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Straight Soccer Player Kidnapped and Raped - Part 1

By Sebastian

submitted October 3, 2010

Categories: Bondage, Cops, Discipline, S/M, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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I’d like to keep this short, because I don’t really like talking about it.

I’m not gay and have never felt the slightest attraction to men. I never will. I wish that gay people could accept that this is just how some of us are made. There are three individuals in particular who clearly have no intention of accepting this.

I was on my way home from soccer practice when an oncoming car cut a corner and crashed head-on into mine. Apart from the initial shock, I was surprised to note that I was completely unscathed.

The three men in the vehicle also seemed unharmed. They quickly jumped out of their vehicle and came towards mine. I assumed that they wanted to check on me before exchanging insurance details and calling the police. I wound my window down to talk to them, seeing that they looked a little rough, with piercings and tattoos and so on. They looked like they were in their early thirties, so they were around ten years older than me. And we were after all on a country road in the middle of nowhere.

As they approached I saw them look at me, then look at each other and nod. Before I could say anything, the first one to arrive reached inside through the open window and opened the door. Once the door was open they pulled me out of my car, ignoring my protests.

One of them commented on my Adidas shorts, which I was still wearing from soccer practice. Another mentioned that I was a particularly boyish catch and spanked the backs of my thighs a few times. They pulled me towards the front of my car. I struggled but was no match for the three of them as they laid me faced down over the car bonnet and proceeded to run their hands up and down my legs, having a good feel of my thighs. It felt strange having six hands stroking and grasping at my legs at the same time, and I remember once at soccer practice how a group of gay men stood watching, making comments every now and then about how sexy my legs were. Fortunately, none of the other players noticed any of this going on, but when I left the building after practice they were sitting outside smoking. When they saw me walk past, one of them said: “Wow, you’ve still got your shorts on. Thanks for letting us have one last look at your legs…” I shouted at them three of them, telling them to fuck off and leave me alone.

As I remembered this story, I felt the rage rise once again inside me, still feeling the three pairs of hands running up and down my legs. I started struggling again, and one of them immediately held me down while the other one pulled my shorts down. Another immediately protested, saying he wanted to have me longer in my Adidas shorts. I struggled even more, shouting that no one was going to ‘have me’.

But they did. They pulled my shorts down and started to spank me. Usually one of them held me down while the other two spanked me. At one point I struggled so much that I almost thought I would managed to escape, so one of them pulled his belt off and used it to tie my hands behind my back. Another pulled his belt off and used it to whip my arse until I was yelling myself hoarse. It really, REALLY hurt, and it got them what they wanted: they managed to persuade me to stop struggling and to be more obliging.

This didn’t stop the rage inside me. At that moment I could have killed them. They continued spanking me, but now they were using their hands rather than the belt. Sometimes they would spank the backs of my thighs, and sometimes one of them would reach up under my soccer shirt and squeeze my nipples roughly, causing me to yelp.

At some point they started taking it in turns to lick my hole, sticking their tongues deep in and biting my buttocks. At one point I yelled out again and got another spanking. I could only imagine how burning red my arse must have been by now. While I was getting spanked again, I heard a car stop behind me. I strained to turn around from the position I was in and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw a policeman getting out of the car, asking the men what the hell they thought they were doing.

One of the three men must have seen the patrol car approaching and had hidden behind their car, leaving the policeman unaware that there was a third member to the group. As he was approaching us, talking into his walkie-talkie, the other man emerged from behind the car and attacked the policeman from behind. One of the other two quickly ran to help him. The other one held me down, spanking my bare arse every now and then to remind me of the position I was in and I watched in dismay as they overpowered the young policeman, forcing him down to the ground and tying his hands behind his back with the belt they had previously used to whip my arse. One undid the policeman’s trousers and pulled them down while the other one took off his belt and whipped the policeman’s bare arse for a good five minutes until they had literally whipped him into submission. As he lay on the floor in shock, breathing with exhaustion, they stuffed a piece of cloth into his mouth to keep him quiet.

I felt really sorry for him. He was just doing his job and didn’t even look like he was much over 25. For the first time I started to wonder what else they were going to do to me – or to us.

Meanwhile one of the men told his friend to start spanking the policeman with his hand. He nudged the other one in my direction, as a way of telling him to do the same to me. By now the skin on my arse had got used to being spanked, but I realised that keeping quiet would encourage him to increase the impact his hand was having upon my naked flesh.

“Listen, you two,” the one not spanking said to his two spanking friends. If we’re going to have some more fun with these two, we should get them off to our warehouse. I don’t think anyone’s going to come by here, but I’d rather not risk it.”

They lifted the policeman into the back of their van and then two of them came back for me. They pulled my Adidas shorts back up, lifted me up and carried me between them towards the van.

I was bundled into the back of their van with my hands still tied behind my back. They lowered me down next to the policeman who seemed to look just as sorry for me as he did for himself. The leader of the group jumped in behind the wheel and started to drive, telling the other two to have their fun with us. They did. They made the policeman and me kiss each other, making sure that we used our tongues. They made us lick each other’s lips in turn spit in each other’s mouths and swallow it. This was making my stomach turn. I don’t know why, but at one point the policeman looked straight into my eyes as he spat in my mouth, and I looked back into his as I swallowed. While I was swallowing I felt one of the men check that my bondage was still intact before going back to rubbing my legs and playing with my shorts.

“OK, you’re going to suck each other off now,” we were told. I shouted a string of protests, which only caused my shorts to get pulled down and me to get a severe spanking. That shut me up.

“Listen,” the man went on, “you’re going to be fucking each other before the day is out, so I wouldn’t get too upset about this. And believe me, you WILL do as you’re told…”


If you enjoyed this, let me know. If you didn’t, let me know. Any comments/feedback, let me know. Anything else, let me know. nrutas@gmx.de

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