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The Biggest Cock I Ever Had

By grifter

submitted March 11, 2011

Categories: Interracial, Straight Men, Gay Sex, True Stories

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A little about me. I'm bi & love sucking cock. I've had plenty & have become quite the cocksucker. Put it this way... I've never met a cock I couldn't take balls deep! I'm quite the deep throat expert & I love it. I rarely get anal because I'm a “size queen” when it comes down to that. But not for oral sex. Just be d&d free & hard! I get off just fine giving a long, deep, wet BJ. I was perusing through a “hooking up” website (as I have many times before) & found an ad that caught my attention. “Married black man in town on business looking for oral release”. Well who wouldn't be interested. So I decided to add my reply to the inevitably endless cavalcade. To my surprise I received a reply almost immediately. Well we exchanged a few emails & we each decided the other was pretty normal so we arranged a meet & greet 3 days hence. The earliest our schedules would allow. Something came up on his end & we had to push that back 2 more days. I had learned a few things about Jay from our emails. He was tired of jerking off, he had never been with a guy & decided getting a hummer from one wouldn't be cheating & he was “hung”. I didn't ask how hung because I wanted it to be my surprise. In my experience when a guy says “hung” I can look forward to 7” +. Good news for me! We met up at a chain restaurant/bar near his place which was a hotel his company put him up in while he was in town on his extended work assignment. We exchanged pics so I knew him when I walked in. He was 6'3”, bald, & lean like a swimmer. I suppose he was handsome but I didn't want to date him, I wanted to find out his definition of hung. I let Jay take the lead since I was being the bottom and I can be intimidating. I'm 6'6”, short hair, trimmed goatee, with a football players build. Not everyones first choice for a bottom. After a couple of drinks Jay says “Let's go to my place”! So we do. In the parking lot he says he'll need to stop & get some condoms. I say “No problem, I have some in the glove box”. Then show them to him. He says. “They might be to small”. Well he's got my attention now! My mind starts racing, I realize I have a stupid grin on my face! I actually start salivating at the prospect. He's in a mini-suite with a couch, chair, desk, mini-fridge, microwave, sink... all the comforts. He fixes himself a drink & ask if I would like one. I decline thinking “Shut up & show me your cock”! We go over to the couch & relax. He drinks deep from his cocktail & with a deep breath ask “So, how do we do this”? I tell him to take off his pants while I get a towel from the bath so he can sit on it. I love to slobber & drool so this keeps the couch dry. He's now comfy. I'm on my knees slobbering at the prospect but he's held his legs together. With one big gulp he finishes his drink, leans back on the couch & reveals his package! Wow, flaccid he's 6 or 7 inches, uncircumcised, with big round hairless balls. I ask him if he wants me to stroke him till he's hard enough to put on one of his condoms or if he will. Jay replies “It's OK, you can blow me without one”. Cool, I'm with a guy 2 or 3 times before he loses the condom. Jay is in for a treat. I think I am too. I take all of his limp tool into my mouth, apply suction while running my tongue all over his cock. Jay responds immediately with a low moan. As I pull back still applying suction, his cock does as well. It pulses & throbs as I continue the intense suction along the length of his expanding love muscle. Jay lets loose with a “Damn! I thought I might have trouble gettin hard but you are great”! I continued without comment. Jays cock seems to be growing exponentially! As he increases in size I only take him to the back of my mouth. Not down my hungry throat... not yet. With my thumb & forefinger at the base of his shaft & my mouth enveloping his throbbing head I can tell he's at full attention. I slide my salivating mouth slowly off his rock hard cock to see the fruits of my labor. With streamers of spit still connecting my mouth & Jays cock. Now it's my turn “Damn”! Glistening in the lamplight is a magnificent foot long dong (minimum). 