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Last Black Gang Bang

By newwriter

submitted March 3, 2011

Categories: Black and Beautiful, Discipline, Interracial, Orgies, S/M

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Quick new story – possibly my last (although, never say never). I decided that my final session needed to be special so I spent a great deal of time chatting to a guy who advertised West African studs with XL cocks. I confirmed that they all got hard, all enjoyed working together (a problem I often encountered in the past), they were comfortable being rough and that they all cum. When I’d done my due diligence, the leader (let’s call him 1) asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted two hours and would do what he ordered. He was professional enough to ask me the following questions: pain – pinch my nipples as hard as you can for as long as you can (I get an instant stiffy when I pinch my own nipples – when it’s a hung black guy…); oral – I think I can safely take 25 cm and love to go deep; anal – please, hard and often and I’d like to try a dp with two really hard cocks whilst I take a third cock balls deep; fisting – yes please but can we get to it after fucking to ensure I’m stretched; cum – on my face and mouth please, bukkake style; and pissing – haven’t done it in years but if the rest of the stuff is good and I’m feeling really slutty, why not? I arrived well prepared – a new, unopened bottle of amyl/poppers, a gram of Johannesburg’s finest coke and a thoroughly cleaned arsehole. The guys were there in underwear and all looked in good order. One of the guys was obviously at least semi-hard which was encouraging. I asked if it was OK if I went to the bathroom to do the gear and permission was granted. I stripped and hoovered up the entire gram and felt immediately ready for the fun. I walked back into the room, took a quick sniff of poppers and turned to face the now naked guys. Cock size was as promised and these guys knew their stuff – the two guys on either side immediately took a nipple roughly in hand and started squeezing hard. I can’t explain why this works the magic it does but I immediately get very horny and start moaning. I take the two outside guys (let’s call them 2&3) cocks in hand and this makes things even better. Both are hefty – thick and near hard, 24-25cm. I have never understood how guys who write these stories can provide cock width measurements so won’t guess. I will say they were both thicker than average and, lucky old slut, they were the two smaller tools. From the way I was looking at 1’s cock it was obvious I wanted to take it in my mouth immediately – it was 26-27cm and very thick and straight. It pointed out at something slightly better than horizontal so was close to fully hard. The guys didn’t let me do as I wanted though and kept at the nipple torture and allowing me to hold their cocks and moan. 1 held my semi-hard cock (I’ve said before that the coke and poppers kills any chance of me getting fully hard but it’s not my primary goal so no problems there) and rubbed it against his monster beast. My pre-cum lubed the rubbing and it only added to the ecstasy I was feeling. He rubbed his cock under mine (I’m 188cm and so taller than most) and pushed it under my nuts and between my legs. I closed my eyes and went somewhere else for a few minutes whilst the pleasure/pain ratcheted up and up. Slowly cocks 2&3 began to leak some pre-cum and the guys seemed to take that as a signal to tell me I needed to suck some cock. And they did it how I like “Get on your knees and suck some black cock you slut”. “Yes please”. Smack across my chest. “Yes please sir”. I smiled inwardly – this was going well. “Yes please sir”, I responded. On to my knees and one at a time took the beautiful big cocks into my mouth until my nose pushed against their stomach pubes. I am not able to work the really deep throat in a fucking motion – I can go down slowly and hold it until I need a breath and they sensed my capability and simply held my head when I reached bottom until I struggled to breathe then released me to go back and then down again. Then, as if they knew what I liked they each sat down on the end of the bed and demanded I service them properly with my mouth. I love how I can control depth when the guys lies down so I went at it like the hungry cock slut I am. When it became obvious how much I was loving this, the guys started pinching my nipples again (oh bliss) and calling me a white slut cocksucker who loved big black cock. Too, too good. I was in heaven. Time is now a foreign concept so I really can’t say how long I sucked those beautiful big cocks and smiled at them as they called me names and pinched my nipples. Finally 3 got up (whilst I had 2 in my mouth) and offered me some more poppers. No prizes for guessing what he had in mind. He athletically sat atop my arse and pushed his cock down into my hole and started fucking me. I presume he lubed his cock because it slipped in easy but I can’t confirm. At times like this it’s impossible to focus properly on cock-sucking so I moaned a bit and did my best. After he’d fucked me for a few minutes I assume he had confirmed that I was lubed/loose enough to try something a little different. 1 laid back and held his rock hard cock pointing north. “Climb on board and line on me”, I was commanded. I did so and our chests were together as I lay with his beautiful cock in my arse. When we’d stopped moving around and I was fully impaled, 2 came from above and squeezed his cock in alongside 1. It took a little doing (embarrassingly not as much as you’d imagine – I have worked my hole over well and truly in my lifetime) but it got in full length. Then he started fucking and they ordered me to commence slowly fucking 1’s cock too whilst keeping the rhythm of 2. After 15-20 seconds we got this right and it became simple to keep it going. As I moaned in beautiful pleasure I lifted my head and opened my eyes to see cock 3 right in front of me. He held my head and rammed it in. Far more roughly than I was used to and preferred but it was what he wanted and I was to deal with it. We went at this glorious exercise for a good deal of time and I moaned and groaned happily as the guys intermittently pinched my nipples hard to complete my perfect pain/pleasure mix. At some point, 2&3 pulled out and I was ordered off 1. I was offered another toot of poppers which I gratefully took because I knew what was coming next. I was told to get on my knees and put my head on the mattress with my arse (I can only imagine how it looked after the dp action) in the air. Then one of the guys simply forced his fist up my hole to the wrist. It took my breath away – more from shock than pain but it smarted nonetheless. Then he pulled it out and punched it back in again. When it was deep in me I squirmed my arse to indicate things were all good. That set them off. “This isn’t about you, you fucking slut. Prepare for pain you bitch”. And pain I got. With a minimum of preparation, a second hand when up my arse (first time this has happened) and they started to go in and out one after the other. It seriously hurt and I moaned only to have a cock rammed in my mouth, slapped on the cheek and told to shut my fucking mouth and suck. I did and, of course, as those of you who have been following my stories would know, I began to enjoy the situation. The human arse (well, at least mine) is remarkable in its capacity to stretch to accommodate new and bigger things and I started to groan like a bitch as the fisting became more violent. At a point where I was feeling truly slutty 3 held my head still and pulled his cock out of my mouth and held it 3-4 inches from my eyes as he blew a big load all over my face. I lapped hungrily at his cock and he allowed me to take it in my mouth to clean it off but when I tried to use my hands to work some of the cum off my face, he pushed my hands away. Relatively soon after, 2 sprayed a load on my face and also allowed me to suck his cock clean but not touch the cum on my face. Finally, 1 removed his hands from my arse and came around and blew a stupendous load from his beautiful cock all over my face. When he’d finished the guys all rubbed their cocks in the cum on my face and pushed their now semi-flaccid cocks in my mouth to clean up. When this process stopped there was still a lot of cum on my face and I was told to go with them to the bathroom to clean it off. When we got there I was ordered into the bathtub and I assumed I could shower myself. Well I got a shower but it wasn’t what I expected. I was ordered to my knees and they all hosed me with their piss. I tried to drink what I could but their focus was to clean the cum off my face. When the last of the piss had finished they simply walked out of the bathroom and closed the door. When I’d showered and returned to bedroom there was that weird situation of three guys who’d just fucked, fisted and degraded me smiling and talking happily about how their timing was good – we’d run almost exactly two hours. I paid up, shook hands and drove home. My arse was sore but it felt sooooo good. Damn I love being a slut to black cock.

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