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Twenty something lusts for older cock

By chester45

submitted February 25, 2011

Categories: Mature, Orgies, Older/younger, Bathhouse Tales

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Chapter 1

I’m obsessed with this man and he’s sitting 7 rows ahead of me. I’m so obsessed that I am following him on this 7:15 train into the city, not knowing where it’ll lead me. I have to be discrete. I’m wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses even though it’s mid November and the sun has long since set. But I don’t want him to recognize me just yet, ‘cause if he does, the game will be over.

His name is Antonio Mazzetti. He knows me, somewhat. He comes to the gym where I work. That’s how I know him. That’s why I’m following him. I’ve been in lust with him for days now.

Fuck, how I lust after this man. But some people would say it’s not right. They’d say you shouldn’t have such sexual, sinful thoughts about a man who’s old enough to be your grandfather. And I never thought I’d be this person, a guy whose mind has been in a haze of disbelief and powerful sexual attraction for a 60-something Grandpa! Hell, I’m so messed up- even the thought of our age difference makes me hard and wildly horny like no aphrodisiac ever did.

Fuck, Antonio, I hope tonight brings us together. I want to devour you, I want to taste you, I want your manhood inside me, and I want your cock juices inside me, on me.

I’ve seen him naked. It’s because of what I’ve seen that I’m sitting here on this train. I know what this man looks like under his clothes. I don’t know why, sometimes you get feelings that you can’t explain, But I have been drawn to Antonio. He’s probably close to forty years older than me, but I want him. Isn’t this fucked up?

Looking at my reflection in the window, I think I can say that I’m not a bad looking 24 year old. I could get a man my age. But I don’t want that now. I’m a 20-something guy in fucking heat for a fucking senior citizen. This is so surreal.

I work at the local gym. Part of my job is going through the locker room and cleaning up after our customers. When I’m down in the change room, I keep my eyes away from cocks and asses. When I do glance, I’m super discrete because I need this job; I need the money so that I can move out of this shitty little suburb. So I work overtime at this place and hope to be in a position to move out in a few months.

Before that day, I would never think of looking at a man old enough to be my grandfather. But then I saw Antonio: a tall, slender man, with a broad hairy chest. Somehow his body had escaped many of the most common ravages of age. But his great body is not what caught my eye. As Antonio was rinsing out shampoo from his hair in the shower I saw his entire body shake like a giant oak tree in a strong wind, and I saw his huge fucking foreskinned sausage swing back and forth as though it were trying to escape from his body. It was mesmerizing. I blushed and felt blood rush to my head. I licked my lips and my cock tingled in my lust. I had never seen a cock that big before. I had fantasized about big cocks, but never on an old man. I dropped a towel and bent down to pick it up. I was mesmerized by Antonio who had now turned around and was bent forward so that his ass was exposed to me. His legs held up two luscious pair of glutes. A large round nutsack poked out from below his dark, hairy asshole.

I felt like the room’s temperature had become tropical. I had to get out of there before I was caught.

I ran with the towels in my hand out of the room, smashing the exit door with my body in order to escape. I tossed the towels into the laundry basket and walked promptly to the toilets. I raced into a stall, pulled out my hard cock, and within fifteen seconds ropes of my jism hit the toilet seat, the wall, and the floor. I panted hoarsely, so overtaken by my actions. I couldn’t believe what I had done. I felt truly shocked. I had discovered something about myself that I didn’t understand. For the first time in my life, I had shot my load because of lust for an old man.

I sat on the toilet and felt my cum under my ass on the cold plastic. I hung my head low, holding it my hands. Gasping still from the profound orgasm, I was deeply confused by what had just happened.

“Jesus, this is perverse: I’m lusting after somebody’s fucking Grandpa.” Saying these words aloud made the surreal all the more unreal.

But even as I closed my eyes the image of Antonio was burned in my mind. All I could see was that tall hulk of a senior with his profound uncut dong swinging back and forth.

I could barely keep my mind on my work the rest of the evening. When I got home, I went straight to my room and shut the door. I fell on my bed with my clothes on and sank into a deep within minutes.

Although I was mentally exhausted, my dreams that night were extremely vivid and sexual. Each time I tossed and turned my hard leaking cock ground into the mattress. I didn’t have one lucid dream with a storyline, just a stream of dark and obscene vignettes involving Antonio and older men with large dicks whom I watched from a distance in a variety of places.

I woke up at 7am to the sound of my alarm clock. I felt like I hadn’t slept in days. My cock was pointing up and looking for attention, but I was too tired to appease it. I stumbled to the shower, turned on the cold water, and forced myself to shower in it. I had to give a class at the gym at 8. I had to wake up.

I made it to the gym ten minutes early, still dragging my ass, but feeling better with coffee. I went to the front desk and logged on to the computer. I was planning to look up Antonio’s information. But cursed myself when I realized I didn’t know his name.

