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Fucking a Muscle God in the Gym

By Muscle Villain

submitted October 16, 2010

Categories: Gym Workouts, Muscle

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Ever since I had been at school and had had a brief but memorable muscle worship wank over my sexy Phys Ed teacher’s pecs and biceps, it had been my fantasy to have real sex with a huge bodybuilder. Not just athletic, toned, and ripped, but huge in every way. I had jerked off to pictures and videos of Arnold, Bob Paris, Zeb Atlas, Caesar, Matthew Rush, Carlo Masi, and more than anyone else, Jay Cutler. His musculature was perfection – if he had been 6ft 3” he would have been my fuck fantasy. In my years since I was in school I had had my share of fit fuckers but never fulfilled my fantasy. But now I have!

I had joined The Rock gym six months ago, partly to tone up my own muscles. At 6 foot tall and 200 lbs, I was pretty ripped already and my 10inch thick cock got me plenty of attention and blow jobs, but to be honest, it was more to look out for real hot hunky bodybuilders to fantasise over while I jerked off at home or to fuck right there in the gym. The showers had already been the scene of amazing spray from a cute and pretty built black guy and Steve the muscular manager had often fucked me in his office and even had stayed the night with me covering each other in loads of cum. Just over 6 feet with 8 inches of hard cock, 50 inch chest and biceps getting on for 20 inches, he loved being touched up and talked to while he wanked. He sprayed ropes of spunk over my face and shoulders a few times while I told him how beautiful his physique was – he loved hearing me say “Fuck my face Mr Universe, let me eat your muscle cum” – and I enjoyed fucking his butt crack while he flexed a double biceps, but he was not big enough to really fulfil my dreams. But then last week a new guy entered the gym and I knew this was him. Everyone at The Rock knew I was gay and really into huge guys. It was amazing how often my hand brushed against a pumping quad or flexed bicep to be met with a big grin and often a hardening dick, so word soon got round to the new guy about me. Luckily for me he didn’t change one bit; still wore the tightest vests, drenched in his sweat after sometimes two hours working on his pecs, took off his vest to check out his progress in front of the mirrors (and it wasn’t just me fondling my dick when he did that – I saw Steve spray over the desk). And he still stood with his fucking gigantic arms behind his head while he pissed (and I stood next to him with my huge cock leaking precum). My hand even got to loiter over his abs - this biggest 8 pack I had ever seen - while he pumped huge weights to work his massive triceps behind his head and he didn’t budge. But he said nothing and I had yet to see him in the showers. I gave him all the signs I was desperate to worship him but so far nothing other than copious ropes of jizz over my chest and into my mouth from my own dick at home, dreaming of him.

It was late one night when I could barely contain my mounting sexual excitement that I heard my phone ring. I had been wanking watching a Jay Cutler DVD – I bet most bodybuilder videos sales are to gay guys – and was about to cum as he was hitting a rear double biceps, so it was a hard choice whether to finish off then or later. I paused the DVD and took the call.

“Mike?” “Yeh – who’s this?” “Den. From The Rock.” “Wow, that’s amazing, I was just thinking about you” (My cock had already stiffened knowing I had my muscle god on the phone while I was fisting myself off) “Yeh? Have you cum yet?” “What?!” He said nothing and I was just a bit surprised by what he had said but my cock got noticeably harder knowing he was thinking about me wanking. “You want me to talk about my fucking muscle god physique lifting weights, pumping my 28 inch arms with 200lbs of iron and flexing my oiled up 64 inch pecs while you finish off? You want to watch me tricep pump while I piss next to you. You wanna watch Steve spray his desk while I check out my fucking beautiful muscles.....Or do you want to worship my perfect body in the flesh?” “Ahhhhh!” I had sprayed my cock all over my face and chest at the sound of his words. “Ah, too late. Never mind, I’ll see you tomorrow” “No. Wait!” “Sound to me like you’ve already cum” I couldn’t deny it and I was panting in excitement. “Well, the sound of your voice and hearing about your huge muscles was bound to have that effect – and you knew that!” He laughed “Yeh, some of the guys have been showing me what you like to do in the showers and telling me what you think of me and I thought it was about time to break the ice.” “What do you mean, showing you what I like to do in the showers?” “You mean you haven’t heard me getting sucked off in the manager’s shower room?” (So that’s where he showered) “Are you saying Steve has blown you?” Steve was the Rock’s hunky manager and one of the few guys who I had had to stay the night. He was tall, ripped, pumped and loved fucking and getting fucked and specialised in drinking guys off, but I had no idea he would go for guys as big as Den. “Him and a few others. But I wasn’t thinking about a face fuck. I know you want my glutes to fuck and I want you to. Your dick looks huge while I piss and I want it up my ass. You free right now?” “Sure” (was I ever!) “So, come on down to the Rock. Steve’s given me the key.” “Give me ten minutes” “Ok, I’ll start pumping my huge muscles and getting my cock sticky ready for you!” “Fuck. If you start this again I am going to have another orgasm!” He laughed again. “Yeh, I know. It’s gonna be a fun night. Press the buzzer when you get here.”

