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My Neighbor, Jason

By jeroldc

submitted October 23, 2010

Categories: Neighbors, True Stories, Arm Pits, Foreskin Fun--Uncut, Bears, Daddies & Cubs

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Our former neighbors in the rental house next door to us were a real piece of work. The husband was deployed with the military in Iraq (bless the troops for their heroic work) and it was the wife and kids that lived there. No matter what we said or did in terms of trying to be friends with them was to no avail. They were not amused living next to a gay couple and showed it in the unfriendliness and unwillingness to even be social.

We were relieved when they relocated to Texas after his term was over. When Jason and his wife, Diane moved into the rental house next door, it was a breath of fresh air. Both of them were school teachers and Diane was expecting their first child. They moved in on a temporary basis while their house was being built. Diane was very nice and friendly, but Jason was an absolute hunk. He was in the Army reserves and had just come back from Iraq. He was a little shorter than I - about 5'6" and a muscular 145 or so. He had beautiful red hair in a crew cut and it extended over his whole body although he clipped it short. He occasionally wore a short van dyke, but would shave it off when he had his monthly reserve duty. He had a major bulge in those nylon shorts he was so fond of wearing around.

Jason was a wrestling coach and a civics teacher at a local high school. Right off the bat, he and his wife were very friendly with my partner and me. It was obvious that we were a gay couple and it did not seem to matter to them. We always enjoyed talking with them. It was always a treat to see Jason working in his motorcycle or mow the yard without a shirt. His red chest hair glistening with sweat never failed to excite me.

I had a patient in the hospital who was also a wrestling coach. He was quite good looking as well. He was talking to me about the state wresting championships and I mentioned my neighbor. Turns out that he was partnered with Jason for working out. Boy, I wish I could have seen that workout!

I always assumed that I would be relegated to using my imagination with Jason. I am not a straight chaser - especially with a neighbor that I would have to live next to. I would never want to make life uncomfortable for anyone, so I was content just to look and enjoy. Little did I know that this would change one Saturday.

Diane was eight and a half month pregnant and I knew from listening to my friends that the husband usually went on "palm pilot" at about six months. This particular Saturday, Diane had gone to spend the weekend with her parents. They lived several hours away from Tampa in central Florida so she decided to spend several days away. Jason planned to stay back at the house to work on his motorcycle, do home improvement tasks, and spend a weekend alone. Likewise, my partner was in Zephyrhills visiting his folks.

The weather was nice for January. It was nearly 80 degrees. I was working on restoring one of my antique railroad signals in the garage and driveway while I noticed that Jason was doing the same with his lawn mower. We were chatting back and forth while we were working. I was furtively sneaking glaces as his shirtless torso. I loved seeing those small nipples on that hairy muscular chest and red armpit hair.

I was just wearing a pair of shorts and sandals as well. In contrast to Jason's sleek, powerful, athletic physique, I am a stocky bear and look like a gorilla without a shirt on. I have a nice 6 inch cut cock with an 8-gauge PA. I am quite happy with myself even though my weight is and always has been a bit of a problem. As a long-term nudist, I have learned to accept my body as it is.

Jason was enjoying a few beers while he was working. As he went in to get another beer, Jason asked me if I wanted one. As I am a long-term recovering alcoholic, I politely declined with an explanation, but I said that I would get some pop (yes, I am from Iowa and still call a carbonated beverage pop) and join him in a break.

He brought out a couple of beers for himself and came over. I showed him what I was working on and explain how several of my railroad signals worked. He enjoyed mechanical devices and listened with rapt interest. He commented that he had never seen my back yard and wanted to see it. I have a pool, jacuzzi and bricked courtyard in my backyard. It is totally privacy-screened so that I can enjoy my property in the nude. I had my jacuzzi on and running as I usually do on the weekends so I can jump in anytime. Jason reached over and felt the water. He sighed and said that would feel good on his sore muscles. He said that he overdid it the day before demonstrating some wrestling holds for his students.

I told him that he was welcome to get in. He said that he would love to, but he was all hot and sweaty. I told him that it was not a problem as there was a hot water shower on the pool deck and that it was nice and private - no one could see him back there. I said that I was thinking about taking a jacuzzi break myself. It would be fun to sit in the jacuzzi, visit and finish our respective drinks.

Jason said he would be right back as he needed to get something to wear in the jacuzzi and a towel. I told him to hang on. I had a pile of towels sitting by the patio door. I reached in and grabbed a couple. I hung them on the towel rack, and then turned on the shower. I said that he did not need a suit for the jacuzzi and proceeded to strip off my shorts to shower. Jason hesitated a second, sort of mentally shrugged his shoulders, and stripped off his nylons shorts to shower with me.

Brother! When they say that big things come in little packages; they had to have my neighbor in mind. Jason stripped off those shorts to reveal a beautiful uncut cock framed with a flaming red bush. Unlike the rest of his body hair, he did not clip his curly bush. His cock hung heavily over a se of large nuts in a hairless sack. It looked shaved, but I found out later that he was naturally hairless in his nutsack. His cock was at least 5 inches soft with that beautiful transparent skin that some redheaded men have. The foreskin covered most of the head with only a glimpse of a large piss slit visible. I had a difficult time not staring at him. Despite my best efforts, I immediately got a chub. I was terrified that I was going to go to full staff as he shared the shower with me.

