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Daddy Love

By Dorian Love

submitted May 31, 2011

Categories: Bears, Daddies & Cubs, Romance

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Prologue: This is a romantic fantasy I had about meeting a Daddy for hot sex, romance, and companionship. I would love to make this story come to life. Enjoy, and Don't forget to love yourself. Peace :-) P.S. I'm open to constructive feed back or intrigued Daddies that are interested in meeting up for dating, and fun. spirit_ofsex@yahoo.com

I woke up at 6am, feeling completely relaxed. I felt the cool breeze from the ocean wafting over me from the open French doors, as I nestled deeper into the plush comforter on the bed. I can smell the sand, and salt water, and feel comforted by the sound of the seagulls scavenging for food. My eyes are still closed, and I take another deep breath, and take in the smell of male musk. I open my eyes, and look to my left to see my Daddy sleeping soundly with his right arm raised, and hanging on his head. His hairy armpit fills my nostrils with his masculine, soothing musk. My eyes scan down his body, taking in all of his magnificence. His hairy chest beckons my hands, as I restrain myself to not disturb his peaceful slumber. I follow his hairline down to his thick hairy crotch. I get excited, and gently sniff his pubic hair, and pull back to look at his thick flaccid dick peacefully hanging down between his hairy legs. His body is thick, solid, and healthy. I enjoy the how “thick & juicy” his body looks. I nestle close to him, putting one arm on his chest, carefully putting my right leg over his, and nestle my head near his armpit. I take another deep breath, and think to myself how satisfied I feel about this wonderful man lying next to me. I close my eyes, and think about how we met, and the wonderful journey that we have been on thus far.

A few months earlier in March, I decided to start taking meditation, and yoga classes. Lucky for me, I found two classes that were geared towards men, and naturally, it was composed of mostly gay, and bisexual men. I wanted to be in an environment of total masculine energy. I was excited to experience my interest in the company of like-minded men. I’d been building my confidence through yoga, and mediation, and was starting to yearn to experience this with a Daddy-Type guy. I have always been attracted to this type, but only started exploring it a few years ago. I’m 37, Black/Latino, 6 ft, big dark brown eyes, long lashes, sun kissed golden tan skin, close cut black hair, groomed light beard, 170 lbs, slim build, strong runners legs (a little hairy), juicy, plump butt, and a slim waist. I like the way my pretty boy looks have developed into a more handsome, sexy boyish look. Through meditating, and experience, I’ve learned that I like being the dotting, care taking son. I am very sensual, and have a high libido. I like spending a long time pampering, and playing; enjoying the moment. I also like to feel gently dominated by a sensual, nurturing, care-taking Daddy. I feel drawn to the wise, masculine, playful, sensual, dominating energy. I like a bit of role-play with sex where we can explore fantasies as Daddy, and Son. I enjoy the sexy, dominant, yet sensual talk from Daddy. I’d love to find a guy for a relationship that has this integrated in the relationship. We play many roles for one another; and it provides much emotional connectedness. So, I started out with the meditation class. I was thrilled to see that there was a healthy mix of ages (30 to 50), with different styles, ethnicities, and body types. I immediately felt comfortable in this environment, and was made even more comfortable by the instructor. He’s a handsome man with piercing blue eyes, light brown hair in a “faux-hawk”, a gentle, yet strong British accent, and a sexy, hairy, slim, yoga body. He looked to around my age. His energy is kind, and it relaxes you. He led us into meditation, and I scanned the room looking at all of the different men, appreciating their individual beauty. The “studio” was really a duplex condo, with upstairs foyer, and bedroom serving as a changing/storage room, and studio respectively. The studio had a wall of floor to ceiling mirrors on one side, so that you could see yourself (and others) if you wanted to. There were 6 guys in the room, and we were lined up in two rows. I was in the front row closest to the window on the far left. The instructor sat facing us leading us into the mediation. Before I closed my eyes, I noticed a sexy man in the front row on my far right. His eyes were closed. I was intrigued somehow. He had close cut black hair, a salt & pepper goatee, and thick juicy lips. He looked like he could be from the Caribbean or a Latin mix. His skin tone was a deep brown, and he looked like he was in his early 40s. His body looked stocky, yet