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The Best Roommate Ever

By Luvalou888

submitted November 27, 2010

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex, Bisexual

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My girlfriend has a hot gay roommate. I’m not gay, but sometimes my mind wonders about what it would be like messing around with a dude.

I decided to move in with Kelly after about 8 months of us dating. I was in school, but she worked, and I really hated campus dorms. So, we thought it would be most convenient for us to move in together. It was really Kelly’s place and I helped out with rent as much as I could. It was a pretty sweet arrangement because we were practically splitting the rent of a 2 bedroom apartment 3 ways. She had been living with one of her gay-male friends for a few years before I moved in. His name was Gary. They both had decided to just start working right out of high school instead of going to college. Gary was cool with me. He was non-threatening. I knew he wouldn’t try to mess around with Kelly or have any male friends who would try that either. So, I really didn’t care if she lived with a dude; well, not this dude at least. Other 21 year old guys can be real assholes.

Gary was a bit shorter than my 6 foot frame; probably by a few inches. He was a fit blond haired guy who liked to wear the typical American-style t-shirts and ripped up jeans. I never figured a gay would dress like me. He went to the gym pretty frequently. I noticed his gym bag sitting around in the living room when I’d come home from campus. I never spoke very much to Gary when I first moved in mainly because I had no clue what we could talk about. I would spend most of my time in Kelly’s room with her watching TV or eating. No one really used the living room because there was no TV in there and it was tiny. So, we were in our own 2 worlds.

Gary was not a shy person. He would sometimes walk around the apartment in his underwear without a shirt on. He had a nice body. I could tell his work at the gym was paying off. His underwear were always skimpy showing off his tight perky ass and I could see his cock outline in the front. I found myself staring sometime at his dick through his undies. It looked really long because it pointed downward in the front and seemed to curved under his testicles. I could also see the imprint of his dickhead press out at the bottom of his crotch. One time, I was really looking intensely at his bulge while making a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. It was the middle of the night, so I was just in my boxers and a t-shirt. He had come in the kitchen to get something to drink and all the while I kept gawking at his cock. I had begun to get a little hard and the swelling of my cock began to show in my boxers a bit. I didn’t want to adjust right in front of him, so I left it alone while I poured milk. On my way back to the refrigerator, he had to pass me to leave the kitchen and his hip grazed my thickening dick. I could tell he paused for a second out of the side of my eye, but I ignored that it happened and he left the kitchen. I had no idea why this guy was making me hard randomly. I had a hot girlfriend, who I fucked pretty frequently; which I’m sure he had heard on a few occasions. Maybe it was just penis envy or something.

I was a pretty nosey and intrusive roommate. I would find myself going into Gary’s room whenever he wasn’t home to just look around. I mainly wanted to check out his DVD’s and CD’s; he also had a cool video game system. One day, I looked in one of his draws and found some gay porn magazines. I nervously looked through a few, afraid I was going to be caught by Gary or, more seriously, Kelly. Some of the guys had great bodies and huge cocks. I would go back a few times to find those magazines and rub my dick through my jeans. It was hot to see what other dude’s cocks looked like. I didn’t want to do anything to them, just liked seeing them.

If I wasn’t looking at magazines, I was in his closet checking out his clothes. I found the draw where he kept his underwear and looked through him a few times. One day, something possessed me to press a really sheer pair of him underwear on my face. I guess I wanted to feel like I was somewhere near that beautiful cock of his. I wasn’t quite sure why, but I was rock hard when I would sniff his underwear. A few times, I would borrow a pair of them and go in the bathroom and wrap them around my dick and jack off with them. The fabric felt so soft and it turned me on knowing that he had put his long prick in them before. I’d alternate between sniffing them and jacking with them feeling my cock getting harder and harder. I would softly moan to myself thinking about his hot bulge in those underwear. When I got close to finishing, I would cum in my hand instead of the underwear, so I could return them to the draw that they came from.

Neither Kelly nor I had a computer so I would use Gary’s when he left it unlocked some days. I had gone to check my email one afternoon and he had left a window open with a picture of a big cock and the file was named “my cock”. I clicked the window and scrolled through the pictures to discover that it was a picture of his dick. One picture in particular showed him laying on the bed holding his hard cock while looking into the camera. His cock was huge and really nice. It showed his large dick head that was so swelled with blood that it seemed to be shining. His shaft was long and strong with prominent veins all around it. I could feel my dick getting firm as I looked through his naked pictures. One of them was a picture of him from behind on his knees showing ass and tight hole. FUCK! My dick was rock hard now. He ass was just as smooth as a girl’s. I imagined putting my face between those perfectly round checks and licking his hot asshole. I reached down and unzipped my pants to relieve some pressure. Rather than jacking, I decided to just email the pics to myself so that I could enjoy them later without risk of being caught.