This was it. I was finally going to fulfil my fantasy and with a guy so much bigger than I had ever thought could exist. I suppose I should tell you about Den.

He stood 6’4” tall. His perfect bronzed skin (no lines I could see so I would have loved to have caught him topping up that tan) barely covered his amazing muscles. Working up, he had size 11 feet, 26 inch calves, 44inch quads – completely rippled with striated muscles – a truly unbelievable 34 inch waist billowing out through the most incredible 8 pack with every line of ab muscle broader than the one below, to a 64 inch chest package when he flexed his lats and pecs. His nipples were big and jutted out, waiting to be sucked and stroked. The traps and delts were like gigantic medicine balls sitting on his powerful chest and his arms were complete perfection. The peak on his biceps was gently veined and with his triceps pumped as well they measured 28 inches. And the most amazing things was how handsome he was – he didn’t look freaky or weird, just a regular hot stud, with gentle stubble, deep brown eyes and a mouth that begged for a cock and some spunk on his lips. Turning round in the gym to inspect his enormous back was a real gusher of a scene for Steve and a few others. You could hear the groans as the smell of cum started to fill the gym. And Den just carried on pumping, posing and smiling! And now all this was going to be mine. And in a gym too.

I hurried to the Rock and pressed the buzzer. “Hi, Rock Gym” Shit, it was Steve’s voice. “Oh, hi Steve. I just came back for some of my gear. I think I left it in the locker room.” Feeble I know but I was panicked. “Oh really, I was hoping you come to give me a fuck show with Den. You should see him working out. He is bigger than ever and his cock has been leaking since he phoned you.” Fuck I was going to have an audience – and an appreciative one by the sounds of it. “Don’t worry Mike. I’ll leave you two in peace, but be sure I’ll be enjoying the video in my office!”

The door buzzed open and I was in. My heart was pounding and I could barely think straight. This was it. My own time in a gym with the biggest muscle god in the world. Even better someone was going to video it so I could relive the fantasy as often as I could wank. Not that I would need that it turned out.

When I entered the gym it was my dream. There was music playing and in the centre of the gym, bicep curling a bar with 300lbs on it was a sweat drenched Den. I walked over and he just carried on. I stood as close as I dared but didn’t touch the huge peak of bicep which was extending and peaking with the strain. He put the bar down and walked away.

Shit, was this just going to another cock tease and another wank session for me?

Den went over to the free weights in front of the mirrors and selected the heaviest pair. He went over to a bench, lay on his back and started flies, his magnificent pecs stretched and his lats working up a huge river of sweat. And then it happened.

“Climb on board Mike. Come and sit on me and feel this god. I want you hands over my lats and pecs, and make sure you grab onto my nipples when I contract the pump.”

This was like dirty talk to me and I was off. I cimbed on his huge quads.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” “What?” “You think I want you to worship me in your jeans? Strip naked you fucking muscle god whore. Let me see your dick drip precum on my abs. NOW!” In five second I was naked and as Den had already guessed, was dripping precum. I knew I going to blow before I got to fuck Den, but I also knew I could cum five or six times a night watching Jay Cutler pumping, so I was sure I could do more with a real god in my hands. “Oh my fuck you have the best dick ever. Let it go Mike. Cum on my 64 inch chest. I have wanted you since I joined – actually Steve suggested I join just to meet you (!) – and I need my sweat mixing with some hot muscle worship cum. At this he dropped the weights, sat up and ripped his vest off, exposing the biggest chest I had ever seen. He brought his massive arms together and the tits practically exploded. I could bear it no more. I touched his arms and slowly massaged the steel of his biceps and slid over to his bronzed solid pecs. “Fuck you are the sexiest musclegod ever. I’m gonna cum on your chest. I’m cumming. Oh fuck fuck.. fuck! Flex Den, flexx your huge pecs, pump them you muscle god, pump! Pump! Bigger! Pump! oh fuck fuck fuuuuuccckkk!!!. Shit! Fuck! oh you are fucking huge. Keep em hard, don’t stop pumping shit you are perfection. Yeeeessss.” Den’s pecs were covered in huge ropes of spunk, hanging from his nipples, wrapping over his traps and delts, dripping from this huge muscleman.

