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Baby's Incorporated, Part 5

By GuyzGoNakieFiorMe

submitted January 4, 2011

Categories: Bondage, Doctor, Straight Men, Gay Sex, S/M

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Cooper McLaughlin, the handsome and hung young quarterback on Mike Capiletti's football team stood trembling in the afterglow of an intense orgasm. Sweat glistened on his hairless, alabaster chest like a mirror, making each muscle seem even more defined. Each long breath he took swelled his pecs and made each ridge of his eight-pack tighten. His uncut cock lay twitching against the cum- splattered lips of Coach Capiletti who lay before him, tethered at the wrists and ankles. He'd ass-fucked his Coach mercilessly, at the coaxing of the young doctor in the fertilization lab. Each jab of his red-hot eight-incher slamming against the prone Coach's prostate had caused the bound muscle-god, whose cock was attached to a milking machine, to pump nearly a dozen blasts of potent cum into the pneumatic tube that air-blasted his sperm-rich jism into the waiting pussy of a rich woman in another waiting room.

Not to be outdone, Cooper had pulled out of the Coach's ass at the last minute, brought his dick to Mike Capiletti's face, forced him to open wide, and hosed more than a dozen hot blasts of white-hot cum into his Coach's mouth and across his face. He laughed as he watched the mouth of Coach Cap, as they called him in school, fill up until cum was overflowing his lips. "Swallow it, bitch" Cooper had ordered him, and he relished the site of the Coach struggling to swallow it all.

As he discreetly watched these events unfold from below (he was suckling on Mike Capiletti's balls, to coax him to orgasm), the Doctor made a note of how potent Cooper McLaughlin was. As the Doctor came to the young football player’s side to watch him sneer at the sight of Cooper’s own coach now gagging on his load, Cooper never noticed the Doctor pick up the hypodermic.

Mike Capiletti saw, though, and tried to warn Cooper as he gargled on the young man’s cum. Watching him struggle speaking with a mouthful of splooge, Cooper just laughed, his laughter interrupted by the bee-sting of the hypodermic.

When Cooper woke up, twenty minutes later, he found himself tethered to a wooden device that spread his arms and legs, leather cuffs at his wrists and ankles restraining him.

“WTF,” the young man cried out to the Doctor. “Why are you doing this to me? I did what you told me to do. “

“Yes, yes you did,” the Doctor replied, “You did everything I asked you to do… perhaps a little TOO well.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Coop McLauglin asked.

“You are an intriguing specimen, Cooper. You blasted over a dozen cum blasts onto the Coach’s face. That’s twice the load of most men. And each shot was so rich… so creamy. There’s no doubt of you potency. Your valuable to me Cooper.”

“You can’t make me do this, you sick-ass perv.”

“You’d be surprised what I can make you do.”

The Doctor took out a large mortar and pestle. He then took a bottle from the shelf, and showed it to the young man. It was marked Viagra.

“The usual dosage is 50 mg” he told the tethered boy.

The doctor emptied the pills into the bowl, about 40 of them.

“I’ll be applying 2000 mgs to you” he smiled

The metal pestle ground the diamond-shaped pills into fine blue dust. He took another bottle from the shelf. This too he showed it to the bound football player. It was marked Flunitrazepam.

“Huh?” Cooper uttered.

“Roofies,” the doctor said with a chuckle.

The Doctor poured the liquid into the mortar and then began to stir the mixture until it became a syrupy blue ointment.

He brought the bowl over to the bound boy. He took a sable-hair brush from his pocket and dipped it into the mixture.

“Don’t do this, you bastard!” the boy cried.

From the table, Mike Capiletti called out “It’s pointless to resist, Coop. Don’t fight it, or he can make things bad. Very bad!”

The Doctor took the feathery soft brush, now glazed with the super-potent blue syrup and teased it against the tip of Cooper’s right nipple – just the tip. He watched the boy shudder at the initial tickling of his sensitive teat,, and his face glow as he felt the cool heat radiating now from the tip – a sensation like he never felt before – both hot and cold at the same time. In his mind he imagined it be like standing a=on a beach in Maui under the blazing tropical heat when a sudden cool breeze came off the water. In a moment the breeze would be gone, but now, this sensation, it was ongoing. The blissful sensation of hot and cold teasing just the tip of his nipple.

The Doctor dipped the brush into the blue goop and brought it to Cooper’s left nipple. This time Coop didn’t shudder. He jutted his chest forward, almost anxious for more.

And more he got. Each erogenous zone was painted – his nipples, his armpits, his ears, the nape of his neck, his abs, and his navel. Now kneeling, the doctor took Coopers flaccid cock in his hands. Even soft it had weight and girth. The doctor smiled as he peeled back the thick foreskin revealing the pink mushroom knob. This he bathed in the blue gel, and then protectively slipped the skin back over it. The doctor held the boy’s hairless ballsac, heavy and round as two ripe plums. Hairless. Did the boy shave it nice and smooth for his girlfriend’s enjoyment, the doctor wondered. No matter, he giggled as he painter the blue ointment onto them. They will be for MY pleasure now. Then he went behind the boy and with one hand parted the solid, round ass cheeks. These were not smooth. This was a man’s ass. Downy fur feathered his man-ass nearly all the way up to the small pink opening. Again the Doctor dipped his brush til it was blue and wet.

Don’t do this man,” the panicked boy begged,

The feathery-soft brush caressed the chaste hole til it glistened like the pussy a virgin on her wedding night. Cooper began to moan softly, especially when the sable-hair brush breeched his hole and drove the ointment into hid ass.

Almost instantly the tethered boy began to moan, fighting against his restraints as his body glowed with heat and ice. His nipples stood out rock hard from his perfect chest. His abs contracted into a flex each time air blew across his skin. And, of course, the fat slab of quarterback-cock began to lengthen and grow, pulsing and throbbing involuntarily to life.

“Fuck man, what are you going to do to me???”

“Let’s just wait for the ointment to take its full effect. And then my arrogant young stud-bull, we are going to put you to work. Meanwhile, I have a way to keep you preoccupied”

The Doctor took out the silicone sleeve if a second milking machine. Using a funnel, he poured some of the blue syrup inside as a lubricant. He knelt before Cooper McLaughlin. God how he wanted to take that cock in his mouth, but he resisted. “Later”, he told himself. With one hand he grabbed the base of Cooper’s cock. He slipped the silicon sleeve down the shaft. A flick of a button and the sleeve suctioned to conform to the length and girth of its occupant like a second skin.

Cooper gasped.

Another flick of a button and the sleeve began to hum slowly to life. Like fingers gripping and releasing, the machine caressed the fat dick it held. Slowly. Ever so slowly.

“I could never cum from this,” Cooper pleaded.

“I know,” the Doctor chuckled., “That’s the point. Let’s see how many hours of having your cock caressed WITHOUT release you can endure. And oh, when I finally allow you to cum, what a load that will be. I’m saving that for a special client.”

“You bastard!” Cooper shouted, trying with all his might to break the restraints.

‘Yes, fight it, Cooper, fight it for as long as you can. I enjoy watching strong you men submit to the inevitable.”

Cooper McLaughlin slumped back and the machine caressed his cock again … and again … and again … and again ….

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