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bodybuilder on the bench

By Muscle Villain

submitted October 16, 2010

Categories: Bathhouse Tales, Muscle, Celebrity Fantasy

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Finally at the sauna, sitting watching some hot studs fucking on the screen, Dan caught the eye of the bodybuilder he'd been following all night. It was 3am and he was all ready for heading home, changing into his straight gear, when in had walked this huge guy, his t shirt gripping the biggest arms Dan had ever seen, hugging the most amazing pecs and shoulders. Half way through pulling up his jeans, he just stopped and stared. The guy look back and smiled but moved on into the next area. Dan quickly stripped off, wrapped his towel round his waist again and followed the hunk. But there was no-one around. Dan walked the labyrinth of dark alleys, sometimes feeling a hand on his toned pecs, or stroking his firm biceps, but when he looked up it was always some cute twink type. Not Dan's type at all - he wanted muscle, hundreds of pounds of it. He lay in the sauna, exposing his hard cock for all to see (and had a couple of blow jobs from anonymous mouths but nothing really happened). He showered at length waiting for the hunk, but nothing. Finally he headed for the video room and on the way heard the loudest sex he could imagine - guys shouting and swearing for everyone to hear. He heard one of the guys suddenly shout out "Fuck me you fucking muscle god. Flex up and FUCK ME". Muscle god? That sounded promising. He walked into the vidoe room and watched other musclemen fucking, even enjoyed the three guys opposite in a three way fuck and suck. Three movies and a couple of wanks later he saw him. Dan just sat and stared and unbelievably the hunk walked over and sat right next to him, his towel draped loosely across his lap. "I thought I saw you heading out when I came in" he said. "Yeh, well something made me change my mind." The hunk stood up and, facing him, dropped his towel and flexed his biceps in a classic double biceps pose. "Maybe this?" Dan couldn't keep his eyes from the massive rippling quads and huge erection covered in jizz, never mind the vast expanse of his masisve chest and huge biceps. "Uh, yeh. Well I'm pretty much addicted to...." "Fucking hot bodybuilders with great dicks" "Oh shit you are amazing. I mean your physique. Your muscles. Your dick. " "You fancy licking off my cum? I've just wanked off thinking of you" "You mean that wasn't you screaming in the alleys?" "Yeh, that was me, but I was on my own with my fingers up my arse, having a wank" Dan didn't need asking twice. He fell to his knees and started licking. The hunk's cock twitched and started getting harder again. Dan deep throated as much as he could and put his hands on the hunks quads. No more than ten thrusts in and he felt a sudden pump and a spray of hot liquid down his throat and a tightening of those incredible thighs. He swallowed and kept sucking, enjoying the feel of muscle cum inside him. "I'm Greg, fancy fucking me?" "Ready and gagging" They headed off to find a room, but Greg had other ideas. He walked to the sauna and opened the door. He lead Dan in leaving their towels by the door. Dripping with sweat they started kissing, Dan's hands roaming over Greg's huge muscles. He cound't help himself. "Fuck you are beautiful. I love biceps, tris, pecs, abs, delts, traps, lats, quads and glutes. Flex everything for me Greg, I want to worship you. Pose you stud and let me adore your physique." "Well, seeing you know all the names I suppose I should at least make them work for you. But only if you get that cock inside me. NOW" Greg bent double, holding his ankles with his hands, his broad back spread along the length of his quads. His ass was beautiful. Shaved, Wet, Ready. Dan pushed his dick again the hole and slid in. As he did, Greg unwound his body and spread his vast lats and went straight into a double biceps. "See how long you can last inside this god before you cum" "I reckon about 10 seconds if you keep pumping those fucking hot muscles" Greg gave Dan the works, side triceps and chest, most muscular, abs and quads, the sweat pouring down his body, making it glisten. "Oh god, I'm cumming. Pump our arms. Double biceps. Pump them for me. Now. Pump Greg, I'm fucking orgasming inside you." Dan gripped hard onto Greg's peaked biceps and flooded Greg's ass. "Oh fuuuuccckk". Dan collapsed onto Greg's back licking the muscles down his lats. "That was amazing." "And now for a treat. Fancy a muscle facial?" "Fuck yeh" Greg stood up, grabbed his dick and started jerking off. "You want my cum don't you, muscle god. You want to see this cum fountain. Wann see my cock spunk. Get your face here" He pulled Dan's face towards him and immediately started arching back and shooting the thickets ropes of cum Dan had ever seen. "Fuck me you god that is amazing" Cum showered over Dan's head, into his hair, his mouth and finally as the tenth of eleventh spray was erupting Dan took this muscle god's dick deep inside his mouth, sucking the pints of cum down his throat. "Nice work guys" came a voice from behind Dan. Dan turned round to see another beautiful body and huge erection. Jay Cutler had been watching the whole scene and was ready for his turn.

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