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My Big Black Daddy

By farover

submitted July 11, 2010

Categories: Black and Beautiful, Family Fun, Older/younger

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I was 18 when my mum threw my dad out. They had been arguing for months and I knew they hadn’t been very close for years. Finally mum had had enough and after a loud shouting match she chucked him out of the house and he went to stay with his mate in a nearby town. I wasn’t too bothered, I knew I’d still see my dad and I was glad that mum seemed happier without him.

Mum would often invite her close friends round for an evening where they would share a bottle of wine or two and chat for hours. Once dad had left she organised a girls’ night in and I could hear them talking and laughing downstairs. Mum said she was going to try internet dating and that she couldn’t wait to get shagged again.

Not long afterwards mum went on her first date. She told me what she was doing and explained that she may one day bring another guy back. I told her I didn’t mind as long as she was careful.

So in the following weeks she brought a few guys back, usually they would visit just once, sometimes just for a drink and occasionally they would stay the night. I could hear mum and her dates having sex down the corridor at night and it was weird to begin with but I soon got used to it.

Then one night she brought this big black guy back. It was about 11pm and I was watching telly when they came into the house having been out for a meal. Mum was a bit drunk and giggly and quickly introduced him before they said goodnight and went upstairs. It wasn’t long before I heard the squeals and cries of pleasure from my mum’s bedroom, she was obviously having the best sex ever. At midnight I went to bed myself and there were still noises coming from down the corridor. This seemed to go on all night with breaks of an hour or two of silence. This black guy was obviously very highly sexed and was giving mum the time of her life.

I was in the kitchen when they came down in the morning. It was a weekend and so we had all slept in until about 11am. Mum introduced the guy as Tony, he reached out and shook my hand and I could see in the light of day what a big guy he was. His huge hand wrapped around mine and he held it tight as he told me he was pleased to meet me. He must have been 6ft 5 and really solid. Mum told me later that he was a security guard and worked late into the night and spent most of the day either sleeping or in the gym. His arms were huge and his wide chest filled his tight T-shirt. His legs were big too, massive thighs squashed into his jeans and size 14 shoes on his big feet. He had very short hair and a little moustache and I guessed he was in his mid-forties so a few years older than mum. Tony gave me a big smile and kept on holding my hand as I looked up from where I sat at the breakfast table at his enormous bulk towering over me. He gave me a playful wink and for a moment I wondered if he had noticed me eyeing him up and down, trying to secretly get a glimpse of his amazing body. Mum had found herself a perfect fuck machine and I couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

Tony came to visit a few times over the next month and each night I would try and get a good look at his fantastic body, his broad shoulders, big arms and chunky thighs, he had the most amazing backside too, firm and round and wrapped tight in his joggers or jeans. He would often make a point of chatting to me and once or twice he ruffled my hair and winked at me like he did the first time. And every time that Tony stayed there would be squeals and cries of pleasure from my mum’s bedroom all night which began to make me feel really horny as I imagined his muscular naked body and hard cock in action.

One weekend my mum had to visit her sister who had broken her leg in a riding accident and so I had the house to myself for two nights. I hadn’t planned anything special and was just looking forward to being on my own, maybe watching some films and wanking off to some porn on the internet. Mum left at about 6pm on the Friday and I settled in for the night, helping myself to whatever food I wanted and listening to loud music. I made a few phone calls and had a nice long hot bath with loads of bubbles. At 10pm I lay on the sofa to watch a film. I had just a T-shirt and my boxers on. It was nearly midnight when the doorbell rang. The film was about to end so I was a little annoyed. I couldn’t think who it would be at such a late hour. I paused the film and jumped up.

When I opened the door I was surprised to see Tony. He was looking seriously horny in his security guards’ uniform. He wore a tight fitting white shirt and tie and very tight fitting black trousers that showed off his huge bulge. In the light from the porch I gazed at him in front of me, glancing up and down from his shiny black shoes up to his big smiling face.

‘Hi Tony,’ I said, feeling a little awkward.

‘Hi son,’ he said, ‘your mother home?’

‘No she’s gone to see her sister, didn’t she tell you?’

‘No we don’t chat every day so maybe she didn’t think I’d be around this weekend.’

I smiled up at him and he gave me a warm grin back. At 5ft 6 I was much smaller and I’ve always been fairly skinny so compared to this big black guy I felt tiny. Like my mother I have naturally pale skin and blonde hair which just kind of falls in a floppy mess on my head. I stood for a few seconds unable to move as he looked down into my blue eyes.

