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physical exam

By jackjames

submitted December 5, 2010

Categories: Doctor, Discipline, Family Fun, Jockstraps

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dad had taken his son jack to the tailor to get a jockstrap. Jacks dad was a big fan of jockstrap. When they arrived at the tailor dad got the tailor to take his son to a changing room. there was no one in the store except for jack and his dad and the owner of the store. jacks dad asked if the tailor could meaure jacks penis. jack got embarassed but his dad see each other naked all the time. The tailor pulled down jacks underwear quickly down and meaured jacks penis and it was 5 inches and he was 18 years old. the tailor got out a jockstrap for jack and put on a medium child jockstrap on the boy. The dad had his penis measured and it was 10inches and got a extra large adult jockstrap. Then the tailor brought out the cups and put one in jacks jock and one in dad jock. The dad got 6 jockstrap with 4 cups for himself and got 10 jockstrap for his son and got 8cups for his son. Jamie told his son he was to wear the jockstrap all the time when at school and at home during the day. the dad threw his sons old underwear away and the dad made his son wear the jockstrap as an underwear. dad also told his son that he would be doing random jockstrap checks and that the coach from school will to a cup check.

dad checked the boys jockstrap during the morning. and tapped it with the bat and also got his son straps by having the straps stuck out. The dad also checked att night. The coach would check the jockstrap during pe and lunch time and would tell jack to only remove the jockstrap when he was in the shower. the coach also measured the jacks penis regularly to tell jacks dad that this boy would need a new jockstrap.

Jack didn't wear his jockstrap once and his punishment was to wear a diaper every night for 1 week. His dad also shaved all shaved jacks public hair and including balls. Jamie also planned to get his son grey short trouser to wear at home. Jamie banned his son from wearing any clothes expect for his school uniform with the shorts.

dad had planned to take his son to get a for the swimming team. dad and the coach both went to the . dad was also getting a . Doctor Mark called the boys into his room. Jack was told t strip off naked by the doctor. Jack hesitated at first and when he saw the look of his dad face he stripped of naked. Jack was then told to take off his jockstrap. The doctor said to dad he had to strip down but didn't need to be naked. dad was in his jockstrap during the exam. THe coach was also getting a physical and the doctor thought it would be quicker to give them all together. the Coach was wearing a jock with a cup. The doctor decide to check jack first. Jack got told to stretch his arms so the doctor could check his armpits. The doctor was talking to dad about disciplining his boys. The doctor saiid to my dad that your lad has a lot of pubic hair for an 18 year old and the doctor suggested to my dad that he should shave me so i looked more like a boy. THe doctor then inspected by dads armpits and then the doctor said to my dad "how often to you spank your lad" and my dad said about 3-4 times a week. The doctor asked my dad does your boy $%!@e. my dad said no and the doctor then asked my dad we will need a semen saple for your son to pass. The doctor then inspected my coach in two secs. THe doctor had jack and the coach standing by each other while there balls were getting meaured. Jacks $%!@ was only 6 inches and the dads $%!@ was 10.5 inches long. The coach $%!@ was 12 inches. The doctor then started to check jacks balls for testicle cancer and then the doctor told the boy to cough. THe doctor did this with the dad and coach but didn't take as long. THe doctor then asked my dad can i conduct a rectual exam and prostate exam on your lad. Dad lefted jack on to the table and got jack into the ready position. THe doctor put his hands up jacks but hole. ANd the doctor was trying to wank Jack off. Jack finally cummed his first drip of $%!@. IT was his dads turn and he cummed a large sample. THe coach had done this test recenty so wasn't required to $%!@e. THe dad was told by the doctor to give a pee sample and the dad gave 500ml worm of $%!@. THe dad and coach both lifted jack on to the table again. Jack was told that a special tube would be going over his stick and he would have to sit in peace. the doctor said to jacks dad the boy would need shaved and th doctor brought out a shaver and some shaving cream and coach did the shaving for the doctor. the dad asked the doctor how offten should the boy be shaved and the doctor said every 3 days. the tube went on jack willy and jacks willy went stiff. the machine was used for jack to pee into a first. jack produced a 60ml worth of pee. doctor said the machine was a $%!@ machine and i would have to produce a large quantity before i wanted to leave. the machine made jack feel like he could help but cummed then jack cummed abut 30ml of sperm.dad gave the boy a spank. The coach brought out a diaper for the boy to wear. the