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Gay True Older/Younger HowI got Started Part 1

By stevegla

submitted July 12, 2010

Categories: Older/younger, True Stories

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Hi I'm Steve this is my true story of I got on the gay side of life. my frist sex with a male was a friend who talked me into sucking on his cock. I was very unsure of it but he pressured me for it and I gave in. My mouth had only been sucking on him for a few strokes and I found I liked it very much to much for him I guess as I found out later. I suck on him till he was ready to cum then he pushed my face of an jacked off till he came. The same thing happend a couple more times always pushing my face away when he was ready. The last time I sucked on him when he pushed my face away and started jacking I went down on his balls, Wrong thing to do! He got pissed started calling me names faggit and so on, I felt so ashamed as he left. Soon he'd told every one half truths about my cock suck saying it was all me begging for cock. I became the little fag on the block losing my friends and then getting taps on my window late at night from few of the guys on the block who thought I should blow them and then keep my cock sucking lips zipped. After doing this a few times feeling like a piece of used meat I stoped all together and became aloner. I stop jacking off but iI coulden't stop dreaming about It got so bad I'd wake up cumming. By the time I ment Steve L, I was well into my eighteenth year and inverted an confused on the whole sex thing. The one thing I dislike about my self was I looked young much younger than my age and I was cute very cute Blond blue eyes 5'5 125 with a bubble butt. I coulden't seem to get a date with a girl my own age because they wanted some one who looked older. They would tell I was cute but pass me by. What I would find was older men did want it! I ment Steve L though my parents who owned a store he worked for them I'd ment him having to do some work at the store. He was a good 6'2 dark hair brown eyes in good shape and was 37 years old. He seemed like a nice enough guy but it wounden't be long before I heard he was gay of course I heard it from my sis. I couldent tell, he didn't act gay! Just tells you how little I knew back then. any ways My parents wanted to take off for a week and did not want us home alone so Steve offerd to take us in. He had a big house and seemed to have lots of money I wasen't sure why he even worked for us. The frist night we got to his house around 7:00 pm and after a hour or so he ask if we party'd. I do I said. My sis wanted nothing to do with it or him she diden't really like him very much so she took off for the room he'd made up for her she was set it had tv and a phone so she locked her slef away. Steve asked me if I'd ever tryed brandy I said no so he poured me some. WOW! it was great stuff and he kept my glass full. You smoke! he asked, Yup! So we sat and party'd listening to ZZ Top. I got trashed big time with my new friend. A couple things happend as we party'd like him placing his hand on my thigh, putting me in a head lock till I surrenderd and seeing a big baulge in his jeans. I got turned on but was scared to death I was very unsure of my slef and very buzzed. I had know ideal if Steve knew I was scared but he backed off a bit a finely told me I should get some sleep as I got up to go to bed he was right there to help me. My head was swarming as I stood next to the bed he'd made up for me. Looking back on it I think he might of put some thing in my drink cause I felt so weak. Steve pulled down the sheets and to my shock started undressing me. It was only when he got to my underwear that I managed to blurt out that I slept with my underwear on that he removed his hands from my wastband and gave me a push into the bed. He stood there for a couple as I pulled the sheets up. You alright! he asked. I asured him I was and he said Night! and walked out. I was laying there with a hard on wondering if he was gay or not. I got my answer about twenty min's later when the door opened and he came in wearing only his underwear. I was pretending to be asleep as he droped them to the floor. My heart was racing as he lifted the sheets an crawled in next to me running his hand over my back and down to my ass squeezing it once. Then he just rolled me over telling me to relax as he sliped his hand under my waistband taking hold of my cock. I had never had a guy touching me there, more so and older guy. It was when he stared to go down on my I freaked out! It just seemed worng letting an older guy do that. To stop him I blurted out No let me. It was all I could think to do to keep him off me. So I took hold of his cock and went down as he streached out. OH Fuck! he was big his cock was at least eight inch's thick and rock hard. If I'd been scared once I got my mouth on that cock I fell into heavy lust. With my hands holding me up I went to work sucking I got lost in it as Steve egged me on telling yes suck it babby. I coulden't get enough I'd suck on his big cock head an lick at it then go back down as far as I could. Steve placed a hand on my head an started guiding me pressing my face ferther down. Yeah do it! you like that cock don't you, I was gagging on it and trying to say yes with a mouth full of hot cock. Steve reached out with a free hand an clicked on a night light on. OH Fuck yes! suck my cock Stevie he said. fuck thats what I wanted to see you face fucking my cock! Look at me he said pushing my hair back I looked up to him he had a heated smile on his face. Show me you want it kiss my cock he said pushing my lips from him I kissed his cock head and licked at it till he shoved my face back down. He started working my head with both hands my eyes were watering. as I sucked Steve kept tell me I was his now, OH! I'm going to cum for you babby he said taking his hands off my head I didn't miss a beat. I'm cumming! he said and I just kept sucking. Fuck yeah take it then he said replacing his hands. I felt his cock swell and gush Steve held my face in place as I gulped and gasped swallowing his thick cum. Steve jurked taking his hands from my head as I kept milking it till it was spent he finely had to shove my head away but I was so fucking cock hot I just moved down and started licking on his balls. steve swung his leg out and placed both on the floor standing I didn't know if I should be ashamed or not or if he'd even talk to me after. he used the bathroom that was in the room as I layed there humping the bed. when he came out he wiped my face with a damp towle, Fuck your a hot little cock sucker aren't you. I gave a little smile as he lifted me moving me up on the bed thinking it was over I felt wonderful.