‘Just me at home this weekend I’m afraid Tony,’ I said glancing down at his crotch then back to his eyes again. I couldn’t help myself.

‘Well that’s no bad thing,’ he said in his deep voice. He reached out and ruffled my hair again and pinched my cheek. ‘You’re cute.’

I looked down at the floor feeling a bit embarrassed. He stepped forward so we were only inches apart and said, ‘You gonna let me in?’

‘Yeah sure,’ I said and I moved back into the room. He followed and I shut the door behind him.

We stood in the hallway and I could feel myself getting turned on by just being near him. He was so big and masculine, yet soft and fatherly, he was everything I’d wanted my dad to be, except my real dad was lazy and overweight and a bit of a wimp. Tony was just the sort of guy I’d wanked over a million times, the thought of being in his muscular arms and having him kiss me was almost overwhelming. I longed to get naked with him and to see the beauty of his fit body and hard cock, which I guessed had to be much bigger than my average six inches.

‘How come you haven’t invited all your friends over if you’ve got the place to yourself?’ he asked.

‘Oh I just like my own space sometimes,’ I said, ‘I was just getting to the end of a film.’

‘Shall we go and watch it?’

‘Yeah sure.’

I went through to the sitting room and he followed close behind. I sat on the sofa and he lowered himself down next to me. His huge thighs looked as big as my chest. He kicked his shoes off and settled back as I picked up the remote and got the film going again. To my surprise he stretched his right arm out and put it around me then gripped my shoulder with his big hand and pulled me in close to him. ‘Cuddle up next to your dad,’ he said softly and I felt the warmth of his body as he squashed me against him.

I just couldn’t concentrate on the last ten minutes of the film. All I could focus on was his meaty thighs and impressive bulge. I rested my left hand on his leg in the hope he wouldn’t think anything of it and then a bit later I moved it closer to his crotch. Soon my cock was stiffening and I had to place my right arm over my boxers to stop it from being obvious that I was seriously turned on.

When the film ended I looked up at him and he smiled back showing his white teeth in the dim light. ‘How about we get you up to bed now son?’ he said.

I was too scared to move in case he could see that my cock was rock hard in my underwear. He took his arm from around me and then stood up himself. ‘Am I gonna have to carry you up there?’ he asked playfully.

I felt shy and unsure of what to do. Tony seemed to have quickly taken on the role of step dad and it was both very reassuring and extremely horny. If mum was going to get serious with this guy I couldn’t let him find out that I fancied the pants off him.

Before I could think of anything to say he leant over and scooped me up in his arms. Instinctively I gripped onto his bulky shoulders and as he lifted me up the erection in my boxers was all too obvious.

‘Feeling horny son?’ he said. Then he planted a kiss on my lips and said, ‘We can sort that out for you when we get in your room.’

I felt a sudden sense of relief and excitement that Tony was totally at ease with me feeling randy as fuck. Without looking in my eyes he made his way steadily up the stairs and into my room with me cradled in his arms. He lowered me onto my bed then shut the door. The only light was from the street lights outside that made the room dimly lit with orange. He clicked the lamp on next to my bed and went over to the window and shut the curtains. He then turned round and put his hands on his hips.

‘Now take your T-shirt and boxers off son and show daddy your cute little body.’

I looked back at him and could see how serious he was. I did as I was told and sat on the bed naked with my hard cock sticking out. I tried to cover it with my arms as he stared over at me.

‘Very nice,’ he said coming closer, ‘you’ve got a pretty little body there boy.’ He ruffled my hair and I could see the bulge in his trousers getting bigger.

‘You’re not going to tell your mum about this are you son?’ he said, suddenly sounding serious, ‘or it might be the last time it happens.’

‘No I won’t say anything,’ I promised.

‘Good boy. Now get on all fours and show your dad your cute little arse.’

I turned over and did as I was told, positioning myself so that my bum was pointing right at him. I looked back and could see his face filled with lust. He began rubbing the bulge in his crotch with one hand and with the other he reached over and stroked my bare bum cheeks and ran his fingers up and down the crack.

‘Yeah, that’s nice, that’s a really hot arse son, I’ve been hoping to get hold of your arse from the first time I met you, you’ve got a cute little body there boy.’

I stuck my arse out a bit higher and parted my legs more so that he could tell I was enjoying it. I had met up with several guys off the internet and had discovered that I loved having my bum played with. Only one guy had ever fucked me and I loved it but he shot his load so quickly it only lasted a few seconds. I wanted more and couldn’t believe my luck that Tony was so turned on by me.

‘Yeah, that’s it, stick your arse out for daddy,’ he breathed behind me. ‘You like that son? You like having your arse fondled?’

