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Dad The Slob

By spirokram21

submitted June 23, 2010

Categories: Family Fun

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Now I know that every porn story that you read these days always describes the father as a real hunk who's well built and well hung, well here's a porn story with a difference, the father in this story is not well built, in fact my father is a slob, he's got a big fat beer gut, he burps, he farts, he scratches his balls when he thinks no-one is looking, he curses like a trooper and drinks like a fish, but one area he does excel in is his cock and balls, dad is hung like a bull! his balls are the size of two tennis balls and his cock! well were to start, hanging soft his cock has to be 6/7" and very thick, and riddled all over in thick blue veins like cords, and hanging over the end of his knob is a thick fleshy fore skin. Yes dad is definitely hung!

Id always waited to fool around with dad just to see how well he could perform, little did I know that I was about to find out very soon indeed. dad usually went to the pub straight from work with his mates on a Friday and wouldn't come home till closing time when he would fall through the front door rat arsed and legless! and then it was up to me to get him up the stairs, get him undressed and into bed for the night, and this Friday night was no exception from any other except I was really pissed off this night so I was literally throwing dad all over the bed trying to get him undressed and calling him all the fat slobs of the day!

Finally I got his trousers off and got the shock of my life, dad was wearing a bright red jock strap! "Fucking hell, I thought. Who would have believed it, dad in a jock!" I stood there staring down onto dads big hairy arse in the jock and had to admire his spunk, he looked quite hot in it and I was getting hot too just looking at him! I was wondering what the front package looked like so I rolled him over and had a good look, Yep! it was just as hot looking as his arse! I reached down to get a feel of his big package and giving it a few squeezes felt the heat from it, I continued groping and was excited to feel the lump getting bigger, good ole dad was getting harder the more I groped him, maybe tonight wasn't gonna turn out so bad after all.

I pulled the strap down on the front of dads jock to get a good look and feel of his cock, Jesus! but this guy was really hung, he must have made a load of killings when he was growing up with a cock and balls as big as this, his cock was now fully hard and throbbing in my hand,the fore skin slipped up and down really easily revealing his big purple mushroom head, I bent over to lick some pre-cum that had appeared at the slit then sank my mouth over the big head of dads cock and tried to swallow as much as I could, Oh this was so horny sucking on dads big cock and wanking him at the same time, he moved a few times but never woke up so I wanked faster and sucked harder I had a feeling dad was close to cumming in his sleep so I just carried on and on hoping it would be soon as I was dying to taste his spunk and feel it sliding down my throat! Then suddenly a hand was on the back of my neck I tried to get up but the hand pressed harder, I was being forced downwards, "Oh shit. I thought. Dads awake and he's forcing me to swallow more and more of his throbbing cock!"

"That's it you little queer cunt, keep swallowing your old mans big cock, bet you never had one as big as that in your gob before have you mate!"

Dad had such a tight grip on my neck it was beginning to hurt, so I went faster and faster in the hope that he would hurry up and cum and finally he did, great big gobs of thick ropey spunk shot out of his cock and down my throat there was so much of the damn stuff I started to choke and cough but still he wouldn't let me up, it went up my nose making it difficult to breath till finally I couldn't take any more and yanked myself free of his grasp and in doing so I landed on my arse on the floor beside the bed still coughing and spluttering with spunk all over my mouth and chin.

I just sat there gasping for breath when I heard dad say "That was a real pro job son not a lot of guy's can handle my cock like you did well done, but you wait till you feel it up your tight arsehole boy! you'll know you been fucked then son but for now, fuck off to bed there's a good boy and let your old dad have a good sleep OK son"

"The bastard, I thought, nearly choked me to death and then dismisses me like a bloody servant! well he can go to hell and back, and as for him fucking me? in his dreams!"

I went back to my bedroom and in bed I couldn't get to sleep thinking about what had happened, my cock was still rock hard so I decided to have a wank in the hope that it would tire me out, and the only thing I could think of while I was wanking was dad ramming that monster cock of his up my virgin arse and fucking my brains out! I couldn't wait.

But that's for the next chapter guy's, be patient OK..............

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