I eventually learned it, later that day when he walked in around 4pm. I was at the front desk when he swiped his membership card and his name came up on the screen: Antonio Mazzetti.

My lust for this man made me feel ballsy: “Good afternoon, Antonio.”

I held my breath as he looked at me blankly then smiled.

Fuck, this was one rugged looking man. Not handsome, or not what people tell us is handsome, but sexy as all fuck. He had a nice crew cut above a tall wrinkled forehead. His eyes were a deep dark brown, almost a bit menacing. His smile was wide with thick lips under a salt and pepper moustache. I got hard instantly.

“Good afternoon, young man” he said chirpily looking me straight in the eyes.

“Chester, my name’s Chester. I’m not so young,” I said as I smiled and extended my hand.

He put his hand on mine and shook it. It was warm and firm.

“How old are you, Chester?” he asked without hesitation as he took his hand slowly from mine.

“24,” I answered.

“Ah, to be 24 again,” he said leaning on the counter beside me smiling.

His breath smelled sweet like honey and cinnamon and there was a vague scent of warm bread about him. I inhaled his scent deeply. But just then the phone rang suddenly, jolting me from my reverie.

Antonio tapped the counter with his palm. “See you later, Chester” he said as he headed downstairs to the changing room.

I watched him walk away as the phone continued to ring.

“Fuck, I want him,” I said under my breath before answering the phone.

A few minutes later I got one of the younger staff to man the desk while I went in search of Antonio. He had already changed into his sweats and was talking to another man when I next saw him.

I had a basket with me and pretended to be cleaning up as I walked behind them at a distance.

“So, the I-G is tomorrow night in town. You coming?” said the other man, a tall bearded man with a beer belly whom I recognized as Mickey.

“Definitely. Do you want to drive in together?” Antonio asked

“Well, I’ve got work in the city tomorrow early, so I’m just gonna stay there and head to the Base in time for the party,” said Mickey.

“No worries, I’ll take the train. Just give me the address again. I always get lost in the city,” said Antonio.

“I’ve got the brochure with me. I’ll give it to you in the change room” I heard Mickey say as they walked away towards the free weights.

I spent the next hour keeping an eye on Antonio and Mickey. When they started heading back to the locker room, I bolted to the stairwell and reached the change room. I entered quickly and hid in a janitor’s closet.

Antonio and Mickey entered the change room. I could see them through slats in the storage room door.

They sat down about ten feet away. I heard the rattle of locks and metal doors as they got ready for the showers.

“Christ almighty, Antonio,” said Mickey who erupted in laughter. “That thing could kill somebody.”

I knew Antonio must have been naked. He responded to Mickey but I couldn’t make it out.

“Here’s the flyer with the details,” I heard Mickey say.

After a few seconds I saw them both walk in front of me. They were whispering and laughing like schoolboys.

As soon as I could hear them in the shower, I dashed out of the storage room. I headed straight for their lockers. Having looked up Antonio’s locker number earlier, I knew his was number 18.

I looked to my left and right, then opened his locker door. My heart beat so hard it almost hurt, but it was worth it: I eyed Antonio’s sweaty gym gear hanging up on a hook, crowned by a large jockstrap. Not hesitating, I grabbed the jockstrap and stuffed it in my pocket. A piece of paper fell to the floor.

“This must be the flyer Mickey was talking about,” I thought to myself. I went to open it, but heard somebody approach, so I shoved it back into the locker, closed the door, and left quickly back upstairs.

I finished my shift then and there. I wanted to leave before I would see Antonio exiting the gym.

I drove home in record time and locked myself in my bedroom. I spent another restless night thinking of nothing but Antonio and sniffing his jockstrap.

That was yesterday. Now, here I am, sitting on this train incognito. I pull out Antonio’s jockstrap that I stole and bring it to my nose, inhaling the scents. He’s sitting 10 fucking feet away, and I’m perving on his jock on a train.

If you’d told me I’d be doing this a few days ago, I’d have said you were crazy. But that was then.

Wherever Antonio goes tonight, I’m following.

As we pull into the station Antonio stands up and moves to the doors. He looks at his watch and frowns. He seems impatient. Ha! He can’t be anymore impatient than me to get this night in motion.

I stay in my seat, not wanting to move until he does.

The doors open suddenly and Antonio is off.

“Sorry,” I’m obliged to say to a few people I’ve just brushed past.

I see Antonio at the exit now. Great he’s heading for the taxi stand.

Luckily there’s a queue. So I slip behind Antonio and turn away slightly. I take off the baseball cap and sunglasses and stuff them in my pockets. I turn back towards Antonio now.

Fuck, my heart is beating, but I have to make a move. I tap him on the shoulder and he turns to me. He looks blankly, then surprised

“Oh, hello, Antonio,” I say cheerily and as innocently as possible.