‘Yes,’ I said nervously.

‘Say “Yes daddy, I like you groping my arse”,’ he told me.

I gulped and took a breath. ‘Yes daddy, I like you groping my arse.’

‘Good boy,’ he said reaching underneath and tugging on my balls. ‘Daddy likes a cute young boy bum to play with better than a woman’s pussy, so much hornier and tighter round my big cock.’

I looked back over my shoulder to meet his eye and saw his big black shape standing behind me and the hungry intensity in his eyes. One of his huge hands groped and fingered my bum whilst the other rubbed up and down on the massive bulge in his trousers.

‘Ooh yeah, that’s good son, oooh yeah I love your lean little body and cute arse, your dad is gonna enjoy himself tonight,’ he growled. He then placed a hand on each buttock and gripped my flesh tightly before stepping forward and pressing his hard bulge against the crack of my arse. ‘Ooh yeah that feels good, you enjoying that son? You like your hot daddy pressing his hard dick on your hole?’

‘Yes dad,’ I murmured, ‘it feels good.’ I looked back over my shoulder again and he grinned down at me. He must have seen how nervous I was and he was quick to reassure me. ‘Just relax son, I ain’t gonna do nothin’ to hurt you, I want to make sure you have a good time too.’

Just then he sank to his knees so that his face was inches from my arse. He continued feeling my buns and balls hanging beneath for a while, moaning and telling me how much he liked what he saw, then he placed a kiss on each buttock and pulled my cheeks apart. He pressed his big lips right on my tight hole and began licking it with his tongue. It felt amazing, I gasped and opened my legs a little wider so I was really spread for him.

‘Is that good son?’ he said, ‘You like your big daddy licking your tight boy pussy?’

‘Yes dad,’ I mumbled, face down in the bedclothes, ‘I love it.’

‘Good,’ he breathed and he began giving me a really deep, slow rimming. His warm wet tongue went in and out of my sensitive little hole and round and round making me moan and squirm with delight. His strong hands kept my cheeks spread wide apart to reveal my full anus as he ran his tongue up and down the crack and over and over until it was dripping wet and shiny.

‘That feels so good daddy, please keep rimming me,’ I begged quietly.

‘Sure son,’ he said, and he tucked in some more, really working his stiff tongue around my eager boy pussy, making the crack of my arse tingle with extreme pleasure so that my rock hard cock was dripping pre-cum onto the bed.

He paused for a few seconds and then began poking a finger in. I could see his white shirt between my legs and feel his warm heavy breathing against my skin. Gently he worked one finger in, taking it out and licking it, then poking it back into my hole. It felt so good I started to feel myself cumming even though I wasn’t wanking.

Tony fucked me slowly with his thick finger and listened as I moaned and groaned and told him how good it felt. He could feel my ring loosening up a bit so he began to work in another finger and as they both went deep in he hit the most sensitive part inside my boy pussy and I felt an orgasm approaching.

‘Oh god, oh yes, I’m gonna cum dad, it feels so good you playing with my arse, yes, yes, oh fuck I’m gonna cum!’ I gasped and moaned and at the last moment grabbed my pulsing hard on and wanked myself off, each spurt of cum flying onto the bedclothes as Tony helped me by forcing his fingers deeper into my hole and with his other hand tugging on my dangling balls. The orgasm was so intense I yelled out in pleasure and could feel the muscle of my arse ring clamping down around his big wet fingers as he shoved them deeper and wiggled his finger tips so they massaged inside.

‘Yeah son, yeah shoot that load, oh yeah your daddy loves making his horny boy cum,’ Tony said as he watched me squirt a good load of hot cum from my stiff cock.

Once I had finished milking every last drop and savoured every moment of ecstacy I collapsed onto my side. He stood up and put his fingers in his mouth and licked them. ‘Your pussy taste so good son,’ he said. ‘And look how horny you’ve made your dad,’ he said looking down at his crotch. I could see there was a wet patch where his pre-cum had been leaking out and the outline of his monster cock stretched the fabric of his tight trousers. The head of it was near his hip and it looked unbelievably thick.

As I got my breath back he just stood over me massaging his big cock through his trousers, looking down at me with a satisfied expression.

‘That feel good son?’ he said after a while.

‘Yes, yes dad it felt great.’

‘Good, now you gonna help your dad with his load?’

I looked up at the huge, muscular man above me and immediately began to feel turned on again. Even though I had only just cum I felt a stirring in my cock. I sat on the edge of the bed again so that my face was inches from his crotch. ‘Yes dad, I want to see you cum.’