12 inches, very thick, straight & hard as granite. I've never seen a tool this length outside of porn & carnival freak shows. I realize Jay is staring at me staring at his resplendent penis. Jay proudly states “12 inches” and smiles. I have not mentioned to Jay that I have impressive deep throat skills which I now intend to test the extent of. I'm confident I can take his impressive length into me. I position myself directly over his skyward pointing shaft. I inhale him oh so slowly into my mouth as the spit starts to flow. I take Jays cock all the way to the entrance to my throat, then out again until it's just my lips on the very tip of his head. I repeat this many times. At the apex of one of these trips I look at Jays face. With eyes closed a smile on his lips it's obvious he is consumed with pleasure. Now! I break my rhythm. As his massive mushroom head hits my throat. I don't stop to pull back. I keep going & going & going. This is a long trip but so worth it. Finally my lips hit the base, he is completely in my throat. I hold for a moment as my eyes start to water then slowly slide up his monumental shaft leaving a slime trail behind. As I lift my mouth off him I look at Jay. His eyes are wide open, his mouth agape, I know I've done well. “No-no one has ever sucked me all the way down. Not my wife... no one”. Jay stammered. “Can you do it again”? he asked. I don't bother to reply. Actions speak louder than words. I slide his hugeness back down my willing throat. Down then up, down then up, Jay has become very still. His cock pulses then throbs it becomes even harder (if that's possible). I continue traveling up & down. When at the base of his shaft I pull my lower lip away & slip my tongue out to try & lick one of his balls. I can't reach them. So I slide my tongue in & out, left & right as I go back up for air. This is one of those times I wish I could breathe through my ears. Back at the base I pull my lips off, then I slide up & down in fast 2-4 inch strokes jacking Jays prodigious shaft with my throat. This creates a loud, wet, sloppy, pulsing sound like a plunger slopping in & out. “That's it”! Jay exclaimed as I felt him jerk deep in my throat. I had to taste him so I traveled to his head. I felt a hot jetstream of cum hit the back of my mouth as I lifted off him. I closed my mouth, lips around his head to ensnare his jizz in my mouth. I'm just in time to receive another thick squirt that near fills my mouth to overflowing. Not wanting this to go to waste I slide him back down my throat again while Jay gushed his load into me like a fire hose. Jay is now in the throws of a full body orgasm. Moaning & convulsing as I milk every drop I can while holding him deeply in my gullet. It's at this point I savor his gift to me. Jays glorious ejaculate is thick, voluminous, & hands down the sweetest tasting load I have ever had. Jays seizure eventually subsides & I slip his still erect tool from my mouth pausing at the head to suck out any last traces of his sweet nectar from his prodigious shaft. After all it's a long way from his heavy balls to the slit so I just wanted to help out. I was rewarded with another taste of his deliciousness. After a quick survey it appeared as if I didn't miss a drop of his man goo. Just some of my slobber on his legs & balls. “Relax” I said. I went to the restroom and cleaned up with a damp washcloth. Then prepped another with a hand towel for Jay. I plopped them next to him on the couch. He still had not moved & his prick was still erect. I went to the bar & poured myself & Jay a drink & returned to the couch. I touched the ice chilled glass to his shoulder. “You all right”? I asked. “Yeah, thanks”. Jay replied, coming back to life & taking a long pull from his drink. “Sorry, I didn't mean to cum so fast but it was just so good”! he said as he cleaned himself up. I said “That wasn't fast, that took 20 minutes”. “ I usually last longer but that was a 6 day load. I don't think I've ever cum that much in my life” he replied. We were cleaned up, chatting & sipping from our drinks when I had to ask him. “So what's the deal with him”? Commenting on his still mostly erect unit. “ I guess he likes you” was Jays reply. I sat my drink down & moved my mouth to his cock once again. Jay was still mostly engorged just not totally rock hard. I would see what I could do about that. As I slid his full length down my throat he was totally hard by the time I hit bottom. “Damn, what a stud”. I hope his wife appreciates it. I mean him.” I thought to myself. I became used to Jay extreme size as I continued to pump him in & out with only my mouth & throat. I began to speed up taking him faster & faster. Jay moaned his appreciation. Then I did a thing I call the compass. I swallowed him fast & then slowly slide off of him while moving my head to the left, then to the right, then up, & down. Now to go deep. I took a deep breath and slid all the way down then just kept pushing till my face was completely buried. My eyes started watering. I reached new depths. With him deeper in me than he'd ever been I rotated my head slowly to the left, then the right. I need air but not yet. I now curl my lips away from his flesh & pump him quickly up & down as I did earlier when he shot his load. I also let fly with guttural gagging sounds as I continue pulsing up his shaft to his swollen head. Next I took his gargantuan tool from the side. It was like a whole new cock! He felt even larger as I pumped his