muscular with just a few extra pounds. He had on a black tank top that showed his curly, hairy chest, and black drawstring, flowing cotton pants. He wore it well. The pants seemed fitted, yet flowing enough to allow him to move. He sat there looking peaceful, with his legs crossed “Indian style”. I wanted to go over there, wrap my legs around his waist, and sit in his lap. To me, he looked like a Daddy that needed a boy. I tried to refocus, and not drool over this sexy man. I closed my eyes, and focused on the instructor’s voice that led me into deep meditation. I started to fantasize about swimming in the ocean with him, sunbathing on the beach. I tried my best not to let it go sexual. It was difficult. Finally, I was able to just relax, and be in the moment. When the instructor brought us out, I opened my eyes slowly to see my reflection in the mirror. I looked at peace. I looked to the right in the mirror, and saw him looking at me. At first, I was startled, but I let that wash over me, and smiled back at him. The class was over, and we were gathering our things. I saw this guy walking down the stairs with the instructor. They were chatting as if they knew each other. I thought maybe they were friends. I was wondering if there was an opportunity to meet him. I tried to gather my things, and say goodbye as fast as I could. As I reached the downstairs, I saw them hug goodbye, and the guy left. I was disappointed, but thought, hopefully I’ll see him at another class. I spoke with the instructor, and expressed my interest in his yoga class the next day. He was kind, and told me that he was looking forward to it. I felt awkward about asking about his friend, so I didn’t. I left, and that night, I dreamt about that sexy daddy from the class. I kept thinking about playing with him on the beach. The next evening, I went to the yoga class, which mostly had the same guys from the mediation class. The sexy daddy was there, and I was so excited, I could hardly contain it. We were in the same positions we were in before, but this time, we kept exchanging glances, and smiles as we went through the class. When the class was over, I looked at him with a smile, ready to walk over to him, but he walked over to me first. I watched this hunk walking towards me, scanning his body, and then trying to play it off. We were face to face, and he looked down at me slightly. He’s 6’2. I watched him scan me quickly, and said hello with a smile. I returned the smile, and said hello. When our eyes met, it seemed as if they were locked. I felt like I was in a trance. I heard us talking about the class, and how good it was. He said, “My name is Derek”. I said, “Dorian”. He said my name in a deep husky voice that almost sounded like a moan. I was so turned on, I felt my hole twitching. We kept stretching, and talking, and he asked me if I wanted to go get a smoothie down the street. I accepted, and we walked out into the crisp air, down the street. I felt warm from walking beside him. He kept looking at me, and smiling. When we got our smoothies, we sat at a table across from one another. We talked more about meditation, and yoga, and then more about ourselves. I learned that he is an architect, and has travelled a lot for his work. He doesn’t travel as much, and enjoys bouncing between his condo, and beach house. I was intoxicated by his voice, and deep knowing eyes. He was so gentle with me as he got me to open up, and tell him about myself. His eyes seemed to light up a little while I was talking to him, and we had a few moments of silence, just staring into each other’s eyes. We exchanged numbers, and decided that we should go out on a date. We met on a Monday night, and our date was for Friday. We talked, and texted during the week, and it was fun. I felt a friendship developing immediately. We bonded over work, friendships, family, media, movies, and other outdoor activities. Our first date was at a swanky hotel with rooftop access for views of the sunset. We had a nice dinner, and went up to the rooftop to see the sunset. I marveled at the beauty of it, and said, “This is an amazing view”. I felt his eyes on me as he said, “Yes, It is an amazing view.” I looked over at him, and he was looking at me. He said gently, “Come here”. I moved closer to him, face to face. I caressed the side of his hair, and he let out a gentle moan. He pulled me closer, and kissed me. A soft gentle kiss, then a more aggressive one after that. I felt that he had taken over me, and no one was there except us. After we unlocked our lips, we both said, “Wow”, and laughed. I felt good with him, and excited to know more. I felt that he wanted that too. We went on to have many more dates, and got to know one another more. We did not have sex right away, because I wanted to make sure that the connection was not just sexual. It was difficult to do that, but he agreed to it. I