‘Good boy. Now take your dad’s big dick out and see if you can get it in your mouth.’

Tony stepped forward and thrust his crotch out so it was right next to my face. He put his one hand on his hip and the other stroked my hair. He looked down swaying a little from side to side watching me confronted with his pulsating bulge. ‘Good boy,’ he repeated as I looked up at him then began feeling the monster meat through his trousers. It was solid and felt as thick as my wrist with a fat head on the end. The ball sack felt pretty heavy too. The smell of sweat and pre-cum was delicious. I rubbed my face against his trousers, enjoying the excitement and anticipation. Then with my cock rock hard again I began undoing the button on his fly which quickly came free from the pressure behind. Slowly I pulled the zip down to reveal his tight white briefs that were stuffed full to bursting with his meaty black balls and monster cock.

‘Oh wow,’ I said as I tugged his trousers down and was confronted with the full horny package. It looked like such a feast, like something out of one of the porn movies I’d seen online.

‘Mmmmmm….Go on son, take daddy’s big dick out.’

I pulled the elastic of the briefs back and reached in to lift out his hard cock. It was warm to touch and throbbing and I couldn’t get my hand all the way round it. I gripped it and fetched it out whilst pulling down his briefs. It was easily the biggest cock I’d ever seen, a good nine inches and really thick with a big fat head on the end. It was cut so the head was fully visible and the long shiny black shaft got slightly thicker at the base where it must have been a good eight inches in diameter. It felt heavy in my hand and as it sprang forward the sticky tip of it brushed against my cheek. I gasped with delight and I heard Tony moan with pleasure as he watched my eyes light up.

‘You like daddy’s big dick son, mmmm?’

‘Yes dad, I love it, it’s so big and hard, I’ll never get it in my mouth.’

‘Just lick the head son and grip both hands tightly round the shaft, that’s it, mmmm feels good.’

I tried to get the whole of the tasty big cock head in my mouth and just about managed it but couldn’t take any more. I then licked up and down the long shiny rippling shaft, wanking him slowly and nuzzling into his sweaty balls. The tight little black curls of his pubes tickled my face as I wrapped my lips around the impressive tool. As I pleasured him he undid his tie and the buttons on his shirt and then undressed so that when I looked up I could see his bulging pecs covered with black fur and his protruding bullet nipples. He began moving his hips back and forth and pinching his own nipples as I slurped on his massive cock.

‘That’s a good boy, yeah you’re making your dad feel so fucking horny, yeah boy, I love feeling your hot wet tongue on my cock head, suck the head boy and tug on daddy’s balls.’

I loved giving Tony so much pleasure, his cock felt so hard I could tell he was loving it, he moaned and stroked my hair and pulled my head towards his cock and tweaked his own nipples until I was sure he was going to cum in my mouth. His breathing was deep and excited and it was turning me on like hell. By now my cock was really hard again too and dribbling more pre-cum. I couldn’t help myself but start wanking with one hand whilst I played with my dad’s with the other and sucked and licked his mighty fuck tool. My mouth was dribbling all over his soaking wet cock and I could feel drops hitting my feet as I lost myself in the ecstacy of having such an amazing cock to play with. As I wanked myself another orgasm rose up all of a sudden and before I could stop it I shot another load. My dad watched as I gasped and my eyes closed and my body doubled over in the intense thrill of another hot climax. Through narrowed eyes I feasted on the sight of the huge wet cock in front of my face and looked up almost apologetically at Tony’s face as I wanked off another few squirts of sticky hot semen.

‘Yes,’ he said encouraging me, ‘that’s it son, you enjoy it, you enjoy having your daddy’s fat cock in your face, yeah shoot another load boy, work it all out, you’re making your dad so horny you randy little fuck.’

He yanked off his socks, trousers and briefs so he was completely naked and then knelt on the bed. He grabbed his own cock and wanked himself and then as I got my breath back he gently pushed me back so that I was lying underneath him. Seeing him smiling over me was so hot, his bulky body glistening with sweat. He took hold of my ankles and spread my legs and positioned me so that I was completely trapped. Then he lowered himself onto me and started to kiss me. He was so passionate and his mouth was so soft. I felt his one arm go around my back and the other slip under my arse. He began fingering my hole and holding me tight and I could feel his big hard on pressing against my tummy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hooked my feet up over his back, digging my heels into his firm buns. We writhed around together moaning and snogging until I was hard again and knew that it was time to get fucked.

When he had finished kissing me Tony lifted himself off and kneeling between my legs he looked down and smiled. ‘Daddy needs to fuck your little boy pussy so bad son,’ he said, smiling and frowning at the same time. ‘Are you ready for it?’