massiveness with my throat. I'd moved back around between his legs when I felt Jay's hand on my head. It was the first time he'd touched me since we started. He began pushing my head down & up as he slowly began pumping his own hips up & down. I relaxed & let him use me to jack off his ponderous cock. After a while Jay said “ Let me do some of the work”. As he stood up off the couch. With me on my knees & that insane monster cock parallel to my face I knew we were a sight to behold. I could now fully appreciate Jays big balls. They hung exceptionally low. They might have been comical if they weren't so hot. He put both hands on my head & all but forced his mammoth man meat down my throat. He knew I could take it. I opened my mouth wide allowing him to ram his dick balls deep then completely out. He face fucked me faster & faster. My god I was in heaven. This monster cock just kept going & going. Never had I been with a dude who could hold out this long to my oral ministrations. Jay was totally into it. He was watching as his raging hard-on pumped in & out of my eager throat. He was talking dirty. Saying “Take my big black cock! Take it all the way!You're the best cocksucker ever! It's like fucking a pussy but better!” Jay then thrust his colossal cock exceptionally hard using both hands on the back of my head pulling my cock hungry throat DEEP onto him & holding me there in much the same way I had done to him on the couch. With watering eyes I placed my hands lightly on his hips & pulled him to me letting him know he had not killed me with his fat fuck stick. I was sure he was going to let loose with another load of jism but I didn't feel the familiar jerking of his cock. Jay now slowly withdrew his still rock hard dick & I gave little push to let him know it was time too. I gave a cough as the tendrils of spit thinned & separated between my lips & Jays glistening rod. Damn I was about worn out. I was still horny though because I had only rubbed myself through my shorts. I had not pulled out my cock to give it sufficient attention for fear of freakin out Jay. I was like “Damn Jay! Where'd that come from? Very hot but let me catch my breath”! I got a bottle of water from the mini-fridge & tossed him one. My throat was definitely sore. “Do you... I think... I might want to fuck your ass?” he said somewhat sheepishly. “Do you? Are you sure”? I confirmed with him. I told him his size more than met my “standards” for anal, that he would have to use a condom & go slowly like I was an 18 year old virgin, & since my shorts were gonna be off he would probably see my cock. While I did not expect him to even touch it I would be & when I came I would do my level best to not get any on him. His reply was “Yes”. Fortunately for me I always & I mean always approach these encounters fully prepped & cleaned should this situation occur. Most of the time it does not but I was beginning to feel lucky. “Get your condoms”. I said as I grabbed my backpack & went into the restroom. I was still clean & I applied lube to my increasingly eager backside. I worked in the head of my favorite toy to stretch my opening so as to assure Jay & myself an easy insertion. I returned lube in hand to see Jay sitting on the edge of the bed with the condom box open but he had not put one on. He was still hard though. I asked “Did you change your mind”? It would not be the first time it had happened to me. “No” he said. “I was hoping you could do something for me”. He told me that years ago he had seen a porno where a girl had taken a condom in her mouth & gone down on this guy & when she came back up the condom was on his dick. He thought it the hottest thing ever & since his wife would not put her mouth on a condom he had never had it done. I told him I'd give it a try. Now I had done it before but not on someone of Jays immense size. I knew I could do it for Jay but my throat was sore & I didn't want to get his hopes up. I took the condom from Jay & noticed a big XXL on the wrapper as I got on my knees between his legs. Amazingly Jays schlong was still hard! So was I but I hadn't had me sucking it for God knows how long. I began licking, sucking, & kissing all around the outside of his still intimidating pleasure pole. Slowly getting it wetter & wetter as I traversed the incredible distance from top to bottom over & over again. Jay had a glorious “puddle” of precum in the slit of his penis. I touched my lips to it with the slightest bit of suction & pulled away. A shimmering single strand of precum bridged the gap between lips & dick. I sucked it in as I moved back to Jays cock head. I took Jay once more into my mouth & down my throat. He once again moaned his approval. He fit nicely in my throat. As if he had a custom made cock groove. My throat hurt. The break & water helped as I found more saliva for Jays condom. I opened the wrapper as his cock withdrew from my oral cavity. While