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Car Sex

By _57ARR

submitted December 27, 2010

Categories: Caught In the Act, Cops, Jockstraps, Public Places, Threesomes

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I have to admit… I forgot my login! I’m still with Blake, and we’ve been looking at getting a house or apartment on our own as I’m now doing a course in Motoring Journalism and he’s doing a studying to be an architect. Career change or what?! We’d been driving about looking at nine different apartments and five houses. It was a hard job! It was getting dark and we were on the opposite side of town from my mom’s house. And it was raining… not weather I really want to be driving in, seeing as the last time I was out in the rain I got T-boned by some crazy bitch in a Navigator! I now have a blue Cayenne GTS… nice and safe! Blake has been given an A4 Avant, so there is lots of space in the back….

We pulled over into the parking lot of one the apartments we looked at earlier in the day, and Blake was feeling a bit tired, so he reclined the seat and put his hands above his head and stretched out, pulling me onto his chest to doze. I did so for a little while, and then woke after about 40 minutes, the rain hadn’t stopped so I nudged Blake, aiming to get into the back of the Audi, put the rear seats down and sleep properly. We climbed into the back, and doing so caused Blake’s tee to rise up, giving me a glimpse of his Calvin Klein jockstrap... The one I bought for him. :D We lay back down in the back of his car, and started to cuddle up. He was on his back, I lay on my side, with my arms across his body; One stroking his muscular arm and the other playing absent mindedly with the bottom of his tee. He cleared his throat… “So…” “What’s up darling?” “I was wondering if you’d like to… you know…. Christen the audi?” I grinned and kissed his nose, then his mouth, then his neck, Meanwhile pulling his tee off and his trousers down. I could feel his gorgeous 10.5” cock start to wake up beneath his jockstrap. With made his muscled thighs look even more enormous and muscular. I felt him pull my tee off over my head and slide my jeans down, leaving me vulnerable in my tight boxer briefs. My own, small in comparison, 7.5 inches filling out and bulging in my underwear. I kissed down his body and went to work on his thighs, kissing and licking. My tongue flicking and darting across his skin, and across his inner thigh, my nose brushing his jockstrap. I let my head draw up to allow my lips access to the pouch, I began to open my mouth and place my teeth around the outline of his cock, now bulging and trying to escape. I released it. I immediately took him in my mouth and began sliding my lips and throat along his shaft. His eyes closed with anticipation and he started to massage the back of my head and neck. That really got me going! I began to take him as far as I could, then pull down on his balls, as I slid back. My tongue dancing wildly around his cock. Dribbles of precum oozed out and I felt it slide along my throat. I was loving this as much as Blake was. I loved sex with him. Then there was a knock on the passenger side rear window. We both scrabbled about trying to cover our groins and looked at the window. A police officer was standing peering in! We wound the window open and started to lay on excuse after excuse… “Hey guys, I’m not going to arrest you! I was wondering if I could come and sit in your car till the tow truck arrives. My squad car has broken down just over there and I have 2 hours before a tow truck will come. The heater has gone… and I saw your windows were fogged up… Looks like you’re having fun.” He winked at Blake and me. He was a very handsome man, about 31, bright blue eyes and bright blond hair. He was muscled like Blake was, but not so much, but you could see under his sodden patrol uniform that there was a decent amount of muscle. He got into the passenger side and took off his hat, soaked jacket and holster. He left them on the dash and turned to face us. His hair dripping and his frame shivering. We turned the heat on and asked him the basic questions… Age: 32, Rank: Officer, Name: Jody. “Nice to meet you Jody,” Blake offered a hand, the one that had been massaging the back of my head, “My name is Blake, and this is my boyfriend, best friend etc. Aston.” Jody flashed perfect white teeth and nodded at me, still shivering. “I was going to ask, just to make sure you’re not… a… you know..” He trailed off. “Prostitute?!” I laughed “No! Never! I love Blake too much to do that. Plus I doubt I’d find another white guy with a cock like his! Ha-Ha!” Something changed in Jody. His eyes widened and he grinned again. “Just how big? If you don’t mind me asking…” “Ten and a half, just over.” Blake said proudly, he was happy with his equipment. Jody looked like he was going to burst with excitement! “Can I see? It’s just. I havejust under ten inches… and well.. I’m bi.” He grinned again and looked pleased with this information. We looked at one another and just nodded… Bring it!

He climbed into the back of the car to join us, and we undressed him, I popped the buttons on his shirt and trousers, while Blake began to remove his shoes. He has a thing for shoes… I don’t really like it.. but it’s his thing. We started to get aroused ourselves, and I could feel Jody getting bigger. His black trousers began to bulge and his blue CK’s started to show through his open fly. I slid a hand down both men’s bodies, feeling almost identical muscles beneath my hands, down to the lip of their underwear. I went below and grabbed a hold of their hard, thick cocks. Blake was bigger, longer and Jody was straighter. I let the boys pull their underwaer off, and began to give Jody head, then akternate to Blake, both cocks began to leak precum and became slippery and maybe even harder… Time to fuck. I pushed Blake onto his back and grabbed the lube from his gym bag, I lubed up my ass and his thick cock, then slid down onto him. He was balls deep, his hips making contact with my skin. I then leant across to give Jody some more cock sucking. He seemed to like me going as deep as I could, then pulling slowly back, all the while jacking the base of his cock. I began riding Blake a bit more harder, quickening up the pace of his strokes. Then Jody moved himself to Blake’s mouth. And pulled me to Blake’s mouth too. He wanted us both sucking his cock. HOT! We decided to make out, with his cock between us. He liked this very much. Jody started to make long stokes when he was in between our mouths. He then whispered to Blake… something which I missed, because I was enjoying this far too much. Blake then asked me if Jody could fuck me, at the same time! He lined himself up behind me, his now warm hand on my hip, the other lubing his hard cock up. He placed his cock against my ass, and began to slowly push his way into my ass. I felt the breath rush out of me, and Blake kissed me, telling me to relax. It felt incredible. So tight, but so pleasurable! Jody made a long inward stroke, and I felt the hairs on his stomach against my back. He was all the way inside. I began to try and move my ass muscles a little bit, to massage the 20.5 inches of cockin my ass. It worked! Obviously the feeling of another thick meaty cock next to his sent Jody over the edge, he started to breathe shallower and whispered about cumming, he started to throb, which inturn sent Blake into an orgasm. Blake came like he usually does. Lots. Even if we’ve been fooling about during the day. He’ll always shoot a good 8 thick spurts. Jody started to fuck my ass slowly, his cock still hard, he pressed his lips to my back and up along my neck. His radio then squawked: “Control to Officer Parkes, Jodes, tow truck is two blocks away from your location, you by the car?” “Affirmative Control, I’m here.” He spoke softly to me and Blake: “Guy’s, you are amazing. If ever you want it again, or a police officer, I’m there.” With that he slowly pulled out of my cum filled ass, wiped his cock on the inside of his CK’s, put them on! SO his cock would be rubbing against the cummy patch, and got dressed in the front passenger seat. He left three cards on the dash and picked up his holster. He put his hat back on and gave us a final wink. Flashed us a smile and ran over to his squad car, just as a tow truck pulled alongside. We watched it winch the car up and Jody get in, nodding discreetly to us in Blake’s Audi. It took us a few moments to realize that the rain had stopped, and what just happened. “Wow.” Blake said, hugging my now boxer clad body. “You know how hot that was? And how much I love you?” I nodded and kissed him. We got into the front seat after getting dressed and drove back home, and then got into bed, and snuggled up and had very good dreams that night! We’ll keep in contact with Jody, he was a really good guy.

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