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GF caught me in Panties

By brandycd

submitted June 13, 2011

Categories: Bisexual

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I have been a closet crossdresser for a lot of years. Mostly when the house is empty I will run around the house in a pair of lacy panties. I have been divorced now for 10 years and have really enjoyed my extra freedom to dress whenever I want.

I met Teri about 6 months ago and we hit it off great. I answered a personals add because she was a swinger and wanted to have someone to attend swinger parties with. Our relationship grew past just going to parties with each other. I seriously had considered telling her about mt crossdressing but hadnt because in the past I had learned what a turn off it was for most women.

I was wearing my favorite panties and had been cleaning the house. I moved to the back yard to mow the lawn. Only wearing panties I had no place to keep my phone so didnt answer when she called to tell me she had spilled coffee on her cloths at work and was coming over to change into something that she kept at my house. I live about half way between her house and work. Needless to say I was shocked and embarrassed when she walked into the back yard and I was wearing nothing but a black lacy thong panty. To my surprise she wasnt upset at all. she asked me how long I had been dressing and I explained most of my life. She told me she thought I looked sexy in my thong. Then she wanted to see all the cloths I had. I took her to my closet and pulled down a suit case that held all my panties and lingerie and dumped it out on the bed. She saw a red teddy that she liked and asked if I would wear it for her that night after work. Of course I was happy to tell her sure.

Teri started undressing to change her cloths and seeing her semi naked body made my cock hard. She smiled and gave me a blow job with apromise for more tonight. From that day on I only wore panties except for the swing paries we attended.

To move forward now. We were at a swinger party and hit it off with another couple and we headed to their house. Ben and I were sitting on the couch as his wife Cindy was sitting on the floor in front of me and was sucking me and stroking my cock as we talked. Teri was doing the same to Ben. Everything was moving slow and erotic and the girld went into the next room to make us some drinks. A few minutes later when they came out they both had wild smiles on their faces. I know Teri and she was up to something. Cindy took Ben and went into the bedroom and I tried to get Teri to tell me what was going on but she wouldnt. A few minutes later Cindy and Ben came out of the bedroom and both were wearing matching Baby doll nigties. They happily announced that Ben was also a crossdresser.

Ben again sat next to me and Cindy resumed palying with my cock and Teri with Bens. Cindy announced that she thought it would be hot to see Ben and I sucking each other. Both Ben abd I were hesitant until teri said if we wanted to dress like a girl we had to suck cock like a girl. I kidded that I wasnt dressed so Cindy took me to their bedroom and found me a very sexy nighty to wear and when we returned to the living room teri was sucking Ben. She moved aside and held his cock and told me to suck it.

I got on my knees and actually was looking forward to it so I just started sucking. Both teri and Cindy kept saying how sexy it was and I looked into teris eyes and knew that she was getting very turned on watching. Soon Ben announced that he was going to cumm. I was about to pull away and Teri told me she wanted to see me eat his cumm. I began stroking his cock and sucking harder and he expolded in my mouth. I sucked him dry and cleaned his cock with my tongue and really enjoyed it. When his cock slid out of my mouth tei kissed me hard, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. Whenthe kiss stopped she told me she had cumm watching me sucking.

Ben then took my cock in his mouth and sucked me. he was very good at sucking for someone who had never done it before. When I started to cumm he did pull away but I shot my load all over his face. Cindy and Teri used there fingers to feed him my cumm. We have met severaal times since and I have learned that not only do I enjoy sucking cock. I love my ass being fucked.