squeeze I said to myself. "Well fuck you too Mark, from here on in you can do all the chasing" I got up and staggered to the bathroom to have a pee and jump in the shower and walked straight into dad on the landing, god knows who was more embarrassed? me bare arsed naked and sporting a huge hard on, or dad also bare arsed naked. We both eyed each other up and down, then dad said, "Good night last night son"? "Yea dad, you know how it is, too much drink and a rotten hangover this morning, just gonna hit the showers"

When I was under the shower I couldnt help but wonder at dad staring at my rock hard cock, what was he thinking? mind you I got a damn good look at dads hot bod too, and thought back to all the times I had seen him naked and never gave it a second thought really. so why had it bugged me now? because he's a real hot stud, 40, hung, fit body, hairy all over, and he's got a killer smile to boot. Truth was, I had the hot's for my own dad!

I finished up in the shower and as I passed down the hall I could hear moaning, I stopped suddenly to listen harder and realised the moans were comming from dads room, so I went to see if he was ok and got the shock of my life to see dad still bare arsed naked yanking on one of the biggest cock's Id ever laid my eye's on! I was like a rabbit caught in the head lights, I just stood there gawping at dad wanking. His hand was going like a jack hammer and his moans were getting lowder as he neared his orgasm, then suddenly his cock erupted and started to shoot load after hot load all over himself, Id been rubbing my cock watching him and leaking pre-cum like a tap so decided to nip quietly back to my room for a long slow wank! I turned to go when out of the blue dad said, "Anything I can help you with son? look's like you want to drop a load back there" Oh shit I thought, he knew I was watching him all the time, "Err no dad, it's ok, just wondering if you wanted a coffee?" I darted back to my bedroom, My need to wank had gone realizing dad knew I was there all along, how the hell am I gonna face him now? well I'll just have to bluff it out, dad's an okay bloke, but what did he mean by asking if there was anything he could help me out with? MORE TO COME...................

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