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XXX Muscle for Rent

By Muscle Villain

submitted May 28, 2011

Categories: Muscle, Escort Confessions, True Stories

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This is a true story and one I will never forget - a real fantasy come true

With my hidden copy of Gay Times in my bag,I slipped out of my office at lunchtime to call the pro I had found listed in the men for rent section. In amongst the cute fit guys and photos of hot black dick I had seen one advert I could not resist. It read

"XXXL Bodybuilder. 56 Chest, 22 arms, 235lbs 9inches. Call me for worship". The name at the foot was Joel.

My heart was pounding as I dialled from the phone booth, keeping an eye for passers by. After the third ring a voice answered - deep and manly sounding. "Hi". "Hi is that Joel?" "Sure, what can I do for you?" "You've got an ad in Gay Times and I just wanted to check out your size and ask you a couple of things" "The size is spot on, but I am getting bigger all the time. What else do you wanna know?" "A few things. I'm into hard worship and I like men with shaved bodies and ripped torsos. and I'd like to spray you with jizz - is it Ok on the chest, arms and maybe in your face?" "I'm on for anything you want to do and I'm totally shaved but have a little armpit and pubic hair round my dick. I don't penetrate on first bookings, but you can suck me off, rim and finger me and spend as long as you like feeling my while I pose." "Fucking perfection - can I come see you tonight - round 6ish?" "Sure, here's where I live."

Joel gave me his address and I nipped off to a public toilet to clean the massive gobs of precum which had leaked from my erection while I had chatted to the muscle whore.I had to force myself not to jerk off, I was so excited. The afternoon in the office seemed endless, but finally the clock hit 5:30 and I caught the train back into London heading for Joel's appartment. I was dreading being disappointed - what I have always wanted is full sex with someone the size of Mr universe; tanned smooth, huge muscles and about 300lbs of ripped pumped muscle. I buzzed his number and was let in. I climbed the stairs to the third floor and knocked quietly as instructed - he probably had guys turning up all day if he was a hot as he sounded.

When the door opened, my jaw dropped and I just whispered "FUCK" as this god stood there in just a towel. He was about 6' 2", incredibly good looking, bronzed to perfection, his waist an amazing 6 pack flaring out even when he was not pumped to huge pecs - 56 was nowhere near the size of this guy.

"Come in. I just need to clean up. The last guy was a bit messy. Make yourself at home."

|I walked into the main room and watched as Joel strode down the corridor to the bathroom, his back a picture of muscle development - broad and hugely rounded delts and traps, incredibly wide lats and, when the towel was ripped from his waist as he turned into the bathroom, a huge pair of glutes. god this was going to be good. The room i waited in was a muscle worshippers dream - photos of pro bodybuilders adorned the walls, some posing other relaxed but all full frontal, some with erections. An unforgettable one showed Joel and a huge guy, Joel spraying a thick rope of spunk into the god's mouth while he was jacking himself on Joel's pumped glutes.

"Yeh, that was a great photo shoot. You like it?"

"It's great - your dick is beautiful, but then your whole body is my idea of muscle perfection."

"You're in pretty good shape - you obviously work out too. Strip off and let's get on shall we. Or do you want me to help you? What do you want to do"

"I'll strip if you pose. And I want to touch you and worship you while your doing it. Oh, and I like to talk filth too if that's OK?"

"Get you clothes of and start worshipping my pumped hot fuck body you slut. Come and kiss my pecs and lick my sweaty pits and spit on my biceps. that kinda thing?"

"Fuck yeh."

I was naked in seconds and Joel was a fantasy come true. He seemed to enjoy talking as much as I did and he used all his muscles to make me reach my first orgasm far too soon. My hands caressed his torso and the feel of his polished golden body was making my dick so hard. I let me hands slip down to the towel and as I did he raised both arms and hit the classic Bob Paris abs and arms pose, letting me rip the towel off him, revealing a huge and throbbing dick, already wet with pre jizz. He seemed as turned on by what I was doing as I was by touching and licking his muscles.

"You like being worshipped?"

"Love it - but I'd rather be where you are, feeling up a guy's muscles."

"What sort of guys do you like?"

"Ideally bigger than me - my boyfriend's 6'4" - and much bigger and ripped muscles. The best fuck I've ever had was with a guy 6'5" and 340lbs and a huge 14' dick. He even picked me up and fucked me in my gym in front of a room full of muscle. What's your fantasy"

I had been wanking hard while he was talking and pumping and could hold back no more as I yelled "YOU" and sprayed my first load in a week. My left hand was resting on his lats and as I came he got a chest full and a little on his traps so I hugged him to me and snogged him hard on the mouth. This was heaven, but better was yet to come. He pushed me down to his chest.

"You missed my face wanker boy. Let me have a mouthful."

I started to move my hand to scoop up my jizz but his stopped me and made it clear what he meant. Shit, he wanted it kissing into him. I lapped up my load off his enormous pecs - swallowing as much as I dared - and then stood, mouth open, cum all over my lips and chin. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue down my throat, licked my lips and chin and then snogged me hard. His body was quivering and I though he ws just relaxing after a twenty minute posing session until he pushed me back onto my knees and unloaded his jerk off straight into my face.

"Drink that muscle cum you fucking cum eating muscle worshipper. Lick my cock clean that let me have it"

I drank his load - for a whore he had a lot of cum - and stood up, but by now he had turned round and was bent over offering me his glutes. Did he want what I thought he did?

I struggled to speak, my mouth still full of cum."In your ass?"

"Yeah - tongue my cum onto my hole and lick my cunt"

No problem. This was one cunt rim job I was ready for. Joel flexed his glutes, and as I licked his hole his cum dripped onto my cheeks and I licked up more for his cunt.

Joel stood up and turned round, his dick now right in my face. i started to suck him and he got hard straight way. My hands held his thighs and I could not believe how hard they were.

"Fuck your quads and so pumped and hard. I wanna feel them and jerk off again."

Then he flexed them - they had felt hard before but they suddenly leapt out and thick muscle pumped and rippled and veins started appearing. He relaxed and flexed them and I could feel him getting hard again. My dick was solid and so I did what I wanted to.

"Lie down, I want to cum over you again"

"Sure - cunt or cock?"

"Pecs, abs, biceps, delts, traps and this time in your fucking face. So you had better flex up more than you quads muscleman. Come on pump. Let me see your hot body work out. You want my cum?"

"Spray me. Every muscle is there for you to cover in your fucking jizz. And I'm gonna join you"

Amazingly Joel could keep his body flexing and pumped while he kissed me and wanked his own dick. This was too much and I let out my second huge load all over him as promised. What surprised me was that he cam with me at the same time, shouting filth as much as me. He was covered in cum - a sight I can never forget. We spent the next ten minutes rubbing it in, licking each others and our own and fondling each other's bodies. Lying on top of this massive cum soaked muscle man was as good as it gets. Or at least that was what I thought. Joel smiled at me and tongued me - still tasting of our cum.

"You are one fucking hot guy. You know said I don't penetrate on first dates. Well with you I will if you want."

more to follow in part two

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