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The Maintenance Man

By aquarianguy

submitted May 21, 2011

Categories: Bondage, S/M

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The following story is an erotic work of gay fiction. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject matter, do not read any further.

This is my first story in this category, hope you all enjoy it.

Terry is at an apartment complex and has access to the apartments for all maintenance work. Terry is 5'9" tall, weighs 170lb and has a defined build with a 32" waist. His work uniform consisted of a short sleeve grey work shirt and black Dickies work pants. He wore black boots and black socks and underneath it all was a white wife beater and Hanes briefs.

His ears, and tongue are pierced, has a goatee, light brown hair and several tattoos.

Terry got a call that the sink in one of the apartments was blocked and could he come up today and fix it, the owner would be at work so there was no particular rush.Seeing as he didn't have a lot scheduled for today Terry decided he would head to the apartment and check it out.

Terry entered the apartment and as was told no-one was home. He checked out the sink noticing that the water had not drained out, so he tried using the plunger to clear the drain. This did not work so Terry had to get in the cupboard underneath the sink to check out the pipe work.

Terry was laying on his back undoing some of the drain pipes when he thought he heard a noise, he lifted his head but could not see anything and assumed it came from outside or one of the apartments next door, so continued working. About 5 minutes later Terry felt someone grab the knife that was on his belt. It was opened in a flash and quickly pressed into his side. A deep voice told him to slowly turn over onto his stomach which Terry did, very nervously. "What do you want", Terry asked.

"You'll find out" the deep voice said, now slowly get up onto your hand and knees then your feet, don't make any sudden moves or look around. He did not recognise the voice and was unsure of the size of the owner of the voice, so as if in slow motion Terry obeyed the instructions he had been given and was now on his feet, the knife was still held against him.

"Move over towards the table Mr Maintenance Man". Terry thought this guy at least knows who I am. "Lay over the table with your arms hanging over the edge" barked the guy, Terry complied with the order and the guy quickly bound his legs to the table, went round and tied his wrist to the other table legs with thick tape. Now Terry was spreadeagle over the table. Terry could hear him put the knife down on the table and again asked the guy what he was after.

With a quick chuckle the deep voice boomed back, "your sweet ass maintenance man". Now Terry was really worried and scared. "No fucking way, I'm straight man!!! I got two kids at home".

In reality Terry was mostly straight but had been blown by a few guys and had topped a couple (he had never bottomed and had no desire to). He did not want his attacker to know he had ever been with a guy in any way. "Well this must be your lucky day cause you're going to take my cock in your virgin ass while I make you my bitch. Someday you can tell your kids how their daddy became a bitch and lost his cherry".

The guy came around the other side of the table and stood just in front of Terry's eyes and slowly opened the button on his jeans and slid the fly down. While he was doing this Terry was trying to see if he could loosen the tape binding him to the table with no success. Terry looked up and saw the guy's semi hard cock; it was about 7" long,6" around and cut.

Terry hoped this was just a joke one of his friends was playing, "Ok guy the jokes over, let me up." "Ain't no joke maintenance man, I'm gonna use your butt hole for my pleasure", the guy said with a sadistic laugh.

Terry felt the guys cock rubbing against his face and brushed his lips, the guy was leaking pre cum and wanting Terry to open his mouth so he could push his cock in, but Terry kept his lips closed tight. The next thing Terry felt a hand grip a hold of his hair and pull his head back, Terry opened his mouth to yell but the guy shoved his cock in, "Your gonna do whatever I want, now suck on it bitch and get me hard".

Terry had no choice as the guys cock was forcing its way towards the back of his throat so he started to suck. Terry couldn't believe how big his cock was getting; it just kept swelling and stretching Terry's mouth. "Yeah that's it maintenance man suck it real good". The guy reached over Terry's back and started to play with Terry's pants covered arse. "mmmm feels nice and firm maintenance man, ripe for the plucking."

The guy started to face fuck Terry in earnest, shoving it in and nearly choking Terry as he tried to ram it down his throat. "Damn hope your ass is as good as your mouth man". The guy kept this up for another ten minutes and Terry's throat was feeling red and raw; while tears were streaming down his face from the brutal face fucking. The guy suddenly pulled out of his mouth and moved around behind Terry.

Terry felt the guy undo and remove his belt, next thing he felt was the belt landing across his clothed ass cheeks, the sting made Terry lift off the table but he was securely bound. Another couple of lashes and Terry's butt was starting to warm, he then felt the cold steel of the knife at his waist and a shiver went down his spine.

The guy brought Terry's own knife down his ass crack slicing open his Dickie's work pants down the back seam around to the fly. The pants slipped down to his ankles exposing his light blue Hane's briefs. The guy then sliced the pants completely off as they lay around his ankles.

The guy felt Terry's ass cheeks which were still warm from the belt, Terry felt some perverse pleasure from the guy massaging his cheeks through his briefs and his cock started to rise. The guy's hands massaging harder and rougher causing Terry to moan involuntarily, "you like me playing with your ass cheeks maintenance man". Terry didn't reply, he didn't want the guy to know he was enjoying the feeling, he might stop.

The guy kept rubbing his cheeks, now and then slapping them with his open hand, harder each time. Then he felt his knife slicing his work shirt up the back to his neck followed by his wife beater as both were completely ripped from his body. Terry's mind was lost in convoluted thoughts mildly enjoying what the guy was doing but ashamed the he kind of liked it. He was mostly straight and a complete top after all.

Terry's ass cheeks were on fire when the guy reached for the leg holes of his briefs and ripped them off. He was now totally naked except for his boots and socks. Terry felt a cool draught caressing his hot exposed arse cheeks sending a shiver through his whole body. He felt the guy's cock head rubbing up and down his ass crack and then sudden excruciating pain as the guy shoved his cock into Terry's love tunnel. Terry's head reared off the table and mind screamed out Nooooooooo but he was in too much pain to emit a sound. The cock kept on entering till the guys pubes tickled Terry's ass cheeks, then he pulled straight back out and shoved in again to the hilt.

Terry's eyes were watering; his mind enveloped in darkness as his arse felt like someone had driven a baseball bat up there. "Do you feel me in your arse bitch? "Yeah", Terry responded from somewhere in space.

The guy launched straight into a rough hard fucking motion, ramming his large cock into Terry, constantly rubbing his prostate, creating a seemingly endless stream of pleasure for Terry. The pleasure grew with each stroke of the guy's hot rampant cock as the guy seemed to go deeper and deeper. The feeling mounted filling his whole body, just as Terry felt himself about to blow the guy stopped and pulled back till the ridge of his swollen cock rested against the inside of Terry's ass lips till Terry relaxed.

The guy then plunged his cock back into the quivering walls of Terry's love tunnel stimulating him all over again. Terry could feel the guy's cock growing ever bigger, thicker building up pressure. The guy must have brought Terry to the edge of orgasm at least five times each time taking Terry too an unheralded level of ecstasy The guys thrusting became even more violent as he built closer to orgasm and as the guys cock erupted and forced his hot cum deep into Terry's anal passage his own world stopped spinning and extreme pleasure over rode each and every sensation as Terry felt his cum finally spray out beneath onto the floor. The feeling was so overwhelming Terry black out.

When Terry came to he was untied and lying almost naked on the floor, wearing only his work boots and socks. The rest of his uniform lay in tatters next to him except for his torn briefs. They were gone, probably as a trophy to his rapist. As he became more and more aware of his surroundings, he realized that cum was leaking from his sore and ravaged ass. He had a guilty smirk on his face from the experience, still not knowing who his rapist was.

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