After seeing Gary’s pictures and getting so excited, I was pretty freaked out. I began to think about Gary whenever Kelly and I would have sex. When she gave me a blowjob, I imagined it was Gary’s lips and warm mouth sucking on my dick. When I fucked Kelly, I fucked her behind in the same position that Gary had been in his picture.

‘Take it Gary!’, I thought. I came so much harder than usual when I thought about him.

One morning, Kelly had gone to work and I was making my way to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal. Gary’s door was about halfway open, but his keys were on the coffee table. Was Gary still home? I didn’t want to wake him up if he was still in bed, so I quietly walked through the living room. Making my way around the kitchen counter, I peak into his room to see him sitting at his computer; naked with a towel on his lap. I kept staring in curiosity. A moment later, the towel was at his feet and he was rubbing on his big hard cock. ‘He thinks he’s home alone’, I thought to myself. I stayed and watched as he continued to jack off to whatever was on his computer screen. My dick jumped in my boxers and peaked out the opening. Forgetting the empty bowl and spoon in my hand, I drop my arm and send the spoon tumbling to the tile on the kitchen floor. The clanging of the spoon made Gary turn around in shock. As I kneel down to grab the spoon, I catch Gary’s surprised glance and stand up hurriedly. Gary’s stare instantly turns from terror to pleasure when he sees my stiff cock jutting boldly outside of the front slit of my boxers. Thoroughly embarrassed, we both remain in this awkward moment for what seems to be forever. Gary finally stands up from his computer chair; still towel-less and fully hard.

Gary walked out of his room, his tan, fit body still moist from a morning shower. He walks over to me with a grin on his face and grabs my hard dick. He whisper’s in my ear, “nice cock”. I drop my head to hide my embarrassment. I guess he thought that was some kind of instruction because he dropped to his knees and began to suck my dick. The warmth and wetness of his mouth made my knees buckle for a moment. Glancing up, mouth full of hard cock, Gary seemed to be smiling a pleased smile as if he had got the clued that I was loving handy-work; and I was. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest making my entire body quake. My face was flush with blood and I was breathing heavily. After another few moments of the best blowjob of my life, Gary stands up and turns to walk back to his room. He walks flirtatiously slowly to show off his amazing bubble butt. He gives me ‘come-hither’ look over his shoulder inviting me to follow him to his room. I look at the front door in hesitation thinking about the risk that I would be taking to follow him. Then I realize that my dick is still wet from Gary’s saliva and quickly start towards his room.

Gary shuts the door behind me and reaches in a side draw to find a bottle of lube. He mutters softly, “I’ve always fantasized about you fucking me”. After removing the cap off of the bottle, he puts a glob of lube on his hand and rubs it slowly on my still-erected dick. He then turns around and moves to lean on his bedroom door and arches his back to reveal that hot tight asshole. Quaking with anticipation and anxiety, I remove my t-shirt and move closer to Gary’s hot waiting body. I slide my dick in his warm, tight ass as if I were putting my hand in a custom-made glove. It felt amazing! I began to thrust my hips back and forth as he moaned, commanding more. The door knocked and creaked with every movement of our bodies. Gary’s moans began to become louder and louder which made me fuck him harder and faster. Grabbing his shoulder, I begin to pound his hot ass mercilessly. ‘This is one of the best fucks of my life’, I thought. Sweat was dripping down our bodies and the sound of our breathing seemed to fill the entire apartment. I was about to cum, and he could feel it. Gary turned around to get back on his knees as he began to stroke my dick quickly. He wanted me to come on his face. His free hand was stroking on his hard big cock by my feet. A wave of pleasure that seemed to travel from the ceiling down into my body rushed through me. My body tightened and pulsed as streams of thick cum spurted onto Gary’s face. Almost simultaneously, I felt Gary’s warm sperm shooting on and around my feet and ankles.

We both sat down on the floor in exhausted, yet satisfying release. Looking directly at each other, we smiled thinking of the irony in what we had just done. Not more than a few moments later, we heard the front door lock being turned. Standing up frantically, I grab for my boxers and t-shirt and hurriedly put them on. Gary grabbed some sweat pants that were laying around a quickly put them on as I grab for his towel so he could wipe his face off. Kelly had come home for her lunch break. I opened Gary’s door before Kelly had gotten through the front door. She could tell that I was acting weird and asked why what I was doing in Gary’s room. Without missing a beat, Gary chimed in and told her that we were trying out his new fantasy video game. Accepting his answer, Kelly went about grabbing some food from the kitchen.

Gary and I both knew that we dodged a huge bullet. As I made my way back to Kelly and my bedroom, I couldn’t help but to imagine fucking Gary again.