spoke to him about my desire for the Daddy/Son dynamic, and he was very responsive to that. He told me that he wants to be my Daddy, and felt it from the beginning. He said things like, “Daddy wants to take you his beach house, and make love to you all weekend long. All over the house, behind the house, on the beach, in the car.” I was melting when he told me that. I told him that I’d love to give him a long, deep massage from head to toe, and dip his dick in a glass of wine, and suck on it. We became more excited talking about it, and he asked me if I would join him for the weekend at his beach house. I was ecstatic. It had been 3 enjoyable months of dating, and I felt ready to go further. Derek said, “I’m glad you’re ready. I have been waiting for you to become comfortable enough to do it.” A tingle ran up my spine, and I hugged him tight, whispering in his ear, “I’m ready Daddy.” The drive to his beach house was cinematic. I enjoyed the contrasting scenes from the city to the suburbs. Daddy drove as we listened to bossa nova music, and felt the wind whipping around us. I sat reclined with my feet on the dash, and my left hand on his thigh. Daddy hummed to the music, and I let it wash over me. We arrived to the beach house, and I immediately fell in love with it. It sat right on the beach, and it had a compact drive way, and garage for the car. We unloaded our stuff from the car, and settled into the house. I kept gushing about the house, and he smiled, and laughed at my delight. The house was pretty well kept, and I asked if there was something I could do. He said grinning, “There is a lot you can do, but let’s take it one step at a time”. He said, “Daddy is gonna start dinner, why don’t you unpack our stuff, and see if you can get the Jacuzzi started. “ While Daddy cooked, I did what he asked, and then started cleaning up in the kitchen. He was grilling salmon & vegetables on the grill on the patio outside the kitchen. I came up behind him, and squeezed him tight. He held up his free arm, and put it around me as I watched him grill. I set the table on the far end of the patio, and prepared some cut up fruit for dessert. We bought some chocolate to go with it as well. The dinner was magical as we ate, talked, fed each other, and laughed as the sun set. We cleaned up, and moved dessert to the lounge chairs. We listened to electronic lounge music infused with Latin, and Caribbean, beats. We sat intertwined in one big lounge chair feeding each other wine, fruit, and chocolate. We made out, as the cool breeze from the ocean wafted over us. We unlocked, and Daddy said, “You want to get into the Jacuzzi with Daddy?” I said yes. As we cleaned up, he said that we need to shower before going in, and I was excited to finally be naked with him. We held hands as we walked to the open shower stall a few feet from the Jacuzzi. I could not take my eyes off of his big, juicy, hairy body. We hugged, and kissed as we soaped each other up. Daddy held me in check so that I would not blow my load too soon. We got into the Jacuzzi, and I unraveled more from the jets shooting all over us. I sat on his lap with my legs around his waist as he had his arms around my middle to steady me. I undulated over his thick dick, and shivered from the feeling of his pubic hair against my plump cheeks. My pussy hole puckered as he moaned, kissed, and licked my neck. He held me in his arms, and pumped dick against my ass. He said, “Hold on baby, we’re getting out.” I held on tighter with my arms around his neck, as he lifted me, and stood up in the tub. He gently sat my on the side, and we covered the Jacuzzi, and walked inside naked. We turned off the lights, and brought drinks, and snacks to the bedroom. All of the rooms had speakers in them, so the music was uninterrupted. Daddy opened the French doors of the bedroom to let in the air, and smells of the ocean. He lied on the bed waiting for me. I set up our supplies, and he said, “Come lay down with Daddy.” I lay down next to him, and ran my fingers over his chest. I ran my hands down to his dick that was standing at attention. I positioned myself between his legs, and started my second dessert. Daddy moaned as I devoured his powerful tool. I took the glass of wine, and dipped his dick in it, then sucked it dry. I poured more wine on his dick, and pubic hair, and licked it all off. Daddy moaned in ecstasy, and said, “That’s a good boy. My beautiful boy knows how to make his daddy happy. Now I’ve got something for you.” I slid up on top of him, and we kissed. He flipped me over, and got on top of me. I spread my legs, and linked them behind his lower back. I could feel his thick pulsating dick bouncing against my hole. He said, “You feel that big dick against your hole? Daddy’s gonna get you nice, and ready to receive it. You’ll be so open, and wanting it. Daddy’s gonna be gentle at first, you don’t