placing the big ass condom in my mouth I made eye contact with Jay. He had a grin from ear to ear. Just then his cock pulsed like it was trying to jump down my throat all by itself. “Easy big boy” I mumbled through the condom. I sucked the condom into my mouth stretching it out & “wrapped” it around Jays moist throbbing cock head. I slowly started to move down his thick pulsing shaft with latex unrolling 360 degrees around my lips. As his dick entered my throat a fresh fount of spit spilled down, coating the condom & still exposed shaft. I felt the roll of latex on one side slip in my mouth so without extracting myself I used 1 finger to get it back in place. Knowing Jay was watching I just kept pushing until I ran out of condom. Luckily I reached the base of his cock very soon after. I quickly slid north to get air grabbing the base of the condom w/ thumb & forefinger so as to keep it in place. Damn I was pretty much a drowning man, gasping for air with a nice little head rush to boot. But I had done it. There was Jays cock in front of me completely ensconced in latex. I stood up, dropped my shorts, & my 8 incher popped up. Though dwarfed by Jays gigantitude I felt fine. I have had no complaints & in addition to being 8 inches long I'm also 8 inches around. Also I wouldn't say I have big balls but I do shoot some pretty huge loads. I was thicker than Jay though he had me defeated on length. Jay let slip a “Damn”! I laughed “Don't worry this is not for you”. I don't do dudes... unless they're chicks. But that's another story. I handed Jay the lube & got knees apart on the edge of the bed on all fours. So he could take me standing. Jay squeezed lube on my waiting hole. As I reached around to massage it in I saw Jay lubing up his insane monster cock. “Slowly” I said. Jay replied w/ a “Mmm mmm” in the affirmative. When I felt pressure at my slippery hole I relaxed & rocked my body forward a bit. The pressure continued as I felt myself open & open & open. I rocked forward expelling what I assume was the end of a telephone pole from my ass saying “Wait a second”! The discomfort subsided as I rocked back with an “OK”. I felt the tip of his cock again as it pressed more easily into me. Jay stopped pushing saying “That's the head. You OK”? I replied by sliding a little deeper on Jay's meat stick. Jay put a hand in the small of my back & said “Hold still”. Jay pulled back till just the tippy-tip was still in me. Then he pushed forward “popping” my increasingly eager hole fully open. He did this a number of times. I was in heaven. I began to fell him thrusting into me just a little bit deeper w/ each forward move. This was awesome. Jay stopped & pulled out saying “more lube”. I had a moment of panic. What did he say? Is he through? Oh more lube, as he shoved that rock hard piston back into me. He felt exactly deep as he was before when he stopped saying “That's a little more than half. You OK”? I had this now. “Now you hold still”. I told Jay. I rocked forward sliding to the tip of Jays dick. Then steadily w/ purpose slid back down taking him deeper than I had so far. I enjoyed a soothing “mmm” from Jay. I repeated the process. To the tip then down, feeling I was taking a bit more each time. I don't know how long it took but finally I felt the warmth of Jays flesh as it pressed against mine. Jay then pushed into me the extra little bit. Holy Shit! I stopped & held him fully inside me. Fuck, he's trying to fuck my throat from the other direction now. I was a little tired, sweaty, & had relaxed so much to accommodate Jays redwood I had lost my hardon. I was still as Jay slowly removed his prodigious dick from my ass. I felt the air return to my lungs then leave just as quickly as Jays slippery man meat slid balls deep back into me & hold for a moment. My body quivered. I felt my dick coming to life again. Jay did this again... & again. I totally went off into ecstasy land so some of this is as nearly as I recall. Jay pulled his anaconda all the way out, applied more lube then shoved the head back in. All the way out then just the head. Slowly at first then gradually increasing in speed. When he had established a steady rhythm he the shoved his mammoth hardon about halfway & held it for a moment. Then all the way out & back to the same point, slowly then getting faster. My head buried in pillows I was stroking my own thick cock & fucking loving it! Now Jay is balls deep again! He then shifts his hips from left of center then to the right. Then up & down & then this swirly motion. HOLY SHIT! I've never felt anything like it in my life. Pure ecstasy! This cocksmith is rearranging my insides & I'm loving it. I had pretty much let loose with some low moans & bit my lip to keep to shouting out but when Jay started swirling I let go. “Holy fuck, god dammit, that feels sooo fucking good, aaaggghh, I fucking love it”! I would swear his fucking cock was bigger now than when we started! Jay starts pulling his dick all the way out then shoving it in all the way & pushing into me hard as if to say “Oh, here's another ¼ inch”! Over & over& over. I begin to wonder if I'll survive this. Self preservation is out the window. 