I nodded and began playing with myself again. I was worried that his dick would be too big for me but he was so reassuring and I knew he’d be gentle so I opened my legs to let him in.

‘Good boy, I’ll take it slow, just lie back and enjoy daddy’s big fat cock in your tight little hole.’

‘Yes dad,’ I said, hoping I didn’t disappoint him.

He lifted my arse up and gave the hole another good rimming until it was really wet again. I could see him looking up at me as his tongue rubbed around and around making me horny as hell again. He then worked a finger in and fucked me with it for a while before forcing in a second finger and then after a while a third. To begin with it was too much but I was keen to make daddy happy so let him carry on.

‘Tight little pussy boy, lovely, reckon it’s ready for my big daddy dick?’

‘Yes dad, fuck me please dad.’

‘Good boy.’ Tony then moved forwards and pressed the head of his big cock against my tight little ring. I could feel the pressure as he nudged it further, stretching open the hole. I took a deep breath as the head went in and he quickly leant over me and gave me a kiss. It didn’t take long for me the pain to go and soon it felt amazing. As we kissed he moved his hips back and forth forcing his hard shaft deeper and deeper in with each move.

‘Oh yeah that’s a nice tight arse hole,’ he said as he began to fuck me harder. ‘Yeah that’s so fucking good. You like that son?’

I was struggling to take it and my hole was seriously stretched but I couldn’t ask him to stop as he had helped me cum twice and he had yet to blow a load. I kept playing with myself and tried to relax as he slid his thick shaft in and out of my hole. With each stroke he got deeper and I could see him losing himself in the pleasure, his hips grinding back and forth as my tight arse gripped his throbbing black cock.

‘Yeah, that’s good son, yeah take daddy’s big horny cock.’

I opened my legs as wide as I could to take it all as he rode me deeper and harder, I couldn’t help but moan and groan and gasp, my head rolling from side to side as the pleasure and pain surged up through my whole body. Soon the feeling of his huge meat ploughing into me was amazing and watching his beefy body arch over me just added to the pleasure.

‘Yeah fuck me,’ I whimpered, ‘fuck me daddy.’

‘You enjoying being fucked son? Yeah that’s good.’

Tony clearly wanted to make the fuck last and kept going for ages, he was pretty fit and maintained a steady rhythm, his round butt cheeks rising up and down as he worked his knob deep into my sore bum. Every now and again he leant down and gave me a soft kiss, swirling his tongue in my mouth and licking my face, then he would look down at the sight of his big dick going in and out of my boy pussy and mumble how hot it looked. It felt so good my hard cock was soon close to cumming and as his stiff helmet rubbed deep inside I could feel another orgasm welling up.

‘Oh god I think I’m gonna cum again daddy, I think I’m gonna cum, your big dick feels so good, yeah daddy keep fucking me, keep fucking me, my pussy feels so good, fuck me harder….’

Seeing me writhing beneath him on the brink of orgasm made Tony cum too, he groaned and took a deep breath and snorted like a bull as he glared fiercely down into my eyes and rammed his daddy dick deep and hard into my raw arse. ‘Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah!’ he cried with each stroke, his nostrils flaring up and his eyes focused with pleasure. I could feel the warmth of his cum shoot into my hole and my arse ring tighten round his shaft as I came again, squirting a few more drops of spunk onto my stomach. Tony’s orgasm seemed to go for ages, he just kept grunting and fucking me and working his knob into me over and over until finally he stopped and collapsed sideways so that he didn’t land on top of me. His big cock plopped out and I felt the warmth of his semen trickle down the crack of my arse and onto the bedclothes.

‘That was great boy,’ he said, ‘I’m gonna enjoy sharing a bed with you from time to time.’

I cuddled up to him and lay my head on his chest and he put his arm round me. ‘Yes daddy, that was great, I hope we can do it again,’ I said.

‘Sure we can, just don’t let your mother know, ok?’

‘I won’t say a word,’ I told him.

Tony stayed that night and fucked me two more times, each time we both came and the pleasure was like nothing I’d ever experienced. My arsehole was seriously sore in the morning so he licked it better whilst I wanked and I shot another load as he ate my sensitive hole. Being with him was so fucking horny I just couldn’t stop cumming.

Luckily for us mum decided Tony was too poor and she ended up dating a lawyer who was boring but had lots of money. So I went to Tony’s flat in the city centre at least once a week and told mum I was staying over with friends. We have the best sex ever and I feel a very lucky boy that I’ve found .

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