have to worry about it hurting. Daddy’s gonna take care of you, and you’ll love it.” I felt hypnotized, and could simply say “Yes Daddy”. He slip down on the bed, and lifted me up, and put a pillow underneath me. I spread my legs, and rested them on his shoulders, and back. I felt so comfortable, and relaxed. I looked down at him looking at my hole. He said, “Daddy likes the way your pussy looks.” He put his nose in it, and said” I love the way it smells too. Intoxicating. Daddy’s gonna make love to your pussy with his tongue”. He started lick me gently, and took me on what seemed to be a roller coaster ride. I felt so happy, free, and everything seemed, as it should be. I moaned, and screamed in ecstasy, as he tongue fucked me till my pussy hole felt like it was gaping open. Indeed, I wanted his dick inside me, and said, “Take me Daddy”. He slid up, and positioned himself for the entry. He slipped on a magnum, and lube. He rimmed me a little more, and slowly entered me, and slowly lowered himself down to kiss me. We kissed, as my hole stretched to hold him. He simply lied on top of me kissing me, and releasing any tension that was left. The feeling of it being “too big” quickly passed, and I felt a burst of energy. He seemed to sense this, and started digging into me. Slow but strong, taking command of me. He went between kissing me, and talking in my ear as he fucked me. He said, “That’s it Baby. It’s just you, and me. This is how it’s supposed to be.” I became overwhelmed with happiness, and started to whimper, and cry a little. Daddy assured me, and said “I’m happy too Baby. Let it out. Daddy’s here.” He started to pound me into the bed. I felt so comfortable, and relaxed even more as he drilled me. I asked him if I could ride it, and he said, “Yes baby, you can ride Daddy’s dick.” He flipped up over, and I took in all of his magnificence as I repositioned myself on his dick. I started undulating like I was a Hawaiian hula dancer. He said, “Yeah Baby, Work that Pussy! Work that Pussy on Daddy’s dick!” His words seemed to possess me, and I seemed to go into a trance as I stared into his eyes, and danced on his dick. I felt him respond to my every move. His eyes looked so loving, and kind. I wanted to jump into them like swimming pools. He took hold of my ass cheeks, and started fucking me hard. His dick seized my rhythm, and kept me paralyzed. I could only hold on as he drilled me, grunting, and moaning. He lifted me up, and started kissing me as he was positioning himself to pick me up with his dick in me. I helped, and before I knew it, he was standing, holding, and fucking me, and we stared into each other’s eyes. He let me down on my back on the bed, and proceeding to continue with the drilling. I wrapped myself around him as best I could, but I mostly felt like he had me, and I couldn’t move. All I could do was moan, grunt, and scream. Our bodies glistened with sweat in the candle, and moonlight. He drilled deeper, and I felt like I would explode. We hollered, moaned, grunted, and screamed. All I could do was scream “Oh God Daddy. Don’t stop. Get it Daddy. Yes Daddy”. He said, “I got you baby. Daddy has you. I got that pussy baby. Yeah baby! Give me that pussy baby.” I felt our sweaty bodies, jerking, and thrashing, and suddenly the surge came, and it seemed like we both had it at the same time. We hollered, and screamed as we came. He kept drilling me as he came, and my load shot on our faces, chests, and stomachs. Finally, Daddy stopped his unrelenting pounding, and slid out of me. It felt so abrupt when it slid out. My hole felt so open that I felt like I put my whole hand up there. He pulled of the condom, and threw it out. He rubbed the come all over us, as we kissed gently. We lied there feeling almost lifeless, wrapped around each other. He reached one arm behind him, and turned off the music with the remote. We could hear the waves crashing, and smell the salty, cool air. I held on tight, and said “Thank you Daddy”. He said, “Thank YOU baby. We are so good together.” I agreed, and said, “Yes, Daddy. I want to be yours.” He said, “You are mine”. We kissed some more, and then drifted into a peaceful slumber. I wake up feeling very relaxed, and at peace. I realized that this was not a dream. I have been savoring our wonderful weekend together so far. Horny from reliving our sex scene from the night before, I decide to wake up Daddy. I position myself into the 69 position, and his goatee tickles my hole. I hear him inhaling my scent, and moaning. I see his dick stirring, and attack it with lots of love. Suddenly, I feel that mega tongue doing it’s magic. I feel at peaceful, and playful. I’m enjoying every minute of our time together this weekend, and look forward to having more with this man in the future.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Daddy, Intrigued? Email Me :-) spirit_ofsex@yahoo.com