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Hard Truckers

By squarepegnroundhole

submitted December 5, 2010

Categories: Hairy, Orgies, Outdoor Sex, Sex On The Road

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I like to ride around and see if I can find hard, masculine men that need to have their cocks taken care of. This is not something I have done a lot but the several times I have have made me addicted to hard hairy men with preferrably big cocks and huge hanging balls full of cum.

I was riding one night and had on running shorts and tank top and Nike's and had come from the jogging trail and decided to take a ride on I-85 to see if there were any men that would like to fill me up. I went to the first rest area and pulled in so that I was furthest away from the rest rooms and closest to the woods. I had a half hard on and it showed in my nylon shorts that I had cut the built in underwear out of. I walked to the rest room and there were several people around the vending machines. There were 3 men, all truckers talking about the road and the drive they had to make. I walked up to them and said "Hello, how is it hanging?" and they all turned towards me. One got an instant bulge in his pants. "well, it was hanging but now it is standing up." he said and the other two rubbed their crotches. "MMmm, that sounds great to me." I said and licked my lips. "I really am hungry and would like something to eat." I said and began walking away back towards the wooded area. All three followed me and I pulled my shorts up into my ass crack so that they were like a thong. By that time we had reached an area that was darker so I left the shorts there and kept walking. One was suddenly next to me and his hand was on my ass, "You gonna take care of all of us?" he said and I said "Well, I hope you all wanna join in." and they said they were.

We stopped at my car and I got a blanket and walked into the woods so that there was no chance we would be seen and laid the blanket out. I took off the shirt and shorts and stood there naked and stepped to the one that had put his hand on my ass. "I want you first." I said and he reached down and grabbed my ass pulling me to himself and his hairy chest was against mine. He kissed me deep and I saw that the other two were almost naked. I undressed him and gave special attention to the huge cock that came from his pants and began licking and sucking the head and the pre cum leaking out. "So what do you want to do?" one guy said. "I wanna be treated like a whore in heat, do anything you want." I said and the one laid me on my back and spread my legs. He spit on his cock and slipped it to my ass and with my legs over his shoulders he pushed it into my ass making me moan. "Oh yeah, fuck the slut." I moaned and he began pumping deep into my ass. I reached up and pinched his nipples and he groaned and pumped harder. His got to going really fast and deep and then rammed all the way in and held it there cumming in my ass.

I shot my load and then another guy was there ready to slip in. He moved behind me and got me on all fours while the one that had just fucked me put his cock to my mouth and said, "Now suck it." and I did. The cock slipped into my ass and he began pumping slowly and making it all make me moan. The cock in my mouth was hard again and was down my throat and he controlled the speed holding my head in his hands. After a long while the second cock filled my ass and he slipped out and the third guy wanted me on my back again and so I was laying there, legs apart and he rammed into my ass hard while I was still sucking the fist guy that fucked me. Suddenly he filled my throat and told me to suck the next guy and I did. The one in my ass was deep inside and making sure everytime he went in he hit it hard and deep. After a while he moaned and then filled me up again. I was laying there waiting for what was to happen next and the third man slapped my face and said "Suck this one too." and I began sucking him. It took a long while be he finally filled my ass and then I sucked him off. Several hours went by and we got up and walked out of the woods, my ass dripping cum and them heading to their trucks.

Two black truckers were walking by and noticed the obvious and said, "Hey, the bitch still fucking?" and they laughed and I said "Hell yes." and turned around and walked to the woods with them. Soon, we were all naked and one had a cock that was massive and he said, "In that ass first baby." and he put my legs over his shoulders and drove it in making me moan in pain and pleasure. The other was at my face and his cock was in my mouth and they got a rythum going so that I was moving between them. The one in my mouth filled my throat first and he had like a gallon of cum and then the one in my ass did the same. Neither got soft but switched off and began over again. About an hour passed and they filled me again and got up and said, "Good fucking slut baby." and they walked out. I dressed and got to the car, sore ass and mouth and laid in the seat for a while. The drive home was nice and I went back several times to the same place and never failedto get well fucked. Any hard men, in Georgia on I-85 between Commerce and the SC state line. Cum fill me up.

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