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Big Dick Bernard

By cumfeelthelove

submitted March 5, 2011

Categories: Bathhouse Tales

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This is based on a true story...always have safe sex...In this fiction i do it all...this story happened in Club Orlando.

I entered the club on a Saturday night not knowing what was ahead of me. I was getting a shower when I turned around and saw this black sexy guy with nice nipples. He walked past me and went into the steam room without his towel...I walked in after him and noticed for the first time his big black dick...it must have been about 11 inches and thick...I love big dicks and thought I had to have it.

I went into the corner of the steam room and dropped my towel to start playing with my dick...a few seconds later he came around and I put his dick in my face...yes I started to suck on it. As I was sucking I felt a hand pull on the dick and realized that someone else was trying to get some...he pulled it out of my mouth and sucked on the dick...I being a nice guy, started to suck on the intruder’s dick. I continued to suck on the other guy who I will call mark and will call the big dick guy randy. Well Randy wanted more than a good suck on this night so he asked if he could fuck me.

Mark hearing this probably thought I am going to take that dick and said yes as I replied yes. Mark bent over right there in the steam room opening his ass for a pounding. Randy grabbed for a condom and put it on that massive dick of his. I was holding onto Mark so that he would not fall as man started to stream in to watch this site. I was thinking that I want to get Randy in my room so that I could have him and Mark to myself. I did not want to let this big dick get away. This was going to be my Christmas present to myself.

Randy grabbed hold of his dick and put it at the entrance of Mark’s ass and proceeded to push for entry. Mark moved with the rhythm and tried to open up for it...as his ass would not open randy had to jerk himself to get his dick hard again. With a hard dick in hand Randy went back for the kill but was unsuccessful three more times. I knew that he wanted some ass at that point because he had removed the condom and tried with a spit lubed dick. Nothing worked and I could sense that he was growing tired of this guy tried to take his monster dick. I stood up and whispered in his ear that if he wanted someone who could really take that dick then come to my room, 216 and you can have my ass.

I did not want to get fucked in the steam room because I was horny as fuck and wanted him to myself. I would have taken mark with me also but then again, I was greedy that night. All to myself meant just that all. I left the steam room with a hope that Randy would come to my room for a good night’s fuck. I proceeded to the shower to rinse off the sweat that had come out of my body while keeping an eye on the door to see if Randy would come out and join me in the shower.

I was wondering what would I do if he insisted on fucking me in the shower as he had insisted on fucking Mark in the steam room. You know how it is when we want to fuck...right now and right here is the only answer. Well, Randy did not come out of the steam room so I guessed I’d lost another one.

I went back to my room to lie down and relax so that I could set my sights on someone else. I took my towel off and lay on my back with my legs open and my hand stroking my dick. This got many people's attention, as I had to turn down a few good men in the hopes of getting the prize catch of the night. I really just want to fuck and to get someone to bite my nipples. Nothing was happening as I guess word passed around that I was not taking any offers. It got real boring for a while so I decided to get dressed and leave.

I got up off the bed and started to close the door, but to my joy Randy appeared and asked if he could keep me company for a while. I acted like he was bothering me and stated that I was leaving, but he could come in while I dressed to leave. He sensed my disappointment and said that the reason why he did not follow me right out of the shower was because a few white dudes had sucked his dick and were doing such a good job.

Of course I had to ask what he was doing and found out that he was getting his dick sucked. What changed my attitude was that he said that none sucked as well as I did. The only thing you could do was suck his dick as if it were the last one on earth...because to me than, it was. I wanted it and wanted it bad.

He began to notice my attitude change so he went for the gusto and shifted his position on my bed so that his towel would fall off. Well you know when I saw that dick I had to get on my knees and suck it. I sucked for dear life until he stopped me and said, “Get on the bed, I am going to fuck that ass.”

I did as any horny boy would do and followed his instructions. I was so horny that day, I did not even tell him put on a condom...I knew that he would pull out before cumming...Randy took hold of that monster meat and push it clear into my waiting ass. Ii screamed in pain but he coached me through it by tell me relax my ass muscles and that I can take it...did I mention that I was saying I CAN'T TAKE IT. I CAN'T TAKE IT. I CAN'T TAKE IT. I CAN'T TAKE IT. I CAN'T TAKE IT...well I took it with his coaching he got all 12 inches in and I felt so fucking good. I could feel my ass being stretched pass its limits, but I enjoyed it...anyone going in me after this would need a life jacket.

He fucked me in slow rhythmic motions and pleaded for me to tell him how it was. It’s good baby fuck that ass like it is your last...fuck it baby. We kissed and kissed and he bit my nipples as he continued drilling for gold...this was good...and I was taken to a level I had not been before...all of a sudden he shouted, “OH FUCK...YES” and he filled my ass with his juices...I did not say he could do that but I did not complain...he felt so good in me.

He told me his name was Bernard and that he would be back on Sunday night at 6 pm. He did not live in Orlando by in (Maitland) or something like that. I told him my name and I told him I was from Bermuda. He asked if I would be there Sunday and of course I wanted to and told him that I will. You know how things happen and the next thing you know you are in Atlanta chasing a man who does not want you. That was me so I missed the reunion with Bernard and do regret that decision to go to Atlanta.

I hope you enjoyed this story, hit me up, i have many more stories to tell... CFTL

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