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Muscle Gym Fantasy Fuck

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Some people join gyms to get fit. Me I wanted to meet fit muscular guys and watch them work out, sweat in the sauna and strip off for a shower. Sky was a rough local place and most of the guys were ripped and pretty massive so I was a bit out of my depth, but had a strong toned body and massive dick, so I still managed to get a few looks.

The owner was a well known bodybuilder celeb and he knew what I was in for – he often just stood behind me while I worked out and offered a helping hand under my straining triceps or pumping lats. We exchanged smiles and I got damn hard when he touched me – I could see him in the mirror looking down at my shorts, but nothing ever happened. At least not with him, but I did jack off in the loo or shower (once even in the gym when I was on my own which was great, spraying cum on the bench then lying in it) thinking about his body. I often watched him work out, lifting huge plates of steel with his sculptured torso. Watching his veins pump and sweat drip off his pecs, soaking through his thin, skin-tight vest made me leak pre cum and he must have seen the damp patch in my shorts while he pumped his body as he often glanced down and smirked. Fuck I needed his muscles.

After a long two hour stink of working my back, bis and shoulders – and watching three stunning guys working with me – I headed for the showers for a well earned wank. There was a skinny guys changing into his workout gear and we exchanged “hi’s” but he did nothing for me. I was down to my underwear when Steve walked in – one of the three studs I had planned on wanking over in the shower (in my head!). He was dripping with sweat and pumped like a fucking barn.

“Good workout?” “Yeh, but I’m ready for a long shower now – my arms are stiff” “Looked like that wasn’t the only thing getting stiff with me working out next to you.” Steve raised his arm to brush away his golden hair and his biceps flexed – he even pumped it at the peak.

Fuck, he had seen me getting hard watching him bicep curl. I wasn’t sure where this was heading. Should I admit it and see what he does or pretend it was nothing? Too late to pretend not to be having a shower, I stripped off and he could see the effect his muscular hunky body was having on me. My dick was only half erect but it was already dripping cum. Steve lowered his arm and lifted off his vest. “Let’s see if this helps with that” He revealed his massive shaved upper body with one smooth movement and held his arms above his head, slowly flexing both towards his head in a classic double biceps. He kept pumping them back and forth as he stared at my dick. This was too much and my cock just shot up hard as a rock. “C’mon man, get off on my muscles. Watch me pump” “Fuck you are beautiful. Let me touch your arms” “Na ah. You just concentrate on that monster down there. I’ll look after the muscles. Watch me. Want me you wanker. You were gonna jerk off in the shower weren’t you. Thinking about me in there, working out my arms. Pumping 60kgs with these fucking gigantic arms. Your dick rubbing against my crack while you licked my traps and held these perfect guns. Fucking naked pumped muscle cunt for you to fuck harder and harder while I get bigger in front of you.”

“AAAAHHHHHH” This was too much fantasy – I came without touching him or me, cum shooting out in ropes over his abs and one strand right up to his chin, leaving huge gobs on his pecs. “Well, that’s a mess you’ve made. You gonna clean it with me?” Steve dropped his arms and wiped up the cum off his abs and licked his fingers clean. “Do my pecs you fucking wanker, then kiss me” As if I needed asking! My head shot for my thick cum all over his massive chest. OK I didn’t clean it straight away – licking my cum all over his pecs meant I could suck on that huge body and taste his sweat and my cum, tonguing his hard nipples – but I got a mouthful before I lifted my head to snog him hard on the mouth. It was beautiful kissing this god with my own cum, but what came next was even hotter. I felt Steve’s hands on my glutes and his bi’s flex as he lifted me up. “Spread your legs” I wrapped my quads round his tiny waist and as I did he lifted me a bit more and then lowered me onto his wet and incredibly erect cock. We were still snogging spunk into each other and my hands were round his back, feeling his shoulders, lingering down his flared lats and to his tight bubble butt. My mouth shot open as I felt him penetrate. No soft gentle way with Steve. I was up in the air and he pushed his dick up and me down so all 10 inches went straight up. With my mouth open I could see there were still gobs of my cum on Steve’s traps, so I tongued a couple up and spat them into his face. I know I love cum on my face when I’m fucking so I hoped Steve would do too. He roared and took up the most physical fuck I have ever had. He flexed his huge arms underneath mine while he pushed everything inside. “Fancy a walk?” “????” Steve turned and walked out the door marked private. “Ken – I’ve warmed him up for you like I said” We were in the owner’s office. Well, more like a mini gym; mirrors everywhere, photos of famous muscle men all over the walls – a couple full frontal and signed – and a huge video screen with two familiar faces working out. Jay Cutler and Denis Sergovskiy. But they were butt naked and although there was no doubt they were hard at it, they both sported huge erections and....oh my fuck were starting to fuck each other. The sight of these two made Steve even harder – ah another muscle worshipper in my ass – and I couldn’t help but let go too. As Steve started to unload up my ass I sprayed Steve again looking at these two hunks of muscle, but this time I was high up and I hadn’t noticed Ken had his face ready and waiting, so while I aimed for Steve’s pecs, half my load sprayed Ken’s mouth. “Now tongue his cunt mate – it’s leaking out and half way down my quads” Ken’s stubble roughed against my ass cheeks and I felt his tongue inside me licking Steve’s cum as he continued to pump up me. “He’s good – ready to meet the champs I think, Steve” “what?” At that moment I realised that Cutler and Sergovskiy were working out in the gym outside and were walking towards the owner’s door. As it opened, the two hottest most ripped muscle gods filled the door and walked towards the hots cum drenched mess in front of them. Cutler walked towards my ass and before I could even reach round and touch the god of my fantasies, he was inside me along with Steve, and Sergovskiy had his mouth round my cock. I couldn‘t help myself as I filled this gorgeous hunk and muscle with my cum and felt Cutler blow his load up me – Ken was in for another mouth full of ass cum. “Good work Steve” Cutler said “ Now we can give his ass the ride it’s always wanted” Steve bent over back onto a bench, keeping in me and Cutler climbed on top and then amazingly Sergovskiy slipped his dick between them – triple fucked. Oh shit this was heaven.

At the end of the four hour fuck fest Cutler bent over and snogged me and left me with “Right, you’re coming back to my place for the weekend. Denis – you on for screwing this guy for a a couple of days.” “Too fucking right – I’ll go get my video”

To be continued....

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