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Baby's Incorporated, Part 4

By GuyzGoNakieFiorMe

submitted December 17, 2010

Categories: Bondage, Doctor, S/M

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As the doctor toweled the sweat pooling in the ridged abs of his trussed captive, he took a moment to admire the heterosexual perfection that was Mike Capiletti, the 25 year old gym teacher. Every taut muscle sheened with perspiration, like polished marble on a greek statue. After having been forced to fuck the milking-machine to three explosive orgasms -- orgasms whose potent cumloads had been bought and paid for by anonymous rich women with the express purpose of impregnating them -- this omniPOTENT god of a man was ready for more, as the fullness of his fat hairy nutsac made all too apparent.

The doctor smiled as he remembered randomly selecting the arrogantly handsome braggert at the bar, where he'd boasted to his buddies about how he had fathered 6 kids in eight years not just because of the size of his fat uncut Italian dick but because of the amazing potency of his loads. This perfect storm of arrogance and natural "gifts" had gotten him singled out to be a human breeder stallion by the doctor who sat listening, unobserved, at the next table. Within thirty minutes of his bragging, Mike had been drugged, kidnapped and bound with a single intent -- to use his potent cum to breed.

The doctor snickered as he noted the power of the man's bulging biceps, thick thighs, perfectly rounded chest … a delicious contrast to how totally powerless Mike was with his wrists bound above his head, ankles tethered below in a giant X. It was a pleasure to use this bull for his own means… and his own pleasure. The doctor licked his lips as he toweled the thick pubic bush framing a cock that was a thick pillar from base to uncut tip. Even after three orgasms, Mike's cock, aided by a solution of viagra-gel topically applied, was still rock hard. Even magnificently erect, Mikes foreskin still clung protectively to the knob which glowed hot and red. His balls, fat and still full, clearly ached for attention as they dangled between two thick, densely muscled thighs. The doctor couldn't resist taking them in his mouth.

Mike moaned softly, jet black eyelashes fluttering open as he felt his testicles enveloped in delicious heat and bathed in wet adoration. His nuts were being gently rolled against a hot tongue. In his mind it was his wife. But when he shifted his weight to cup his giant hands around her head and thread his long thick fingers through her shoulder-length hair he was jolted back to reality by the restraints holding his hands over head.

"WTF", he moaned hoarsely.

'Oh you'll be fucking…and getting fucked again, soon Mike," The doctor chuckled after allowing Mike's bull-balls to slip from his mouth with a pop. The red light went on, indicating that the next woman was ready to be inseminated. "Our next client has requested that we 'edge' you, Mike. She was an extraordinarily big load to insure that you impregnate her."

"Edge? What the fuck does that mean?"

"It means we will be bringing you to the edge of orgasm again and again and again, without actually letting you cum. Each time we deny you your orgasm, your balls will have to work twice as hard to produce the next one, in a desperate effort to cum. By the time we allow you to shoot, well, it will be voluminous."

Mike groaned in despair at the thought of the blissful torture.

"You keep saying 'we'. I only see you here," Mike managed to whisper.

"For this round, I've enlisted some help."

A door at the far end of the room opened, and in walked Cooper McLaughlin, the quarterback on the football team that Mike Capiletti coached. He was all suited up -- minus the pads, the guards and the helmet.

"Afternoon, Coach," Cooper said with a lewd smile, rubbing the front of his laced football pants.

"Fuck, no…."

"Fuck yes! The doctor told me what a kinky horndog you were, and how, if I wanted, I could see you beg him to fuck you in the ass while your dick got milked."

Mike Capiletti blushed red, remembering how he'd told the doctor, yes, he could do anything, just as long as he was allowed to cum.

"He drugged me Coop. This guy is a freak."

"Yeah? Well I'm a bit of a freak myself, Coach. And I'm about to get my freak on."

The young football player stripped off his jersey, revealing a pale, smooth chest capped with pink nipples that stiffened in the cool of the room. A thin trail of black hair stood out in contrast to the alabaster flesh, leading from Cooper's navel down into his football pants.

His dark eyes sparkled as he unlaced the front of his pants. "I always wanted to fuck a nice ass, Coach. You gonna give yours up to me?"

"Don't do this Cooper…"

"Cuz I'm gonna take it even if you don't." The densely muscled football player stood in front of his coach in just his jock now.


"Who are you kidding, Coach. You just want to get your rocks off, same as me. And you don't care who it's with … same as me. Your dick is hard as a goalpost, Coach."

Mike Capiletti couldn't deny that his cock was like steel…the drug had made sure his erection would not be going soft for a while.

"You gonna beg for my dick, the way you begged for the doc's?"