12 inches of rock hard black cock pounding my willing ass! I can't take anymore. “I'm cumming”! I hear my self say. Jay grabs my hips & rockets his giant fuck stick balls deep & grinding as he holds me on him. I start shooting thick jets of jism stream after stream into the bedspread. Now I'm in the throws of a full body orgasm for I don't know how long. Jays holding me onto him (Gawd knows I can tell) & I think I'm speaking in tongues. Eventually I begin to perceive my surroundings. Jay releases my hips & I rock forward slowly sliding off Jays 3 foot cock (or that's what it felt like) onto the pile of pillows. I physically feel hollow inside. Like there is something that should be there but isn't. I feel something cold on my shoulder. It's Jay with a bottle of water & a towel. I feel like I've run a marathon as I towel down & drink some water. Jay is standing on the opposite side of the bed from where he fucked my legs off drinking water as well. I see Jays still hard cock with no condom on. “You didn't cum”? I asked. “No, I almost did when you came. You clamped down so hard on me I thought you might rip my dick off if I tried to pull out. I wanted to cum in your throat”. He said with a smile. I would have done anything Jay asked at that point. I some how found it in me to crawl forward off the bed & onto the floor once again coming face to cock w/ the greatest tool I had ever experienced. Call me evil but I thought I might tease Jay a bit. As my face got closer to his dick I spit directly onto his raging hardon. I continued moving forward slipping around to the side of his cock catching my own spit before it could slide off using my lips & tongue to wet down his massiveness. I then moved to the head flicking my tongue all around its prodigious dimension. Then I continued flicking around his cum hole stopping to try & shove my tongue down into it. Now I flick my tongue left to right “slapping” his leviathan as hard as I can while moving all over paying special attention to the underside. Whenever near the head I suck hard just on the tip. I finally take his cockhead into my mouth (which near fills it) & start twisting my head around & moving him from cheek to cheek, against the roof & sliding it just to the entrance of my throat. I also “scrape” my teeth ever so lightly along the shaft & head. I now grabbed him at the base of his shaft w/ thumb & forefinger & circle his cockhead around my lips like a girl might put on lipstick saying “Do you want to cum in my throat”? His tool was quivering like a taught bowstring. “Deep throat me”! Jay finally conceded. I wasted no time. The prospect of getting throat fucked by Jay AGAIN was to much. I slide his gigantic cock all the way down my throat then to the tip. Then back down. Getting faster & faster. Jays hands on my head my hands on his hips we established a rhythm. I was in the zone exhaling or inhaling as much as I could before his pleasure pole was thrust/pulled balls deep down into my throat-pussy. I felt tears from my watering eyes roll down my cheeks. Jay kept going & going then finally he let loose a primal scream “Cummmmmmmming”! As Jay started to ejaculate we kept our rhythm going for a bit. Cum splashed my nose & upper lip, then I tasted cum in my mouth, then I felt hot cum sliding down my throat. Next I felt his awesome rod pulse/jerk deep in the recesses of my throat. I pulled back a little to get his head in my mouth as Jay strokes out more of his massive, thick, & creamy load into my desperate mouth. I enjoy his immense load for only a moment before I take his still pulsing rod balls deep again & really start milking every last drop of his tasty man goo .I purse my lips tightly on top & bottom squeezing tightly as I travel up his shaft to the head. Once there I receive another nice gulp of his goo. Once again & I'm rewarded with a bit more jizz. I keep sucking & throating as Jay holds my head & rotates around so he can sit on the bed. I'm really enjoying myself cleaning up w/ my lips & tongue. Though I keep sucking his huge pole it gradually deflates. Damn but I love this monster cock! Jay collapses on the bed. I slump over on the floor. We're both spent. Jay gives a little laugh & I ask “What”? Are you superstitious? Like a throwing a pinch of salt or unlucky numbers”.he asked. I replied saying “No”. “Well my wife is & she decided that I would have a 12 inch cock when it's really 13 inches”. I had my suspicions he was longer than 12 but in the heat of battle who can say. Jay & I had 7 more similar encounters over the next 2 weeks before he returned home. He continued to rock my world w/ his monster cock & I his with my hungry throat.