I tried to defuse the situation by making a joke. "Boy, genetics was not kind to everyone." He chuckled. I handed him the soap and he proceeded to scrub off the lawnmower dirt. I surreptitiously watched him skin back that beautiful foreskin, although he turned slightly and I could not see as well as I would have liked.

We finished showering and he started to dry off. He then sort of laughed and wondered why he was doing that since we were getting into the hot tub. I laughed when I realized I was doing the same thing. We got in. I jumped into my favorite corner, Jason eased himself slowly into the water and it gave me a chance to look at his hot crotch. Down into the water he went - first the tip of his foreskin, his pendulous balls, that long shaft, and, finally, that red pubic hair. By this time, I was at full wood. Thankfully, I was under the bubbling water. Jason spread out in the hot tub with his arms on the sides of it. He kept raising up and lowering his crotch in the water. I could see his hot cock and red bush when he raised up in the water. He said he had not been in a jacuzzi for several years. I told him he was welcome over anytime. I still was playing the nice non-predatory neighbor. I was very content to just share time in the hot tub with him.

As we were talking, the conversation drifted to sex. Jason said that he did not know any gay couples and wondered about my long-term relationship with Jeff. I told him the story about how we met and that we have an open relationship which works well for us. Jason said he had never had a sexual encounter with another man, but he had always been a bit curious.

Boing!!!!! Did that perk up my ears (and cock). Jason went on to say that he was really horny since he had not had sex with his wife for several months since it has been a difficult pregnancy. He then asked me if it was OK to ask what gays like to do in bed. I told him that I would be glad to answer his questions to the best of my ability.

At this time, I was completely aroused and hoping that he had not noticed. I did notice that he was starting to get a chub as well. I thought it was big before - it was approaching 7 inches in length and looks like it could get bigger. It definitely lengthened when I told him that I was not interest in anal, but was a master at oral, rimming and watersports. He understood oral, but I had to explain what rimming and watersports was. "Diane is a straight lay and was never interested in experimenting much" He had never been rimmed, but though that it sounded "interesting." He did not understand watersports, but thought it might be fun to piss on someone if they wanted it.

Jason was massaging his legs and low back and talking about how sore they were from his workout. I told him that I did a great massage and that I have a massage table. I would be happy to set it up and try and work on those areas for him. He hesitated for a few seconds and I thought that he was going to decline. He then told me that would be great, if I didn't mind. I thought to myself , "Are you nuts?" "Of course, I would massage him."

Having finally gotten my cock back under some semblance of control, I started to get up out of the hot tub. It was then that Jason noticed my gold Prince Albert piercing in my still chubby cock. He asked me to hold on for a second as he reached out to take my cock in his hand and wanted to look closer. He grabbed my meat and was examining it closely, asking me questions about how it feels and how was it done. Well, you can imagine that I started to go to full staff again. I nonchalantly excused myself to go in and get a massage table. On the way in, I asked if he liked oil or lotion and if it was OK to do it out on the pool deck.

Jason said that he and his wife usually used lotion when they massaged each other. Outside was fine with him as long as it was private. I got my massage table and some coconut-scented lotion. I kept thinking, "How hot is this. I am going to give this really hot man a nice massage even if it was non-sexual!" I set up the table while Jason got out of the hot tub and dried off. I shot him a furtive glance - his cock was definitely longer and thicker than it was when we first got in the hot tub.

Jason polished off the last of his beer and told me he needed to take a piss before we go started. When we reconstructed the pool deck, we put in a trough drain with a grate that stretched from one end to the other. I pointed out the trough and told him that the drain for the trough was right near where I was standing. He could just piss in there. "I do it all the time," I told him.

Jason stood about 2 feet from where I was standing and grabbed his cock. He pulled his foreskin back a little bit, and proceeded to piss into the drain while I was setting up the massage table. It was a hot stream of clear beer piss and I was close enough that I could feel an occasional splash of piss on my ankle. I am sure that it was accidental, but I had to turn around to not show my erection that just appeared out of nowhere again.

I asked him if we wanted me to get a towel to throw over his waist while I was massaging him, He replied, "Nah, dude, you just watched me piss" and laughed. Guess I was not as subtle in watching as I thought. I decided that I could massage him while I was nude then and told him to get on the table face down. Thank heavens he couldn't see my growing erection.

I have always been someone who enjoys men who are my age or older and who are bears - a little bigger in stature than most men. Nonetheless, I am usually pleasantly surprised when I massage someone who is thin or muscular. Jason was very firm and muscular. His physique was very pleasant to massage. I proceeded to work on his back and legs, I even sat on the table as I was doing the leg work on him. We continued to have light conversation about nothing in general. He told me what a wonderful job I was doing and I was storing up some memory videos to jack off over. I was careful not to get too familiar with his butt (in around his anus) but he did appreciate the work on the butt cheeks. I still had the best of intentions of keeping it non-sexual.