“Ummmm….Chester, isn’t it?” he says a bit perplexed.

“Yes, that’s right,” I say shaking his hand. “Fancy meeting you here. Nice surprise to see a friendly face” I jabber on trying to hide my nervous.

“Indeed it is. So, what are you up to in town? Going out with your mates?”

“Yeah…I dunno. Just had an urge to come into town and have a bit of fun. And you?” I say a bit rushed.

A taxi pulls up and Antonio is told to take it.

“Well, sorry, I better be off. Nice to see you Chester. Bye” Antonio says looking relieved as he ducks into his cab.

“Nice to see you, Antonio, really nice. Have a great night.” I say aloud. I look around. Great, my taxi pulls up. I jump into it.

“Follow the taxi in front, will you. My mates are in it and there wasn’t enough room for me” I say.

“Alright, Sir,” says the driver.

We drive for about 15 minutes through busy streets. I’m anxious when we approach an intersection with changing lights, but my driver keeps to his orders and we stick behind Antonio’s cab most of the way. We pull up in front of a Chinese restaurant. I see Antonio get out of the cab in front and dash into a door next to the restaurant.

I pay the taxi driver and give him a large tip.

“Thanks very much, Sir,” he says.

I get out the cab, close the door, and run across the street. There is a black door next to the restaurant. Could this be it? I reach for the handle and pull.

It opens. Fuck, it opens. I slip inside. My heart’s beating so loud I can barely hear.

There’s only one staircase and it leads down. One the ceiling above the staircase large yellow letters spell out, “The Base”.

I get to the bottom of the staircase and there’s a window. Behind the window there’s a middle aged man. He’s bald with a moustache. He’s got no shirt on and there’s a chain going from one nipple to another. He might be naked.

I take out some money and slip him a twenty. He doesn’t take it.

“I.D. card please” he says gruffly.

“I.D. What for?” I say taken aback.

“You gotta be 21 or over to get into the party,” he says as he appears to rub his groin below the counter.

I take out my wallet and hand him my ID.

“Chester, eh?” he says eyeing me up and down. “You know this is an I.G. party, don’t ya?”

“Sure,” I say.

“Yeah? You sure? ‘Cos I ain’t seen you here before,” he says teasing me. He rubs his groin again and then stands straight. So, he is naked behind the counter: I can see the top of a very thick bush of pubic hair. He pulls on the chain between his nipples.

“I.G. means, intergenerational, yeah?” he says. “You like older men, Chester?”

“Yeah, I do. A lot. A lot as a matter of fact. And tonight I’m really fucking horny for it, you know what I mean?” I say, probably too enthusiastic. “Come on, mate. Lemme in.”

“Okay, Chester. If you say you’re up for it. All the rooms are taken, so you’ll have to take a locker,” he says.

“Okay, that’s great” I say, relieved that he’s letting me in.

He hands me a key, a towel, and change.

“Thanks,” I say.

“Pleasure will be all mine….and yours,” he says as he rubs one of his chained nipples eyeing me lecherously. “I’m Rob. See you around, Chester.”

I hear a buzzer and head for the door beside the counter. My heart starts pounding again with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. What’s behind this fucking door?

Deep breath. Here we go.

The room I enter is dark. Dance music is playing and the beat is turned up so that it’s muffled. It fills the place with a primal throbbing pulse. To my left is a bar. Okay, there are a few men standing around. I see a slim blond guy licking the nipple of a pot bellied man with a goatee.

Beyond them, I see a sign for the lockers. I don’t dare look around and see Antonio just yet. I head quickly for the lockers, ignoring whispers from men at the bar directed at me.

The changing room is dimly lit. I can barely find my locker, 89. When I get there I see four men clinging to each other. They touch each other all over and laugh. Some wear their towels, but most don’t. I’m all business though. I scan the rows of metal cabinets, find mine, and open it quickly. I throw my clothes inside in a bundle. Wait, on second thought, I want that fucking jockstrap. I take it out and put it on. It’s a bit too loose for my size. I don’t care. I throw the towel I was given over my shoulder. I slam the locker door shut and lock it. I put the key around my ankle like I normally do at saunas. I don’t like the key to get in the way of grabbing and touching.

Fuck, it feels hot in here. I’m sweating profusely. I hope I don’t stink too much. A man like him will be eaten alive in this place.

So, where the fuck is Antonio? I need to find him before someone else does.

I’m back out at the bar area where I entered, no he’s not there. Three guys are going through a dark doorway. I can see a red glow inside. Following behind the last of them, I see we’re in a kind of narrow alley. It’s so dark in here, I can’t make out faces.

Whoa, space is so tight in here, there are hands and body parts touching me all over. Fuck, this is an orgy and I’m getting hard. How the hell will I find Antonio here?