“Fuck my tits, worshipper. Feel em covered in your jizz. Rub it in and let me have some now.” Den wiped his hands over his soaked pecs and brought his fingers to his mouth. He licked every drop of cum off his hand wiped his fingers in my cum again and then reached behind me and shoved his cum drench fingers up my arse, pulling me forwards with his hugely powerful arms until my cock slid up his massive chest and was in his mouth. This was too much and as he finger fucked me he sucked me off. It took about 10 seconds til I was spewing in his throat, the excess spilling over his lips which he offered up to me. God, I was tonguing my own cum from my dream hunk’s mouth.

“Right, now for some fun. You got more cum in that dick?” “Gallons, as long as you work out Mr Universe”

Den lifted me off and placed me on the floor. He ripped off his shorts, showing me his beautiful erection, dripping with cum. He bent over and grabbed the huge weights and started more flies, this time bent over, exposing his amazing glutes.

“Don’t just stand there. FUCK ME. Fuck my tight muscle cunt. Fill my cunt with your huge dick and cum. FUCK ME NOW.”

The weights were making his huge back grow and sweat and I wasn’t sure how I was going to penetrate his huge glutes, but as I pushed my cock head into his hole, he opened up, held the weights at shoulder height (how he held them there I cannot imagine, but his lats just throbbed with pumped muscle) and I went straight in. This was what I had dreamt of. Muscle fucking a huge god in front of a mirror while he pumped iron. My cock was still wet with cum and his spit so I needed no lube and the fuck was deep and hard. My hands roamed over his enormous back, while he yelled at me to worship his physique. I grabbed his tiny waist a let my hands feel all the way up his enormous lats and round to his massive pecs and nipples.

“Screw this bodybuilder you fucker. Fuck my hole and shoot your jizz up my cunt. Fuck. Fuck. I need you deeper. C’mon Steve I need you.”

Steve? What the fuck? Was he fantasizing over Steve? The answer soon came as I felt my legs lifted off the ground. I had to hold on to Den’s lats for balance as I felt my dick go deeper into his hot hole.

“Ready Mike? This is going to make you blow” Steve’s voice surprised me, but what he did surprised me more. He grabbed my balls and pushed them into Den’s hole and then while I fucked Den holding myself horizontal, Steve shoved his gorgeous cock right up Den too. Double fucking a god with another muscle god was too much. “FUUUUCCCKKKK” I spewed and felt Steve unload at the same time. The cum flowed out of Den’s arse and Steve rubbed his dick it, telling me to do the same.

Den turned round and licked us both clean, wiping the cum over his lips and spitting gobs onto his own cock.

“And now for Mike’s treat”

God there was going to be more.

Mike lay on the bench, cock and mouth covered in cum and spit. “On you get Mike. This is going to be a muscle fuck you are never going to forget.” He pushed me down onto his cock and I felt the cum wet my hole. Then Den stood up, lifting my body with his massive pumped quads and held me up with his biceps. He walked me to the middle of the gym and started fucking me looking at himself in the mirror and starting hitting double biceps. I held on. Snogging his huge peaks. The more I kissed his muscles the harder he got inside me. I felt his pecs. He roared at me to worship him

“Yeah, feel Mr Universe. Feel that fucking huge pec flex. Worship my fucking body. This is my fantasy, being fucking felt up with a hot fuck stud on my dick. Fuck I’m gonna cum. Feel me. FEEL MY MUSCLES. WORSHIP ME. FUUUCKKK. YEESS FUCK” Den unloaded what must have been pints of cum up me and I sucked it into my hole. At the same moment I ejaculated again, covering Den’s whole face with thick ropes of cum. He licked up the load on his mouth and snogged me and then unbelievably started pumping his cock again. “I need to fuck you again. Now.” He pumped and sweated and then I saw Steve in the mirror walking towards me. “Do it Steve” I begged him. Steve pushed his hot dick up me and I was being muscle fucked by the two hottest guys I had ever seen. The next ten minutes were my fantasy come true. Pumping muscles, hot sweaty physiques fucking the shit out of each other, screaming muscle worship and filth at each other in front of a muscle gym’s mirrors. I came three more times on Den’s face, pecs and best of all over his flexed biceps (we both enjoyed licking that off and snogging his muscles covered in cum. He filled my arse and then fucked my face full of jizz and we lay on a bench coated in sweat, jizz, and spit.

“OK, that’s settled then” Den panted “You and me are moving in together. I need this every day. No more wanking myself off watching guys pose on the net. We are gonna fuck each other every waking minute and you are going watch me win Mr Olympia and fuck me onstage. What do you think?” There were no words to use, so I did the next best thing. I stood up, lifted Den’s legs high in the air, and just for good measure fucked him one more time. “You mean like that?”

And that was weeks ago. I now weigh 240lbs, Den is up to 70 inch pecs and 30 biceps and we fuck half a dozen times a day. Oh yes, and Steve has become a regular guest and we’ve become quite a draw at the fuck muscle worship nights at the gym.

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