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My first blow-job

By Fioridamike

submitted July 9, 2011

Categories: First Time

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I want to tell the story of receiving my very first blow-job. This is a true story. First, I was only eighteen and did not own my own car yet and my mother did not own one. I had to do most of my getting around on the city busses. This was back in the early fifties, when going to a midnight movie was a big deal. I had several friends, who had their own cars and I was able to go to the midnight movies, as a couple of them lived close to me and that gave me a ride. The city busses would cease service at about 12:30 AM. Well, one Saturday night, I road the bus to downtown, where my friends usually hung out and my friends, who lived close to me, had other plans that night, so I did not have a ride home. I wanted to see that particular movie, so I went anyway, thinking that I might catch another friend who might deliver me home. My other friends, who went to the movie, all lived in the opposite direction. I did not want to impose myself on them and just thought that I would hitch-hike. This was back in the day, when hitch-hiking was not considered dangerous. After the movie was over, at about 1:30 AM, I walked up to the next intersection, that had a stoplight and stuck out my thumb. It was only about three minutes later, when a car stopped, in the far lane and motioned to me. I really could not tell if he was motioning to me or not. I could not see, clearly, through his windows, because of some glare. Then, a few minutes later, this same car, went around the block and stopped right beside me. The driver asked me if he could help me. I told him that I was just looking for a ride home, a distance of about eight miles. He said, "Sure !", so I jumped in. He started talking about sex, right away. This gave me an idea of what was going on. He asked if I had ever had any pussy and I told him that I had, but not much. He asked if I had ever received a blow-job from a girl. I told him, "No". He asked if I had ever had a blow-job from a man. I told him, "No". I started thinking of it and started to get an erection. When you are eighteen, it doesn't take much ! He could see that I was getting arroused, so he reached over and started massaging my dick through my pants. This was making me very horny. He asked if I would like to go up to his hotel room. There was only one hotel in town and I was afraid that I might be seen, so I told him, "No". He asked if I knew any lonely places where he could park his car. I did know some back wooded places. He told me that he was a traveling salesman and was selling uniforms out of Atlanta, Georgia. I did not care, I just wanted him to get me off. We reached our destination and I did not waste any time in completly removing my pants. He stayed in his driver's seat, sliding the seat back as far as it would go. I layed back, with my head against the window, throwing one leg up over the seat back rest. What I received was pure heaven. I don't, to this day day, know what happened that made it so special. I still think of it, today, fifty years later. I have had many blow-jobs, but this one seemed to be the warmest, wettest of all of them. Maybe, it was just the excitement of the first one, I don't know. But it sure was special !

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