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Married Cock Sucker and the Cable Guy

By Looking Hard

submitted June 14, 2011

Categories: Chance Encounters, Men At Work, Older/younger, True Stories

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This is a true story that happened about 3 hours ago. Today is Tuesday, June 14th, 2011.

I had an appointment with the cable company this morning. This is no lie - the company's name is COX Cable. The door-bell rang and I opened the door. There was a very young guy standing there in a COX Cable outfit. He was SO cute! He introduced himself as, "Brent, from COX." I told him to come on in.

We briefly discussed the problem with the cable. In conversation he told me that he'd just gotten the job when his school-year ended. He was finally done with high school. My "gay-dar" was going off like crazy. We sat on the couch with the television on, so I could show him the intermittent white lines I was getting.

We were not sitting far apart. I had showered and was wearing sweat-pants and a T-shirt. I had no underware on, and my hair was still a little wet. I grabbed us two Cokes from the fridge, and when I returned, I sat much closer to him. He didn't flinch. He thanked me for the drink and he talked about how "cushy" the couch was. I reached over him and grabbed a pillow. I put it behind his head and told him to lay back if he really wanted to feel good, so he did. My cock was so obviously erect by now, and Brent knew it.

I asked, "So what do we do while we wait?"

Brent said he was so comfortable that we could anything while we waited for the television to screw up - it didn't matter. So I asked, "Anything?" And he looked at my sweat-pants and said, "Anything, I feel so comfortable." So I kissed him on his lips as I lowered my sweats. Brent's hand immediately took hold of my cock, and he leaned forward and slipped it into his mouth. His hands grabbed my butt and one of his fingers was teasing my little hole.

This went on for about 5 or 6 minutes, and I began to cum. He was moaning and he slipped his entire finger inside me and fingered me fast as I came. I took a few breaths and I undressed him from the waist down. Brent layed down completely on the couch as I sucked his cock. Brent's dick was totally shaved, very slim, and really long. As I sucked him, he was pinching the skin of his balls and pulling it hard. That was very sexy.

His cock wasn't in my mouth long before he filled it with his warm sperm. He was still laying on the couch and I was laying on the floor. He was stroking his skinny dick, and I noticed it wasn't getting any smaller. I sat up and watched him jerk off. I pinched the skin of his balls and he liked that a lot. I started licking the underside of his balls and slowly moved a bit lower.

Brent couldn't take it, and he came again on his tummy. I licked up all his young syrup,

The whole thing lasted just over an hour.

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