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Vibrating - Urethral Style

By jeroldc

submitted October 23, 2010

Categories: Masturbation, True Stories, Fetish

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I was cruising through X-tube one evening when I saw a really hot video. I have always enjoyed watching videos of men sounding themselves. This particular video showed a hot bear-looking guy - married and a merchant marine, who found a small 4 inch long, 0.5. inch diameter bullet vibrator.

He licked the vibrator and then passed it down the urethra of his meaty 7 inch cock. He passed it all the way in and it looked really hot with the wire coming out his cockhead. He maneuvered the small vibrator down deep in his cock all the way down to his prostate. He then proceeded to jack off and expel the vibrator out his cock followed by a hot load of cum.

I thought that was one the hottest videos I had ever seen. I wanted to do the same thing The urethra of my 6 inch cut cock is a bit narrow so I found a 0.25 inch mini bullet vibrator. I was able to get it in only with difficulty. It did feel wonderful while it was in and I had one of the best orgasms I had ever had. Unfortunately, because of a stricture at the tip of my cock, I just have not been able to do it again. I have tried to stretch it with sounds, but I reach a certain point and am unable to go any farther.

I did broach the subject with my husband, Jeff, who is able to take it just fine. He enjoyed it a great deal. I passed it down his 5 inch cock and gave him a blowjob while it was vibrating away.

I was in the local adult novelty emporium and found the identical vibrator that I saw in that X-tube video. I bought it for Jeff. He was able to use it but it was a bit uncomfortable for him. I set it aside for future use.

A few weeks later, my friend, Bob called me and wanted me to come over and play. Bob is 80 years old, but looks like he is 60. He has a huge cut cock that is 8 inches by 6 inches around. Bob makes more precum that anyone I have ever seen. It literally drips out a drop every 3 seconds. It is also the tastiest precum I have ever slurped. Bob loved to be sucked off, to feed me his piss and cum, and to play with sounds. I thought he would really enjoy the vibrator for his cock. I asked him about it and he said to bring it along.

I went to Bob’s place. He met me at the door wearing nothing but a smile. That hot cock of his was chubbed up in anticipation of some fun. I quickly stripped down and got busy. Showed Bob the little vibrator. He wanted to try it out.

Because I want people to play as safely as possible, I went through the steps on how to disinfect it and prepare it safely to minimize the risk of infection. He got a clean towel and washed his hands. He cleaned the vibrator and the wire with alcohol and rinsed it with clean tap water. Rather than use saliva for lubricant which can cause a urinary tract infection, I gave his a small tube of KY and show him how to squirt some out on a clean surface and lube the vibrator..

Finally, we were all set. Bob was at full staff in anticipation of the vibrator. We gently passed it down his dick-lips and it fit perfectly. With all the precum he was pumping out, we really did not need the KY. We turned it on and Bob was in heaven! He moved it all the way to the base of his dick so that it stimulated the prostate gland. I soon was slurping tons of precum from Bob as I started to blow him. The wire running the vibrator was no problem. It tucked down along side of his cock. It took about 3 minutes of sucking before he blew the vibrator out of his dick propelled by a hot load of cum. He lay back and commented 30 minutes later that his cock was still buzzing and tingling.

I told him that the vibrator was his to have. He rewarded me with a belly full of his hot foamy piss. I had some work to do and had to leave shortly thereafter.

Talked to Bob a few day later. He said he had been enjoying the vibrator. He said he inserted it and turned it on before he went to the bank the day before. Looking forward to getting together with him again and using it on him

Jerold C. Tampa, FL USA wetbarebear@gmail.com

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