After I got done with his back and legs, I thought, "in for a penny, in for a pound." I patted him on the back and said "OK. Turn on your back." Jason turned over onto his back. He asked me for his mirrored sunglasses as it was bright out. He was a bit more chubbed up than the last time I had seen his cock. I thought to myself that this was going to be harder for me than I thought. By this time, I was at full wood. I started massaging his face and worked my way down his neck.

I asked him if he would mind putting his hands behind his head as that would allow me to stretch out his ribs as I massaged. I could also to a better job on his lats. The unspoken part of the request is that it would let me massage his armpits as well. He moved his arms up and intertwined his fingers over his head. He brushed my erection as he did this. I thought, "Oh well." He never commented on it but I did notice that more of his cockhead was becoming visible from under his foreskin.

I massaged his chest and armpits well. Some guys do not like their armpits touched as they are very ticklish. Jason did not seem to mind. I made sure that I gave them some extra attention. They were very furry and there was a nice, clean smell from them when I got my head close to them. I went on to do his arms and hands and spend a great deal of time on them. I know there are areas that are stress points for me. I finished up the upper part of his body by massaging his 6-pack of furry abs in a clockwise fashion.

I then moved down to Jason's muscular legs. Jason leaped to a full erection as I did his inner thighs. The man had a cock that was about 1/8th the length of his entire body! It was a solid 9 inches of pale pink steel. The foreskin had pulled back all the way revealing the most private areas of his body for me to see. He also was beginning to leak copious amounts of precome. I commented, "It looks like you are enjoying the massage." He just smiled and put his hands back behind his head again.

After a long workout on his legs, I finished up with some long strokes. I managed to get some of his precome on my hand during one of these strokes and surreptitiously tasted it. It was very sweet-tasting. He did not mind me briefly touching his cock, so I got a bit bolder and concentrated massaging around his cock and balls. He seemed to enjoy that as evidenced by the smile on his face and the thrusting of his hips.

I finally got brave and asked if he would like the "full massage." He lifted up his sunglasses for a second, looked at me, smiled, and said "Whatever you would like." That was it. The non-sexual massage guy and kindly gay neighbor was done with his work now. Now it was time for the sex fiend who had been struggling not to come out earlier. I used some of the coconut-scented lotion on his cock and began to stroke. It was a two-handed job. He was smiling and moaning with every stroke. I knew that it would not be very much longer.

Jason said I could do whatever I liked. Right now all I wanted to do was suck on that beautiful cock of his. The lotion was nontoxic so I just went down on him. He initially was surprised but then put his hand on my head to hold it as I was sucking him. Up the shaft, down under the foreskin, into that large leaking piss slit and back around the head. He was making tons of precome that was running out of him like a river.

Far too quickly for me, Jason's moaning became a low-pitched growl. A steady stream of his sweet precome was filling my mouth. I could tell he was getting close. He put his other hand on my head (as if I wanted to pull away) and began to face-fuck me fast and furiously.

Jason came in about six heavy volleys of jizz. I could feel his huge cock expanding with every spasm. His come was mild-tasting and there must have been about 2 ounces of it. I savored the taste before I swallowed it down. I continued to gently suck to get every last drop. I could tell that Jason was getting sensitive, so I finally backed off. He had taken off his sunglasses and was smiling at me. "That was awesome!" he replied. He lay there a while longer as his breathing slowed down.

After relaxing for a few minutes, he got up to a sitting position on the table. He smiled at me again and said that he needed to get back to his lawn work. He thanked me for the "great massage, et al." He said he had to piss again. "Fucking beer goes right through me." He started to move over to the drain where he pissed before.

I asked if he would let me have his piss. He replied, "Sure, but it may take me a while to get started. I have never pissed on someone before". "Take your time, no rush," I replied and knelt down before him. I hefted his still sizable cock and put the foreskin-covered head in my mouth. I love to wash down someone's come with a bladder full of piss. I did not have to wait very long. I felt his tubes open up and out poured a hot load of tasty beer piss. I never spilled a drip. I kept swallowing and swallowing. Jason stood there with both hands on his hips and head straight ahead like he was taking a whiz in the school urinal.

Suddenly, without any warning at all, I felt myself rushing toward a climax without even touching myself. I pumped out a sizable quantity of semen myself. Despite the PA, it shot out onto Jason's ankle. He just kept pissing and smiling. That was the first time I have ever climaxed without being stroked or sucked.

All too soon, the flow decreased. Jason shot a couple more squirts into my mouth and then shook his cock off in my face. I thanked him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back in that limited body contact way that straight men do. We showered again and headed back to our respective tasks - me working on my railroad signal and Jason working on the mower.

We have never had a repeat performance, and nothing changed between us as neighbors. His wife had a baby girl and their house is finished. They have since moved on. I will always have the memory of that hot afternoon, though.

JeroldC Tampa, FL wetbarebear@gmail.com

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