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Dads drunk again. Pt2

By spirokram21

submitted June 22, 2010

Categories: Family Fun

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After seeing dad and his monster cock my head was all over the place, and why was dad staring at my cock the way he was, it was no use though I had to face him so I dandered into the room like nothing had happened and there was dad in his baggy shorts on the recliner. "Hi son what you up to today eh? nice and sunny out whatever your gonna do and I hope your not gonna hide away in your bedroom with that bloody PC like you normally do, get out there, have some fun play some footie go swimming"

I didn't say anything so dad got up to got for a coffee refill and that's when I saw it, dads big cock bouncing around in his baggy shorts, funny how Id never noticed before now, thank god I had my tidy whiteys on at least my growing hard on would be well hidden from view. Id die of embarrassment if he saw me hard again!

Dad came back and if anything his cock was even bigger! I just stared at it when he suddenly grabbed his crotch and said."Its a big bugger ain't it son, wanna have a better look? here you go" And with that dad whipped his cock out and God! it looked huge and thick, the long fleshy foreskin still hanging over the end of his knob. I was like a starving wolf, dying to feast on his cock to roll back the foreskin and taste his bell end Hm mm.

He moved closer to me and I just stood there like an idiot as dad grabbed my hand and dragged it onto his hardening cock, at first I just held it feeling the heat from it then dad started to thrust back and forth fucking my fist, his cock felt so hard yet soft at the same time.

"That's it son take your time have a good feel and hey! don't forget me big balls, they like a good feel too, Ah yea son this is great ain't it, dad and son bonding over each others hard cocks, are you hard son have you got a hard on yet? here let me cop a feel, Oh shit your cock feels like its ready to take off, come on son whip it out lets compare cock sizes eh, see who's got the thickest and longest"

Dad wasted no time in getting my cock out and before I knew it my jeans were down, my cock pointing to the sky, dad whistled long and loud at seeing it then made a grab for it tugging it hard and pulling my foreskin back and forth over my leaking knob, if dad kept doing that for long I was gonna shoot my load on the carpet for sure. He dropped to his knees in front of me and rammed my cock deep in his mouth clamping his lips firmly over my cock, Id never been sucked off before so this was something new and I was in heaven, I grabbed dads shoulders for support and started to ram my cock in and out of dads mouth hard and fast!

"Dad I'm gonna cum, dad, dad, I'm nearly there dad, dad I'm gonna cum in your mouth daaaaaaaaa dddddd, ahhhh ahhh, ohhh ohhh" Blast after blast of my hot spunk flew outta my cock and down dads throat, I could see it leaking out of the corners of his mouth and dribble down his chin and still I was cumming and good ole dad was sucking and swallowing like a man dying of thirst!

Finally I stopped coming and I slumped to the floor exhausted with dad beside me the two of us gasping for air I looked at dad with his hard cock still hanging outta his baggy shorts oozing pre-cum and thought "Could I? should I?" dad saw me looking at his hard cock and smiled at me, I think he knew what I was thinking and said. "Only if you want to son, no pressure just if you want to OK"

It was the one thing in the world I did want to get his cock in my mouth to suck on the very weapon that made me! so I reached over and started to suck dads cock except the thing was so damn thick I started to gag, dad talked me through it though and before long I had a good 5" of thick cock in my hot mouth and it felt great. "I'm not gonna last long son, to horny, gonna cum son, get ready! get ready! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh god! suck it son! suck my big cock son! ah ah ah and finally it was all over and I swallowed every drop! I felt really proud of myself, my first giving and receiving a blow job and both time with dad! how cool is that....................

More to come.

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