"Please don't make me do this Cooper…"


Mike Capiletti's cock ached for attention. He had no will of his own. He had no choice.

"G-g-give me your cock, Cooper. P-p-please. Fuck me in the ass."

Mike shuddered as he heard the words slip from his mouth.

"Anything you say, sweetheart," Cooper McLaughlin said as he stepped behind him, giving him a soft wet kiss on the back of the neck. He could feel the football player's rough-calloused hands cupping his ass, spreading his cheeks. The football player bent down and spit into the pink hole, cool wetness on furnace heat. In his mind, he could almost hear the hiss of steam. Then the football player was inserting a finger….two…three….

"Damn Coach, your ass is hungry."

Mike Capiletti dropped his head in shame.

Coach Capiletti could see the flutter of gold foil as the condom wrapper hit the ground. He could hear the sound of plastic being rolled down over stiff, young dick. Then he felt the heat…the unbelievable heat… of a fat knob being pressed against his opening.

"Doc says you like your tits played with," Cooper whispered hotly in Mike's ear, So I'm gonna treat them real nice. And if you like it, press back onto my dick baby. Feed it to yourself. I want you to do ALL the work."

Mike Capiletti felt rough fingertips circling his nipples…teasing the hypersensitive titpoints… gently pinching them till he audibly moaned.

"Yeah, that's a good girl," Cooper coaxed him, "show daddy how much you like those tities teased."

Mike Capiletti felt himself relaxing…giving into gravity….which drove him backwards onto Cooper's fat cockshaft.

"Oh fuck, yessss…." Cooper hissed as he felt is cock being devoured by the hot ass, inch, by inch, until his cock was buried to the pubes.

Silently the doctor slipped the silicon milker over Mike's rigid, uncut cock. It heated up, gripping his shaft like a second skin, and releasing lubricant at 30 second intervals to keep it wet.

The football player gripped his coach's waist and slowly…ever so slowly…began to withdraw his cock from the red hot rectum, only to tease it all the way back in, producing a whimper.

"Yeah, I know you like that baby," Cooper reassured his coach, as he continued to fill and refill him with cock. He never stopped ministering to the 25 year old muscle-god's nipples as he fucked him slow, deep and steady. "Mmmm, I could fuck you like this all night."

Each slam into his prostate drove the coach a millimeter closer to orgasm. Soon. Soon He could feel his balls pulling up tight. And then….

Cooper withdrew his cock at a pre-arranged signal from the doctor, who silenced the milking machine with a flip of the switch.

"No….please…" Mike begged.

The doctor was silent. Looking at a stopwatch, he allowed thirty seconds to elaps, just enough time for the approaching wave of orgasm to ebb, and then flipped the switch again. The milkier hummed deliciously to life.

Cooper slipped his cock inside the prone football coach saying, "You miss me baby?" and then laughed.

This time Cooper started some deeper, harder fuck thrusts, bending at the knees for greater leverage. The speed caused increased friction and in a matter of moments, the doctor was gauging the signals of Mike's approaching orgasm -- chest flushed, nipples stiff, balls pulling up aright, and with another prearranged signal, Cooper pulled out as the milker was switched off.


Another thirty seconds on the stopwatch and the torture resumed.

The doctor adjusted the table so that Mike was lying flat and Cooper could fuck him missionary style.

"That's right Coach, I want you to watch me fuck you. Watch the body you trained treat your ass like the sloppy little cunt that it is."

Cooper started slam-fucking the coach's ass, hard, deep. The smell of sweat and the sound of pelvis slapping against sweaty, upturned ass cheeks filled the room.

"Doc, is three 'edges' okay? Cuz I think this pussy is about to give up his load and I want to fuck the cum right out of him."

The doctor nodded and Cooper McLaughlin started fucking like an animal. He piston-fucked the tight hole, the coach's fat, full nutsac being tickled by that single treasure trail of hair.

"Oh fuck…" Mike Capiletti moaned gutterally, "here…it….fucking…CUMS!"

With Cooper's dick plowing his ass, Mike Capiletti unleashed a torrent of jizm in nine thick blasts. In a distant room they could hear the satisfied whimpering of an anonymous woman being pumped full of potent cum.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth, Coach, ok?" Though it was asked as a question, it was a command. Cooper EXPECTED the coach to open wide and extend his tongue as he pulled his dick from the ravaged ass, tugged the used rubber off and threw it to the ground. Delirious, Mike Capiletti extended his tongue without thinking, creating a launching pad for the young football player's jizz. The first thick blast ricocheted off Mike's lip's and tongue, leaving a creamy trail across his cheek and neck. Cooper stuffed his knob between the italian coach's lips to deposit six more blasts directly into his gaping mouth.

The doctor made a note to himself of just how POTENT the young football player was.

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