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Tell Me You're My Bitch Tonight!

By jayt90

submitted March 17, 2011

Categories: Discipline, Mature, Older/younger, S/M

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I'm a semi-retired 65 yr. old Wasp, pretty good shape, 6.5c. I'm listed on Silverdaddies and get pretty good action there, from younger guys, age 20-35. I like to get fucked, or fingered and tit tortured. In return I'll suck or possibly rim, or suck and get sucked. It was all very straightforward until I met Haslan. Actually he found me, and sent several messages until we agreed to meet. His photo showed a buff 30 year old, olive skin. He told me he was cut, Turkish, and really handsome. This turned out to be true.

We agreed to meet in front of his building, after work, to go up to his bedroom. Our text and phone exchanges on this day became really purposive, as he started to become a bit fussy and demanding. No pubic hair, for example. I thought that was unusual.

We went up three flights to his apartment, and right into his small bedroom. Haslan immediately pulled out his 9" cock, and forced me down on it. He insisted I be on my knees. He disrobed both of us while I sucked and gave me a good hard spanking on my bum. This was a bit abrupt for me, but I took it in stride, and stayed small.Next, he put me face down on the bed and said he would bareback me. I protested and said I had lube and condoms in my coat, and I got them out. He entered me and fucked quickly and deeply until I pushed him off because of the pain. He came back in, more gently, but then ferocious again, and he grabbed my pectorals until they seemed bruised. I pushed him off, but he stayed in and slowed down; for about three minutes we had a good fuck and I actually liked it.

Haslan hissed in my ear, "Do you want my cum?" I said yes, but this quickly became a cat and mouse game: I would have have to pay for it. I refused, and he pulled out. Then he demanded I suck him again, but the smell of my ass was too much so I refused. Then the condom came off and I still refused as there was a smell.

Haslan threw me on my back, and got over me for a facial. It would be my first, although I've had lots of cum on my chest and belly and buttocks. I looked forward to this, with open mouth, and he came in great streams of strong cum, enough to gag me, and I wiped it all over my face after the swallow.

That was it. Over in 15 minutes, and I was glad to dress and leave.He never touched me except for manhandling my tits. I never got hard, and had no desire to come.

As I approached the door, Haslan said, "I want you to be my bitch, every week."

"Maybe. I enjoyed the fuck after you slowed down."

"Call me next week, bitch! You need it!"

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