I’m surrounded by moaning, licking, and sounds of cocks being jerked about. It smells like sweat and sperm in here. Hell, I love the smell of cum and the more I breathe it in, the hornier I’m getting. My cock is jabbing against anonymous flesh as I walk through this flesh filled alley. Who are all these horny fuckers? No, I have to keep moving although it’s tempting to stay.

I see there’s a bit more light as I reach the end of this alley. There seems to be a dingy yellow bulb inside a room at the end. Men’s voices are also a bit louder too. And there’s the sound of splashing.

I’m gonna stand here a minute, my eyes need to adjust. This is not a big room either. There’s a group of men huddled around a bathtub and there are a few stalls crammed with men. It smells like piss in here. Fuck me, this room’s is nothing but a giant toilet and….Christ….there’s Antonio!

He’s standing on a high podium in the corner with a group of men at his feet. He’s fucking pissing on them and they’re loving it.

I’m getting in on this now. I approach the podium and try to squeeze in. Antonio hasn’t recognized me yet. A man reaches back and pulls me in to the group at the podium, his large hand grabbing my bum.

“You want some of that piss from that horsecock?” he says as his fingers rub my asshole.

“I fucking want all of it,” I say not looking at him, my eyes fixed on Antonio.

Antonio’s turned slightly away from me as he showers the faces of an older man and younger bear type who are kissing.

This is so fucking surreal. The senior citizen I’m lusting after is spraying huge quantities of piss into a crowd of admiring piggish men.

My mouth is open now. Come on, Antonio. Turn. Turn towards me!

Fuck yes… warm stream of piss first hits me in the throat. I’ve got my mouth open wide following the stream. I hope I’m making a show of myself. I hope Antonio recognizes me.

He stopped pissing. He’s looking at me. Ha…he looks a bit stunned. I’ve got a pissing drinking grin on my face. Ha!

“Antonio…give us some more,” I say.

“Well, fuck me! Look who's here,” he says squinting his eyes as he looks at me.

He moves to the edge of the podium. He’s on his knees now and he’s using two hands to lift his monster cock to my face. Fuck yeah, I open my mouth and look at him in the eyes. He’s smiling as his hot urine fills my mouth. The towel around my shoulder is wet now.

“Drink daddy’s piss like a good slut” says someone in my ear. The stranger fingers my arse as I gargle loudly and swallow as much of Antonio’s juice as I can.

Fuck this is sweet piss. Sweet as honey. Christ, I might get addicted to this easily.

Antonio stops pissing. He sits on the edge of the podium and I move between his legs. He’s got a big devilish grin on his face.

He reaches his hand out and strokes my face.

“Well Chester. What a coincidence,” he says.

I’m pleased…he seems genuinely happy to see me. I can't fucking stop grinning.

“Not much of a coincidence, Antonio, I followed you here tonight,” I say.

There are at least two pairs of hands now feeling my ass up and down from behind and I feel a warm hairy belly at my back and a cock rubbing against my piss wet arse.

“You want this, I think,” he says as he waves his cock near my lips.

“Fuck, yeah….I saw you in the shower at the gym. I saw you. I saw this thing and I was hooked,” I’m smiling like my dreams have just come true.

“So you like older men?” he asks. “You know I’m probably old enough to be your grandfather. Would you like that, Chester? Do you want me to be your grandpa?”

“You want grandpa’s cock, don’t ya, Chester,” says a voice in my ear.

I turn my head. It’s fucking Mickey from the gym. I had forgotten he’d be here.

“Is that right, Chester?” asks Antonio. “Do you want grandpa’s cock?”

“Fuck yeah. I want grandpa’s cock,” I’m so happy right now I’ll say anything.

Mickey’s rubbing my nipples now as his cock his probing the outside of my hole. I’m so fucking horny I might cum.

“Grandpa has nice big balls too, Chester, Don’t you think? And a nice arse and hole to explore,” Mickey says.

Antonio is squeezing out his long cock as he looks me in the eyes. This is so fucking lewd and sleazy. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

But we’ve got company. A couple of guys my age or younger are trying to move in and start touching Antonio.

“We’re off to the bar, boys. Come on, Chester. Let’s grab a pint and chat before we continue our night of lust,” Antonio says as he slips off the podium. He puts in hands on my shoulders as he descends. He’s looking at me in the eyes. He goes down on his knees, takes my cock out of the jockstrap and puts it in his mouth. He’s sucking out the precum that’s been dripping from my foreskin.

“Tastes as sweet as you are,” he says as he stands up. He brings his mouth to mine and we kiss sloppily, hungrily.

“Oi! I want some,” says Mickey plaintively.

Antonio pulls back and laughs.

“Let’s get that pint first,” he says.

We walk out of the cock and piss smelling room, Antonio with his arm around my shoulder and Mickey playing with my arse.

(part two coming soon)